Top 5 Best Eyebrow Comb And Brush Reviews in 2023

The eyebrow comb is in a category of great importance in terms of beauty accessories. This fact requires the choice of the best brow comb among the two genera. In the market, the terms eyelash brush , eyebrow brush , comb and other brushes are featured. This is the reason that pushes this comparative guide to detail the good things to know about the eyebrow comb.

List of 5 Best Eyebrow Comb And Brush

The best of the eyebrow combs will discipline and restore a harmonious shape to the bow. The most successful products are offered with a scissor for trimming the eyebrow , a double end with a bottle brush and comb or brush and eyelash comb, a beveled brush, and whatever their brand, they must be of good quality.

It would therefore be best to choose a versatile product; it’s a choice that always comes back cheaper and allows you to perfect your work. By the way, let’s now discover the selection of the 7 best products that are best suited to eyebrow styling.

Below we present you the best eyebrow combs:

1. Eyebrow Scissors for Women – Curved Stainless Steel Brow Shaping Scissors (3.5 Inch) and Spoolie Brush (4 Inch) with Black Case – Perfect for Eyebrow Grooming, Shaping and Trimming

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In its faux leather rivet button case, this kit comes in a brow scissor comb . The chisel is made of stainless steel , and the comb or rather a brush has a plastic handle. With its short blades and pointed ends, the chisel is perfect for trimming short hairs.

This kit is recommended for those looking for the minimum necessary to redraw their eyebrow. If you are often on the move, this case configuration will suit you too.

This product benefits from its fine manufacturing.

2. iLuLu Metal Eyelash Comb and Eyebrow Brush with Spoolie

iLuLu Metal Eyelash Comb and Eyebrow Brush with Spoolie

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In this pack, you will find a tool to comb the eyelashes and eyebrows and another only for the eyebrow. For eyebrow raising , use the flat, beveled comb or the spoolie. The metal tooth comb is used to straighten the eyelashes.

If you are looking for a set of styling accessories for eyelashes and eyebrows with unbeatable value for money, opt for this iLuLu proposal.

The first advantage of this product lies in its low price which meets manufacturing perfection.

3. Lancome – Sourcils Gel Dual End Eyebrow Brush

Lancome - Sourcils Gel Dual End Eyebrow Brush

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This brush is well equipped on both sides. The brush will allow you to use it in different ways. The tip of the spiral brush is for reshaping the eyebrows and the other end is for grooming and blending. The precision point of the product is designed to distribute the color evenly across the eyebrows. The product contains no sulfate element and its use is safe.

4. BASICARE Eyelash and Eyebrow Brush

BASICARE Eyelash and Eyebrow Brush

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BASICARE has developed an amazing brush that can be used for several purposes. The product aims to satisfy the users’ need for beauty at their own comfort.

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush

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The most interesting fact about this brush is that it is double sided. The brush is provided with synthetic bristles, perfect for grooming strong eyebrows. The brush can also be used with other eyebrow products. At one end, an angled brush is designed to fill the arches with eyebrow powder after applying the eyeliner. The brush is designed to provide the user with a natural and lasting appearance.

Eyebrow Comb Buying Guide

What is an eyebrow comb?

Among the various accessories which serve to give shape and to discipline the eyebrow pilosity we find the combs. These are used in particular to style the hairs in the right direction. They are also available in different styles, ranging from the beveled eyebrow brush , the bottle brush, to the brush .

Technically the beveled brush is used to apply powder or gel on the eyebrow hairs. As for the brush, it is used to style them and it is the same for the brush. Most of the time, manufacturers offer 2-in-1 tools or mix three features in one tool. Also, they are often available in models with metal strands for styling eyelashes.

In short, for eyebrow combing, there are three types of tool: flat brush, brush or spoolie, and beveled brush or not. Only, manufacturers will often offer these tools with an accessory for combing the eyelash.

You should know that the tool that will be used to comb the eyebrow hair may have synthetic or natural strands. In addition, the part for the eyelashes is often made with metal or plastic strands. As for the handle of the tool, it can come in different types of materials, ranging from wood to stainless steel.

How to use an eyebrow comb?

To use this accessory , there is nothing easier. Indeed, its use comes down to respecting the direction of the hair. To brush, style, draw and comb the eyebrow hairs, you must therefore direct the tool from top to bottom following the growth of the hair. For an extension eyebrow with coloring powder, the beveled brush model will be used in particular.

With the latter, it will be necessary to apply a little powder at the level of the strands and then make a styling which always goes in the direction of the growth of the hairs. Attention, when one wants to extend the eyebrow tails, one must always be very delicate in the gesture. Otherwise, there is a risk of excess application which will give a coarse effect on the face.

For the use of the flat brush, and therefore the one that will be used to brush or comb the eyebrow hairs, we will also go in the direction of the hairs. This tool will be used in particular before and after applying the pencil. It will indeed discipline the hairs at first, and then distribute the color pigments after tracing in pencil.

Regarding the spoolie or bottle brush, it will have the same functionality as the flat brush. Whichever eyebrow combing tool you choose, its first goal will be to discipline the hairs. Then, it will be a question of distributing the pigments of the pencil to have a harmonious coloring result.

How to choose an eyebrow comb?

As you would have understood, this tool is offered in several variants and each variant seems to be of great importance. Before making any choice, it will therefore be necessary to look first at what we intend to do with the combing tool. Considering the different configurations, you will have to make a choice according to their uses.

So, if you want a minimal tool, choose the model with flat brush for eyebrow styling and metal strands to remove excess mascara on the eyelashes. If you want a very complete kit, take the proposals mixing brush, brushes and combs and scissors.

In terms of the basic characteristics of the tool, a bamboo handle , strands of natural fibers, and stainless steel tooth combs will make ideal choices. These three materials are presented as the most robust that there is.

However, materials such as ABS plastic, and synthetic fibers are just as great if you want to buy a durable, but inexpensive product. It is up to you to choose.

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