Best Hypoallergenic Mascaras to Purchase in 2022

Finding the right mascara that can be used with sensitive eyes is not always an easy task and may take time. We took the time and effort to find the perfect mascara for you with this shortlist of very effective and versatile mascaras.

They come with great features included that will help improve your lashes' overall aesthetics without causing discomfort. Stay with us to find out what the best hypoallergenic mascaras can provide for people who need something that will not cause adverse reactions.

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Best Hypoallergenic Mascaras Reviews

Hypoallergenic Thickening Mascara From Almay

This ophthalmologist-tested mascara will provide you with the perfect aesthetic improvement of the visage without the negative side-effects coming from allergic reactions.


This mascara can easily be used by those with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses without worries. That is because it is tested to provide you with an allergic reaction-free mascara you can use every day to look great.

With this formula, you will be able to build very thick lashes that will improve their thickness up to 100 percent. This can easily be achieved with only 2 coats of 25 strokes each for the perfect thickness and volume.

You can easily build the lashes quite thick without worry that the mascara will flake at some point or smudge after it is applied. The brush is designed to wrap every lash individually and evenly while separating the lashes for the perfect volume look.

For improved conditioning of the lashes, this mascara also contains vitamin B5 as well as aloe in the formula. It also comes without fragrance to provide you with the mild smell of the mascara and improved length of the lashes.

A bit of clumping may occur with this mascara, which will take away some of the product's functionality. It is also not easy to remove from the lashes when it is time to get rid of it.


  • The formula is free of fragrance
  • It will not flake or smudge easily
  • Lots of volume and length is added
  • Can be used by contact lens users


  • A little bit of clumping may occur
  • It is not easy to remove

Naturlash Hypoallergenic Mascara From Fifth & Skin

Naturlash mascara from Fifth & Skin comes with an all-natural ingredient formula that is great to be used by all people, even those with sensitive eyes.


This mascara comes with a silky smooth application to provide you with a more voluminous look and provides increased length. It will also help to grow thicker lashes if it is used continuously and on a daily basis and prevent unnecessary lash fallout.

It will also not irritate the eyes because it is made with a natural formula that is clean of any hypoallergenic chemicals that may cause reactions. With this mascara, you will also receive constant conditioning of the eyelashes with natural ingredients for much healthier eyelashes.

The water-resistant formula will help the mascara last much longer to provide you with beautiful looking lashes all day long. It will also easily come off with water and soap so you can remove it at the end of the day.

It is made with botanical ingredients to make them 100 percent natural and non-toxic to be safe to use with sensitive eyes. This mascara can also be used as a liquid eyeliner to make it even more versatile to use daily.

Unfortunately, there is a problem, and that is this mascara does not contain lengthening fibers for better and longer lashes. Another problem is that some people experienced that this mascara may turn gummy after some time.


  • It is a smooth and non-toxic formula
  • This formula can be used with sensitive eyes
  • It will add volume to your eyelashes
  • The mascara will not smudge


  • Does not contain lengthening fibers
  • The mascara may turn gummy

Extreme Length Mascara From Honest Beauty

With a formula you can trust, this mascara will provide you with a natural look and feel for improved beauty around your eyelashes.


The 2-in-1 formula of this mascara provides a primer and mascara to work together for improved lengthening of the lashes. The primer will also provide a solid and even base as well as intensify the color for a deeper shade.

It also provides a high lift of the lashes to make them look much longer and improve the overall look of the lashes. The smooth laydown of the mascara will help to enhance the lengthy look even further to make the lashes look lush and long.

For the improved definition of the lashes, it will pick up every lash and separate them for a more voluminous look. This is because of the specially designed and molded bristles that come with this mascara from Honest Beauty.

It is also tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists and can safely be used with sensitive eyes and those wearing contact lenses. It is also made without the damaging chemicals and toxins normally used with this type of product.

This mascara may, unfortunately, become runny when water or tears come into contact with the product. It is also not tested for lash extensions, so you may not get the desired results if you are looking for a longer lash look.


  • This mascara is very easy to wash off
  • It comes with a cruelty-free formula
  • Comes with natural and safe ingredients
  • Very easy to apply to the lashes


  • This mascara may get a bit runny
  • Not tested for lash extensions - could cause issues


The Fifth & Skin natural mascara comes in at number 1 with all of its great features and natural ingredients. It is great to be used by those people wearing contact lenses and those with sensitive eyes and other eye conditions.

In the number 2 place, we have the Almay thickening mascara that will provide you with healthy lashes as one of the many great features. It also comes at an affordable price tag attached to make it available for most people out there.

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