Top 5 Best Electric Lice Comb Reviews in 2023

As parents, it’s our number one job to keep our babes safe and out of harm’s way, but that gets a little tricky when the solution itself poses some risk, too. Take your time finding a product you’re comfortable using — it’s worth it. Here are 8 products we think are worth looking into.

What is an electric lice comb?

The anti-nits and anti-lice comb is a hygienic styling instrument. In this sense, the tool will kill or simply remove the critters and their eggs during combing.

The fatal model for insects emits slight electric shocks. As for the non-fatal model, it exists in electronic form and in classical form. The electronic variant will suck up the little animals, and the classic variant will simply rid the hair of the critters and their eggs through its narrow strands.

List of 5 Best Electric Lice Comb

1. V-Comb – FDA Registered Allergy and Chemical Free Head Lice Treatment – Electric Head Lice Comb

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This comb makes it easier for you to get rid of lice and their eggs. It has an electrical function, which allows it to suck in parasites. Despite the fact that it does not present any allergenic or chemical product, it is effective in destroying lice.

The latter catches lice and nits thanks to its disposable filter. This device is sold with various accessories. These accessories include 4 disposable filters, a cleaning brush and a user manual.

This device offers four-step treatment. First, there is a detection step and then that of elimination. Then, that of the break in the parasites’ reproductive cycle and finally prevention.

2. Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb, Professional Stainless Steel Louse and Nit Comb for Head Lice Treatment

Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb, Professional Stainless Steel Louse and Nit Comb for Head Lice Treatment

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This notched comb is made of hardened stainless steel. The ends of his teeth are rounded to avoid injuring the person to be treated. The sleeve of the device is quite wide and has small inserts to maximize the comfort of handling.

The device is effective on all types of hair . Even for very fine hair , it does its job well thanks to its closely arranged fluted teeth. This article is also recommended for people who have an intolerance to chemical type delousing products.

It is highly appreciated for its ease of use although it is necessary to have enough patience during combing for an optimal result. Besides, it is not afraid of multiple uses and is easy to sterilize.

3. LiceGuard Robi Comb Pro – Electronic Lice Comb

LiceGuard Robi Comb Pro - Electronic Lice Comb

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The Robi comb is a device that kills every louse and egg by means of a light electric shock. It is therefore equipped with an electrical voltage transmitter at its strands. To facilitate delousing, it emits audible and visual signals. In addition, it works with batteries.

If you want a radical anti lice product that is not aggressive, table for this article. In addition, it is compatible with all types of hair as well as all hair lengths. If you live in an area where there are many infestation alerts, also arm yourself with this device which will be used for treatment as well as prevention.

The advantages from its battery operation which allows use at any time and even in areas not served by electricity. It also offers ease of handling.

4. Magnien Electronic Anti Head Lice Comb

Magnien Electronic Anti Head Lice Comb

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Magnien emits electric shocks which are harmless to the head of the person to be treated, to exterminate the louse and the egg. The sleeve of the device emits a flashing light and 3 beeps when detecting unwanted little beasts. Namely, this device works with batteries.

You can use Magnien to treat your little lice 3 years and older. Attention, contrary to what some say, it is not suitable for a 2 year old baby ; stay alert. In addition, it is a good alternative to the anti lice product . You should know that it is particularly recommended for people who have straight hair because of the increased narrowness of his teeth.

This product benefits from increased robustness, confirmed by its laboratory design. Indeed, the product comes from the French BIOSYNEX laboratories. It also benefits from instant effectiveness.

5. Quies – Anti Nits and Head Lice Comb

Quies - Anti Nits and Head Lice Comb

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Quies will remove insects and eggs by trapping them between the strands. To do this, simply press its operating button for two seconds. When combing, it will beep to confirm its operation. When it detects spam, it will beep constantly. After use, just pass the small brush.

If you don’t know which electric lice comb to choose to preserve the health of hair and scalp , choose Quies. This device is indeed perfect for touching the most sensitive people, whether adults or children. Be careful, as it has electrical components, it must be used on dry hair .

This device benefits from increased efficiency, especially for the first scouring. It also benefits from a robust design and benefits from ease of cleaning and simplicity of handling. Regarding the price, it is correct.

Electric Lice Comb Buying Guides

Things To Consider

Before buying a delousing tool, it is necessary to make a comparison of the commercially available products, to check the quality-price ratio , and to be interested in the ratings given by consumers. Then, it is advisable to be interested in the technical criteria like the material of the tool or still the presence or not of grooves on its strands.

The material

Parents who plan to style their children’s everyday with the delousing tool would be better off with a metal tool . If you live in an area where the infestation has reached a considerable extent, also opt for metal louse combs.

On the other hand, the option of plastic combs is recommended for those who have taken drastic measures concerning chemical treatments.

The grooves

A comb with ridged , fluted or grooved lice has streaks, intended to skin and kill the critters, at its teeth. It is recommended for the first days of delousing. Besides, it’s a very good alternative if you can’t afford an electric delousing tool.

How To Use An Electronic Lice Comb

The louse is an insect that nobody would like to have on the skull, so here’s how to get rid of it with an electric scouring tool:

  • Precautions before use – Regardless of the brand of device, be sure to follow the precautions listed by the manufacturer before deploying it. If the device does not come with a user manual, here are the precautions you must take before using it:
  • The hair must be dry – After having made the anti lice shampoo, and the mask, you must rinse the hair well and wait until it is completely dry before proceeding with combing. Electric combs should never come into contact with water to avoid compromising their electronic components.
  • The hair must be free of products – Before cleaning the patient, make sure that his hair is completely free of anti lice lotion , gel or other hair products. The nature of these products can compromise the efficiency and functioning of the device.
  • Styling with a conventional brush – Make sure to untangle the hair to be treated before using the device. Indeed, the device must pass without constraint between the locks of hair during the delousing.
  • Using the device – You can use the delousing device for prevention and treatment . Whether it’s at the beginning, around the middle or at the end of the treatment, here is what you need to do to deploy it:
  • Switch on – Start by switching on the device. If it has a bug detection technology, make sure that its beep is active at the time of ignition.
  • Hold the device at a 45 degree angle – To comb infested hair, hold the tool at a 45 degree angle. In this way, you can be sure of reaching the roots where the nits lodge. Above all, do not forget to comb behind the ears and at the nape of the neck, always taking into account the inclination.
  • Proceed slowly – To get rid of critters and eggs, a slow combing is necessary. Do not rush.
  • Remove lice and nits trapped between the teeth of the comb – Once you have removed the most unwanted, remove them from the strands of the tool. You can exterminate the survivors with neem oil .
  • Clean the comb and start again the operation – After the operation, we proceed with a cleaning. To clean an electric combing comb , first remove the comb and then wash it. Also make sure to keep clean the bathtub and other places frequented by the person treated. After that, you can start the operation again.

When you have completely finished the treatment, in order to completely eradicate lice , you can use a natural repellant like lavender essential oil . Apply it behind your ears, on the nape and the top of the skull.

How Often Should You Comb With This Tool?

How to remove lice in 1 day? How often should I use the delousing tool? These questions are frequently asked. To answer the first question, know that the only possible method is shaving! As for the frequency of combing, it should be done every day if the infestation is very serious, and twice a week for the finalization and prevention.


For those who have already experienced the inconvenience of an invasion, the simple evocation of the word “lice” is enough to recall very painful memories. To get rid of these tiny parasites, aggressive scalp shampoos and long hours of tedious combing are usually the order of the day. A real ordeal in perspective! Fortunately, to prevent the chase from getting the better of your nerves, there is an effective and simple solution to implement: the electric lice comb. In appearance, these combs are similar to manual lice combs, although a little larger.

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