Top 6 Best Squat Cage Reviews in 2023

If you don’t know where to start to equip the weight room you want to create at home, a squat cage is a great start. In addition to the traditional squats well indicated in its name, the one also called power rack or power cage also allows you to perform a very wide range of other exercises. This solid structure will allow you in many cases to perform for example pull-ups directly on its frame, or dips, and a wide range of other very important polyarticular exercises to build muscle at home quickly.

You can also simply place a bench lying inside the squat cage to work safely. It is therefore an excellent material that will allow you to fully muscle your body. By choosing a quality squat cage , it is also peace of mind to work on your max reps alone without having anyone to ensure your repetitions. Indeed if you feel that you will not be able to finish your series, the side safety bars adjustable in height can help you to remove the bar. You can then unload it quietly to go to another series or another exercise.

For all these reasons, having a squat cage at home is a very good idea for anyone who wants to build a home gym. Allowing the exercise of a very large number of exercises in a very secure way, it is for us one of the accessories to buy in priority.

What is a Squat Cage?

A squat cage is therefore a weight machine that it is also called a power rack. It is a device that is generally found in sports halls but it is now possible to buy your own for private use.

By buying a squat cage, you will be able to sculpt your muscles and your body at your own pace without even having to leave your home. Thanks to this device, you will be able to work all the muscles of your body, whether they are pectoral, dorsal or abdominal muscles. You will be able to benefit from numerous exercises, including abdominals, squats, pull-ups or bench presses.

However, given the many technical characteristics and the large number of models available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the model that suits you best, that’s why we offer this buying guide. Please also note that most squat cages are generally sold alone and that you will also need to purchase a weight bench and a barbell.

Why Should You Use A Squat Cage

Squat cages have been specially designed for use with free weights. When you train with free weights, you can get stronger and build more muscle than working alone on a machine.

When working out with free weights, you should use your primary muscles as well as your stabilizing muscles. By using both a squat cage and free weights, you will get much better results than just using the machine.

Safe and adjustable

Squat cages have safety pins on each side which can be adjusted to your needs. they are there to stop the bar in case something does not go as planned. This safety feature allows you to do your training without the need for an observer. If something happens, you can just let go of the bar and the pins are there to catch it and stop it.

Easy to use

If you want to gain muscle mass and increase strength, you will want to include squats in your training. Without a squat cage, it is almost impossible to put the barbell on your back. But what’s worse, trying it could lead to an injury because you could be using an incorrect method or form. But using a cage, squats and other exercises can be done quite easily.

Very versatile

To have a good workout, you need to do a lot of different exercises. Squat cages are very versatile in that you can do pullups, dips, squats and all kinds of other exercises. It is supreme equipment for weightlifting.

List of 6 Best Squat Cage

1. Body-Solid Powerline Power Rack for Free Weight Lifting and Strength Training, 18 Adjustment Positions (PPR200X)

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This squat cage is the essential equipment for those who wish to perform squat exercises independently at home. It is wide enough to accommodate a weight bench. It also has a pull-up bar which is located on the top of the structure. Athletes can do pull-ups to build their biceps, shoulders or pecs. This cage also has two safety bars that collect the bars if they are dropped during an exercise.

This device thus allows athletes to train alone while giving them the opportunity to outdo themselves by lifting heavier and heavier weights. The two bar supports can be attached to the interior or exterior pillars according to the needs of the athlete. The height is adjusted on 18 levels that will be chosen according to the squat exercises and the training mode: standing or lying on the bench. This cage provides optimal stability. The maximum weight it supports is 300 kg. Finally, its users have noticed that its paint tends to crumble over the months.

2. Body-Solid Best Fitness Power Rack for Free Weight Lifting and Strength Training, 23 Adjustment Positions (BFPR100)

Body-Solid Best Fitness Power Rack for Free Weight Lifting and Strength Training, 23 Adjustment Positions (BFPR100)

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This squat cage is made for people who want to get rid of gym hours and conditions. It has all the features to train optimally at home, alone or with a coach. It is also entirely made of reinforced steel, which guarantees that it is very robust. It is also very stable and allows an athlete to lift dumbbells on 23 levels. He can do squat exercises or lie on a bench to progress in bench press.

This squat cage is equipped with two safety bars which stop the bars if they are accidentally released. Supports also receive the bars inside the structure while its upper bar located on its front allows to do some traction exercises. Its maximum load is 230 kg, weight of the athlete and his equipment included. The plus of this model is that its paint has a finish that protects it in an optimal way.

3. Bodycraft F430 Power Rack

Bodycraft F430 Power Rack

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This squat cage is found halfway between that of Capital Sports and that of Gorilla Fitness in terms of price but it is in first position in terms of solidity (maximum authorized of 360 kg / commercial quality device at light use).

In fact, this solidity is quite palpable at the mere sight of the device which has a massive look that does not leave us indifferent.

Our testers noted however 2 small disadvantages to the use of this device.

First of all, the model does not offer the pulleys on Amazon. Note that it is however possible to buy pulleys separately on the manufacturer’s website ( and install them on this model without problem.

Secondly, the pull ups bar located on the top of the cage is a little small in diameter and it is very smooth, which is not ideal for taking. It is still interesting to mention that this annoyance can also be a strong point of the bar because it is necessary to force more only to maintain our grip.

If this aspect bothers you but you are still interested in this model, you can easily install non-slip adhesive tape on it.

In sum, an ultra solid product designed for experienced users that is frankly worth considering.

4. Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage

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The Fitness Reality X-Class Olympic Power Cage can handle up to 1500 pounds of severe weight capability. More than 24 exercises could be achieved along with also the heavy duty tubular steel framework structure will offer durability and strength although many workout. There’s loads of space within the cage for wide stance squats as well as another spotter for security.

The multi- grip pull up bars provide various hand positions to improve back, arm and shoulder muscles. Furthermore, the Fitness Reality X-Class Lat Pull off and Low Row Cable attachment is an excellent addition for constructing your upper back, arms and shoulders muscles. So get the strength exercise you need using the Fitness Reality X-Class Olympic Power Cage with Lat Pull Down and Low Row Cable Attachment.

5. HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage with J-Hooks, Dip Bars and Other Optional Attachments

HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage with J-Hooks, Dip Bars and Other Optional Attachments

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1000-Pound weight capacity. Heavy duty square steel framework structure with H-Shape foundation for maximum stability and security. Wide-grip Olympic lat pull-down attachment is included should you opt for this option. You are able to use any weight plate with 2″ hole or even less. Two strong steel security bars are created with J-Hooks to your own convenience. Two additional J-Hooks and 2 dip bars have been included also. Multi-grip pull bars up on top for maximum exercise styles.

6. CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

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This CAP Power Rack Squat Stand is a more significant bit of strength equipment. Created for heavy usage in your mind, this must-have power piece uses 11 &12 gauge steel which can resist the most grueling workout.

Power racks are a staple at almost any home fitness center, they remove the need for a spotter. Perform bench presses, pull ups, shrugs, squats and much more!

This Power Rack can be found in an assortment of colors. Select from a durable powder coated finish in orange, red, yellow, blue, green, gray or white!

Things To Consider When Buying A Squat Cage


This is without a doubt the most important element. Indeed, one of the big advantages of the squat cage is in particular the fact that it allows you to train safely when you are alone and that nobody can catch up with the movement if we get stuck. However, to be able to do this, the squat cage model chosen must indeed have all the necessary safety features.

First, your squat cage must have safety hooks . If there is none… go your way! These hooks are indeed absolutely essential, since they will make it possible to support the safety bars which will catch up with the bar in the event of lack of force to raise it and return it to the rest position. Without these safety bars, you risk being trapped under the bar, with a good injury to the key.


Squat cages are generally quite bulky equipment. However, there are different sizes depending on the model. The first thing to do here will be to measure the space available to put the squat cage in your home . It would indeed be a shame to buy a model to realize on delivery that it does not fit in the room …

Then the choice of the size of your squat cage will also depend on your own size. Indeed, if you are rather tall, a higher ceiling height will be necessary, to be able to carry out pull ups without having your feet touching the ground, for example.

In addition, the height of the weight training cage must be large enough to allow the performance of exercises where the bar passes over the head, such as the overhead press. Of course, also make sure your ceiling is high enough too.

Finally, the size also includes the width of the squat cage , which must be large enough to allow you to evolve while being comfortable. Some variants of squats require a lot of space, and bumping into a wall or a pole in the cage can lead to accidents that can be avoided by choosing the right equipment.

To do this, take into account your body shape but also the size of the bars you plan to use inside the squat cage.


A squat cage, especially if it is fitted with pull-up bars and dips, must be strong enough to support the weight that will be applied to it.

How do you know if the chosen cage is going to be robust enough? In general, the models favoring metal (and in particular steel) over plastic are of better quality. Indeed, plastic is a much less solid material which will have more risks of bending under the weight and wear.

Another indicator to check regarding the solidity of a squat cage is the maximum weight it can support according to the manufacturer. Models that can support at least 300kg are preferred. Having a squat cage that supports a lot of weight is both an element of security and also an important criterion to allow you to have equipment adapted to your progress in bodybuilding. If you do squat at 50kg today, you may be doing it at 160kg in a while, so you need a cage that can follow you in your progress.


Finally, you must ensure that the squat cage is a stable environment, especially if you plan to use it to practice pull-ups. Some models are fitted with stability bars all around the cage.

If not, make sure that you have the option of fixing the weight cage to the ground so that it stays in place.


It can sometimes be difficult to choose the squat cage model that best suits you. Indeed, a large number of models are available and you must carefully observe their characteristics to ensure you make the right choice. You must indeed choose a model that is strong enough to support the weight of the dumbbells and your weight. To make sure you choose a fairly solid model, we recommend that you opt for a metal or steel model. In addition, you must ensure that you have enough space at home to be able to use it in optimal conditions. Finally, do not hesitate to consult the different options offered by each squat cage. They can indeed bring real added value.

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