Best Bamboo Outdoor Shades for Hot Summers

Summer may sometimes be hot and harsh, but a little creativity will allow you to enjoy the best moments. Rather than sitting indoors under the artificial cool of air conditioners, you can modify your patio to be the best place to relax and get some cool air. If you have extra seats you can arrange, the next feature is bamboo outdoor shades, as we see below.

Why are Outdoor bamboo Shades the In-Thing?

A working patio shade makes your outdoors the best place to be. While you might find different curtains and blinds made from other materials, opting for bamboo shades is the best choice for the environment and ambiance.

Bamboo is a sustainable material that grows faster with less maintenance compared to other materials. In addition, the eco-friendly material is kids and pet-safe. When used outdoors, bamboo shades add to the quintessential natural look you are after.

When looking for outdoor bamboo shades, you will want to consider a few things. These include the purpose of the shades, the design you are after, and durability. If you need help deciding, we have the five top picks outdoor bamboo shades you can consider for your deck.

Are Bamboo Outdoor Shades Better?

1. Radiance Cord-Free Natural Bamboo Patio Shade

Radiance Cord Free, Roll-up Reed Shade, Cocoa, 48" W x 72" L
  • ROLL-UP SHADE - Small gaps are normal & allow a soft glow. Each shade is a minimum of 72" in length
  • CORD FREE - We have replaced the cord with an innovative adjustable faster to set at any height.
  • EASY - Installs with simple hooks. Cleaning is a breeze with a vacuum attachment or hand duster
  • QUALITY - Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use. Please take down during windy & extreme weather
  • BEST FOR KIDS - This shade has been certified as Best for Kids by the Window Covering Safety Council

When buying outdoor bamboo shades, you are not only guaranteeing some privacy, but you will also keep most of the scorching sun away. These cord-free roll-up bamboo shades have a natural look and feel, with carefully joined bamboo sticks that come in different colors of your choosing.

The shades allow air and light to pass through, so your patio does not appear and smell dark and gloomy. The bamboo outdoor shades are easy to install with hooks. In addition, the cord-free adjustment makes it easy to roll them up or down to your preferred height.

The shades come with a 72-inch drop, and you can buy as many shades as necessary to cover your whole deck. In addition, the shades are easy to clean with a cloth or vacuum cleaner and are certified safe for babies and pets.


  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor privacy screens
  • Available in different sizes and styles
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe for babies and pets
  • They create the best patio for relaxing during hot summers


  • You will need to remove the shades in case of strong winds or rain and other extreme conditions

2. BrylaneHome Bamboo Grommet Panel Window Curtains

BrylaneHome Bamboo Grommet Panel Window Curtain - 42I W 84I L, Honey...
  • Eco-Friendly, Texture-Rich Woven Bamboo Casts A Warm Elegance By Filtering Light Across Your Room While Providing The Privacy You Desire.
  • 42" W X 63" L And 42" W X 84"L. Polyester Banded Hems
  • Dust
  • Imported.
  • ABOUT THE BRAND: Making Homes Beautiful. Since 1998, BrylaneHome has been dedicated to offering colorful comfort, classic design with a...

If you love using bamboo products in your home, you will also love to bring the culture outdoors with these bamboo curtains from BrylaneHome. The curtains are made with 95% bamboo and 5% polyester. They add enough privacy to your deck area while also letting in ample breathability, so you relax comfortably.

The curtains are also available in different colors to match the color to your favorite bamboo pillow covers or sheets. In addition, the curtains are wrinkle-free and available in various sizes to choose from.


  • Affordable
  • Great for patio privacy
  • They are light and made with natural bamboo
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Ideal for patio and house windows


  • Not suitable for extreme outdoor conditions

3. Yin Yang Outdoor Bamboo Shades

Outdoor Bamboo Window Shades Blinds, Waterproof Wood Roller Shades...
  • ① DESCRIPTION: 100% waterproof bamboo shades is good for indoor or outdoor use. 100% natural bamboo roll-up shade is made of high-quality...
  • ② MADE-TO-ORDER: We custom window shade width and height to make sure roller shades fit your window perfectly. Choose your unique custom...
  • ③ INSIDE MOUNT: Inside mount requires at least 2 inches frame depth, shade width should be at least 0.4" less than the window inside...
  • ④ OUTSIDE MOUNT: For better coverage, shade width should be 3" to 6" larger than the window outside width, shade height should be 5" to...
  • ⑤ ATTENTION: The color of the actual natural bamboo may vary from the computer monitors/calibrations colors. Please note that shipping...

When looking for top deals for outdoor bamboo shades, it is best to look for those with top weatherproof features. If your summers get a little bit of rain once in a while, waterproof shades could be your best deal.

These Yin Yang outdoor bamboo shades are 100% waterproof and made with natural bamboo. As such, you get a guarantee of quality and durability with your purchase. Moreover, after filtering the scorching sun, the carefully crafted bamboo shades also leave just enough light for your comfort.

The breathable blinds also provide the best relaxation room as they let enough air in. each shade is also ideal for the best privacy screen. As it is available in different colors, you will find the best match for your patio furniture.

As the top deals for your patio shades, these Yin Yang bamboo shades are custom-made for your patio requirements. In addition, they are affordable and easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in different colors
  • Ideal for filtering light and allowing in fresh air
  • Waterproof for durability


  • They do not come with a privacy lining

4. LETAU Wood Outdoor Roman Shades

LETAU Wood Window Roman Shades, Bamboo Light Filtering Window Blinds...
  • PRODUCT: The woven woods roman shades are made of bamboo which will accentuates the beauty of the natural woven materials. Shades roll up...
  • For an INSIDE THE WINDOW FRAME MOUNT, give us the exact measurement of the opening to the 1/16th inch and WE will take a 3/8 inch deduction...
  • For an OUTSIDE the window frame mount we take no deductions- provide us with the exact size you want. Outside mounts are traditionally...
  • CUSTOM SIZE: We can customize any size from 12-96inch wide and 36-118inch height. When you shop with us,we warrant that your project will be...

You need the best bamboo Roman shades if you want a beautiful, natural-looking patio. These Roman shades from Letau come in simple yet elegant patterns that elevate your space with fresh air and filtered sun rays.

These bamboo shades are easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. In addition, the shades come with a 6-inch matching valance to give your patio the most natural look and a touch of class. Letau will customize the best size to cover the area regardless of your patio size.


  • Best Roman shades that are customizable for your patio size
  • Natural bamboo outdoor shades in different patterns and colors
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Breathable for a truly relaxing area
  • Filters light


  • It does not improve privacy
  • They might not hold up against extreme weather conditions

5. YYDP Bamboo Blinds for Patio

YYDP Bamboo Blinds for Patio Reed Curtain, Exterior Roller Shade for...
  • ※【Carbonized reed curtain】Hand-woven and neatly cut. It has a rustic style, many sizes and styles can be customized, welcome to enter...
  • ※【Natural material】 Hand-woven from natural reeds, uniform thickness, strong, environmentally friendly, and breathable, bringing a...
  • ※【Multi-function】Filter out part of the sunlight, it is ideal for terraces or pavilions under the awning. It can block some sunlight...
  • ※【Drawstring design】With hook and lifter, simple drawstring design, can be installed inside, outside, side, and top.
  • ※【Various uses】 Can be used as curtains, roller shutters, partition walls, background walls, roof walls, suitable for doors,...

When looking for the best budget outdoor shades, you will love these handwoven reed blinds specifically designed for patios and other outdoor areas. They are best installed under an awning that will block most light, but the shades will not provide the best privacy screen.

The reed blinds are handwoven uniformly and come with a hook, lifter, and drawstring design, making them easy to operate. In addition, they are easy to vacuum clean and are designed to last long under ideal weather conditions.

The outdoor blinds are affordable and come in a beautiful natural pattern to uplift your outdoor area. They are also breathable to allow in filtered air, so your patio feels cool even with high summer temperatures.


  • Affordable
  • Carefully handwoven to look elegant on your patio
  • Breathable blinds
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable patio blinds


  • Not ideal for privacy screens
  • Not as durable as natural bamboo shades

Advantages of Using Bamboo Outdoor Shades

As the world chooses sustainability for a better planet, there are many ways you can choose to use bamboo products in your home. Besides outdoor bamboo shades, you can also use bamboo utensils, clothing, mats, and even sports equipment like skateboards. When you choose outdoor bamboo shades, here are the main benefits for you and the planet.

a) Bamboo is sustainable.

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that belongs to the grass family. According to Britannica, some bamboo species can grow as tall as 30 cm each day. In addition to growing fast, the plants also require minimal maintenance, water, fertilizers, or pesticides, making them easy to grow.

Finally, the plants do not always require replanting after being cut down, as they easily sprout after you cut the mature ones. As a result, the perennial plants are ideal for many uses from timber production, furniture construction, and use in the fashion industry.

b) Bamboo shades are strong

When buying furniture and upholstery to use outdoors, you understand how easily they can get damaged from stains and rough handling. Bamboo outdoor shades are tougher than curtains and blinds made from other materials such as polyester and cotton. In addition, the outdoor bamboo shades are easy to clean and will rarely get stained.

c) Bamboo shades are stylish

When buying outdoor shades for the patio, you will want something that matches your style. Bamboo is one of the most eye-catching and natural materials you can use. Each outdoor shade is stylishly designed with different color and texture patterns to complement your deck.

d) Bamboo shades are affordable

Since bamboo is easy to grow and maintain, most of its products are affordable. So, you will easily find top deals with blinds, curtains, and shades.

Factors to Consider When Shopping Bamboo Outdoor Shades

Bamboo shades look elegant and natural and come in different designs to match your patio space. However, before buying, it is ideal that you understand how the following factors can affect your ability to use the shades.

a) Style

Before buying your best bamboo shades, it is imperative to understand your patio design. Your patio is unique, so you will need to decide whether roller shades or curtains are ideal for you. Luckily, you can find both bamboo designs online, and they will come at an affordable price.

If you decide to go for curtains, ensure you have hanging rods or other fixtures to hang the curtains from. Likewise, you will also need specific operating mechanisms such as cords or motorized buttons for blinds. The latter is best when you have small children around, so they won't pull the blinds down as they play.

b) Purpose

As you shop for the best bamboo curtains or blinds, you also need to understand why you want to install the shade. Here are a few scenarios where different bamboo shades are a great addition to your patio.

1. Privacy screens

While summer comes with its relaxation perks, you want to avoid the discomfort of chilling in your patio while anyone on the streets can sneak inside. In this case, a privacy screen is vital.

However, it is best to understand that not many bamboo shades will provide enough privacy. So, look for curtains or blinds that allow light in, but decrease visibility from outside. You will need to get a shade with a soft lining and a beautiful bamboo exterior in most cases.

2. Blocking light

Let's face it, the sun rays of summer are not forgiving. So, it may be an excellent idea to design an outdoor area where not much sun gets in.

If you need a bamboo shade to minimize light, you can look for a Roman shade with a closely-packed bamboo stick pattern, so only the necessary light passes through. If not, you will need to find a soft lining to reduce the sun's heat as you relax.

In addition, you can also invest in an awning or roofing of sorts to prevent most sunlight that would make you uncomfortable. With a roof, you can then look for a simple bamboo shade to improve the ambiance.

3. Furniture preservation

Another reason you will need a good bamboo shade is when you want to protect your furniture from external elements. Besides protecting seats, pillows, tables, or lounge chairs from sun damage, a bamboo shade will prevent damage from dust, insects, and other environmental factors.

In this case, it is best to look for closely-knit bamboo fabrics and textures that will not allow elements to seep through.

c) Color

As you take stock of how much bamboo material you need to cover the whole outdoor area, it is ideal to understand which colors will complement your furniture. For example, most bamboo patio blinds and curtains will have a brown color, often in different shades.

In other instances, bamboo shades can be painted in different colors, so you need to understand which color looks good in your outdoor area.

d) Durability

Your bamboo shades need to be durable to make financial sense. Before buying any shade, understand if it will withstand little rainfall or water exposure when you clean them. In addition, you also need to ensure the shade will not fade when exposed to too much summer sun.

e) Size

As you develop the best outdoor ideas, understand that bamboo shades come in specific sizes that may not cover your whole patio. So, before you order, send your outdoor area measurements so the company can design your custom-size bamboo shade.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Bamboo Shades

a) Are outdoor bamboo shades worth the money?

These outdoor shades are made with bamboo, and they are durable, classy, and eco-friendly. The shades are also easy to install and clean, and you will also find them easier to remove and store in colder seasons.

b) Will a bamboo shade block heat?

If you want to enjoy natural cooling in your deck, a bamboo shade will be your best deal. The shade is made with closely-knit bamboo sticks or carefully woven bamboo fibers that allow little sunlight to pass through.

With such a shade, these fixtures will effectively bring summer temperatures down so you can comfortably lounge without incurring energy bills.

c) How long can outdoor bamboo shades last?

Since bamboo is durable, your shade can last up to 10 years. However, you will need to vacuum them regularly and prevent too much sun exposure. In addition, you can invest in an awning above your patio to provide overhead sun protection even when the curtains or blinds are drawn.

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