Heat Proof Gloves for Handling Hot Objects

If you regularly do the grilling, smoking or other variation of outdoor cooking, you know it can be a messy and dangerous affair, especially with an open flame. Besides, handling hot items without the proper heat-resistant gloves can lead to burning, scolding and other common injuries in your kitchen and workplace. Therefore, to offer you the best cooking experience while safe and comfortable, you must get the best heat-proof gloves.

Why Do You Need Heat Proof Gloves

A heat-proof glove is a garment covering the hand and protecting it from heat. You might think you don't need heat-proof gloves since you have potholders and oven mitts, but that is not the case. The reason why you need these gloves is that they're a whole lot better than potholders and old cloth mitts. Besides, you have virtually zero finger dexterity when you're using cloth mitts since they don't allow for the use of personal digits.

With the best heat-proof gloves, you can tightly hold around the handles of pans and pots, around the baking trays and dishes edges. Another reason for investing in heat-resistant glove is that oven mitts can only protect the hands from heat up to a specific point. This is usually the ignition point of regular cloth, which isn't that high at all. Even before the cloth oven mitt starts burning, more heat would have gone through it, resulting in severe burns on the hands.

Now that we understand the importance of having heat-proof gloves in your kitchen let's check out the best options.

1. RAPICCA BBQ 14 Inches, Grill Oven Heat Resistant Gloves

RAPICCA BBQ Gloves,14IN 932℉ Heat Resistant For...
  • PRO DESIGN –Made with Food-Grade neoprene rubber, they are water, fire & stain resistant. Designed for the pit master with insulated...
  • COMFORTABLE & FLAME RESISTANT – The double layer soft cotton liner not only provide max comfortable fitting but also good insulated from...
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO CLEAN - The flexible waterproof neoprene coating on this glove is resistant to heat, grease, oil, water and stains even...
  • EASY HANDLING BOILING WATER OR STEAM -As the neoprene rubber coating is waterproof, you could handle hot boiling water or steam easily, just...
  • ALL KINDS OF USES - The Pit glove isn't just for BBQ; they're great for brewing beer; frying turkeys; dying yarn and all kinds of activities...

RAPICCA BBQ 14" Inches Heat Resistant Gloves are designed for extreme conditions. These aren't elegant apparel; they're hard-core work gloves and look the part. The 14" Inches RAPICCA BBQ gloves offer maximum protection; they're 14 inches in length, covering your arm to a safe height. Also, they are made from food-grade neoprene rubber, which is durable, waterproof and cut-resistant. Additionally, they're some of the best heat-resistant gloves to combat steam.

The heat-resistant glove comes with multiple insulation layers, using a soft cotton inner and Kevlar, offering high heat resistance and cut resistance while remaining comfortable and flexible. Also, the gloves are easy to clean. Despite the high-grade materials, these gloves aren't that expensive. Though you can find cheaper alternatives, they won't provide these gloves' durability and design.

  • Heavy-duty gloves that offer enough heat resistance fr holding hot food
  • Waterproof and cut resistant gloves
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and offer maximum protection
  • Not ideal for very high temperatures

2. Grill Heat Aid EN407 Certified Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat Resistant Gloves, 932°F EN407 Certified. Thick but Light-Weight,...
  • 🔥 EXTREME HEAT RESISTANT GLOVES: The GRILL HEAT AID gloves are EN4O7 certified this means you can withstand heats up to 1472°F all of...
  • 🔥 CUT RESISTANT - Awarded with the highest, EN388 level 5 cut resistance - 4 times stronger than leather. Ideal for BBQ cutting, cooking,...
  • 🔥 INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Our mitts can be used for whatever wherever whether that's indoors keeping you safe while making your significant...
  • 🔥 HIGH GRADE HEAT RESISTANCE: Each mitt is crafted with aramid fabric, a type of high performance, heat resistant, and heavy duty...
  • 🔥 SIZING: Whether you're grilling steak, barbecuing ribs, frying chicken or baking fish, these gloves provide maximum protection,...

If you're looking for the best heat-resistant gloves that are ultimate in comfort, design and materials, count on the Grill Heat Aid Gloves. The glove is made of soft heat resistant material that's comfortable. Also, the outer layer of the gloves is an advanced woven combination of Meta and Para-Aramid fibers. This usually provides extreme heat protection and allows your hands to breathe. Moreover, the inner 100 percent cotton lining insulates and provides great comfort.

The heat protection gloves come with silicone strips on the exterior, which offers excellent grip. Also, the heat-resistant gloves have a ribbed extension that extends the forearm, fitting perfectly though not too tight. Though these high-heat gloves are water-resistant, they're not fully waterproof. So, if immersed in water, it will absorb water. However, they're easily washable.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Feature extra cuff length for extra security
  • Protect from very high temperature
  • Fits most sizes of hands perfectly
  • Doesn't come in different sizes

3. WZQH 16" Leather Forge Welding Heat Resistant Gloves,932℉

WZQH 16 Inches,932℉,Leather Forge Welding Gloves, Heat/Fire...
  • 【EXTREME HEAT RESISTANT PROTECTION】- Outermost layer:Genuine Cowhide Split Leather . ntermediate layer:a composite product by laminating...
  • 【EXTREME WEAR RESISTANT PROTECTION】- The Gloves are made from 1.2mm thick and soft shoulder split natural cowhide leather which is heat...
  • 【SUPERIOR PROTECTION FOR HAND AND FORERAMS】-The 16 inches grill glove with extra long 7.5 inches sleeve protects your hands and forearms...
  • 【PERFECT GIFT TO YOURSELF OR YOUR FRIENDS】-The gloves are not only for welding but also useful for many other work and home tasks.Idea...
  • 【LIFETIME GUARANTEE】——We back up our claim that this glove is the best on the market. You can rest easy with your purchase. Simply...

WZQH Leather Forge Welding Glove is designed for forge welding work that usually deals with high radiant heat. So with these gloves, you have no issue protecting your hands from the heat that comes from barrel smokers, backyard grillers and barbecue pits or hot metal. These gloves are made to handle all of those effortlessly. Conversely, the outer layer of the glove is made of a 1.2mm thick split cowhide, making it durable. The material is not only heat-resistant, but it's also puncture-resistant, wear-resistant and cut-resistant.

The gloves come with long cuffs made of sturdy denim to protect your forearms. The outer cowhide layer of the heat resistant gloves usually provides the heat resistance through its reinforced by adding more other inner heat-proof layers. There is an air-isolated aluminum foil layer underneath the cowhide, and under that's a thin flame retardant cotton layer. So with these layers combined, it takes nothing less than a blacksmith's forge heat running at full bore to produce sufficient heat to penetrate them. Conversely, besides protecting your hands against extreme heat, the manufacturer ensures the gloves are comfortable.

The innermost layer of these leather gloves is a soft, insulated cloth lining, which usually offers enough padding. The layer wicks away the sweat on your skin to keep the glove's inside dry and cool. However, you will be missing the dexterity of your fingers when wearing these gloves. Also, the gloves are thick that you won't have any tactile feeling in your fingers. Making even picking something tiny on the floor difficult.

  • Cut, wear, puncture and oil resistant
  • Durable with little care and maintenance
  • You can use it in high-temperature metalworking tasks
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Make you lose the dexterity of your fingers

4. Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Glove for Hair Styling

Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Glove for Hair Styling Heat...
  • Heat resistant protection from Instant Burns,the glove is designed only for heated hair tools operation, you can still feel heat but no...
  • Used for flat iron,curling iron,and hair dryers.
  • One size fits for all and suitable for left and right hands.
  • Heat Blocking for Hair Styling.
  • It's made from the cotton of moderate thickness density, comportable and flexible to wear

Apart from oven grill gloves, you might want gloves that will block heat from hair styling tools. Kiloline Professional Heat Blocking Gloves are some of the best options to go for. They can protect your hands from heat hazards. It could happen when you accidentally touch hot hair styling equipment such as curling irons. Though you will still feel some heat, you can prevent the hands from getting burned. Moreover, though your hands are protected against burns, the heat-resistant glove isn't thick at all. The heat-resistant gloves are still thin enough that you won't lose that much finger dexterity.

Unlike some gloves that feature curling wands and other heated hair styling tools, these heat-resistant gloves are designed from thick and tightly woven heat-resistant fabric. Meaning that when you put the gloves on, they won't stretch around the fingertips or make holes where heat or other hazards can pass through. Besides, the material used for designing the gloves is stretchable, offering you a comfortable fit.

Therefore, the only way these heat-resistant gloves won't fit you is if you have very long and thin fingers meaning the gloves will be a bit loose. However, these heat-resistant gloves only protect your hands from burning; they don't protect them against radiant heat. They're only meant to protect your hands against short touches on hot surfaces.

  • Thin and flexible to allow complete use of the hands
  • Created from stretchable materials so that gloves fit comfortably
  • Protects the skin from burns on hot surfaces
  • Doesn't for holes on the fingertips when stretched tightly
  • Protect you against direct heat only.

5. Grill Armor EN407 Oven Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

GRILL ARMOR GLOVES – Extreme Heat Resistant Oven BBQ Gloves for...
  • Extreme Heat Resistant - EN407 certified, that can withstand heats up to 932 °F. Our heat resistant gloves provide the highest protection...
  • Top Quality - These Grill Armor Gloves are made to last! Using only the highest quality fabrics and materials to work with a burning grill,...
  • Versatile - All in one barbecue gloves, oven mitts or pot holders! Enjoy showing off your skills using these as cooking gloves or baking...
  • Comfort - Thick but lightweight oven gloves, with flexible five fingers flex design and silicone super-grip. With this fire glove design you...
  • Durability - Our heat resistant oven gloves are Insulated by M-ARAMID & P-ARAMID fabrics (same as Nomex and Kevlar). This will not catch...

The Grill Armor EN407 Oven Gloves have silicone strips that cover the entire surface virtually, allowing you to hold onto hot pots and pans more securely than cloth oven mitts. Also, you can confidently hold on to the annoying handles on the Pyrex baking dishes. The gloves are lined with P-ARAMID and M-ARAMID fabrics that refer to synthetic materials used by the military and aerospace industry before. These fabrics have unique heat resistance. They won't burn or melt even when exposed to open hot flames; therefore, you can reach into your oven without worrying about burning.

Furthermore, the P-ARAMID and M-ARAMID fabrics aren't only resistant to heat but can also protect you from cutting, puncturing and wear. These fabrics are usually used to design body armor and ballistic vests for the military and law enforcement officers proving their toughness. So you can use your hands to turn over the meat on your grill, then switch over to the carving station and start cutting the cooked meat without missing a beat.

Though these gloves are thick, they're very lightweight. The fabrics have very high tensile strength, more potent than steel though only a tiny fraction of the weight. You will barely feel these gloves on your hands since they're very breathable; you might forget that you're wearing them. However, the fingers on these gloves are too long.

  • Feature silicone pads to offer a good drip
  • Can withstand abrasion, puncturing and cutting
  • Breathable and lightweight gloves
  • Easy to maintain and machine-washable gloves
  • Loose around the fingertips resulting in a decrease in agility

What Are the Main Types of Heat Resistant Gloves?

1. Treated leather

Leather gloves don't make a huge deal about their maximum temperature range. For instance, gloves made of 100 percent genuine cowhide split leather are heat resistant and not heat-proof. So though they're fine for most grilling or barbecue tasks, you need to be careful and avoid holding onto cast iron grills for long or when moving around hot logs or coals.

Additionally, leather gloves tend to shrink. Leather is often known as a living material that needs attention and more care, so if you want gloves to use and then throw them in the dishwasher, we don't recommend these gloves.

2. Silicone

Silicone is a rubber-like material with different degrees of industrial use. Depending on its density and thickness, silicone can be a fire retardant. It's usually malleable and 100 percent waterproof, and you can wipe it clean or place it in the dishwasher. Li you are looking to make boiled eggs by hand, silicone gloves are the best option. However, they are often loose around the wrist, so radiant heat can enter in.

Moreover, they are bulky, making it hard to perform precision takes like using a thermometer while wearing them. Also, if the gloves get greasy, they become slippery, making it hard to keep a grip on anything.

3. Woven fabric

Aramid fibers are a class f heat-proof that are widely used in the aerospace industry, firefighting and fr different military applications. They're also used in ballistic rated body armor, composite materials such as Kevlar and as an asbestos substitute. These aramid fibers come in two characteristics Meta and Para, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

To resist heat for the longest time, make them the best BBQ gloves, at their highest. The fabric gloves are the best option when it comes to heat resistance. However, the main drawbacks are lack of water resistance and price of production.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Heat Proof Gloves

1. Forearm protection

The best heat-resistant gloves have long sleeves and cuffs covering the wrist and stretching along the forearm. Since the objective of quality gloves is to prevent you from burning yourself, the most valuable ones usually take into account the likelihood of your wrist or arm bumping against a hot grill grate or pt handle. For that reason, it is wise to concentrate on insulated gloves that resemble arm warmers.

2. Comfortable fit or sizes

When looking for the best heat gloves, pay attention to the heat-proof glove reviews about the size or fit options. The best heat-resistant gloves are form-fitting though stretchy and won't limit your movement. They usually fit well enough to use tongs, spatula and more complex tools deftly.

Additionally, they are durable enough for you to transfer hot objects like a potato from the oven or grill to a plate. Since you are dealing with high temperatures, you need the heat protection and a breathable material.

3. Versatile

For the value of your money, it's wise to shop for work gloves that are not restricted to grilling or cooking. The best work gloves are the most versatile models. Though they offer protection to your fingers and wrists from grates, food, stovetops, and hot coals, they also offer heat protection in other areas.

High-quality heat-proof gloves that provide great value for money can also function as standard winter gloves if they are waterproof. Moreover, Kevlar gloves are sturdy enough, making them cut resistance, and some people use them as welding gloves.

4. Washable

If you're working with a charcoal grill, grease and coal ash might make your gloves every time. So, we recommend you to look for gloves that can endure multiple machine washing and still come out in the same shape and color.