Best Bamboo Skateboard Decks for Strength and Durability

Bamboo skateboards are catching on at a very fast pace and for good reasons. For a long time, decks have been made from Canadian Maple wood. However, there is every reason to shift to bamboo, including reducing the rate of maple deforestation. While winning on the environmentally friendly side, bamboo dominates the skateboard industry and will for a long time to come. You have made it to the right place as we will give you our top picks for the best bamboo skateboard decks available on the market today.What is the best skateboard deck you can buy?

What is the best skateboard deck you can buy?

What is a Bamboo Skateboard Deck?

A bamboo deck is the part of a skateboard that your feet rest on when skating. The deck is normally made from maple wood, bamboo-maple hybrid, or bamboo, which is the best material for making skateboard decks. Bamboo decks give you an edge when skating because they are lightweight compared to maple decks. In addition, bamboo material is strong and durable, one of the toughest woods you can get.

There is a strong incentive to use bamboo decks because they are made from managed bamboo forests. The forests are easy to grow and takes a shorter time to regenerate, while maple takes longer. If you cut down a bamboo forest in five years, you will have it back. Let us look at the best bamboo skateboard decks for you to pick from.

Best Bamboo Skateboard Decks

1) Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck - POP - Strength -...
  • POP: Skaters are always asking how to get more POP and we are here to tell you that the answer is SKATE BAMBOO! Our customers and team...
  • LONG LASTING: These professional boards are made with bamboo which makes them lighter and stronger. Bamboo absorbs shock better so that they...
  • STRONG: These boards have been tested for strength. We have even driven over our skateboards with a car! The strength of this board will...
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Bamboo Skateboards are made out of the highest quality bamboo which is an eco-friendly and sustainable material. These boards...
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZES: These deep concave blank decks are perfect for all levels from beginner to pro and are available in multiple...

Bamboo Skateboards are your answer to getting more pops that everyone longs for. The boards offer a top-performance deck that is durable and strong compared to other board decks. The bamboo boards are your best bet for jumping over a huge stair set because the deck is strong and absorbs shock better. In addition, you can comfortably try out different skills such as flying on halfpipes and hitting rails.

Bamboo Skateboards offer a sustainable bamboo choice that is eco-friendly and safe for the environment. It is time to let the maple trees rest and pick the new kid on the block. The blank decks are available in different sizes for you to pick from, depending on your preference. Bamboo Skateboards are the best investment you will ever make as a skater.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Eco-friendly boards
  • Deep concave blank decks
  • Multiple choices to pick from
  • Affordable
  • Professional boards


  • Bamboo boards become less flexible as they get older.

2) Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Skateboard Deck

Bamboo Skateboards Nebula Graphic Skateboard Deck Only - More Pop,...
  • MORE POP: Skaters are always asking how to get more POP and we are here to tell you that the answer is SKATE BAMBOO! Our customers and team...
  • LAST LONGER THAN MAPLE: These professional boards are made with bamboo, which makes them lighter and stronger so that they are harder to...
  • STRONGER AND MORE FLEXIBLE THAN MAPLE: These pro boards have been tested for strength and are the strongest on the market. We have even...
  • ECOFRIENDLY: Bamboo Skateboard are made out of the highest quality bamboo which is an eco friendly and sustainable material. These boards...
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZES: This medium concave Graphic deck is perfect for all levels from pro to beginner and is available in the...

Hit the park with style with graphic skateboards designed to keep your spirits high at all times. The skateboard decks are stylish without sabotaging the functionality. Bamboo Skateboards offer the strongest decks available in the market today. The boards give you more pop compared to other decks from other types of wood. In addition, the bamboo deck lasts longer than maple and is your best pick for a skateboard that will last you years.

Bamboo Skateboard is made of a 6-ply bamboo and maple hybrid that gives the best of both worlds. You can take the decks to extremes never tried before without the fear of the board letting you down.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Strong
  • Flexible


  • Decks do not do well in extreme weather.

3) Rekon Skateboard Deck

Rekon Skateboard Deck with Bamboo - 8.5 Inch
  • 7 layers of 100% Canadian maple with bottom bamboo layer for more strength
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Medium concave
  • Available in 7.5, 7.75, 8.0, 8.25 and 8.5 inches wide
  • Cold-pressed manufacturing for extreme durability

Rekon has seven layers of maple with a bottom layer of bamboo to hold the deck down. The bamboo and maple combination brings the A-game to the park because you can do any flip tricks and stunts without the board buckling from impact. The boards have pre-drilled holes to save you the time that you can use to get to the skating part. In addition, the boards are easy to set up.

Rekon deck has a strong build quality because of the cold-pressed manufacturing technique used on the deck. You can count on the deck to last longer than other decks because of the integrity of the hybrid wood ply. The seven layers will see you through the longest stair jumps at any frequency you prefer.


  • 7-layers for strength
  • Durable
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Eco-friendly
  • Maple-bamboo hybrid
  • Stylish decks
  • Lightweight


  • Largely made of maple parts.

4) Aware 7-Ply Hybrid Pro Skateboard Deck

Aware 7-ply Hybrid pro Skateboard Deck ONLY with 2 Layers Bamboo + 5...
  • Aware's NEW 7 ply skateboard decks with 5 layers Canadian Maple and 2 layers bamboo for the strongest deck on the market
  • Wheel base = 14"
  • A perfect medium concave that feels like you and the board are one.
  • Newly designed skate decks are lighter and stronger! Made with all the same components that made our original decks so great.
  • Aware to make our skateboard decks better. Our NEW skate decks put the strength on the inside with our two layers of bamboo evenly spaced...

Aware brings the best of the skating world and places it in one deck. Aware combines the most authentic eastern bamboo with Canadian maple to form a magnificent piece of creation. The skate combines five maple layers with two bamboo layers at the top and bottom to add needed strength. As a result, aware has some of the strongest decks you can find anywhere.

Aware offers a 14-inch wheelbase that provides maximum stability on the board. As a result, you can comfortably do stunts successfully with the board despite your skill level. Aware is the best pick for both beginners and professional skaters. Aware knows the value of bamboo and maple and takes advantage of the wood types to create a lethal combination.


  • Durable
  • 7-layers
  • Hybrid
  • Lightweight
  • Enough wheelbase
  • Strong skate bamboo and maple


  • No blank deck without the Aware logo

5) LEPSK8 Skateboard Deck

LEPSK8 Skateboard Deck, Tougher and More Pop, (Bamboo Veneers, No...
  • STRENGTH: Bamboo skate deck has much stronger fiber than wood board. Building with three layers bamboo veneers, which are...
  • SAVE WOODS: It takes 50 years for Canadian maple to grow, while only 5 years for bamboo. Not using maple wood at all, bamboo skate board...
  • PERFORMANCE: Our Bamboo Skateboard Deck Carefully keeps a good balance between flex and toughness, to get more pop and comfort.
  • DURABILITY: Surviving much longer time in intense riding and landing. Bio-based epoxy adhesive more firmly binds the veneers than normal...
  • AESTHETICS: Simple and Elegant. Colored bamboo strips present a graceful appearance.

LEPSK8 takes environment conservation to the next level by exploring other good options for a skateboard deck. The deck is made of bamboo strips and additional layers of fiberglass. The combination of those two materials gives a lightweight, strong deck that is weatherproof and durable. The deck is strong enough to do pro-level stunts and while maintaining the pop. The strips on the bamboo give off pleasing aesthetics that look natural and not forced. The board streamlined for speed and agility on the skate-park.

LEPSK8 is your answer to versatility. The deck will last longer than other decks because fiberglass will withstand anything. In addition, the bamboo and the fiberglass are bound by bio-based epoxy that offers a strong bond compared to the normal glue used on decks.


  • Elegant
  • Strong
  • Strong bonds between the strips and fiberglass
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Weatherproof


  • High heat might weaken the bonds.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bamboo Skateboard Decks

a) Is Skating Eco-Friendly?

Skating utilizes wood that needs to be cut down from a forest. For example, the maple tree was the candidate for making skateboards in the recent past because maple decks were the best yet. However, this choice of material was not the best because it led to deforestation that took a long time to recover from. In addition, maple trees take 20-30 years to grow to maturity. Therefore, if a maple tree was cut down to make your skateboard, you better take good care of it because another tree will not have grown to maturity to make a board for your child, who might then need to borrow your board.

Enter the bamboo. Bamboo takes only five years to grow to maturity. So if a tree were cut to make your maple boards, another would mature by the time you want to buy a new board. This fact alone gives you all the reasons to prefer bamboo over maple skateboards. You can get the best decks of both worlds because bamboo and maple can make a hybrid skateboard. However, the best way to go about reducing maple deforestation is to go the bamboo way.

b) Is a Bamboo Board Better than Maple?

Bamboo boards have gained popularity over time because of their agility and weight. A bamboo deck is lightweight compared to maple. Bamboo skateboards are stronger, despite their weight, which gives them the combination for a perfect skateboard. Bamboo is known to make performing tricks easier because bamboo absorbs shock better than maple. The bamboo structure is flexible, and therefore a skateboard made from bamboo absorbs impact more readily. 

The highest quality bamboo will give you a smooth ride while doing well on rough surfaces. Apart from being the socially responsible choice, bamboo is the best personal choice because you will feel like floating on the board. A bamboo skateboard does not get in your way whenever you perform tricks. You can maintain good speed and perform more daring stunts with the board. 

Bamboo does not absorb water. You can skate regardless of the weather outside. Bamboo skateboards will go through anything while maintaining strength as though it is a new board. Bamboo is versatile and can fit multiple sizes of skateboards in different categories. Therefore, bamboo skateboards are lighter, more versatile, stronger, and more durable than maple.

Tips on how to Maintain Your Bamboo Skateboards

i) Keep in a Dry Storage Space

Like any other wood, bamboo needs to keep its structural integrity as long as you need to use it for skating. The deep concave shapes and the design needs to hold for a wholesome skating experience. If you keep bamboo skateboards in moist or wet places, the wood might splinter, and the parts will not hold as strongly as they should. Metallic parts will rust the bamboo will gradually lose its ability to resist cracking. If well taken care of, your skateboard will be the coolest board in the skate park.

ii) Avoid Skating in Rain

Bamboo might be the coolest material out there with premium control even in the rain, but it is still wooden. You do not want to go for a new deck shortly after you got the one you have. Skating in the rain seems like fun. However, it is not good for bamboo skateboards. Bamboo decks are made of sustainable material and will last you as long as you want them to. However, if you got caught up in the rain, wipe down the skateboard, and air dry it to get rid of all the water and moisture.

When skating in the rain, you can experience hydroplaning, which might lead to an injury. In addition, the bearings and metallic parts of the board might encounter rusting when exposed to rain. Try to stay away from the rain at all costs.

iii) Clean the Bearings

Bearings tend to attract dust the more they stay on the road or the skatepark. Clogged-up bearings might reduce your speed and sabotage your flip tricks. Bamboo skateboards need a lot of care to get the best results possible. The bearings need frequent lubrication for the best results possible. If you are part of a group of team riders, you do not want to let them down when it comes down to competitions.

iv) Replace Bushings Frequently

Skateboard bushings wear down pretty fast. Depending on how you lean on the deck, the bushings wear down due to friction. Bushings ensure you keep good control of the board and maneuver corners easily. Therefore, you need to replace the bushings as soon as you see any signs of wear or tear on the sides. If the bushings are cracked or squished, it might be time to get new ones.

v) Avoid Extreme Weather

You want the most pop that will make team riders rave every time you appear in the park. Bamboo skateboards offer the best pop of all skateboards. A deck is made up of multiple wood plies. The wood plies might start to peel off sooner if exposed to extreme weather. Water dissolves the lubricants that are responsible for the smooth functioning of the bearings.

vi) Repair Chips and Razor Tails

Once you start noticing some peeling off happening on the board, it is time to take action. If you let the peels slide without doing anything about it, you might end up buying a new board. The goal is to keep the board that you have for as long as you can. If the grip tape is peeling off for one reason or another, feel free to replace it. Use a hairdryer to heat up, loosening the glue on the tape before peeling it off. Try and localize the heat only on the tape and not on the whole board.

Final Take

The skateboard is your daily companion. A good skater is as good as the board. Bamboo is your best pick for a skateboard because it helps reduce deforestation while providing the most durable and lightweight option of them all. Once you get a bamboo board, it will be your personal preference for life.

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