Top 7 Best Led Face Masks For Acne Reviews in 2023

LED masks are an innovative product used in medical contexts and in professional clinics. Nobody wants to spend their money unnecessarily on poor quality products. It is therefore very important that you know the most important aspects of LED masks. We present below the main characteristics of this product so that you can correctly make your purchase.

What Is An Led Mask And How Does It Work?

LED masks offer phototherapy and chromotherapy treatment. These two processes use lights and colors. They are non-aggressive and you can apply them yourself very easily. These masks have no side effects, they do not heat the skin and do not irritate it either. So everyone can use them! Their main benefits are:

  • Rejuvenate the skin and make it look healthy
  • Reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and small wrinkles
  • Treat UV damage
  • Combat juvenile and adult acne
  • Relieve inflammation linked to psoriasis, rosacea or eczema
  • Stimulate collagen production

List of 7 Best Led Masks For Acne

1. Dermashine Pro 7 Color LED Mask for Face

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The Dermashine Pro Light Therapy Facial Mask can help you immediately and obviously cure many blemishes such as scarring, lumpy irregular skin, fine lines, discoloration, wrinkles, large pores, redness, dryness, oiliness, and much more! Use it for only 15-30min per day to leave your skin feeling soft and looking radiant! No need for one to invest in expensive skincare products and remedies when you utilize our phototherapy mask 3-4 times each week! Our mask utilizes natural light waves to revive your skin!

2. NEWKEY Led Light Therapy 7 Color Facial Skin Care Mask

NEWKEY Led Light Therapy 7 Color Facial Skin Care Mask

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The light therapy mask is constructed from medical LED beads also has a particular wavelength to take care of different skin issue. Each colour of light may heal a frequent skin disorder. Safe, gentle, not arousing! This decorative LED mask technologies has been approved by fda, please don’t hesitate to buy with confidence!

NEWKEY acne LED mask layout relies on white layout, high quality elegance. Our LED mask has been coated with white pearl powder and also a layer of coat. It may effectively prevent scrapes and easily remove stains.

3. Project E Beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy

Project E Beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy

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7 unique colours: during photodynamic treatment, the mask may enhance your skin look. Higher blood circulation and collagen Manufacturing whitening skin wrinkles moisturizes skin enhance pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, and anti inflammatory and also reduces skin contaminants smoothens & energies skin reduces redness eliminates

Best for all skin types: that directed photon treatment mask is excellent for all skin types. Select your favorite colour setting and begin restoring your facial attractiveness.

4. Rejuven Mask Pro LED Light Therapy Mask for Anti-aging, Brightening, Improve Wrinkles

Rejuven Mask Pro LED Light Therapy Mask for Anti-aging, Brightening, Improve Wrinkles

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The Rejuven Mask is an anti aging light therapy mask REVOLUTIONARY anti-aging ALL-IN-ONE system which will help to rejuvenate and transform your skin for a younger look.

This LED Facial Light Mask treatment employs the principle of distinct wavelengths using 7 unique colours to penetrate the pores and also encourage cell metabolism. It is a basic solution to skin aging issues, increase blood flow, improve collagen production, improve skin elasticity and achiever whitening, breakout management. Each wavelength has another effect and manages different skin issues.

5. YOOVE LED Face Mask – 7 Colors Including Red Light Therapy For Healthy Skin Rejuvenation

YOOVE LED Face Mask - 7 Colors Including Red Light Therapy For Healthy Skin Rejuvenation

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An easy 30 minutes remedy without downtime! Like using a daily expert light treatment session in your house, YOOVE’s LED Light Therapy Mask is your 30-minute at-home invention that’s the future of skincare: and it is looking bright. Founded and recommended by dermatologists worldwide, this high grade mask has been lined with all the most effective blue light enabled in DIY apparatus, along with four spectra of red light.

Using it frequently will smooth wrinkles, firm skin and reduce discolouration to get a gorgeous, young complexion. With advancements visible in only two weeks, this can be the fast-track to fewer fine lines and breakouts and also a more even tone.

6. Red Light Therapy LED Face Mask 7 Color by Lexi White Beauty

Red Light Therapy LED Face Mask 7 Color by Lexi White Beauty

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Spa quality skin! Red Light Therapy LED Face Mask, this beautiful, skin tightening and rejuvenating Face Mask is the best treatment for the precious skin. The mask helps the facial tissue to market hydration, clean and tighten skin while reducing wrinkles and lines. Use this therapy every day to observe an immediate improvement in the composition of the skin!

Safe, simple, and all-natural! Our mask is very durable, rendering it secure, natural, and reuseable. This mask will offer a life of skincare! All it requires is 10-20 minutes of usage 2-3xper week to observe an increase in collagen levels, and more smoother, brighter skin!

7. Angel Kiss 7 Color Photon Red Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Facial Skin Care Mask

Angel Kiss 7 Color Photon Red Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Facial Skin Care Mask

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Since scientific study demonstrated the many advantages of light therapy, skin care remedies require no longer rely only on OTC or prescription solutions. Though many may seek out treatment from a certified dermatologist or health spa pro, Spas everywhere have begun using LED light therapy in recent years because of it’s intense efficacy and the results are amazing.

It is not a brand new therapy, actors such as and have been seeing their physicians for a long time to gratify light therapy. However, a growing number of merchandise are making it a lot easier for many people to enjoy the advantages of light treatments without leaving the home.

The Angel Kiss photon beauty apparatus, created for facial beautification that utilizes organic light waves, that can be sent by LEDs to the epidermis, and every shade of light reveals favorable effects on certain skin ailments.

The Benefits of LED Mask

One treatment, multiple results

Each of the different colors brings benefits. Thus, a therapy session can treat wrinkles, acne, spots and scars at the same time. The use of a photo-sensitizing substance optimizes the result obtained. You no longer need several different creams for facial care.

No side effects

The LED mask is a UV-free phototherapy process. Unlike tanning or other treatments, it preserves the skin. In addition, it is not as aggressive as surgery, botox or even the laser. However, the results are visible only after one session. In short, it ranks among the most effective natural methods without negative impact on the skin.

Immediate efficiency

From the first use, the LED mask brings concrete effects. The skin is revitalized. Three months of regular use allow to obtain an optimal result. This is because the mask reactivates the cells. It is a natural action in depth, which ensures real regeneration of the facial skin in a short time.

Very few contraindications

Any healthy person can use an LED mask. It does not contain suspicious substances like certain creams. Contraindications concern only certain health problems (cancer, epilepsy, spider veins on the area to be treated), taking certain substances (cortisone, tetracycline, steroids) and pregnancy.

Accessible professional care

LED therapy was previously practiced only in specialized establishments. Today, it is possible to benefit from it at home. The mask is easy to use, for results worthy of professional intervention. In addition, the cost is relatively affordable and unlike creams, one purchase is enough. A single mask quickly makes you gain vitality and youth.

How To Choose a LED Mask For Acne?

The number of colors

LED mask models generally have 3 or 7 colors. Each of them has specific beneficial actions. The main thing is to have three basic colors for your care: red to stimulate collagen against aging, green to get rid of brown spots or other pigmentation, and blue to fight against acne.

The number of lamps

The more lamps, the more uniform the result. It is therefore necessary to opt for the mask which has a high number of LED lamps. This ensures perfect homogeneity in your care. The effect of the treatment will be all the more visible on the entire face. It is especially interesting for care against pigmentation such as freckles.


It is important to be able to control the different aspects of the treatment. First there is the intensity of exposure. This conditions the effectiveness of each session. You also need to be able to adjust the exposure time. In all cases, ergonomic controls are required. Indeed, the movements are limited during the session. The buttons must remain accessible.


There are adjustable masks. They adapt to the user’s face thanks to specific adjustments. However, if you cannot acquire a model of this type, it will be necessary to choose the size. The manufacturer always specifies the dimensions. You just have to choose the most suitable for your face from the sizes offered.

The neck extension

LED masks can be with or without neck extension. The choice depends on the area to be treated. If the face remains the only priority, extension is not necessary. If on the contrary your neck seems to require care, it is better to choose a suitable model. In general, this extension makes it possible to obtain a uniform result on the face and the neck. Which is not unpleasant.


We hope, with this buying guide, to have convinced you to use an LED mask. Although its particular appearance may cause you to doubt, they have a proven effectiveness and can be used by almost anyone without side effects, without danger and without pain.

Chromotherapy and LED phototherapy are particularly recommended methods for those who cannot use other types of more aggressive care. They are therefore suitable for particularly sensitive skin, for people who take drugs incompatible with other treatments, and also for those who wish to improve the appearance of facial skin.

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