Top 5 Best Inversion Tables Reviews in 2023

If you suffer from chronic back pain, stress and muscle tension, the inversion table is the solution to get rid of these ailments. This inversion table can prevent you from taking medication or even surgery in certain cases. Ideal for sports training, but also widely used on a daily basis by many people affected by back pain, it will become your everyday well-being partner. Discover in this article how to choose it, its benefits, the comparison of the best inversion tables as well as user reviews.

What is an inversion table?

The inversion table is an equipment designed to place the body in an inverted position , the head located at a level below the pelvis and the feet in the air. This position makes it possible to raise the pressure at the level of the vertebrae and muscles, eliminate muscle contractures and stiffness of the back muscles and thus relax the back muscles . This posture is very beneficial since it relieves back pain (sciatic nerve, low back pain, lumbago, neuralgia, back and neck pain …), soothes joint pain while allowing you to build muscle.

This position also encourages muscle relaxation. In addition, the cardiovascular system will have the possibility of recovering blood from the lower limbs. The abdominal and back muscles are the main muscles to benefit from a reversal session with this type of table. Some studies have also highlighted the beneficial effect of the reversal on the circulation of the blood which tends to accumulate in the legs. In addition, this practice can also improve lymphatic circulation.

What to treat with an inversion table?

During our investigation, we discovered that the inversion table would not only relieve the pain in your back after a hard day. It directly treats the vertebrae, which undergo more than one attack during the course of a day.

Whether you’ve spent too much time sitting around scrutinizing your computer, standing up all day, or having to carry heavy loads, the inversion table may be the device to relieve your lower back pain.

The joints would be the first to benefit from its use: they would be instantly unlocked, and would regain all their mobility. The hips, vertebrae, pelvis, as well as the sacroiliac joint would release tension just as quickly.

The back, finally, is entitled to preferential treatment which would decompress each vertebra, as well as the spine. Although the stretches are basic, the pressure exerted by the inversion would therefore be significant enough to obtain results.

Who can use the inversion table?

Theoretically, everyone should be able to use an inversion table. On closer inspection, however, I realized that the instrument should be used with care. Profiles with high blood pressure should not be used.

It is the same for those who suffer from cardiac pathologies, detected or not. In case of uncertainty, we can only advise a medical consultation which will fix you on the state of your heart.

This recommendation should not be taken lightly, as the use of the inversion table can lead to serious health problems. Trying the experience knowing that you have an unsuitable medical condition is strongly discouraged, because it is akin to a dangerous attitude.

List of 5 Best Inversion Tables

1. IRONMAN Gravity Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table with Optional No Pinch AIRSOFT Ankle Holder

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The Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table is constructed with a durable tubular steel framework having a scratch resistant powder coated finish. Memory-foam vinyl coated backrest for a cozy head and back. It’s sturdy rubber non-skid floor stabilizers offering stability when inverting. Extra-long security handles provide simple return to the upright position and vinyl security covers are additional for security. The ergonomically shaped ankle holders offer comfort and safety. When not being used, the Gravity 4000 could be folded.

2. Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table

Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table

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The American producer Teeter was famous for several years due to its inversion tables. It’s high-end gear, with specific know-how. The EP970 is that the culmination of the experience, and it’s consequently the newest flagship device. The production quality is sublime with strong materials that guarantee significant durability to this item.

Everything is considered so the usage is as easy and enjoyable as you can. You pivot backward with no attempt, and you return with as much simplicity. The aid of their feet is actually ideal, equally reassuring and incredibly comfy. We can correct the utmost angle to best handle our inversion and completely unwind in this place.

This is definitely the best presently on the marketplace, and it shows at the purchase price. Even if it is a wonderful device, lasting and effective, the expense of this item seems somewhat exaggerated. Nevertheless, if you’re able to afford it, then you won’t regret your purchase.

3. Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

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The Innova ITX9600 is really a heavy duty inversion table which is included with lots of new features that set it apart from other inversion tables. Beginning with its big backrest pad and gentle touch foam handlebars, it gives a comfy, simple inversion. However, these attributes are merely the fundamentals. The ITX9600’s True Balance System enables every user to locate their very own special centre of gravity. The Six Angle Pin System enables consumers to trust that the ITX9600 may easily, securely, and always deliver to the best inversion experience.

The ITX9600’s True Balance System contains three flexible features, to assist each individual user form the smoothest and most comfortable inversion encounter for them. The authentic Balance Structure may fix the headrest pad, so the height, along with the foot to micromanage the center of gravity.

4. YOLEO Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table with Headrest & Adjustable Protective Belt Back Stretcher Machine for Pain Relief Therapy

YOLEO Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table with Headrest & Adjustable Protective Belt Back Stretcher Machine for Pain Relief Therapy

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Triple Protection Safety: YOLEO gravity table create inversion exercise simple and secure, heavy duty incorporated steel frame create the table stable and durable. Easy reach flexible ratchet ankle locking method. Precision chuck buckle + security lock Pin system creates the table more safe and secure when inverting. 3 Angle position adjustable back cross bar for effortless inversion angle adjustment removes the normal strap method. Licensed for security

Material And Ergonomic: Yoleo inversion table utilize high quality of materials to stick out from the inversion gear competition, high capable memory foam to get backrest, ergonomics design completely fit your waist curve, so release the anxiety, True Balance system for simple inverting with ergonomical & cushioned ankle holding system.

Foldable & Portable: Convenient, foldable design compactly folds for storage into a cupboard, or from the wall. Consult with a certified doctor before utilizing this inversion table. Some medical conditions might not be acceptable for use of the item.

5. EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table with AIRSOFT NO PINCH Ankle Holders

EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table with AIRSOFT NO PINCH Ankle Holders

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Inversion made simple with all the Exerpeutic 225SL. Constructed using a heavy duty steel frame, the 225SL Inversion Table includes a Patent Pending Airsoft Ankle Holder for unmatched comfort, a three position adjustable back cross bar for effortless inversion angle adjustment, plus a simple to achieve’Palm Activated’ Surelock adjustable ratchet ankle locking method. The added removable lumbar pillow offers additional lower back support while the dual lock ratchet tooth mechanism along with strong two part ratchet layout makes inversion more secure and protected. With the comfortable soft foam backrest, the Exerpeutic 225SL will offer you the superb inversion relaxation you want at an inexpensive price.

How to choose an inversion table?

The inversion table must be adapted to the weight and size of the user. Several other criteria come into play: the angle of inclination, comfort, security, size and of course its price. Here are some tips for choosing it.

The tilt angle

This is one of the most important aspects. It is necessary to move towards a model with a variable angle of inclination, which one can modulate as one goes along. At the start, it is advisable to start with a slight incline. 25° for 5 to 10 minutes each day is enough to feel the first effects and relieve the spine. Little by little, the angle of inclination can be increased up to 180 ° and completely upside down. But this posture is not necessarily the most pleasant and comfortable.


This is the second aspect not to be overlooked. The inversion table must be completely comfortable because the better you will be installed, the more the effects and the exercises will be effective. The goal is to relieve back pain, you should not be in pain while sitting on the table. The backrest should be pleasant and soft with foam padding.

The straps that hold the ankles should also be padded and hold you perfectly. During a 180 ° tilt, these straps will be the only ones to hold you. They should not hurt you and be perfectly in place. Some inversion tables have a heating system to combine stretching and relaxation.

Table security

The machine must have adjustable side handles for easy lifting of the body as well as an adjustable safety cord at the back to block the table and lock the angle tilt.

Nothing beats a steel structure for a stronger and more rigid inversion table to maintain stability. You will also need to follow the assembly instructions to ensure optimum safety.

User weight and height

Beware of the misuse of an inversion table! It is imperative to follow the instructions for use. The table must be adapted to the size and weight of the user. If you are too tall, the table will not be efficient. You will take the risk of bumping your head while tilting. Overweight, the table may not be solid enough. Information on the maximum weight to be observed is specified on the device.


A reversing table is quite impressive depending on the model. The choice of the device must be thought of according to the place where it will be used. If you live in an apartment or do not have a room dedicated to this exercise, you can opt for a foldable model . But you will still have to check the dimensions once folded because it will not be able to squeeze everywhere.


Like any investment of this kind, the price varies depending on the options and the quality of the device. You will find on the market a lot of inversion tables adapted to different budgets. Depending on the strength of the machine, its comfort, its ergonomics and its adjustability, it will be more or less expensive. You will also choose it according to your needs and pathologies.

The different types of Inversion table

The configuration of the structure is the main different of the inversion tables. We can therefore distinguish the compact models from those with a foldable frame.

  • Inversion tables with compact base: they have the advantage of being very stable. Indeed, the equipment remains fixed and will not move during each session once it is placed on a flat surface. However, they take up more space . It is therefore necessary to provide a permanent space dedicated to the inversion table in your accommodation.
  • Folding inversion tables: the main structure of these inversion tables can be folded. This greatly reduces the space it occupies when stored. This space saving is a major advantage when you have a fairly small accommodation. They are certainly less stable than the compact models. However, they remain firm enough to minimize the risk of falls during the sessions.

How to use an inversion table?

First of all, the opinion of a specialized doctor is necessary. A inversion table is used with care. Make sure you have enough space to install the inversion table and check its stability on the floor.

Adjust the table based on your height and tilt angle. As a reminder, it is better to start with a low tilt to avoid possible dizziness or headaches. After a few days of use, you will increase the angle.

Then, just press against the wall, attach the ankles and the safety strap and gently pivot the table backwards to the chosen angle. Use the side handles to return to the normal position. A session should not last more than 5-10 minutes .


The inversion table is now an accessory that you can have at home. If it is no longer necessary to go to a health professional to enjoy its benefits, not everyone can use it without a medical agreement. The variety of models you will find on the market gives you a wide choice, which will have to be based on solid elements.

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