How to Style Oversized Shirt Like Celebrities

On a busy morning, no one wants to appear sloppy. It is where oversized shirt outfits come in handy. You should join the oversized shirt trend if you haven't already. Continue reading to learn how to style an oversized shirt. This trend can include anything from basic button-down shirts to oversized t-shirts; the choice is yours!

We adore this stylish outfit since the options are unlimited once you invest in a couple of oversized shirts. It saves you time in the morn v ings, allowing you to spend less time worrying about what to wear. Stock up your closet with a few comfortable loose shirts and t-shirt outfits to get you through the hotter months. No one wants to be sweltering in tight-fitting clothing when the weather is hot.

How to Style an Oversized Shirt

When styling an oversized shirt, make sure the remainder of your outfit is fitted. Instead of somewhat oversized clothes, look for shirts that are substantially too big for you. Buy three to five sizes up from your usual size, or look for designers who specialize in oversized apparel.

1. Completely Tucked In

Oversized  Tee Tucked In

The most common way of wearing an oversized shirt is by tucking it entirely into whichever bottoms you choose, whether denim shorts, jeans or high-waisted trousers. Put on the shirt first, followed by the shorts, skirt, or bottoms. Lift the skirt and pull the shirt down from the bottom after putting it on.

When wearing shorts or jeans, pull the oversized top down as much as possible before doing up any buttons or zips. Next, raise your arms and allow the shirt to loosen a little so it's not as tightly tucked after the skirt or pants are on and done up. Finally, check yourself in the mirror and make any necessary adjustments. Then, gently tug at any bits still tucked in too tightly to make it even all around.

2. Half Tuck Or French Tuck

French Tuck on an Oversized Shirt with High-waisted Trousers

The 'French tuck' is just a term for a shirt that has been tucked in only halfway. Tan France, co-host of Queer Eye and your favorite celebrities stylist consultant, created the term. Tuck in the front of the shirt by an inch or two to achieve it while leaving the back fully untucked.

The French tuck can appear disheveled when worn with a fitting shirt, but it looks great with any loose garment, whether it's an oversized tee or shirt. It lifts the outfit without overdoing it, and it's fantastic for elongating the legs by displaying just enough waist to give it form.

Even though the phrase "French tuck" is relatively new, oversized shirts have been worn in this manner for a long time. Oversized tops were dressed in this manner on the runway or red carpet even before it became a 'labeled' trend.

3. Tie a Knot

Knotted Oversized Shirt With Biker Shorts

Do you want to try something different? Consider ditching the idea of tucking your shirt in totally. Instead, leave the shirt unbuttoned at the bottom and tie a small knot with the two edges of the shirt. It's up to you whether the shirt's back is left untucked or tucked.

4. Completely Untucked

Untucked Oversized Shirt

Some outfits benefit from the oversized shirt being worn untucked, especially when paired with leggings and sneakers. You get to decide whether to button the crisp white button-down shirt to the top, button it halfway, or leave it entirely undone with a pretty camisole underneath. It depends on what feels right on that particular day.

5. Casual

Casual white Shirt and Jeans Outfit

Wear it with a pair of slim-fit straight-leg jeans and a pair of sneakers. It is a very basic and casual outfit that can be worn around the house, out to lunch with a friend, or while running errands. You can wear button-down shirts or basic white T-shirts. Pick a pair of jeans that aren't too baggy on you. Any sneakers will do, but a pair of solid-colored sneakers will look more attractive.

6. Layer It

White Shirt Layered with a Sweater

Layer it over a long-sleeved shirt. Wear an enormous black shirt over a long-sleeved, form-fitting black shirt for an edgy effect. Put the shirts into a pair of high-rise slacks and tuck them in. It'll look great with black boots or sneakers. Next, wear an oversized graphic tee with the emblem of your favorite heavy metal or rock band on it.

7. Style It with a Long Skirt

Chic Graphic Tee Styled with Heels

It looks great with a long skirt. It is a super-comfy aesthetic that's been all the rage lately. Put on an oversized tee and tuck it into a long pencil skirt. With white shoes, you'll look elegant while being comfortable enough to cuddle up for a nap. Wear a black shirt with a white pattern, a black pencil skirt, and white sneakers.

8. Style It with Sweatpants

Baggy T-shirt with Sweatpants

Sweatpants are the most comfortable option. Thankfully, wearing loungewear and sportswear as trendy is now acceptable if dressed correctly. First, look for a solid-colored oversized T-shirt. Then, wear sweatpants that are the same color as the shirt.

Then, put on a pair of solid-colored shoes or sneakers that complement the rest of your oversized look. Wear black sweatpants, a black shirt, and white sneakers. Look for a pair of sweatpants that aren't too baggy.

9. Dress It Up

Chic Baggy Tee With a Blazer

It looks great with a blazer. An oversized T-shirt isn't simply for an ultra-casual style when paired with the proper attire. Look for a blazer that is form-fitting but not too tight. Put on a sloppy button-up with a few of the bottom buttons undone. Feel free to wear an oversized shirt with a pair of formal pants and your favorite shoes. It is an office style for a laid-back office or a fashionable appearance for a night out. Wear a black blazer with a white button-up and black jeans, as well as white sneakers.

10. Allow It to Fall off Your Shoulders

Oversized Shirt Worn as an off Shoulder

This outfit is ideal for an off-duty outing. Look for a long-sleeved shirt that is worn off the shoulders with ease. Wear a long-sleeved button-down shirt with a few top buttons undone. Then put on a pair of nude-colored stilettos and ankle-length dress pants. If heels aren't your style, you can opt for ballerina flats or sandals.

11. Mix and Match Your Patterns

Matching Set of oversized trousers and Shirt

It is a colorful and quirky design appropriate for both day and night. First, look for an oversized T-shirt with your favorite pattern. Stripes are an excellent choice. Then put on a pair of brightly printed jeans. Finally, sandals or basic sneakers would be appropriate footwear.

By styling alternative designs and colors, you can fully clash with the patterns or wear different patterns but the same colors.

12. Leave It Unbuttoned

Loose Unbuttoned Shirt

Leave it unbuttoned if you want to be more casual, making your office look for any off-duty outing. Style a button-up shirt with a couple of buttons undone on the top. Wear the shirt with skinny high-rise jeans and a belt. Stilettos, loafers, and ballerina flats are all acceptable options.

13. Make a Shirtdress Out of It


If your oversized tees are long enough, you can wear them as dresses with minimal effort. First, try on the T-shirt to ensure that it is long enough for you to feel adequately covered and comfortable wearing it in public. Next, dress your oversized T-shirt down with sandals, sneakers or dress it up with a pair of high-heeled ankle boots with minimal jewelry, such as a pair of little hoops and a simple necklace.

14. Cinch in Your Waist with a Belt

Emily Ratajkowski Cinching Her Shirtdress Outfit with a Belt

You can fool everyone into thinking your shirt is a dress with the appropriate belt. It is also a wonderful method to give an otherwise formless design some shape. First, check that the belt fits snugly around your waist. Then, add a broad belt or a thin, braided belt with ballet flats to an oversized button-up for a more subtle look. Finally, you may wish to put bottoms underneath the shirt if you're wearing it as a dress.

15. Style It with Leggings

Oversized Sweatshirt with Leggings

If you're afraid about revealing too much leg adding layers to your outfit is a terrific method to stay modest. If the blouse fabric is a touch sheer or you plan to undo several buttons, wear leggings and a tank top below it. Combine a white button-up with black tights and black ballerina flats for a chic look.

16. Style It with Shorts

Hailey Beiber Rocking a Baggy Shirt with Denim Shorts

Is it too hot for jeans? Style oversized shirts with denim shorts. They look great, especially when worn with the French tuck. For a 'disheveled chic' look that's suitable for everyday wear in the summer, pair it with a large tote bag and some comfortable sneakers or biker boots.

Add a pair of black tights, a blanket scarf, and your favorite knee-high or thigh-high boots if you're determined to wear your big shirts with denim shorts in the cooler months. Chunky gold earrings complete the look. Then, swap out the denim shorts for biker shorts for an entirely different look.

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