Vessi vs AllBirds Review – The Top Travel Shoe Showdown

Are you torn in choosing between Vessi and Allbirds? Don’t worry, in this showdown review you will learn which one stands out when it comes to shoes for traveling.

In every travel adventure, shoes are part of the main focus. Whether you will just walk to the destination or go for a run, Allbirds and Vessi shoes are considered the top choices. However, you can’t stop yourself from being confused between the two.

You might be in a hurry; If so, our TL;DR is go with VessiWe believe you won't regret it. Why? You might ask;

Both brands are comfortable but it is hard to ignore Vessi’s seamless combination of utility in addition to comfort.

We also believe that Vessi have remained true to their value and market in comparison to their counterparts.

So, we are here to help you decide which shoe is best for you by giving our review. You can also purchase these shoes through the links above, this helps support this site, through no cost of your own.

What makes for the best Travel Shoe?

Before we dive into the comprehensive comparison between Allbirds vs. Vessi; it’s a nice idea to know the deciding factors when choosing a travel shoe. We hope that you will also buy through our post and affiliate links.

Here we go;


As you probably know, you walk or run a lot of miles in your shoes (let alone travelling in them). This means that you will need a shoe that can last longer. It’s important to know the materials used, including the fabric. Nothing is more important than durability when it comes to longer service life.


In choosing the best pair of shoes, you also consider being comfortable in them. People prefer travel shoes or walking shoes that deliver complete comfort for everyday wear. If your feet keep hurting, then the shoes you are wearing are not for you. Nothing beats a comfortable shoe. Always consider comfort; simply because, comfort builds confidence.

Style and Versatility

Whether walking or travelling shoes, you will want shoes that suit different types of styles and trends . So, it is more of an advantage to look for a pair of shoes that will make you look good while giving you the best quality in whatever visual scenario.

Water resistance

Travel destinations more often than not, come with different weather conditions. The majority of problems associated with damaged shoes are caused by water or moisture damage (e.g., rain, liquid spills, puddles). Water-resistance is truly a major factor when it comes to choosing your shoes. Oh! Most importantly, this will help keep your feet dry at all times.

That being said, our question is:

Vessi vs. Allbirds, Which One Is Better?

So, with the criteria above let’s look at these two major players Vessi vs Allbirds when it comes to walking, running, and travel shoes. Let’s have a closer look at each of these brands.

First Up, Our Vessi Review

Launched in 2018 in Vancouver, Canada, Vessi was founded by Andy Wang, Tony Yu, and Mikaella Go. A new innovative player in the footwear industry, Vessi takes pride in its all-in-one, imaginative, comfortable and waterproof shoes. Achieved through its patented waterproof technology and ensuring top-notch quality performance. The sneakers are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions receiving multiple positive reviews in the travel-gear industry.

Vessi understands everyone’s needs in terms of creating quality sneakers. Many of us have a closet filled with different shoes for different occasions, be it weather conditions or various seasons. The company recognized this problem and has solved it by creating a versatile line of Vessi waterproof shoes.

What We Liked About Vessi

Although it is a well-known brand for women's running shoes: Vessi is also a leading option in men's water shoes. These shoes are well ventilated in addition to being waterproof. The shoes are not made with merino wool but are stylish and very modern.

As we performed this review, we discovered that Vessi Women’s Everyday Sneaker and Men’s Cityscape Sneaker are two of the most popular choices. The waterproof shoes come with a glove-like fit, thanks to the comfortable material and delivers more support from the size of the shoe sole.

Best Qualities

Vessi is best known for being 100% waterproof and lightweight. In addition, based on our review, these shoes are also known for vegan and breathable qualities in their design and production.

Best Uses

Do you love to travel,  and hike alone or with your friends? or you find yourself jumping or walking into puddles? Then, Vessi women’s waterproof sneakers are a smart addition to your collection as they are perfect for someone looking for waterproof, comfortable and fashionable wear. Besides, your feet will stay dry and more comfortable during flights or long trips. No need to grab your rubber boots during rainy days! Just put on some Vessi sneakers, take a step out into that wet terrain and enjoy the rain!

Variety of Sizing

One of the best things about Vessi waterproof shoes is that it offers a large variety of sizing. So, when you find your desired Vessi sneaker, you won’t have to worry about the available shoe sizes. Offered in whole (no half sizes), from 5 to 11.


The only thing you need to do before wearing the sneakers, is stretch its opening. Vessi’s stretchy material still allows for the shoe to hug your feet comfortably and tightly. No need for you to wear socks either; the shoes feel like you are wearing a tight sock or your favorite rain boots. This doesn’t allow your heels to slip out of the shoe.

In addition, these runners are made using Dyma-tex, so that the outer and inner-lining are waterproof keeping your foot comfortable and dry.

Wash and Care Guide

Every shoe brand comes with its own unique wash and care requirements. Vessi provides wash and care instructions with each pair of shoes ensuring that you will handle your shoes with proper care and be able to use them for many years. This is an advantage over the Allbirds that do not offer such in-depth details and might lead to damage when washing or cleaning.

Payment Options (Paypal, Debit and Prepaid Cards)

Do you prefer using PayPal as a payment method? Good news! Vessi accepts PayPal as a purchase option, so it’s a great convenience to you when you order Vessi footwear.

When it comes to other payment options, Vessi also accepts debit and prepaid cards.

Sales and Promotions

Who doesn’t love sales and discounts? Vessi provides amazing discounts, where you can save 30% or more. You can also use our provided link to make a purchase and get a discount now!

Return Policy

If you wish to return a product like travel gear for any reason; Vessi products come with a return policy. Fortunately, you can return a product within 60 days from the date of delivery provided the shoe is unworn and undamaged and is accompanied by the original packaging. Be sure to read the return policy.

About Allbirds 

Founded in 2014, Allbirds is aimed at designing footwear that is environmentally friendly. The brand utilizes a direct-to-consumer approach. The brand’s very first shoe was the Wool Runner, made from superfine merino wool.

Allbirds products aim to be eco-friendly using bioplastic foam and eucalyptus tree fiber in making footwear . Case in point, their everyday sneaker is made from recycled plastic water bottles.

What We Liked About Allbirds

Wearing the popular Allbirds Wool Runners and Runner Mizzles gives you a ‘pillowy’ feel when you walk in them for the first time. Imagine wearing your favorite cozy socks or rain boots. These shoes are also lightweight and the material isn’t irritating or itchy against your skin.

The overall look of the Wool Runners and Runner Mizzles is casual and stylish offering a selection of classic colors. The basic color options being white and gray.

However, if you prefer limited edition colors, they are also available.

Best Qualities

Allbirds Wool Runners are best known for their eco-friendly and soft feel qualities. These runners and Runner Mizzles are popular for their use of merino wool ensuring comfortable wear.

Best Uses

One of the notable qualities of Allbirds is that they are good walking shoes. Whether you are running errands or traveling, these shoes are comfortable. These shoes are good for your daily use. Even on long walks, your feet will not hurt.

Variety of Sizing

Getting the right shoe size from Allbirds is not a problem. You can choose from their variety of sizes, ranging from 5 to 11, just like Vessi and their shoes are also only available in whole sizes.


In the comfort category, Allbirds shoes are also a viable option. Compared to traditional fabric, merino wool gives a very light feel while wearing a shoe. The eucalyptus tree fiber fabric of the product is also soft and cushiony.

Although you do not need socks, you can still wear them if you choose. Since all styles are designed with flexible soles made of carbon-free rubber, walking or running long distances is also pleasant. After a whole day’s wear, your feet are free from any pain.

Wash and Care Guide

One of the best parts of getting Allbirds is that they are machine washable. If you are not familiar with machine washing shoes you can refer to the wash and care instructions.

Payment Options (Paypal, Debit and Prepaid Cards)

Allbirds accepts Paypal, Amazon pay, Shop Pay and Credit Cards as their viable payment options. You can also purchase Gift Cards.

Sales and Promotions

Unfortunately, Allbirds does not offer sales and promotions. However, shipping is free on purchases over $50.

Return Policy

If you wish to return the product, you can take advantage of their return policy. Returns are accepted up to 30 days from the date of delivery.

Our Pick

Both shoes are versatile, comfortable, and stylish. However, following our research and review of the products, payment methods and other purchase options (e.g. discounts, sales, return policies) – our recommendation is Vessi!

Some of our additional deciding factors were:

  • Vessi offers better ankle support in comparison to Allbirds;
  • The Tight Fit Test: When comparing the toe box of the shoes we chose Vessi over Allbirds as the longer and wider fit of Vessi’s offered more comfort; and
  • Both sneakers are perfect for people looking for combined comfort and style at reasonable price points.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Allbirds or Rothy better?

When Allbirds shoes vs. Rothy flats are compared, Allbirds are more comfortable. However, if you need more versatile styles, are a business traveler or looking for a teacher discount, then Rothy flats is a better choice. Rothy flats support your unique fashion preference by offering more distinct designs.

2. Are Vessi shoes any good?

Yes. If you love to travel and want a comfortable shoe, then Vessi is a good choice for you. While it provides an aesthetically trendy look, you will benefit from its waterproof technology. You can stay stylish even in the harshest weather conditions or during flights. These shoes are ideal for people who have a unique taste in fashion while enjoying functionality. As well, these shoes are perfect gifts for your friends and family.

3. Do you wear socks with Vessi?

The snug fit of Vessi shoes does not require you to wear a sock, but you can if you please.

4. Are Allbirds the most comfortable shoes?

Allbirds shoes have a comparable comfort level to other shoes in the market. You can find other brands, like Vessi that offer as much or more comfort.

5. Is Vessi good for travel?

Yes, Vessis are great travel shoes. Aside from being easy to style and comfortable, they are also extremely lightweight and water-resistant. They are 100% element proof, meaning, you don’t need to worry about sand, snow, mud, rain, or slush.

6. What type of payment methods does Vessi accept?

Vessi accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Visa Gift Cards, MasterCard Gift Card, as well as American Express. Customers can also take advantage of PayPal, Quadpay, and GooglePay.

7. Where does Vessi ship to?

Vessi currently ships to countries including: Canada, United States, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. Contact us to give you more updates.

8. What Are Wool Runners?

Wool Runners are a popular option from Allbirds. They are made from merino wool which is a natural product. They have a moisture-wicking ability to keep you dry while their insulation keeps you comfortable. Using advanced technology, wool is tightly woven and then combined with other materials to produce travel shoes with improved water resistance.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, in our opinion Vessi is a better and more reasonable product than Allbirds in many aspects. Whether walking, running or travelling, regardless of the distance and weather; we believe Vessi is the right pick for you.

The next time you plan a vacation, outdoor activity, or overseas trip, make these shoes a part of your packing list. Look into the links below to catch yourself a pair. You won’t regret it.

We hope that you liked our review with valuable information about these popular sneakers and travel tips.

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