🍃 Cariloha Resort Bamboo Mattress Review – 2023 Buying Guide

Did you know that the hygiene of your sleep is crucial for high energy levels, strong immunity and longevity? It means that all of your sleeping items should be of high quality and fit your needs. A mattress is the foundation of your sleeping hygiene as it decides the comfort of your sleep and keeps your spine healthy. However, cheaply-made mattresses do not fulfill those expectations and leave their users with sore backs and poor quality sleep. 

We know that choosing a bamboo mattress may not be an easy task, so we have done our research and came across mattresses by Cariloha. And let us tell you, Cariloha Resort Bamboo Mattress is worth your attention. 

Cariloha Bamboo Mattress – Key Features

You may already be acquainted with Cariloha due to their famous bamboo underwear, bedsheets and blankets. However, very few people know that this brand is also popular for its bamboo mattresses. These mattresses even went viral and appeared on the Ellen Show. Moreover, the list of captivating features of this mattress reaches far beyond its good media presence.

To begin with, Cariloha Resort Bamboo Mattress is constructed in a very untypical way. The first layer of the mattress is a Flex-Flow™ Dual-Density Base Foam that helps the mattress to keep the shape through the years. The second layer consists of two parts and locates on the two sides of the mattress, giving it the side-wedge support. Those wedges also make the sleeping surface wider. The third and fourth layers of the mattress consist of memory foam. The first layer of foam is designed to decrease the pressure of the body and adjust to its curves, while the second one consists of natural charcoal-infused bamboo material and increases breathability.

Cariloha bamboo mattress is designed to decrease the pressure on your body and provide as much support as possible. Stepping away from the technical side of the mattress, it is also incredibly important to mention how soft and breathable it is. Hypoallergenic features and odor-resistance also enhance the mattress's optimal breathability.

cariloha resort mattress key features

Pros & Cons of Cariloha Bamboo Mattress

The selection of mattress demands a serious and balanced approach. However, collecting information all around the Intenet may be a very tiring and discouraging experience. To make your choice easier, we have constructed an ultimate list of advantages and disadvantages of Cariloha Resort Bamboo mattress.

The Pros 

  • Cariloha bamboo mattress is breathable. The breathability of the mattress is a factor that might seem to be a questionable advantage at first. You might think that having breathable bed linen is enough for having an optimal circulation of the air. The truth is that a mattress is the foundation of everything, and even the best bed linen is not going to do its job because the mattress has poor air circulation. Hight breathability of Cariloha Bamboo Mattress ensures full comfort during your night’s rest. It keeps you cool in summer and ensures that you will not get too cold during the harshest wintertime. Besides this, breathability ensures that your mattress and bed linen will stay odor-free as long as possible. Due to hight air circulation in the mattress, pathogenic bacteria that cause the appearance of odor do not have the chance for growth. 
  • Cariloha Bamboo Mattress is hypoallergenic. We commonly tend to think that mattress does not influence our allergic reactions. This belief is very misleading and dangerous, as the mattress may provoke allergy attacks. The reason behind it usually lays in the cheap filling of the mattress that irritates the respiratory tracts and causes allergic coughing, sneezing and nose itching. The other issue may be about the harsh surface of the mattress that irritates the skin while being in contact with it. The good news is that Cariloha Resort Bamboo mattress is made from high-quality allergen-free materials that are suitable even for the most sensitive people. 
  • Cariloha Resort Bamboo mattress is sustainable. Keeping things sustainable should become a priority for every one of us. Doing our best to choose eco-friendly goods, we often forget about the importance of durable bedroom items. Cariloha Resort Bamboo mattress is made out of high-quality bamboo viscose. It is not only soft to the touch and pleasant to sleep on, but it is also an ultimately sustainable choice. Bamboo is a rapidly-growing grass that does not need much of the human involvement in it’s growth. This plant demands very little water while doing a great job strengthening the ground it grows on. Furthermore, to produce the bamboo viscose, producents use closed-loop cycles that ensure the re-use of water, instead of wastefully dumping it into the land.
  • This mattress is durable. The multilayered base of the mattress ensures that it will last you for years. Instead of merely using regular springs that quickly wear out, Cariloha Bamboo Mattress consists of memory foam and wedges that expand the sleeping area and decrease the tension in your body. 
cariloha resort mattress pros

The Cons:

  • Cariloha Bamboo Mattress is pricey. The price of the smallest (Twin and Twin XL) Resort Bamboo mattresses is $950, while the largest King, Cal-King and Split King options cost $1,900. The prices may seem out of this world at first glance, but the durability of the mattress and the unmeasurable positive influence it has on the overall health make it worth considering. 

Our Experience with the Mattress

Thanks to our friends at Cariloha we were able to review this mattress very quickly. The shipment of the mattress took around 5 business days.


The first thing about Cariloha Resort Mattress that captured our attention was the packaging. Even though the box that the mattress arrived in was a bit damaged (which is understandable considering the fact that it was a cross border shipment), the actual packaging of the mattress was not. Usually, mattresses come in voluminous and heavy packaging that takes up a lot of space. On the contrary, Cariloha mattress arrived in a very ergonomic and light package. Taking the mattress out of the box was not overly complicated.

cariloha resort mattress review

Construction Overview

When it comes to the mattress itself, we were extremely interested in how the famous multi-layered construction performs in real life. To begin with, Comfort Base Optimisation is the first layer that resembles the foundation of the mattress. This part is designed to improve the integration of the construction. The bottom layer is followed by Enhanced Flex Flow™ base foam that takes responsibility for the temperature control within the mattress. Transition Response™ memory foam follows the foundational parts of the Cariloha Resort mattress and controls the maintenance of shape. Comfort Zone memory foam™ is a multi-purpose element that also contributes to the preservation of shape and temperature. Simultaneously, this part helps decrease the pressure around the back and neck areas. Side wedge supporting elements are symmetrically located on the opposite sides of the mattress to give the construction more support also increasing the sleeping surface. The top of the mattress consists of Bamboo Comfort™ memory foam that offers a perfect finish and ensures the highest quality of sleep.

cariloha bamboo mattress construction overview

During our trial, we were curious about how the construction mentioned above performs under daily use, so the feel of the mattress was the main criterion considered during the test. You can also find numerous tests of Cariloha mattresses on the webpage of the brand. For example, we learned how great Cariloha Resort mattress is dealing with the even distribution of pressure. Our experience showed that those claims of the producer are true, as the Resort mattress by Cariloha is giving a sense of ultimate support for the body. The side wedges of the construction also turned out to be a pleasant surprise: the center part of the mattress is just as comfortable as the sides.

Who Might Want to Buy This Mattress

Despite the numerous advantages, we tested the mattress with a clear understanding that this is a pricey product that might not be essential for some customers. We have to point out that people with sensitivities in the neck and back areas will benefit from having this mattress in their house. Also, Cariloha resort mattress would be great for allergy-prone individuals and those who value a good airflow of the sleeping surfaces. Additionally, we have to admit that the mattress gave us a drastic increase in energy levels throughout the day. Thus, this bamboo mattress will be a perfect choice for people struggling with low energy levels.

Who Might Not Want to Buy This Mattress

Surprisingly, we found it quite problematic to point out individuals who may not benefit from Cariloha Resort mattress. The truth is, such a mattress can be a good investment in maintaining a healthy back and neck long-term. However, if you do not feel problems with sensitivities in the areas mentioned earlier and find the product too pricey, it makes sense to delay the purchase.

Where to Buy Cariloha Bamboo Mattress

As we usually recommend, the best source for purchasing a Cariloha mattress is directly from the official website of the brand. However, Cariloha officially distributes its mattresses beyond the official website. Another authorized source for getting an authentic Resort Bamboo Mattress is the Amazon store of Cariloha.

Cariloha Bamboo Mattress FAQ’s

"Is there a warranty for Cariloha Bamboo Mattress?"

Usually, warranty is the biggest concern for the customers. A vast majority of brands give short-term warranties that do not provide a full sense of safety while using the product. However, Cariloha provides a 10-year warranty for all mattresses. Buying Resort Bamboo mattress from Cariloha ensures that you can enjoy your mattress and not worry about the lack of warranty for the next 10 years.

"What is the size range of Cariloha Bamboo Mattress?"

Cariloha Resort Bamboo Mattresses come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King and Split King.

"Will I be able to return my Cariloha mattress if I dislike it?"

To be sure that you are paying your money for the right product, Cariloha gives every customer a 100-night sleep trial. If the mattress does not feel like a good choice for you, the brand will give you a full money refund. 


Cariloha Bamboo Mattress is a unique product that is made of high-quality, sustainable materials. Its multilayered construction ensures the longevity of the item through the years and brings you the sleeping experience you have never had before. Sustainably produced materials have a high airflow and decrease the pressure on the body. Being ultimately soft, hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant, this mattress is suitable even for the most sensitive ones. 

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