13 Little-Known Bamboo Facts: Why Bamboo Fabric is so Popular?

The popularity of Bamboo fabric is on its rise. According to one study by Marilyn Waite:

"There are over 1500 documented uses for bamboo, which include flooring, furniture, musical instruments, crafts, sports equipment, food, medicinal uses, and textiles."

And when it comes to the fashion industry, modern people want to look stylish yet stay comfortable, so they’re looking for a perfect combination, and bamboo plants help a lot when it comes to clothing production.

While the number of people who are obsessed with Bamboo clothing is growing, it’s also essential to understand more about the plant and its characteristics first. If you’re looking for more information, you may be interested in watching our video about Bamboo facts.

Want to know the best part? Bamboo can teach you even more!

We’ve collected a list of 13 little-known facts about Bamboo that may be interesting for you to read.

13 Little-Known Bamboo Facts:

  1. It’s a grass, not a tree. Although the Bamboo plant is tree-like, one of Bamboo tree facts is that it’s a grass actually. Bamboo is the only grass that can diversify into forests, so many people think it’s a tree. However, it belongs to the Poaceae family of grass plants, and it’s the biggest grass.
  2. It grows fast. If you’ve ever wondered what is the fastest growing plant, the answer is here: Bamboo! Since it is one of the fastest growing plants, it can grow up to 3 feet in just one day. Despite the fact that Bamboo grows extremely fast, it reaches its maximum size within 4-15 years.
  3. It helps to save the planet. This plan it eco-friendly: it not only produces 35% more oxygen but also absorbs greenhouse gases. What is more, it can control soil erosion. Plus, there’s no need to use harmful agricultural chemicals like fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides to grow this plant. What can be better for the Earth than a renewable plant that has almost no wastes? Yes, Bamboo has all the benefits to make our world a better place.
  4. It is stronger than steel. If you have ever heard about Bamboo, you may know about its durability. However, one of Bamboo facts is that its tensile strength is greater than steel (28, 000 vs. 23,000 pounds per square inch respectively). The bottom line? It’s a durable plant that can last longer years, no matter what product you’re making from it.
  5. It is an alternative to wood. To save our Earth, we should stop cutting down trees and use wood as a material. Thus, people need to find alternative materials to replace wooden items. And the answer is here! Use Bamboo!
    Believe it or not, Bamboo is a plant that can be an excellent replacement for wood in flooring, furniture and utensils too. As it’s quite strong, Bamboo is a good replacement option. Furthermore, its ecological benefits make it a safe alternative to wood.
  6. It has healing properties. The Bamboo shoots and essential oils have many health benefits: it controls the blood pressure, has antibacterial characteristics, it’s also great for skin and as it’s rich in dietary fiber. Thus, the plant can be used as herbal medicine. Bamboo growing conditions allow people to use this renewable plant in many niches.
  7. It always produces flowers at the same time. Bamboo blossoming occurs rare, and it can surprise many people. No matter what geographic locations or climatic conditions are, all Bamboo plants of the same stock develop flowers at the same time and then die. Isn’t it a real phenomenon?
  8. It has entered the fashion market. Modern customers are obsessed with the idea of getting organic and eco-friendly clothing, so they’re looking for natural materials. Bamboo fabric has many benefits, so it has become of the most popular fibers in the fashion niche. Today you can find various bamboo clothing: from bed sheets, linens, shirts, to socks. Stay in trend and see if bamboo clothing is right for you.
  9. It’s perfect for people with allergies. Do you know that more than 50 million Americans have experienced various types of allergies each year? While many people suffer from allergies, reducing the risks of allergies is a must, so people pay much attention to the materials they choose for clothing. Bamboo fibers are organic and are antibacterial. Therefore, Bamboo fabrics don’t irritate the skin and minimize the risk of allergies. The bottom line? The plant fibers are hypoallergenic, so people can use them without any risks.
  10. It is edible. For many people, it goes without saying that pandas eat bamboo for energy. However, just a few of us know that bamboo facts explain a possibility for people to get nutrition thanks to edible Bamboo shoots. For example, edible bamboo species are Bambusa vulgaris and Phyllostachys edulis, and they can be found in various Asian dishes. But: remember that this plant should be prepared before consuming as it may contain toxic elements.
  11. It can help you stay fit. Another surprising fact is that Bamboo shoots are low in fat and calories. At the same time, the plant is rich in fiber and potassium, so it’s a great supplement for the staple diet. Moreover, the shoots have been used in many Asian countries for years.
  12. It was material for ancient books. Even though it’s hard to imagine bamboo strips as a material for modern books, ancient China used Bamboo as the main media and writing medium before the invention of paper. Why? Because Bamboo is durable!
  13. It symbolizes a long life. Have you ever heard about Feng Shui? According to Feng Shui pioneers, keeping bamboo plants in front of the house was a way for inhabitants to ensure long lives. And the explanation is quite simple: as Bamboo is durable and robust, and resilient, it symbolizes a  long life.

The Sum Up

Bamboo facts can surprise even the most educated person and blow the mind. Since Bamboo has many benefits, there’s no wonder this plant is getting more and more popular.

Which Bamboo fact impressed you the most? And have we left something off the list? Tell us in the comment section below!

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