🍃 Malouf Bamboo Sheets Review – 2023 Buying Guide

Our home is a place where every single detail matters. Many of us strive towards surrounding ourselves with functional home goods that will stay around for a while. Bed linen is one of the household items that tend to be less durable than others. Many mass-market manufacturers offer options that are not long-living and are far from being comfortable. That's where choosing bamboo sheets over cotton ones can be a long-lasting and more eco-friendly investment for your family.

Choosing the right bed sheets is essential as the high quality of sleep determines our further productivity during the day and is the most important component of overall health maintenance. From this perspective, good quality bed sheets become a reasonable investment in our well-being.

In this review, we want to guide you all the way through Malouf bamboo sheets and help you make a decision that will level up your whole sleeping experience.

Malouf Bamboo Sheets - Key Features

You may be about to ask “Why should I buy Malouf bamboo sheets?”. To answer this question, we have to understand the product's key features. 

Considering that fabric plays a crucial role in the quality of sheets, it is fair that we start with it. Bamboo rayon used in Malouf bamboo sheets is an entirely unique fabric that is made from bamboo grass with the use of advanced eco-friendly technologies. As a consequence, no steam of bamboo ends up processed with dangerous chemicals and pesticides. For you, it means the absence of allergies, skin rashes and dust sensitivities.

But what about the eco-friendliness of the manufacturing process? Well, to make bamboo rayon, production facilities follow closed-loop cycles that do not allow the wastes to come into the land. Instead, all of the produced substances are being filtered and reused. 

Speaking of bamboo, it is also inevitable to mention how fast-growing it is. If your choice of bed sheets comes down to “bamboo vs cotton” kind of dilemma, you have to know that bamboo steams have an incredible speed of growth. It means that they do not need any chemical stimulus and much care in general. While growing, bamboo grass also does a great job nourishing the soil and preventing it from corrosion.

What is especially notable about Malouf bamboo sheets is how soft they are. Bamboo rayon is generally known for being much softer than cotton, however, Malouf sheets give your skin a remarkable feeling of comfort.

 Pros & Cons of Malouf Bamboo Sheets

Choosing bed sheets, we aim for perfection but know that it does not exist in its full form. However, the ratio of advantages to disadvantages is exactly what becomes the basis for our decision.

Let’s take a precise look at Malouf bamboo sheets and see if they are a reasonable purchase:

The Pros

  • These bamboo sheets have a perfect fit. Choosing bed sheets is quite a tricky process. Finding an item that will have a perfect fit on your bed is not the easiest task to accomplish. First, most of us take multiple measurements of the bed and the mattress itself and then struggle with choosing a sheet that is made precisely for our bed. However, it is very common to end up disappointed about the fit not being good enough. And even if it may look good at the beginning, elastics of the sheet get worn out and do not provide an excellent look and feel of the sheet with the time. Though, this is absolutely not the case with the luxurious Bamboo Sheets from Malouf. The sizing goes in accordance with the bed type (Twin, King, Queen and many more) and goes well with all the heights of mattresses. Moreover, a tribute has to be paid to elastics that are used for keeping these sheets in place: their hight quality ensures an incredible fit for a long period of time.
  • Malouf bamboo sheets are eco-friendly. Malouf is a business that strictly follows their social corporate responsibility. They are a certified B Corporation ®, which means that they hit all of the scores in maintaining workers’ rights and being sustainable in their production processes. When it comes to Malouf bamboo sheets, things get even more eco-friendly. In fact, bamboo viscose used in making these sheets is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics you can find on the market. Bamboo has remarkable capabilities for growth and restoration: requiring little to none care steams of bamboo grow back autonomously and do not need replantation after harvesting. 
  • These sheets are hypoallergenic. The fabric used in Malouf bamboo sheets is positioned as hypoallergenic. However, what makes a fabric hypoallergenic and why is it goof not only for allergy-prone people? Well, fabrics that cause skin rashes and can severely damage your skin are usually grown mechanically and are treated with severe chemicals during the process of production. The chemicals remain on fabric even during the post-production processes, causing skin damage to a customer. However, the chemical damage of the skin may already sound as bad as it is, but it also poses a serious danger even for non-allergics. Some researches suggest that wearing fabrics that were treated with harsh chemicals may negatively influence the functions of reproductive and respiratory systems. Thus, buying a Malouf bamboo sheet equals making a long-term investment in your health. 
  • Malouf sheets have are extremely breathable. Bamboo fabric is widely recognized for its breathability features. But why is that even important for a bedsheet? Well, have you ever experienced waking up at night because you are too cold or too hot? That all due to your sheets not being breathable enough. Malouf bamboo sheets allow a great circulation of air within the fabric, which helps the thermoregulation processes of your body and improves the overall quality of your sleep. What is also worth mentioning about the breathability aspect is how airflow influences the unpleasant odor that appears on the bed linen. By circulating more air, the distribution of pathogenic bacteria that result in the appearance of odor drops significantly low.

The Cons

  • Malouf bamboo sheets don’t have a wide color pallet. Mass-market bed sheets have spoiled the customers with a vast choice of prints and colors. Focusing on this feature often makes us compromise the quality. The luxurious sheets from Malouf come in only 5 colors: White, Ash, Citron, Driftwood, Rain and Ivory. You also have to know that the bamboo fabric in these sheets is dyed only with the use of natural colorants that will not fade after washes.

Where to buy Malouf Bamboo Sheets

It often happens that unauthorized stores sell the sheets under the brand of Malouf. However, buying them from unofficial sources is even riskier than it sounds. The best place for buying Malouf Bamboo Sheets is the official website of the brand. Also, you can order it from Amazon Store now!

Malouf Bamboo Sheets FAQ’s

"What is the thread count of Malouf Bamboo Sheets?"

Thread count is a term that is often been used for marketing purposes. Many brands mention that their sheets have a high thread count to market them as soft and durable. But is this criterion really worth your consideration?

The truth is that thread count matters only for items that were produced with the use of non-advanced production techniques. In other words, the positioning of threads in such items is horizontal.  

Speaking of Malouf Bamboo Sheets, the brand does not mention the thread count of their items just because there is so much more to their product than that. The fabric for these sheets is woven with the use of advanced production methods, so relying on the count of threads is unreasonable.

To read more about the thread count and Malouf sheets, we recommend you to read this blog feature.

"Is there any warranty for Malouf Bamboo Sheets?"

To give enough confidence to their customers, Malouf is providing every client with a 5-year warranty for their bamboo sheets. The warranty covers all the possible production damages that could have happened to the item. However, the brand’s policies do not cover the signs of misuse, such as improper washing and staining.

"What are the available sizes?"

Buying Malouf Bamboo Sheets, the lack of proper sizing should be the least of your concerns. These sheets come in Twin, Twin XL, King, Queen, Cal King, Full, Split Head King, Split Head King and Split Head Cal King.

But what about the compatibility of these sheets with the mattress? The suitable depth of mattress for Malouf Bamboo Sheets is between 6” and 22”.


Malouf Bamboo Sheets are prominent players on the market of bamboo linen. Their wonderful features, such as resistance to odor, exceptional airflow, great fit and ultimate softness draw the attention of many customers worldwide. However, the most prominent feature of Malouf as a producer is the social responsibility of the brand, which doesn’t only include the eco-friendliness of production but also fair and equal working rights for their employees.

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