Best Salt and Pepper Shakers For Your Kitchen or Dining Room Table

Best Salt and Pepper Shakers For Your Kitchen or Dining Room Table

There’s no denying that salt and pepper are essential components of almost any meal. There’s been a long-standing debate on whether freshly ground pepper and salt tastes better than the pre-packaged one and we would like to think that fresh is always better. Pepper tends to lose its flavor and strength when it is packaged already ground. It goes stale and loses that bite it is known for. Salt doesn’t lose its flavor but it does take on a special flavor when it is ground fresh especially if you are using sea salt and the grinder allows you to determine how fine you want it.

Salt and Pepper shakers come in all shapes from the classic manual mills to battery–powered automatic grinders and they also range in different styles from traditional wooden sets to cool metallic version. Depending on your tastes and preferences you can one find to suit your needs. The aim is to find the best pepper mills and salt grinders that can last you a lifetime.

They tend to be made of high-end steel or ceramic gears that can grind up your spices as finely or as coarsely as you want. Mills should be easy to fill and pretty to grace your dining room table or kitchen counter.

There’s definitely a lot more that goes into buying the best salt and pepper shakes. We created a handy guide that walks you through what to consider and also curated a list of 5 of the best salt and pepper shakes that we believe will be worth your while and will have you wishing you had bought them sooner.

The Best Salt and Pepper Shakers

1. Willow & Everett Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Willow & Everett Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - Stainless Steel...
  • Quality Grinders: Built to last, these durable glass salt and pepper shakers are made with clear glass to let you know when it's time to...
  • Form Meets Function: Our salt grinder and pepper mill are designed with the grinding mechanism on the top, preventing any unnecessary...
  • Refillable: Constant refills making you a little salty? We designed our salt and pepper grinders to be large enough to avoid that mess! The...
  • Chic Design: Shake up your spices and take your kitchen from monotonous to modern in no time by adding this sleek salt and pepper shaker set...
  • Included Stand: Any master chef knows you need a stand for your spices. Our salt and pepper set includes a stainless steel stand to keep...

The Willow & Everett Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set is our top choice for the best salt shaker and pepper shaker. If you enjoy fresh salt and pepper, then you’ll enjoy this grinder set. The mechanism is toward the top hence ensuring that when you set the shaker down after using it, you don’t have to deal with spilled spices. The classic yet modern design makes it both stylish and elegant enough to fit in with kitchen and dining room décor.

The shaker set is made of high quality stainless steel and glass and comes with a stand. It features a non-corrosive ceramic grinder with a plastic knob placed on top of both the salt and pepper mill hence allowing you to easily adjust from a fine to a coarse grind.

The grinder is set to perfect size hence making the refilling process easy. Not only does it cut it down but since it is clear glass, you can also see when it is time to re-fill. All you need to do is unscrew the stainless steel top which reveals a wide opening for easy and mess-free refills.


  • Made of high-quality steel and glass
  • The grinders are easily adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant and attractive design
  • Easy to re-fill
  • Easy to clean
  • Holds a good amount of salt and pepper
  • Great value of money


  • Has trouble grinding large salt particles

2. Smart House Salt and Pepper Shakers

The Original Salt and Pepper Shakers set - Spice Dispenser with...
  • MULTIPLE POUR SETTINGS: The salt and pepper shaker set has a turn dial for different opening sizes. Pour fine salt and spices without...
  • GLASS & STAINLESS STEEL: These shakers are high-quality glass to keep your spices tasting fresh, with a modern stainless steel cover for a...
  • SEALS CLOSED AND REFILLS: This set of spice holders has a lid that can close completely - keep all moisture out for spices that stay crisp...
  • SET OF 2 SHAKERS: This salt-and-pepper set has two bottles for a classic salt and pepper set. Fill with salt and pepper and get more shakers...
  • SLEEK AND CLASSIC DESIGN: The salt shakers have a perfect sheen with the combo glass and stainless steel. Designed for the modern home with...

Smart House salt and pepper shakers comes in second with their shaker set that has a turn dial showcasing different openings. With this shaker set, you can use Himalayan salt, kosher salt, black pepper or any other seasoning you might want to get. The shaker set is made of high quality glass and stainless steel and the lids are plastic hence they won’t rust. They come with lids that can close completely hence all moisture can be kept out leaving your spices fresh. The shaker set is easy refillable as the screw-on lid can also be removed. The clear glass at the bottom allows you to monitor and know when refilling is needed.   It comes with two bottles - the salt shaker and pepper shaker.


  • Comes with an adjustable head
  • Reasonably priced
  • Classic design
  • Easy to use


  • Risk of over-salting if not careful
  • A bit too loose for vigorous use

3. OXO Good Grips Sleek Salt and Pepper Mill 

OXO Good Grips Sleek Adjustable Salt and Pepper Mill Set
  • Tab rotates to adjust Mill setting from fine to coarse
  • Non-corrosive ceramic grinder won't absorb flavors or odors
  • Mill rests flat when upside down for easy refilling
  • Soft, comfortable, non-slip turning knob
  • Mill is sold filled with sea salt and black peppercorns

The OXO Good Grips Salt and Pepper Mills are simple, stylish grinders that have clear acrylic bodies topped with steel and black accents. The two mills offer a grind selector that locks into 5 different settings that is easily adjustable from fine to coarse. The ceramic grinder is non-corrosive.

This set grinds from the top hence making it mess free when using and when stored as well.


  • Affordable
  • Ceramic grinders that grind from the top
  • Easy to change as needed
  • Refilling is easy, fast and not messy


  • Not as durable or as effective as higher-end models
  • Complaints of having to turn the mill a few times to get a few flakes of pepper despite the coarseness settings

4. Kibaga Salt and Pepper Shaker

Gorgeous Salt and Pepper Shakers Set With Adjustable Pour Holes - The...
  • Enjoy sea, Himalayan or kosher salt, as well as any pepper that suits your taste! Thanks to a unique dial lid of these Salt and Pepper...
  • Keep it fresh’n’dry: The salt and pepper shaker set comes with a stainless steel lid that features a setting with no holes, making it...
  • Premium materials make this salt pepper shakers set a long-lasting kitchen utensil; The handy salt pepper dispenser are made of a...
  • The pepper shakers/sea salt dispenser (2.6x2.6x4.5”) offer ample space for your favourite salt or peppercorns, resulting in less frequent...
  • Say goodbye to bulky spice salt and pepper shakers! With the premium sea salt shaker and pepper dispenser you bring a true star into your...

The Kibaga Salt and Pepper Shaker is an ideal choice if you are looking to invest in a larger salt shaker and pepper shaker. It’s a great choice for a gift as it comes in a gift box and the classic design can go well with any kitchen décor. The salt pepper shakers offer different sized adjustable pour holes suitable to your preference.

The salt pepper shakers dispenser is made of high quality stainless steel and the bottom, of glass. They are easy to clean and re-fill. The set comes with a stainless lid that features a setting with no holes which allows your spices to stay fresh and safe from dust and moisture. When refilling you have two options: You can either unscrew the top lid or twist off the stainless steel top from the glass bottle.


  • Comes with an adjustable top
  • Offers 3 different hole sizes
  • Easy to clean


  • Rather stiff to turn
  • Bulky

5. Peugeot's Paris u'Select Pepper and Salt Mills

Peugeot 23485 Paris u'Select 9-Inch Pepper Mill, Chocolate, 9 Inch
  • ICONIC PEPPER MILL — The chocolate-colored Paris u’Select pepper mill enhances the flavors of the meals that you create. Precise and...
  • U’SELECT SETTINGS — Our patented system helps you select your desired grind. Twist to create your precise balance of flavor through six...
  • PRECISION GRIND — Through two centuries of experience, we have expertly engineered each pepper mill and mechanism specifically for the...
  • ENHANCE FLAVOR — The u’Select mechanism brings out all the aromatic depth of pepper by selecting the right grind for your taste. Very...
  • READY TO SEASON — Our mills come partially filled for immediate enjoyment with our Tan Hoi black pepper from Vietnam, which has woody,...

Peugeot has been making pepper and salt mills since 1840. The Peugeot's Paris u'Select 9-inch Pepper and Salt Mills are made from certified beech wood which is sourced from sustainably managed French forests and high-quality steel. Peugeot designs its mills such that the pepper and salt mechanisms are different. The pepper mill grinder is made of case hardened teeth. The process works in two stages. It first cracks the spice and then grinds it into a uniform powder. When grinding, the head is turned clockwise and to get the desired grind size, you turn the u’Select ring system at the bottom. The u’Select ring system is Peugeot’s patented precision adjustment system that offers 6 pre levels of grind for pepper and salt from extra fine to very coarse. They are marked on the u’Select ring. The system is quite easy to use and it comes with a 5-year warranty on the body of the mill and lifetime on the mechanism. For the best results, Peugeot advises to use, dry, hard whole peppercorns that are 5 mm (1/4") or less in diameter.

The salt shaker mechanism works differently. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and is non-corrosive. It is adjustable, and offers a precise uniform grind. The salt crystals have to be below 4mm. If the salt is grey or Celtic, the recommended mechanism is Peugeot’s ceramic mechanism featuring a patented anti-clogging mechanism which has been engineered specifically for wet salt.


  • Beautiful wood construction
  • Strong steel grinding mechanism
  • Adjustable settings
  • Lifetime guarantee for grinding mechanism
  • Salt shaker and pepper shaker have two different mechanisms


  • Expensive
  • Customer complaints of no warranty provided
  • Wood breaks easily
  • Not that durable

How To Choose The Best Salt And Pepper Shakers

a) Grinder Mechanism

A high-quality grinder mechanism is key in ensuring that the salt pepper shakers deliver a consistent grind for many years. Lower quality grinders tend to use acrylic mechanism which is significantly inferior to a stainless gear system.

b) Materials

Salt and pepper shakers and mills comes in wide variety of styles and materials and it all depends on your preference.

Wooden shakers and mills: Wood is considered to be a fairly durable option. They give off a more traditional look and blend in well with classic dining areas or kitchens. Wood does not break easily if dropped accidentally or banged. However, when it comes to cleaning, it can be hard to ensure that the shakers are clean and disinfected.

Metals Shakers and mills: Metal is great for durability and it comes in the form of steel, copper and other types. It brings a shine to the kitchen and can easily be cleaned. They are also durable but can be a little heavier compared to wooden shakers. Metal does have the potential of rusting unless its aluminum. Metal shakers come in various modern designs and tend to be found in contemporary kitchens and dining areas. Salt should only be placed in a metal mill if it is corrosion-resistant. They are better housed in ceramic mills.

Plastic and Acrylic Shakers: These shakers are easy to clean and lightweight. They come in a wide variety of colors and can sometimes break over time. They are ideal for classic kitchen tables or simple decors. Plastic and Acrylic are durable and easy clean. However, they do get brittle over time and crack. They are sometimes trimmed with stainless steel to offer a sleek modern look.

Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers: They come in a wide variety of designs and patterns. Ceramic shakers tend to work well with vintage table and kitchen décor.

c) Types of Shakers

Glass: The most common salt and pepper shakers are made out of glass. They are versatile, affordable and ordinary in appearance. They tend to blend in well with most décor and are frequently found on a kitchen countertop and dining room settings. They are easy to use and refill. However, they can only distribute salt and pepper that is already ground which then lessens flavor.

Salt and Pepper mills: These types of shakers allow you to add fresh ground salt and pepper to your meals because of their grinding mechanisms. They tend to come in various designs ranging from modern to traditional and can fit in with a large variety of décor

Manual Salt and Pepper mills: These are the types of shakers that require you to turn the top. Though they are aesthetically pleasing and tend to add a touch of style to either your kitchen table or dining area, they can be a bit tedious to use. They do require some little hand strength and while cooking, be prepared for your hands to be a little greasy or wet. However, you can look forward to having freshly ground salt and pepper.

Rechargeable and battery-powered mills: These bottle grinders are very convenient to use as they grind quickly and firmly. When cooking, all you have to do is press a button and wait for your pepper or salt to be ground. The downside is that you do need to change the batteries quite often. This might be a cause of concern for eco-friendly homeowners. They are ideal for bulk grinding in restaurants as they deal with extensive prep work.

d) Coarseness Settings

A good quality salt or pepper mill allows you to change the fineness or coarseness of the grind. When selecting a salt mill or pepper shaker, look for one that has coarseness settings. This allows you to change the grind from fine to coarse based on your personal preference.

e) Capacity

Capacity depends on your needs. A small pepper shaker tends to range from 1/8 cup up to the largest pepper shaker being able to hold up 1½ cups of peppercorns. Small to medium-sized salt or pepper mills are ideal for kitchens and dining areas.  For those working in bulk, a large capacity unit can be of great benefit.

f) Ease of Use

If you’re a cook or you spend a lot of time cooking and have a sticky grinder in hand, you could easily find yourself with suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome or any repetitive strain injury. Ensuring that your pepper grinder and salt grinder is easy to hand crank or twist will be of great benefit to your wrists as well as also providing convenience and speed in the kitchen. It is also important to consider a comfortable grip and a smoothly twisting top when choosing a pepper grinder or salt grinder. Some salt pepper grinders come with handles and that makes them durable and gives them a unique look. They do take more time and effort to operate.

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