Top 10 Best Unicorn Pepper Mill of 2023

Pepper is probably the most used condiment in cooking. This spice enhances the taste of many dishes such as minced steak to name just one. The whole point of a pepper mill lies in the freshness and intensity of the taste, which is very present and pleasant on the palate. Peppers already ground often have too fine a texture and most of their aromas have disappeared.

In addition to its design and practical side, the pepper mill will pay tribute to your taste buds by delivering a freshly ground spice and with a more or less large grind depending on your preferences. So how do you choose the right pepper mill? We have the list of 10 best unicorn pepper mill for you

List of 10 Best Unicorn Pepper Mill

1. Unicorn Mills Pepperstick in Black

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We’ve developed the pepperstick especially for restaurant use. (It might work nicely in a modern kitchen also ). It easily fits in a single pocket, in a belt clip, or matches to a wall-mounted one. Good Looking, simple to fill, flexible size (it’s the mechanism of strawberry of this Keytop and peppergun) and nearly indestructible. Delrin Clip and mounting screws included. The pepperstick stand doesn’t need vertical on a desk, however to be transported, or stored in its clamp. Subtle and refined, it’s a terrific new restaurant tool.

2. Peugeot Elis Sense U-Select Pepper Mill

Peugeot Elis Sense U-Select Pepper Mill

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What is the best pepper tree on the market? If this question bothers you, opt for this Peugeot model. This brand continues to impress consumers with its range of items. Peugeot 27162 combines practicality with aesthetics. It stands out for its contemporary design. This reference brings a modern style to your work plan thanks to its brushed stainless steel color.

Ergonomic, its grip can be pleasant. With its dimensions of 20.3 cm long, 6.4 cm wide and 20.3 cm high, it is easy to handle. To improve the old Peugeot mills, the brand adds a sensitive button that remains practical to use. Better yet, it changes the pins for fixing the motor on the base to lateral pins to limit the risk of breakage. To remove the concerns of the push button, its upper part benefits from a sensitive button which seems very comfortable to activate.

3. OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 Salt & Pepper Grinder & Shaker

OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 Salt & Pepper Grinder & Shaker

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After these very traditional devices, we now offer you a little modernity with this 2-in-1 mill from the Oxo brand. Finally, “2-in-1” is not entirely correct: indeed, if the pepper part is a mill, the salt part is a simple salt shaker. That is to say that there is no mechanism, it is only intended for already ground salt. But it’s already very practical!

The ceramic mechanism is efficient and stainless, and the pepper and salt compartments can be refilled more easily than it seems: just remove one to fill the other.

We also appreciate the setting of the grind, more intuitive than on traditional models: you just have to turn the mill on one of the five marks clearly indicated on the base.

The design is also pleasant, the tanks being made of transparent glass. You can therefore admire the content, which is not only aesthetic, but also practical to know their level of filling.

However, be aware that pepper can be sensitive to light and lose taste if exposed. So you must therefore avoid exposing this mill in bright light.

4. Marlux 5-1/2-Inch Beechwood Pepper Mill

Marlux 5-1/2-Inch Beechwood Pepper Mill

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This model is a traditional 14 cm mill made of beech wood with PEFC certified wood from sustainably managed forests. Like the previous model, it appeals for its sleek design and its ease of use. A natural model, as well as other colored versions, are also available from the brand, Marlux.

It has specialized in the manufacture of pepper, salt and spice mills since 1875. It offers different kinds of pepper mills, cut in different materials to be able to meet all expectations and budgets.

The filling is done conventionally by the head by unscrewing the upper part. Then you can tighten the main screw to adjust the fineness of the grind. The steel mechanism is equipped with a double row of teeth which captures the grains, drives them downwards, then blocks them for an optimal result.

5. Electric Gravity Salt and Pepper Grinder Set with Adjustable Coarseness Automatic Pepper Mill

Electric Gravity Salt and Pepper Grinder Set with Adjustable Coarseness Automatic Pepper Mill

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Tired of grinding pepper by hand? Opt for this fully automatic and easy-to-use crusher to season your steaks, salad or soup.

It is suitable for all types of use, especially for home or professional use (restaurant, hotel, etc.). This crusher can also serve as an original and practical gift for a chef, a gourmet or even for amateur cooks.

This spice crusher is directly ready for use. You can use it at the table. Thanks to an LED light, you can directly see the amount of seasoning distributed by the mill. This ensures that your meal is not too salty or too spicy.

Usable with one hand, this crusher has an adjustable button to turn clockwise to make it fine and counterclockwise to make the coarse grind.

6. Peugeot 25601 Olivier Roellinger 5.25 Inch Pepper Mill

Peugeot 25601 Olivier Roellinger 5.25 Inch Pepper Mill

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This spice grinder from the Peugeot brand is a vintage, refined model intended for gourmet cooking. It is also the flagship spice grinder of one of the great French Breton star chefs.

This model with an outstanding design works with a crank. A drawer accommodates the ground pepper. A double row of helical blades guides the spice grains and blocks them during grinding. This unique system allows you to vary the fineness of the grind. Then just turn the knob to have the crushed spice very fine.

The mechanism of this mill benefits from a patent which protects stainless steel from corrosion, while keeping the blade sharp and its resistance to wear.

This large format appliance is not dishwasher-safe and cannot be washed. To maintain it, just clean it with a dry, soft cloth, without soap or detergent.

7. Crank Pepper Grinder, AUOKER Wood Salt And Pepper Mill Tool With Ceramic Core Grinding

Crank Pepper Grinder, AUOKER Wood Salt And Pepper Mill Tool With Ceramic Core Grinding

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This pepper grinder with a crank is distinguished by its pocket shape and its natural rubber wood body. What makes this device, durable and resistant to corrosion. Its shiny surface makes it elegant and modern.

Durable, this model can be used for a long time. This shredder is suitable for personal or professional use.

Easy to use, this shredder can be operated with one hand. The grinding core is made of rigid ceramic, which makes the grinding efficient, but also easy to carry out. You will make little effort while having effectively ground spice.

Versatile, this grinder can grind all small granules such as pepper, salt, spices. It is also easy to clean because it does not need to be rinsed with water. You can grind rice there to squeeze out the remaining grains.

8. Russell Hobbs 23460-56 Battery Powered Salt and Pepper Grinders

Russell Hobbs 23460-56 Battery Powered Salt and Pepper Grinders

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This inexpensive pepper stands out for its versatility, thanks to its attractive design. In addition to its main tasks, it plays the role of a decorative element on your table with its brushed steel appearance. It evokes a touch of elegance and is easily combined with the other utensils that make up your cutlery.

A small practical accessory, it includes 6 cm long, 6 cm wide and 23.3 cm high. With its reduced dimensions, it is pleasant to handle it as you wish. To accentuate its ergonomic side, the brand incorporates light on its base to better dose the grains. You can easily view the filling level.

This pepper comes with two supports that allow you to rest the tools on your work surface. It is made with stainless steel. This material is appreciated for its solidity and especially its simplicity of maintenance. Despite all these major advantages, the product has an attractive price.

9. Peugeot 23720 Paris u’Select 8-3/4″ Pepper mill, Black Lacquer

Peugeot 23720 Paris u'Select 8-3/4" Pepper mill, Black Lacquer

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It is completely normal that you wonder where to buy a new pepper during the acquisition. If you bet on simplicity of use, Peugeot 23720 is a good alternative. There is no complicated procedure for handling it. You insert the grains beforehand. You then choose the nature of the grind by making a slight rotation on its lower part. You rotate the top of the accessory to grind the grains and voila.

Practical, this product is distinguished by its small dimensions. With its 22 cm high, it does not clutter your hand. Its light weight of 259 g accentuates its good handling. It is made of robust and resistant wood. Its color in lacquered black is very appreciated by the buyers. Its simple, but authentic design leaves a nice effect on your work plan. This item is also supplied with peppers during the acquisition. It is thus ready for use.

10. Cole & Mason Precision Forest Capstan 120 mm Pepper Mill

Cole & Mason Precision Forest Capstan 120 mm Pepper Mill

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If you want to equip yourself with a small pepper tree, look no further. This product stands out for its reduced dimensions. It measures 12 cm in length with 5.8 cm in width and 5.8 cm in height. As for its weight, it weighs 159 g, which makes its handling easier. We then give you good advice by drawing your attention here if lightness is one of your selection criteria.

This mill is made of wood, which gives it a vintage decor style and above all a long service life. Indeed, it continues to grind spices effectively even after several years. Unlike other peppers on the market, this one does not grind the grains. He slices them by layer to release more aromas. You can adjust according to your desires the nature of the grind. To do this, you tighten or loosen the screw on the cover.


Getting fresh pepper is super easy using an unicorn pepper mill. There is something for all budgets and of all kinds. Me, I choose the unicorn pepper mill because I find it much more playful, and I find that it adds modernity to my kitchen. In addition, these are great gifts to give to please! They will be sure to please!

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