Top 9 Best Hockey Sticks Reviews in 2023

Any hockey player would concur, your stick is a very personal item of gear. However, with so many diverse possibilities, finding the best hockey stick to your sport may seem overwhelming. However, it is vital to success on the ice. Whether you are a sniper, playmaker or want to impress ankle-breaking dekes, employing the best hockey sticks makes a world of difference in your sport.

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List of 9 Best Hockey Sticks

1. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon Rx 2.2 Hockey Stick

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon Rx 2.2 Hockey Stick


Puregrip: A highly advanced, ergonomic contour on the underside of the shaft provides enhanced surface area, optimizing hand contact points along with increased control over the stick.

Precision flex profile: the lower section of this stick has a narrowed flex peak to improve fast, responsive match. The stiffness at the upper portion of the shaft maximizes load ability

Ultra high balance point: amplifies the feel and playability of this stick

The Experts Approve – Input by elite & NHL players has been critical at stages of development to confirm the Surgeon Rx2 will reshape the match

2. Bauer Nexus 2N Pro XL Mini Composite Stick

Bauer Nexus 2N Pro XL Mini Composite Stick


New on the scene will be Bauer’s 2N Pro Hockey Stick! This mid-kick stick includes a couple of important updates, which makes it among the most innovative sticks to date.

Bauer fully revived the blade to the 2N Pro Hockey Stick. This stick features what’s called an R-LITE blade. With the addition of a reinforced placing between the crux of the blade along with the outer carbon fiber, then the more 2N Pro Hockey Stick provides considerably increased puck feel on your stick. In addition, it raises blade durability without forfeiting the lightweight feel.

This is paired with Bauer’s Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) technologies from the blade. This can be a tactical positioning of carbon fiber substances inside the blade that supply a robust and durable blade.

3. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite XL Mini Composite Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor 1X Lite XL Mini Composite Hockey Stick


The Vapor 1X Lite is Bauer’s most lightweight stick from the Vapor line to date. It is a true one-piece rod filled with QRT technology along with also an Advanced Carbon Layering blade layout, all while weighing below 400 g.

4. WARRIOR Covert QRL Hockey Stick

WARRIOR Covert QRL Hockey Stick


Warrior started its Covert line of sticks a couple of years back with the aim to make the lightest composite rod yet. The outcome is fairly close to this. In 2019, the QRL remains a favorite option for players who are devoted to Warrior gear.

5. Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick (Senior/Sr/Adult)

Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick (Senior/Sr/Adult)


A92 curve along with 75 bend – The Envy blade layout matches the most Frequent curve pattern along with the senior 75 flex 60″ shaft (top to heel; 66″ top to toe) has an optimized kick point for a Quick puck release

Made for You – Designed for the seasoned hockey player that needs more out of a stick, with the best balance of composite materials to make durability and performance

Any Ice, Any Rink – Arsenal Envy sticks are Ideal for pick-up hockey games at the neighborhood, aggressive adult leagues, beer league hockey, intramural squads, and also, of course, are at home for almost any frozen pond hockey game

Quality – Built on Precisely the Same production lines as Lots of the large manufacturers Utilizing high performance carbon fiber composite production Techniques and quality testing — and we guarantee that our quality using a 45 day guarantee

Stick Handling & Shooting – Feels great in the hands, using all the Ideal weight-balanced blade-to-shaft ratio, so which makes our Envy stand perfect for defensive or forward hockey players

6. Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1010 Street Tech Hockey Stick

Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1010 Street Tech Hockey Stick


Leap off the seat and prepare to do battle for this NHL® 1010 Street Tech® 40″ youth street hockey stick out from Franklin Sports®! Its multi-ply rotating shaft is built with a blend of birch and poplar woods, while metallic graphics offer it slick design. In addition, it has a replaceable blade manufactured from vented high-impact polymer material.

7. Franklin Sports NHL Team 48″ Vinyl Street Hockey Stick

Franklin Sports NHL Team 48" Vinyl Street Hockey Stick


Show your team pride on the road for this Franklin Sports NHL 48 in. Vinyl Street Hockey Stick. The shaft is constructed from multi-ply poplar and has a vinyl graphic wrapping of your favourite NHL team. In 1946, brothers Irving and Sydney Franklin based Franklin Sports at Brockton, MA. As the company grew, Franklin’s headquarters transferred into a bigger facility in Stoughton, MA.

What started as a company specializing in producing leather sporting great things for the youth marketplace has expanded successfully using the accession of distribution partners from Europe, Japan, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. As evidence of Franklin’s top-quality goods, that the Franklin batting glove is now the official batting glove of Major League Baseball.

From professional athletes into the youngest novices, Franklin meets the requirements of all, with advanced products and outstanding value. Length: 48 in. . Shaft created from multi-ply poplar/birch plastic wrapped. Blade generated from Recycled rigid polymer. Fused shaft/blade structure. Total coverage vinyl graphic wrap. Select from the accessible NHL team choices.

8. Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick

Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick


Using a patented blade which enables effortless management of the puck, a strong wooden beam which divides the line between big junior dimensions and small adult dimensions and two-piece construction which allows you mix and match shafts and blades that the Mylec Eclipse is among the very best all-around amateur hockey sticks available on the marketplace.

Because of this replaceable blade that the Eclipse JetFlo Stick is among the few which is really compatible with both street and ice hockey. It is possible to swap out parts and end up getting a stick that can perform at a higher level regardless of the surface you are playing on.

The inventory JetFlo blade is reinforced with ceramic and additional durable. Making it a perfect pick for your street hockey tournament. Switch it out to get a milder blade with a little more curve to it and also you also get a top notch ice hockey stick

. Whichever way you move that the Mylec JetFlo is guaranteed to serve you nicely.

9. A&R Sports Street Hockey Sticks

A&R Sports Street Hockey Sticks


The last item on the list of best hockey sticks would be a nod to the next generation of hockey players around who will have to begin someplace. An excellent starting point is using all the A&R Sports Youth Hockey Collection. For this, you receive a set of 30″ youth sticks fashioned out of durable plastic together with a miniature (vinyl ) hockey puck along with a miniature (vinyl ) ball for playing at the driveway.

This really is a fantastic way to introduce the youngsters to the mechanisms of holding the stick, interacting with the puck, defending and, clearly, shooting. You may rest easy knowing that should one of the shots goes awry it is not likely to get any damage. And when they need to grab one of those plastic shafts throughout the arm or chest it is not likely to send them to the hospital. Just secure, thoughtful hockey fun for kids 6-13.


Remember, that the best hockey stick for you have to match your very own physical dimensions and intensity, your position in your team, along with the style which you use on your own gameplay. With each one of these factors taken under account, you need to have the ability to find the great composite hockey stick to fulfill every one of your requirements.

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