Top 8 Best Hockey Goalie Pads Reviews in 2023

Hockey players take a whole lot of protection whilst on the ice. While playing, the goalie has to wear padding for protection, such as hockey goalie pads. The hockey goalie pads themselves are not merely for protection and therefore are utilized to prevent pucks from hitting the net.

Blocking pucks through a match, the goalie has to rely on the quality of the hockey goalie pads they’re wearing. Nearly all hockey goalie pads have been designed to withstand the intense force where the hockey puck is struck toward the goalie and the net.

The outer coating of hockey goalie pads is made from a hardened plastic that’s suited to puck strikes. The interior part of hockey goalie pads is cushioned so as to secure the goalies legs as they fall or utilize their legs for blocks. The variety of excellent hockey goalie pads is worn out on both the legs as well as also the arm holding the goalie’s stick.

The blockers have been utilised to block shots which are chest height or higher. If the goalie isn’t able to capture the puck inside their clutch glove, then they utilize blocker hockey goalie pads to fend off a shooter.

The hockey goalie pads worn around the legs may be used rather readily by the goalie to block shots which are aimed toward or below the knees. These Specific hockey goalie pads Are Extremely big and work nicely to make a wall of pad so as to prevent shots from entering the net

If you want to find the Best Goalie Pads? Keep reading this post to discover more.

List of 8 Best Goalie Pads

1. Franklin Sports Tuukka Rask Tuukka Rask Street Hockey Goalie Equipment Set – L/XL Goalie Pads Catch Glove & Blocker – NHL Official Licensed Product


  • Franklin and Tuukka Rask have established a new line of road hockey equipment That’s designed to provide each player with all the gear required to control the driveway
  • The Tuukka Rask Goalie Equipment Set comprises Goalie Leg Pads, Catch Glove and Blocker, especially made with Tuukka and Bruins graphics
  • This collection is intended for recreational road and roller hockey play with an official dimension 2 5/8″ street hockey ball and Isn’t intended for Any Kind of puck play

2. Franklin Sports NHL GP 120 Junior Goalie Pads

Franklin Sports NHL GP 120 Junior Goalie Pads


  • Stay shielded from wicked wrist shots and also strong slappers from the pavement in any road hockey game together with the Franklin Sports NHL GP 120 Jr. 23″ Goalie Pads.
  • These pads have been intended to decrease injury using a pre-curved knee, tapered thigh rise and flexible fast-lock webbing straps for optimum comfort and adequate padding.
  • Street hockey goalies demand security, also, and such pads are a wonderful way to improve comfort and assurance between the plumbing.
  • Pre-curved knee using tapered thigh rise Contoured leg and boot channel Raised pro-style outer roll and tapered boot Flexible fast-lock webbing straps just for usage with official street hockey ball (2-5/8″) Made to decrease, not prevent, injury.

3. Franklin Sports Hockey Goalie Pads Set – NHL – Comp 100

Franklin Sports Hockey Goalie Pads Set - NHL - Comp 100


  • National Hockey League License
  • Designed to reduce, but not prevent injury, Anatomically designed for freedom of movement, Durable structure for long-term play, Just for use with official 2 5/8″ street hockey ball
  • Contains GB 140 13″ Block Pad that’s lightweight, high density, Pre-curved high-impact plastic add, Soft leather glove having full-flex cuff, Padded thumb and knuckle guards
  • Additionally the GC 130 11″ Catch Glove using a deep glove pocket and T-trap, Plastic reinforced pre-curved perimeter, High-impact plastic thumb guard fit and Complete coverage backhand pad along with cuff
  • The GP 120 24″ Goalie Pads with pre-curved knee together with tapered thigh rise, Contoured leg and boot channel, Raised pro-style outer roll and tapered boot along with flexible fast-lock webbing straps

4. BenKen Sports Hockey Gear Goalie Pad Pack Ice Hockey Equipment Teenager &Adult Blue Black

BenKen Sports Hockey Gear Goalie Pad Pack Ice Hockey Equipment Teenager &Adult Blue Black


  • Ice Skating Goalkeeper supply 4 dimensions:18inch 21inch 23inch 24inch
  • BenKen Sport Ice hockey Goalie Equipment Set Pullable fabric:The fabric can be lifted and printed with a sublimation printing procedure to make sure no fading
  • Kids and adolescent’s goalie gear advocated sizing for ages 3 to 14, offer decent protection if you play street hockey
  • 220mm thick K15 hard foam of Knee/Leg Pads: using ultra lightweight foam cushioning, Soft gasket, Dispersion strain

5. Mylec Ultra Lite 7000 Goal Pad

Mylec Ultra Lite 7000 Goal Pad


  • Synthetic
  • Ultra lightweight foam cushioning with deep shape leg channel for maximum comfort
  • Breathable mesh cloth and prolonged calf padding for maximum leg protection

6. Franklin Street Hockey NHL Goalie Set Youth Medium


  • Plastic, Foam
  • Imported
  • National Hockey League License
  • Designed to reduce, but not prevent injury
  • Contains SX GB 12″ Blocking Pad with pre-curved plastic add, padded wrist and thumb cuff
  • The SX GC 9″ Catch Glove includes a laced glove pocket using T-trap, Reinforced plastic thumb/cuff cheater
  • The SX GP 21″ Goalie Pads are foam with flexible quick-lock straps

7. Tour EVO-6000 Youth Roller Hockey Goalie Pads

Tour EVO-6000 Youth Roller Hockey Goalie Pads


This subject of goalie gear is really where Tour excels. We provide you the complete most bang for the buck. The Evo goalie series lineup is the hottest in intermediate operation pads.

  • Lightweight EVA Foam
  • Custom Fit Leg Well
  • Flat Pro Contour
  • Performance Flex Knee

8. Franklin Sports NHL SX Pro GP 1200 Goalie Pads


  • They’ve a full-flex anatomical slender profile layout, pre-curved knee along with tapered thigh rise.
  • They’ve mild weight Shok Sorb texture plus a high-density shin/knee pad insert.
  • The leg channel is contoured and it’s a deep boot.
  • The connectors are nylon webbing with fast-lock buckles.
  • It’s constructed from durable 420D nylon shell and synthetic leather outside rolls. 24″, junior fit. NHL Licensed product.


Of all of the positions on the ice, the goalie requires the most equipment. And, that equipment isn’t affordable.

Contemplating how protective these pieces are, price often reflects the quality of the equipment in addition to the technologies of this padding. After all — having the best pads on your own thighs additionally makes you feel helpless!

Hockey players get better as they age, therefore youth equipment usually doesn’t have exactly the identical performance requirements as the equipment which senior players utilize. Young players don’t send the puck flying in exactly the exact same rate as older players do.

However, intermediate and youth players still require excellent equipment to shield against the ability of the puck as well as the slashes of sticks.

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