Best Cooling Gel Pillow For A Good Night’s Sleep

We have all been there when you keep tossing and turning as you try and find that cool spot on your pillow or on your bed. There’s nothing worse than trying to fall asleep when you’re feeling really hot. Whether its hormone-related, or it’s the weather or you naturally sleep hot, night sweats can prevent you from getting the good night's sleep that you really need which in turn can take a serious toll on your health. 

Investing in a cooling pillow can help as they are designed to help regulate the body temperature and somewhat offer neutrality hence letting you sleep relatively cool. They can be made from different materials such as gel-infused memory foam or latex. There are a wide variety of cooling gel pillows to consider so we picked the best 5 cooling gel pillows and also created a helpful guide on what you should be looking out for what picking a cooling gel pillow.

The Best Cooling Pillows

1. Beckham Hotel Collection

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows for Sleeping - Queen Size, Set of...
  • SUPER PLUSH MATERIAL: The Beckham Luxury Linens Gel-Filled Fiber Pillows are crafted in super plush gel fiber that puts all other standard...
  • NO-SHIFT CONSTRUCTION: With their no-shift construction, our Sleep Restoration pillows are a fantastic place to rest your head. They’re...
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL: The pillows don’t contain any chemicals, being suitable for any person
  • FADE RESISTANT & STAIN RESISTANT: The Beckham Luxury Linens Gel-Filled Fiber Pillows are fade resistant and stain resistant, so you’ll...
  • PEACE OF MIND: Our team’s first priority is keeping you happy with your purchase! We are passionate about what we do and proud of the...

The Beckham Hotel Collection is our top choice for the best cooling pillow.  Some reviewers have raved that they felt as if they were ‘laying on clouds’ because of how comfortable the cooling pillows were and that after using the product they have been able to sleep better.

The gel fibers in the pillow feel soft but also hold form during the night. The cooling pillows are designed to offer firm support for your head, shoulder and neck. The gel also molds to your sleeping position and works just as well for back support as it does for head support.

The Beckham pillows are great for those who are allergy prone as it contains no allergens. It also doesn’t collect mold, decay or mildew over time and wards off dust mites. It is an ideal choice for side sleepers with respiratory issues such as asthma.  The Beckham Luxury pillows offer more padding and has an extra thick layer that is created by the generous filing with makes it extra warm during the chilly nights.

With these pillows, you don’t have to keep re-fluffing every morning to restore the shape as they remain as they were.

The pillows do not come with a removable cover but they can be fully cleaned in the washing machine. Care instructions are provided alongside your purchase.


  • Made purely of cotton
  • Super comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine Washable
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Ideal for side sleepers


  • Stomach sleepers may find it too firm
  • A few complaints about waking up with neck pain

2. Coop Home Goods - Eden Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow Queen Size Bed Pillow for Sleeping -...
  • LOOK NO FURTHER, HOT SLEEPERS - Your search for the perfect adjustable pillow has come to an end. The Eden features our soft, gel-infused...
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE, YOU ARE IN CONTROL – Experiencing pain, snoring or tossing and turning are all signs of sleeping wrong. Our unique...
  • IS YOUR PILLOW GREEN GUARD GOLD CERTIFIED? – Our Coop Home Goods Eden Pillows undergo strict, third-party lab testing and are CertiPUR-US...
  • WE CARE – ONLY THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS USED! - The case is made with proprietary Lulltra fabric, a blend of viscose rayon and...
  • Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials. Unlike other pillows – we freshly manufacture our foam instead of using repurposed...

The Coop Home Goods Eden Gel Foam Pillow can be considered the best of both worlds. While most gel foam pillows are usually solid blocks of viscoelastic memory foam that either have a layer of cooling gel material or have the cooling gel infused into the foam itself, this cooling pillow offers a different experience.

Though it uses the same type of memory foam, it isn't solid block like the rest. The cooling pillow is instead filled with hundreds of little bits of gel foam hence when you put your head on to the pillow you settle into it comfortably.

Another great feature of the Coop Home Goods Pillow is that the more time you spend lying down with your head, neck and shoulders, the more you realize that the gel foam actually draws heat away from your body more than polyester could ever do. The shredded gel memory foam fill allows for airflow that ensures that you enjoy immediate comfort and all night cooling.


  • Custom adjustable fill
  • Made of hypoallergenic material
  • Comfortable
  • Great for all sleeping positions especially side sleepers


  • Offers less support than solid pillows
  • A little pricey

3. Classic Brands Cool Gel Pillow

Classic Brands Cool Gel Reversible Gel and Memory Foam Bed Pillow -...
  • Foam constrution provides superior pressure relief
  • Tailored knit fabric covering enables airflow for a cooler surface and is machine washable
  • Ventilated memory foam allows greater airflow for cooler sleep
  • Responds to pressure and creates the perfect support for head, neck and shoulders
  • Features a naturally hypo-allergenic construction

The Classic Brands cooling pillow is designed with a cool gel layer on one side and memory foam on the other. The cool gel layer works to help regulate the temperature while evaporating the heat. The memory foam on the other hand keeps your head, neck and shoulders aligned whilst minimizing the pressure points.

The cooling pillow combines premium materials with innovative designs to ensure that you get the best sleep. This cool gel pillow is hypoallergenic and also has an allergen barrier. It weighs about 5.4 pounds and comes with a removable cover that is a blend of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester. This ensures that your surface is both breathable and soft.

The gel memory foam pillow is ideal for all positions but specifically side, back, and stomach sleepers.


  • Provides maximum comfort to the neck and head by accommodating them
  • It is medium-firm - it is neither too hard nor too soft
  • Hypoallergenic and allows you to breathe regardless of your sleeping position
  • The cool pillow maintains shape
  • Appropriate for those with back pains
  • This pillow cover is removable and can be washed in a machine
  • Comes with a three-year warranty


  • Has a characteristic chemical smell that may be uncomfortable for some. However, it does disappear with time
  • May be too thick and firm for some people, especially for those suffering from neck problems

4.  Snuggle-Pedic Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Adjustable Gel Cooling Pillow - Shredded Memory Foam...
  • LUXURIOUS - Our side sleeper pillow isn't just adjustable, the memory foam is infused with gel for an ultra-plush, ultra-luxurious sleeping...
  • QUALITY - Rest easy knowing our memory foam pillow is both Certi-PUR-US and GreenGuard Gold Certified. No more losing sleep over your...
  • COMFORT - Just when you thought this gel pillow couldn't get any cooler! The breathability and Kool-Flow Tech of our bed pillow makes...
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Need a wash? Skip the wondering! Toss our viscose of bamboo pillow cover right in the washer - no stress!
  • USA MADE! - Our bed cool pillows & positioners are super durable, built for everyone, and best of all, made in the USA and developed by...

The Snuggle- Pedic memory foam pillow is gel-infused and hypoallergenic. The shredded memory foam pillow comes with a silky bamboo cover that is extra breathable for those hot summer nights. The gel adds the cooling effect hence you don’t have to worry about sleeping hot. The cover is micro vented and contains 43 percent viscose bamboo for increased airflow and a soft cool feeling surface. The Snuggle-Pedic is available in standard, queen, and king sizes, perfect for any sleeping position and is fully machine washable.


  • Machine washable
  • Made of breathable material
  • Ideal for any sleeping position
  • Comfortable
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Soft and Plush


  • The pillows are quite heavy

5. TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud Breeze Cooling Pillow

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow, Queen , White
  • COOLING MEMORY FOAM PILLOW—Our exclusive gel layer on both sides of the pillow keeps you comfortable and cool throughout the night.
  • PERFECTED FOR YOU—Signature pressure-relieving TEMPUR-Pedic pillow material adapts to your head, neck, and shoulders for personalized...
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SLEEP POSITIONS—The medium feel provides a restful night’s sleep for back, side, and stomach sleepers.
  • WASHABLE & REMOVABLE COVER—Premium quilted cover is soft and breathable, and removes easily for washing.
  • DURABLE & RELIABLE—Adaptive TEMPUR material never loses its shape, offering superior support and alignment year after year.

Tempur- Pedic is one of the biggest names in the industry and was actually the first company to use memory foam in its mattresses. The Tempur Pedic dual cooling pillow is ideal for those who appreciate a pillow that is cool on both sides. It boasts supreme pressure relief with gel layers on both sides that keep the pillow cool. The pillow comes with a removable and washable 100% cotton knit cover which provides both a soft and breathable surface.

The pillow has a 6.4 inch loft which sinks down a little as the memory foam slowly compresses under the head. The Tempur- Pedic is ideal for side sleepers due to its high loft and medium feel as it succeeds in providing a comfortable surface. The foam contours to fit the head and neck whilst maintaining the natural curvature of the spine and reducing pressure on the ears.

The Tempur – Pedic is available in queen and king sizes. The company also offers a 5-year warranty.


  • Contouring feel of the memory foam
  • Balanced feel of support and cushioning
  • Comes with a washable and removable cover
  • Ideal for side sleepers


  • Not ideal for back sleepers
  • Complaints of neck pain
  • Complaints of stiffness

What To Consider When Buying A Cooling Gel Pillow

a) Loft

The pillow should ideally be high enough to keep the head, neck and spine in a flat line. A higher loft is ideal for side sleepers who have a larger gap to fill between the head and the mattress. Back sleepers on the other hand, require a medium loft and stomach sleepers need a very low loft or sometimes they may not need a pillow at all.

b) Fill

The fill used to make a pillow will determine its overall feel as well as other factors such as the amount of airflow it allows. Gel pillows combine gel into the fill either in standalone gel layers or by infusing gel into the other components.

c) Firmness Level

When it comes to firmness, the ideal firmness depends on your sleeping position and personal preference. A pillow that is too firm may cause pressure to build up while a pillow that is too soft might sag excessively hence failing to provide the required amount of support that is needed. Most sleepers tend to opt for pillows that fall in between the two. Some pillows offer the option of adding or removing the filling as a way to adjust the firmness level to suit your personal preference.

d) Type of Memory Foam

Memory foam is a fantastic material that conforms to the sleeper’s body and molds itself to it within a couple of minutes. It also offers great pressure relief and alleviates pains and aches in sensitive areas of the sleeper’s body. There are different types of memory foam used in pillows, and they all have their various benefits.

Natural Memory Foam: This type of foam is commonly used in hypoallergenic pillows. Natural memory foam contains a high percentage of natural ingredients, which helps provide a healthy sleeping environment, and it is the right choice for sleepers who are keen on preserving the environment as it is eco-friendly.  

Gel Memory Foam: This type of memory foam is infused with a gel that helps with proper heat dispersion and helps sleep cool. Gel memory foam pillows are also anti-microbial, which makes them an excellent choice for sleepers who suffer from allergies.  

Shredded Memory Foam: When used in pillows, it makes them, very moldable and more flexible than the average memory foam pillow. Shredded memory foam pillows are easily shaped, and they conform to the sleeper’s body very well, which makes them ideal for all sleep positions. Additionally, they are quite breathable which means that they allow for proper air circulation. 

d) Pressure Relief

Gel pillows come equipped with various plush materials that aim to relieve the pressure. Memory foam conforms to fit the head and neck by distributing weight hence relieving pressure build up. This is especially important for side sleepers who tend to be prone to sore ears when lying on hard pillows. Gel layers that are integrated help to provide extra pressure relief.

e) Support

Pillows are only great when they are able to provide the right support for your head and neck. Pillows that sag under the weight of the head can put an added strain on the neck hence causing soreness. When considering a pillow, it is important to think about how much support it is likely to provide. Ensure to take into account the original loft as well and the firmness. This will also account for any compression that may reduce the loft.

f) Pillow Shape

There are a wide variety of shapes to choose from when it comes to gel cooling pillows.

Those who sleep on the back have the option of cervical pillows with a raised neck area for better support. While side sleepers may prefer a pillow with flared ends that allows more room for the shoulders.

g) Quality of Material Used

When purchasing your gel pillow, check for indicators of quality such as third party certifications and foam density. Investing in quality materials is important as they not only last longer but they also provide better support and pressure relief.

h) Temperature Regulation

Gel pillows are designed to help regulate the body temperature and help keep you cool. They include room for airflow such as having ventilated holes or breathable materials with the aim of having a better chance of reducing heat retention. There are some pillows that only have gel on one side so as to accommodate changing temperatures. It is important to check if the cover is made of breathable materials. These are natural fabrics such as cotton or bamboo. A lot of cheaper pillows are made from synthetic materials that mimic the comfort of natural fabrics.

i) Price

Finding a pillow that is within your budget takes research but it is possible. Restful sleep is important and you don’t have to break the bank but you can invest in a decent pillow that meets your needs.

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