Best .080 Trimmer Line

Finding the correct type of 080 trimmer line is essential to making your trimming job more accessible and secure. All of the separate trimmer lines from all of these brands have their unique characteristics and different levels of performance. The shape and diameter of a trimmer line generally determine how quickly and effectively it cuts weeds and grass. When choosing the best trimmer line, you should check how thick the grass and weeds are and your yard's size.

A .080 diameter trimmer line is an improvement over the .065 diameter line. It offers more strength and cutting power because it is thicker. A durable product is made when such a substantial diameter is combined with a brand's other quality counterparts.

Using the correct type of trim line can cut cutting time in half and leave clean-finished cuts. The .080 trim line is ideal because it gives you the perfect balance of thinness and thickness with the high performance you are looking for. As much as 080 trim lines can be thought of as light use, they can also be used for commercial yards and extensive residential trimming sessions.

Best .080 Trimmer Lines Review

1. DeWALT 080 trimmer line DWO1DT802

DEWALT Trimmer Line, 225-Foot by 0.080-Inch (DWO1DT802)
  • 225-feet long x 0. 080-inch width
  • Constructed of flexible and impact resistant materials
  • Aerodynamic design

The DeWALT trimmer line is one of the best .080 trimmer lines on the market today. It is highly recommended for everyday household tasks. It features a 225-foot cord length, and the length is long enough for those tough days. This trimmer line has been manufactured with flexible materials and impact-resistant materials that maximize cutting efficiency. This trimmer is long-lasting, and one can rely on it for an excellent job for a couple of years, but it is designed for light-duty.


  • Easy to lift because the design is flexible
  • Affordable price
  • Made of impact-resistant and durable materials
  • Compatible with other types of trimmers of other brands or types
  • Extension of cord length is beneficial.


  • Difficult to wrap around the reel due to insufficient memory of the spool
  • It can break easily when used for medium to heavy-duty work

2. Oregon 23-180 080 Trimmer Line

Oregon 23-180 Gatorline 3-Pound Spool of .08-Inch Professional Round...
  • Fits all standard trimmers heads
  • 3-pound spool containing 1248-feet
  • Long lasting co-polymer material; red color
  • Commercial grade; user friendly donut limits tangles
  • Measures .080-inch diameter

This best trimmer line is highly durable and is made of premium grade and copolymer. This round and red are compatible with a variety of standard trimmer heads. Weighing in at 3 pounds and with a length of 1248 feet, this roll lasts a long time.

Oregon 23-180 is durable and robust, making it a good choice for taming unruly weeds in your garden. Cutting line Fits most standard cutting heads on the market but mostly compatible with trimmers that use .080 diameter lines. This trimmer is tangle-free and, therefore, a significant investment to ensure non-stop trimming sessions.


  • Highly durable
  • Fits all standard cutting heads
  • It is very long at 1248 feet
  • Comes in a visible red color and is therefore suitable for trimming tasks


  • It can be not quiet
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty work

3. LoNoiz 080 Commercial Grade Trimmer Line

This is a spiral-shaped trimmer line that is green in color and has 400 feet. The spiral shape increases cutting power, which enables this trimmer line to perform heavy-duty commercial trimming. Also, the spiral shape reduces unwanted noise through the trimming process. This trimmer line helps you minimize fatigue and allows you to perform tasks for more extended periods.

This trimmer line cuts smoothly through grass, shrubs, or weeds and lasts a long time. It takes a long time for reloads before you have to reload, which helps you save time and effort while doing a perfect job on your landscaping.


  • It has a spiral shape
  • A long 400-foot line
  • It is a commercial-grade trimmer
  • Reasonably priced
  • Produces less noise
  • The Trimmer line has an apparent green color


  • This line can only be used with .080 diameter trimmer heads

4. Commercial Cyclone Reel Grass Trimmer CY080D1/2-12 Line

Desert Extrusion Cyclone CY080D1/2 .080" x 200' Commercial Trimmer...
  • Choice of landscaping professionals; Color coded by diameter size
  • Made in the USA

This trimmer is mainly recommended for industrial use and has a diameter of approximately 0.080 inches. It comes in a 6-blade shape that provides better cutting power. The 6-blade shape makes the trimmer powerful enough to handle heavy jobs. It can also be a bit noisy due to the shape, and sometimes it is necessary to protect the ears. It comes in a green color that is easy to spot, and the length is 200 feet. This trim line has been manufactured to the best of technology, standards, and state of the art. Copolymer material was used for this, and hence it can last for a long time. Cyclone CY080D1/2-12 is ideal for commercial jobs due to its construction design.

This trimmer weighs 0.5 pounds and can trim up to 2000 square feet of grass with one rewind, but it has a tangling problem. Filling the reel only takes a few winds, and the wind is not likely to be erratic, as it can slow down feeding into the reel. A reel can last a long time, even up to the life of your 080 trimmer. The trimmer is recommended for people who need a strong line for their handheld trimmer.


  • It has a visible green color
  • Waterproof
  • Durable, as it has been made of copolymer material
  • No tangling
  • Reasonably priced
  • Cuts easily through heavy bushes
  • Loads easily without binding
  • Is commercial grade
  • Has a patented six-blade shape and, therefore, more powerful


  • It can be not easy to insert into the trimmer head
  • Throws rocks and debris
  • Compared to other brands, this trimmer line is short

5. Maxpower Premium Twisted 338813 080 Trimmer Line

Maxpower 338813 Premium Twisted Trimmer Line 0.080-Inch Diameter,...
  • 280-Foot Length in optic yellow color
  • 14 refills
  • Made from commercial grade premium co-polymer resins
  • Made in the USA

This is from the USA-made .080 trimmer line, which is yellow in color and very visible. The material of this trimmer is the finest and high quality. It, therefore, is durable and efficient for cutting thick and thin weeds or grass. The material that these liners are made of are commercial-grade copolymer resins. 

The trimmer is made in a twisted design and therefore operates with little noise. It has a length of 280 feet and a diameter of .080 inches requiring 14 reloads.

This trimmer is energy efficient and drags less, resulting in excellent durability. In short, with this trimmer line, you need to use fewer reloads, work harder but useless time.


  • It is very durable
  • Produces less noise
  • Causes less fatigue
  • Has a twisted shape
  • Recommended for commercial-grade work


  • It is short

6. Anleolife 1 Pound Commercial Square

A ANLEOLIFE 1-Pound Commercial Square .080-Inch-by-557-ft String...
  • Multi-side Cords Slice through heavier weeds and thicker grass quickly and efficiently, Cutting less time
  • Made from tough nylon 66 copolymere, plasticized materials for added impact power & strength in boosting resistance to damage
  • Perfect replacement line for all gas and electric trimmers, including: Husqvarna, Ryobi, Echo, Stihl, Weed Eater, Craftsman, Black and...
  • Robust, Efficient and Easy to use, keep your garden looking tidy and neat
  • Includes a bonus cutting tools for convenient and quick line cuts

This trimmer line is made of nylon 66 copolymer materials and plasticized materials and therefore provides better strength and additional resistance. It is a high-quality trimmer line that doesn't need regular replacement like other cheap trimmer lines.

It can be rated as the best multi-sided product on the market today. The multi-sided shape increases the cutting efficiency of the .080 trimmer line. It ensures that you are cutting grass and heavy weeds quickly. The multi-sided cord works with both round-shaped trimmer lines and square-shaped trimmer lines due to its sharp edges. Includes one cutting tool and one 557-foot Trimmer line with purchase.

This trimmer is ideal for most electric and gas trimmers on the market of different brands. Although this .080 trimmer has good quality, one drawback is that the strings become brittle in cold weather, so try to remove any trim before the winter season.


  • One uses less cutting time
  • A multi-sided shape has sharp edges
  • Constructed with strong materials that increase strength


  • This trimmer line becomes brittle in winter weather
  • The reel can be difficult to wind

7. Arnold Maxi-Edge 080 Trimmer

Arnold Maxi-Edge .080-Inch x 1,152-Foot Commercial Grade String...
  • Maxi Edge .080" Trimmer Line
  • Universal / Fits most straight and curved shaft string trimmers
  • Cuts up to three times more area than economy lines
  • 1,152-foot green line, 6-Point Star
  • Contains 57 refills

This is a budget model that can do light commercial landscaping. This trimmer line is a six-point star trimmer line with a visible green color with a diameter of .080 inches and 1152 feet. The 6-point star shape of the trimmer line increases shear strength. It is constructed of quality materials and is therefore vital and can trim up to three times more than regular trimmer lines. Besides, it can make up to 52 reloads. The long-lasting and durable nature of this trimmer will ensure that you will not replace it for a long time.

Arnold Maxi-Edge can fit most curved trimmers and straight string trimmers. The purchase includes 140 feet of cutting line for seven refills and a cutting tool. Besides, the manufacture will offer bonus tips and very detailed instructions. This trimmer is recommended for commercial-grade trimming jobs. It is also the best 080 trimmer line for any heavy-duty or commercial grade work because of the materials that manufactured it and a high-quality polymer.


  • It is very long at 1152 ft
  • Relatively affordable
  • Cuts up to three times longer than regular trimmer lines
  • This is a universal line
  • Extra power due to the 6-point star shape
  • The company that builds it has over 50 years of experience in the industry and, therefore, extensive knowledge


  • Only works on machines with a diameter of .080inches cutting lines
  • Durability is average

8. Oregon 21-380 Gatorline Thread Trimmer Line

Oregon Gatorline 1-pound Round String Trimmer Line of .080-inches x...
  • Long-lasting, high-quality, and breakage-resistant trimmer line for homeowners and DIYers. The .080-inch diameter trimmer line is the...
  • Fits most standard trimmer heads - including fixed-line, semi, and automatic bump-feed heads - Fits most gas, electric, and battery-powered...
  • Fits many popular string trimmer models including (but not limited to): Stihl FS 45 and FS 40 C; DeWalt DCST920P1 and DCST970X1; Ryobi...
  • Impact resistant for stronger performance – Gatorline is made from a fortified Nylon co-polymer that is more durable than standard trimmer...
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Oregon .080 trimmer line is made of commercial-grade copolymer material and is therefore of good quality. It is green in color. The roll is 413 feet long, giving you many trimming sessions without rewinding and allowing up to 20 reloads. The green color ensures visibility, and the structure of a Libra ensures durability. Oregon 21-380 Gatorline Thread Trimmer Line is strong, and you are expected to experience minimal to no breakage when using it. This makes this .080 trimmer a good value for money as it will last for a long time.

Oregon 21-380 is a round-shaped trimmer. It is easy to feed onto the reel and does not tangle easily. It is also flexible and not rigid and, therefore, prolongs the service life. Also, by using this trimmer, you only reload a few times and therefore save money and, for the most part, time. This .080 trimmer Fits most trimmer heads on the market.


  • Rugged and sturdy
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Easily cuts weeds or grass
  • Allows up to 20 reloads
  • Features a tangle-free design


  • This .080 trimmer can be weak at times

Buying Guide:

1. Material

The materials used in the 080 trimmer line determine how strong and long your trimmer will be. Common materials generally used to construct trimmer lines are nylon, aluminum, and copolymer. Different materials generally build a very sturdy trimmer that lasts much longer than with one type of material.

2. Compatibility

Some trimmers are built for specific trimmer heads. Your choice should be on a 080 trimmer line that can fit any other brand or type of trimmer heads. This helps to avoid any limitations.

3. The Shape

They look the same as a normal eye, but they exist in different shapes. Multi-sided trimmers are the best 080 trimmers to choose from. The trimmer shapes include:

a. twisted/jagged lines: these are for heavy-duty work.

b. rounded lines: these trimmer lines are best for light-duty work.

C. Multi-sided lines are best for Medium jobs.

4. Diameter

The diameter of your trimmer depends on how heavy or light your job is. If your job will involve cutting thick, heavy weeds, use a thicker trimmer line. This is the ideal choice, as it can withstand bumps against trees or rocks and harsh conditions.

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