Top 7 Best Hockey Pants With Tailbone Protection Reviews in 2023

There are only a few sports which require as much ability and grace to play as the sport of hockey does. Additionally, it is a sport that provides violent contact on a regular basis inside that mix also. That’s the reason why getting the perfect gear for protection is important to people who play hockey. Among the most underrated parts of gear is the trousers that lots of players wear but they’re every bit as essential as every other piece of gear. That’s exactly why we chose to take a look at many diverse versions of hockey pants and come up with this listing of the best hockey pants that a player can purchase.

List of 7 Best Hockey Pants

1. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon Rx 2.1 Pants


The STX Surgeon RX2 pant is made for the elite player looking for a precision match profile. The pant includes a cooling material that promotes evaporation and offers a cooling effect to promote temperature regulation. A flexible and impact-absorbent fabric allows for greater mobility whereas the lightweight, high-absorption HD foam substance at key impact zones gives additional protection. The Surgeon RX2 pant is the best mixture of anatomical and tapered profiles to boost the elite players performance over the ice.

2. Warrior Senior Bonafide Hockey Pant

Warrior Senior Bonafide Hockey Pant


  • Lower back Spinetek security
  • Six-pack gut coverage for midbody policy
  • 420 denier nylon shell is a balance of durability and lightweight
  • V-Teck micro-mesh moisture wicking liner

3. CCM Jetspeed Ft350 Junior Hockey Pants (HP350-JR)

CCM Jetspeed Ft350 Junior Hockey Pants (HP350-JR)


The Junior Jetspeed FT350 Hockey Pants unite security and breathability with 210D nylon and lightweight polyester. Lace and external belt system guarantee personal alteration. These pants are lined with PU cushion foam for a soft texture and constructed with a molded medium density foam to guard thigh, hip, and back.

4. Easton Stealth S3 Player Pants [SENIOR]

Easton Stealth S3 Player Pants [SENIOR]


Once it comes to everything you wear as you’re playing, you need something which works equally as hard as you can do, and that’s the point where the Stealth S3 hockey pants come in.

Constructed with an extended Spine Tec back protector along with protective HDPE plastics which follow the shapes of their hip and thigh, you receive the best in protection without sacrificing your comfort.

Constructed of 210D with printed detailing, the Stealth S3 is lightweight and stylish. A superior pant to get a superior player.

Senior Sizing – Extended Spine Tec back protector – Protective HDPE plastics – 210D shell structure

5. Bauer NSX Senior Hockey Pants Black

Bauer NSX Senior Hockey Pants Black


The NSX hockey pants feature molded PE protection at the thigh guard and hip. For kidney protection that the NSX hockey pants have an ergonomically molded kidney pad.

Moving into the back, the Bauer NSX hockey pants have an integrated spine pad that’s built with molded foam plus a poly insert. To maintain the NSX hockey pants fitting secure, Bauer utilizes a single density cover belt.

The shell of this NSX hockey pants consists of 400D nylon with overlay. Inside the NSX hockey pants, we see that the hydrophobic liner that’s intended to help keep the player comfortable.

The Bauer NSX hockey pants are an excellent starting point for players that are new to the sport and trying to get a reasonable alternative that provides great comfort and protection for the price.

6. Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Ice Hockey Pants

Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Ice Hockey Pants


The Bauer Vapor X800 is ideal for the individual searching for an inexpensive price point and still wants good protection. The Bauer Vapor X800 Comes with a Hyperlight HD Foam back guard. The foam pad provides protection and prevents water absorption.

The kidney, stylish, and tailbone feature thick medium density foam. The lower thigh guard features external and internal layers of medium density foam. The single density foam belt makes a comfy better fit and greater responsiveness. The liner is a Hydrophobic Mess to help keep you dry. The Center Stretch Gusset also includes a front vent zone to help keep you cool.

7. Bauer Nexus N7000 Ice Hockey Pants (Junior)

Bauer Nexus N7000 Ice Hockey Pants (Junior)


This really is a high-quality youth hockey pant from Bauer. It’s a style that retains the pant lightweight but still provides great padding for youth level hockey player. Bauer really does a great job in regards to producing quality and inexpensive equipment for all those young players just starting out from the game.

These pants offer you excellent protection from the hip, lower back and thigh regions. They achieve this with a blend of lightweight plastic protects and high-density foam padding. That’s the way they could continue to keep down the weight on those pants without sacrificing security.

They will have a gusseted crotch for exceptional mobility along with a generous source of Mid-Density foam (MD). It is manufactured from 400 denier nylon for great durability and care is provided to all high impact areas such as kidney, hip, thighs, and butt.


Thanks a lot for reading this guide and hope you find it useful in your search to find your best hockey pants for you. Again, pants aren’t the hottest thing which everybody searching for when enjoying but they’re certainly significant, however, the hips, tailbone, spine, and kidneys all require the correct safety when flying across the ice.

The list tried to present various brands, designs, and prices so that you may discover the one that the best fits your play style. There are surely a lot more on the market, so finds exactly what gets one of the comfiest and attempt to test it out before purchasing. When you have some comments or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d really like to hear from you.

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