Bamboo Bathrobes: Everything You Need to Know

What can be better than wrapping yourself in a soft bathrobe after taking a shower or a bath? The bathrobe's highly absorbent fabric is supposed to remove the excess moisture from the body and increase our sense of comfort.

Thought it turns out that very few bathrobes available on the market can meet the expectations as mentioned earlier. Low-quality fabrics and cheap cuts can make the supposedly pleasurable experiences troublesome or even cause more issues than good.

What are bamboo bathrobes? 

As the name suggests, bamboo bathrobes are made out of bamboo fabric. In comparison with cotton, bamboo is much more durable, absorbent and sustainable. Besides, the softness of this fabric makes it a perfect material for making bathrobes.

Bamboo bathrobes can be worn as loungewear or as an additional drying method and comforting your body post-shower. 

Are bamboo bathrobes good? 

At first glance, bamboo bathrobes are no different from regular ones. However, a closer look reveals a massive difference. Firstly, bamboo bathrobes are made out of ultimately eco-friendly bamboo fabric. This fabric is made out of bamboo grass, and its production does not harm the environment and does not leave a massive carbon footprint. The cultivation of bamboo is also good for the ecosystem and the fertility of the soil. Bamboo fabric production is also sustainable and supports local communities.

Also, the overall performance of bamboo bathrobes is very high. These bathrobes are durable and can withstand multiple machine washes without getting worn-out. 

Pros & Cons of bamboo bathrobes

The purchase of bamboo bathrobes has to be approached consciously. That's why we have analyzed the most popular items available on the market and took your time to test them out. This list of pros&cons of bamboo bathrobes will help you make a more sustainable and personalized decision: 

The Pros

These bathrobes are eco-friendly.

Bamboo fabric is known for being a sustainable choice. To begin with, you need to know that it is a rapidly-growing grass. Unlike cotton, it grows without pesticides and does not demand much water. Besides, many plants that are used for fabric production are draining for the soil. On the contrary, bamboo grass growth strengthens the ground with its root systems and prevents erosion. 

The production of bamboo fabric is more ethical. Companies that produce bamboo fabric are known for maintaining transparency and not engaging in practices of sweatshop labour. 

Bamboo bathrobes absorb more.

We all know the pleasure of getting wrapped up in a soft bathrobe after taking a bath or a shower. However, low-quality materials can make this pleasurable experience unbearable. Some bathrobes soak the excess water from the skin, turning into a soggy and cold cloth piece. On the contrary, other bathrobes are too absorbent and disturbing for the skin's natural moisture balance.

A bathrobe needs to have good absorbency that does not leave it dripping wet. Additionally, the absorbency has to be mild enough, so the skin is not overdried or irritated. Bamboo bathrobes meet both criteria and provide absorbency at it's gentlest. 

They are antibacterial.

Bamboo Kun is an antibacterial agent that was talked about for a while. Being found in bamboo stems, bamboo Kun withstands the production process and remains in the fabric. It means that all of the items made out of bamboo fabric have antibacterial properties. However, the antimicrobial properties of bamboo bathrobes demand a separate investigation. 

After showering or taking a bath, our skin still contains excess moisture absorbed by a bathrobe later on. As time goes, the absorbed moisture may trigger the growth of pathogenic bacteria on the bathrobe. The bacteria can cause rashes and skin irritations for some people, but the major problem they cause is the bathrobe's unpleasant odor. Purchasing a bamboo bathrobe, you can be certain that bamboo Kun will keep your skin safe and leave the bathrobe odor-free for longer. 

Bamboo bathrobes are hypoallergenic.

We keep our bathrobes close to the skin at it's most vulnerable moments. Low-quality materials or friction of the fabric can cause skin allergies or trigger other conditions. Moreover, the dust mites that can inhibit bathrobes may come as a reason for breathing difficulties.

Bamboo bathrobes are hypoallergenic and are safe to use for people with skin sensitivities and allergies of all kinds. 

The Cons

Bamboo bathrobes are pricey.

The market of bathrobes offers a wide price range for any budget. However, many of us tend to purchase the cheapest bathrobes without any second thought. While choosing a bamboo bathrobe, the price range may come as surprising or unreasonable for some customers. However, the quality and durability of these bathrobes are usually worth every penny. 

Is bamboo bathrobe worth it?

Once you know the advantages and drawbacks of bamboo bathrobes, it is much easier to define whether such a bathrobe is needed in your household. However, it is crucial to point out that bamboo bathrobes are a great choice for people of any age, including children and elderly individuals. The softness and comfort provided by the bamboo bathrobe are unique and incompatible. 

How to choose the right bamboo bathrobe?

The choice of bamboo bathrobe has to be tailored for your purposes. Buying a bamboo bathrobe as loungewear, pay attention to items of silky texture. Lounge bamboo bathrobes for women come in a wide variety of designs and can be decorated with lace. On the other hand, bamboo bathrobes for men are more versatile and are usually solid-colour or patterned. 

If you want to have a more comforting option, pay attention to softer bathrobes. These bathrobes usually come in a terry texture and over-the-knee length. 


Bamboo bathrobes come in a wide variety of options. Despite the higher price range, these bathrobes are known for their durability and ultimate softness that preserves even after multiple machine washes. Bamboo bathrobes are hypoallergenic and are perfect for people with skin sensitivities and young children. Also, bamboo bathrobes can become a perfect investment into your loungewear wardrobe, providing you with comfort, sustainability and aesthetically pleasing design. The high absorbency of these bathrobes will also ensure maximal comfort.

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