Top 8 Best Weightlifting Belts Reviews in 2023

The strength belt, also found under the name of weightlifting belt or powerlifting belt, is a very practical accessory to relieve the pressure on your back when lifting very heavy loads!

But there are many models on the market, it is best to make sure you have the right advice to choose the one that will provide optimal protection! Here is our selection of the best weightlifting belts to help you

List of 8 Best Weightlifting Belts

1. RDX Weight Lifting Belt 6″ Cow Hide Leather Back Gym Training Support Fitness Exercise Bodybuilding

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RDX offers you a ready-made belt to meet your exact needs. It is a lumbar belt like no other. Like many bodybuilding belts, the RDX belt allows you to effectively maintain intra-abdominal pressure during exercise.

Indeed, the unprecedented specificity of this belt is that it contains unique tanned leather oil from nubuck design which makes it soft and durable; what you won’t see in other competitive lumbar products. The inside of the belt is made of soft suede for better comfort during training. With this bodybuilding belt, you have in addition to the good experience of use, a strong stability and security which is added to your bodybuilding routine.

However, size is the real problem shared by all the muscle belts that you buy online. You should pay attention to the size before confirming your order. As we say, “to have quality, you will have to spend a little more than what you have”. It is a little expensive product compared to others of the competition.

2. Iron Bull Strength Weight Lifting Belt – 6-inch Padded Leather Weight Belt – Best Leather Weightlifting Belt

Iron Bull Strength Weight Lifting Belt - 6-inch Padded Leather Weight Belt

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You will certainly need a good lumbar belt to effectively perform more productive bodybuilding activities, safely and in the best possible comfort. Thus, the belt of IRON BULL STRENGTH would be well suited to help you make your efforts effective.

It is a weightlifting belt made of resistant leather with a width of 6 inches for better support of the back during bodybuilding exercises. Indeed, it is made with a very flexible suede lining in order to provide good ease of donning and allow all skin types to support it without risk.

Regular and rigorous exercise with this IRON BULL STRENGTH belt allows you to safely and relentlessly increase the internal pressure of the abdomen. Designed especially for crossfit, weightlifting and other intensive bodybuilding activities, this light lifting belt can keep you long enough and offer you strong enough support during exercise.

3. RDX Weight Lifting Belt for Gym Fitness Training

RDX Weight Lifting Belt for Gym Fitness Training

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One of the best nylon belts. Extra large, it is designed for abdominal and lumbar support. The RDX belt has a long service life. It exists in S, M, L and XL. Be careful all the same with the sizes which are a little larger than you might think.

4. RDX Powerlifting Belt for Weight Lifting Gym Training – Double Prong Leather Belt 10mm Thick 4” Lumbar Back Support

RDX Powerlifting Belt for Weight Lifting Gym Training - Double Prong Leather Belt 10mm Thick 4” Lumbar Back Support

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Attention, here we go on the high level of weightlifting belt! Indeed, the RDX Dynamophilie belt is made of Nubuck leather tanned with oil for good absorption and protection against shocks. It has a regular size and will mold the body of the athlete. Leather will never lose its shape. The closing system is an advanced lever that allows better resistance and a quick on / off action.

Technical details of the RDX Powerlifting belt: 4 ″ wide and 10mm thick. Available in several sizes (note, they are large) Impeccable quality.

5. BodyFit+Weight Lifting Belts Leather Double Prong, Power Lifting Belt, Bodybuilding Belt

BodyFit+Weight Lifting Belts Leather Double Prong, Power Lifting Belt, Bodybuilding Belt

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The weight lifting belt is constructed from high quality black suede leather, and this implies long functionality and strength of this power belt. Universal, time-tested sports lifting belt hasn’t only outstanding performance features, but also an attractive look. Weightlifting belt has been sewed having a solid high-density thread around the whole perimeter of this weightlifting belt and then secured with a solid steel fittings, or rather two tabs.

To regulate the desirable size of this electricity belt to get a athlete, in the belt of this power belt you will find 16 part-holes. And for repairing the weightlifting belt utilized durable steel two toothed buckle for a lock. The interior of the lifting belt is distinguished by the existence of a non human surface, which lets you not slide and gradually keep the powerlifting belt in the waist of the athlete through training and gives exceptional stability.

6. Hawk Single Prong Power Lifting Belt Men & Women Weightlifting Competition Weight Lifting 10mm IPF Powerlifting Belt

Hawk Single Prong Power Lifting Belt Men & Women Weightlifting Competition Weight Lifting 10mm IPF Powerlifting Belt

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This powerlifting belt for both men & women comes from a group of power lifters and powerful guys belt that have contemplated all of the complications and drawbacks of weightlifting belts while designing such a mens powerlifting belt. Hawk single compacted power lifting belt is also a legal ipf powerlifting belt. All these powerlifting belts men will help adopt your core during heavy lifts like squats and deadlifts.

A workout belt for men gives a wall to the abs to push against the additional force & restricted space means enhanced lateral pressure which helps to stabilize the spine during weight lifting straps for men.

7. Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women

Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women

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Built To Last: Our leather weight belt does not break, tear, or wear out like inferior weight belts made out of cheap materials such as fake plastic, leather, nylon, or velcro

Doesn’T Dig Into Your Sides Or Hips: Our weight belts are made from genuine buffalo hide leather That Is designed to be soft, supple, and more flexible so that it removes some pain while lifting, nonetheless still being super supportive

Deadlift And Squat Over 600 Pounds Without Breaking: clients continue to affirm they are able to successfully lift well over 500 and 600 lbs when Using our straps without problems of these breaking – they are also IPF and USAPL accepted

8. ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt (4 Inches Wide) – Proper Weight Lifting Form

ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt (4 Inches Wide) - Proper Weight Lifting Form

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Never squat, deadlift or attain for enormous powerlifting aims without first strapping to a real leather workout belt to get support.

It isn’t important if you’re a two-time Cross Training winner or a man walking to the fitness center for the first time in your life, supporting your lower spine is necessary to your core power and your own ability to stay physically healthy. That is why you Want a Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt from ProFitness.

Produced of premium-grade leather, then our exercise belt will not stretch, tear or slide as you are exercising; regardless of how much fat you throw up. In fact, this heavy duty exercise belt includes a flexible, double sided roller buckle to keep in place as you’re bending, lifting, straining and firming. Even better, it makes it possible to maintain proper form and balance so that you never lose sight of your targets because of trauma.

How To Choose A Weightlifting Belt?

A weightlifting belt is not so practical for someone who is just starting out. She will still have to accustom her body to wearing this accessory. Here are the main criteria to take into account when looking for the perfect belt.

The different types of belts

To make a better choice, be aware that there are different types of weight lifting belts. While some of them have a classic straight cut, others have a wider area at the back. Your choice will then depend on the use you wish to make of it. Athletes can choose from three types of belts:

  • Classic belts: they have a fairly wide part located at the waist, as well as a narrower part, which is adjacent to the stomach.
  • Wide belts: they are more massive at the part of the back that is most stressed during the exercises.
  • Dense fabric belts: these models are recommended for beginners. They can then consider buying a more efficient model when their bodies are finally used to this support.

In principle, good quality belts have the label “IPF Approved”. This is proof that the article meets the regulations of the international federation of discipline.

The length of the belt

If a belt is too large, it may not tighten properly on your waist. In other words, it will be ineffective. The brands offer a huge choice of size so that athletes of all body sizes can find a model that suits them. To end up with the right belt, you need to measure your waist size and then refer to the size guide.

The thickness of the belt

For a lifetime of practice, the athlete will only need one belt, so the choice of thickness should not be underestimated. The heaviness of the belt will depend on tastes, but also on the size of the athlete. For those who plan to carry very heavy loads with or without special equipment, we recommend 13 mm thick belts. The 13 mm belts are intended for athletic strength competitors.

On the other hand, for lighter loads, it is preferable to lay down for 10 mm thick belts. These models offer more comfortable use because they are less rigid.

The closing mode

After the thickness of the belt, look at the type of closure. You will have the choice between:

  • The lever closure: as soon as the lever is adjusted and screwed to the waist, you will only have to open and close it each time you use it. This mechanism is very simple to open. You can easily get rid of it after a huge effort. You will not need to seek the help of a partner to free yourself from it.
  • Buckle closure: this type of closure is more classic, of course, but it is still just as practical. Some athletes believe that the buckle, whether single or double, is more reliable than the lever. Indeed, these models provide better stability and better solidity. If you are looking for quality equipment, the buckle belt is recommended.
  • Velcro closure: belts fitted with a velcro closure are not necessarily of low quality. However, they do not provide the support you would expect from a real weightlifting belt. Some models are still of excellent quality. Most often, they are used by giants who compete in showdowns.

Please note that medical or orthopedic belts are not weight lifting belts. These first are custom designed devices after consultation with a health specialist. In no case may medical belts act as a weightlifting belt.

Belt material

Weightlifting belts are made with leather, imitation leather or synthetic materials.

Belts made of genuine leather have a long service life. It goes without saying that they are offered at a somewhat expensive price. Most leather belts have a single or double buckle metal clasp.

Faux leather belts are also very popular among the weightlifting community. They are fitted with a strap and can be locked with buckles or lever closures.

Finally, belts designed in synthetic materials are recommended for people with a low physique and who work on medium loads. These belts lock with a Velcro fastener.

How To Wear A Weightlifting Belt?

If it is not worn in the right conditions, the weightlifting belt may have a negative impact on the condition of your muscles. If you want to start a weightlifting program, here are the basic rules you should know:

  • It is a good idea to wear the weightlifting belt before approaching weightlifting equipment that needs to be kept above your head, or when you want to increase a load during standing exercises.
  • After completing the approach or exercise, the weight belt should be removed.
  • If you plan to regularly use the same equipment with different loads, special attention should be paid to maintaining the tone of the press muscles.
  • With the weightlifting belt, it is prohibited to perform more than 10 repetitions. In addition, it is preferable to cover at work with the maximum weight.
  • As your body gets used to this sports equipment, you should try to gradually abandon it, especially if your abdominal muscle mass begins to develop a lot.

Why Use A Weightlifting Belt?

While it was once only used by weightlifters and powerlifters, the weightlifting belt has recently entered the boxs. It is indeed found more and more often around the sizes of the crossfiters, especially during movements that require lifting loads. So is it essential for successful training? Here is why it can be interesting to use a strength belt!

To avoid injury

The principle of the weightlifting belt is that it provides compression at the waist. Unlike a simple pants belt, for example, it is worn tight enough to compress the abdominal strap: during intense exercises such as lifting very heavy weights, it therefore reduces the pressure on the discs of the spine . If it is made to eliminate most of the risk of injury, it also serves to protect the lower back. By compressing the waist, it forces you to adopt a good posture, with a straight back. No matter the weight of the bar, the movement you make when you lift it is perfect, and there is no risk of injuring your back!

To provide more support

The compression obtained with the strength belt is also very useful in helping to lift heavier loads. Thanks to it, the sheathing is indeed more effective and it allows you to feel better maintained in the abdomen and back. Like knee pads that help you feel reassured about the resistance of the joints, the movements are done with more energy and more self-confidence. As the belt also prevents rounding the back or bending over the lumbar region, it also provides more stability for effectively lifting the load from the ground, for example.

For a specific use

The seat belt should not be used all the time, wrongly and across the board. If it helps to improve the sheathing, it does not replace it: each athlete must always demonstrate good technique and he should not believe that wearing a belt will help him suddenly lift heavier loads! Wearing it during all CrossFit exercises is also not recommended: as it compresses the waist, it obviously affects breathing and blood circulation and it can therefore hamper performance during certain exercises, such as cardio for example. Finally, it is important to know how to put it well: a belt bought too large and therefore too loose is ineffective!


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