Top 5 Best Hair Dryers For Thick Hair Reviews in 2023

When it comes to hair dryers, different brands have different technologies but there are also some who has proprietary technologies or who uses their own technologies. Choosing the hair dryer for this type of hair is actually a little complicated because thick hair requires a powerful hair dryer. It can be a real challenge to style your hair or making it manageable on a daily basis. One must consider things like your hair length to know exactly the correct hair dryer.

The good thing is there are actually tools or styling tools made specifically for your hair type. Professional blow dryers are the most recommended hair dryer for this type of hair rather than the compact ones. Regular dryers will take you ages before you can even dry your hair so it’s really a pin to have this hair dryer. Travel hair dryer is also not recommended for this type of hair because it would take you a lot of time drying.

List of 5 Best Hair Dryers For Thick Hair

1. RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

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It is so powerful that it can cut you hair drying time half than your average hair drying. This 2000 watt professional hair dryer is best for thick hair and difficult to dry one. Many users actually loved this hair dryer because of its ability to dry your hair faster. And the good thing is that it is also best for dry frizzy, curly or straight hair.

The dryer also features a ceramic tourmaline technology which is good for gentle drying and fast drying. It helps drying your hair inside out without actually damaging it. It also has ionic technology for shine and smoothness.

Rusk is also known as one of the premier salon brands that is why they offer competitive features when it comes to their product. This blow dryer comes with 7 heat and speed settings, a removable filter, a cool shot button and attachments for styling and also is shock proof and durable which makes this hair dryer lasts longer to use. This hair dryer is also loved by everyone because of its great price.

2. Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer

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This professional hair dryer is the latest addition to Karmin’s successful line of hair tools.

G3 is mostly recommended for thick hair because of its powerful AC motor and features which can give you softer hair. The dryer has a powerful 1875 watts for incredibly fast drying.

The secret behind it is that the dryer has a ceramic tourmaline technology which is made of pure ceramic coils and ionic technology emits natural ions that help for fast drying without damaging your hair.

It also seals your hair cuticle making it shinier and locks in hair color for beautiful results. This hair dryer features 2 narrow nozzle attachments for styling, 2 speed and heat settings and a cool shot button to lock in styles.

3. CHI Air Vibe Digital Touch Hair Dryer 1800W

CHI Air Vibe Digital Touch Hair Dryer 1800W

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This professional hair dryer is kind of advance in technology because utilizes touch screen technology. The LCD touch screen allows you to adjust your preferred temperature and as well as your airflow settings.

It is specially recommended for thick hair because of its powerful 1800 W DC motor which delivers faster airflow to minimize drying time. This state of the art dryer will truly transform your hair from hideous thick hair to luxurious shiny and silky type of hair.

Together with the touch screen controls, you also get a unique memory setting that can take note of your styling preferences. This hair dryer features ceramic heater and infrared technology which reduces frizz while drying your hair faster than your average drying time. Even for coarse hair, the ionizing feature of this dryer transforms it to silky tresses. The hair dryer includes a cool shot button to lock in styles, two speed and heat settings, a concentrator, a nozzle, a concentrator and a hanging loop for convenient storage.

4. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

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BaBylissPRO is known as world leader in hair styling tools. The Babyliss Pro Nanoe hair dryer offers both heavy duty performance and lightweight ergonomic design. It has a 2000 watt power. Powerful enough to cut down your average hair drying time.

It is suitable to use for users with thick hair because of the powerful airflow that it offers.

And the good thing about this hair dryer is that even though it has a powerful airflow it still produces this gentle and non-damaging heat on your hair, which is best for thick coarse hair.

It also provides wide ranges of styling options. It has six heat and speed settings to adjust your preferred temperature, a cool shot button, a concentrator nozzle and a removable filter for easy cleaning.

5. Panasonic Hair Dryer with Nanoe Tech

Panasonic Hair Dryer with Nanoe Tech

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As I have said earlier, a lot of hair dryers offers different technology and some offers proprietary technology. Well, this hair dryer is a good example of that type of hair dryer.

This Panasonic hair dryer offers 1000x moisture compared to an average hair dryer. The tiny nano particles infused in this hair dryer are pulled apart from the natural moisture in the air produced by the hair dryer. This definitely will reduce frizz and damage associated with thick hair.

This product was highly rated by its users because of the things that it can do to your hair. Even users with thick and hair which is really hard to manage are enjoying its services because you’ll get a dryer which can give you the same quality a professional hair stylist from a salon can make. This hair dryer comes with two speed settings, three heat settings, three attachments, a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser.


A person with thick hair should invest for the right of hair dryer. Above is a list of handful of products which is best for thick hair whether you have straight, curly or frizzy hair.

We hope this article will help you making a right choice on the best hair dryer for thick hair. Thanks for reading!

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