Top 7 Best Peephole Cameras of 2023 (Review and Buying Guide)

The evolution of technology will never cease to surprise us and it must be said that it affects all areas. If in the past, we were content to look over a peephole lens to see the one knocking on our door, nowadays, we can even take a picture or video of its face. This new type of device is called peephole camera. Digital yes, because they use high technology to better secure your home. It is a kind of mini camera that works with a battery. With this camera, you can see with an LCD screen the person who is at your door. It is however important to know how to choose one.

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List of 7 Best Peephole Cameras

1. Ring Video Doorbell with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy Installation

Ring Video Doorbell with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy Installation

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  • See, hear and speak to someone at your door from your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Wide HD video. Immediate notification when visitors press the doorbell or trigger the integrated motion detectors.
  • Monitor your home with crystal clear HD video.
  • Live view: Check the situation at any time with streaming video on demand.
  • Protect your home day and night with infrared night vision.

2. ZUMIMALL WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with Chime

ZUMIMALL WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with Chime

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  • Cordless and rechargeable battery: Zumimall’s wireless video doorbell takes less than 5 minutes. Our doorbell camera is powered by a built-in battery that allows you to place it outdoors without worrying about annoying cables. The 6600mAh battery lasts up to 2-5 months, so you don’t have to charge the batteries too often. (Tips: fully charged when you use it for the first time). It supports 2.4 GHz WiFi, does not work with 5 GHz WiFi.
  • Keep your security: Our video doorbell security camera helps you maintain security by seeing who is at your door without opening it. The WiFi doorbell allows you to speak and see in real time, not afraid to open the door for suspicions. Live video recording can be activated immediately after a detected human movement and recorded locally in the SD card or in the cloud (optional). Quick alerts are also sent to your phone. Never miss visitors or suspicious people, even when you’re on the go.
  • Two-way audio & voice message: Zumimall video doorbell offers you real-time, clear two-way audio with integrated microphone and speaker. Select a pre-recorded 30 second voice message to get quick responses when you’re unavailable or in a hurry.
  • 1080P FHD camera with night vision: Whether day or night, you can rely on this wireless video doorbell camera to offer a clear view, thanks to the 1080p FHD camera with night vision and 166 ° wide-angle view, it is ideal for use during the day and at night so you don’t miss anything.
  • Weatherproof and two storage options: To ensure that your protection is available around the clock, we use a waterproof IP65 design. It is safe to use in any weather, which makes it ideal for use all year round. It offers both cloud storage and local micro SD card storage (32 GB micro SD preinstalled). Your friends and family can also get live feeds via the mobile app after the anthorization.

3. timeway Wireless Video Doorbell

timeway Wireless Video Doorbell

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  • 1080P real-time two-way conversation without noise: See and hear and speak to someone at your door with clear 1080P Full HD resolution in 170 ° wide-angle lens via the app, which is compatible with iOS, Android. The resolution of 1080p / 30fps and CMOS function of the doorbell camera ensures the best clarity, regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Very low performance and very long standby time: With ultra-low power technology. In standby mode, the smart doorbell can work regularly for more than 6 months (wake 10 times a day, 30 s each time) with 18650 rechargeable batteries (included) via micro USB cable charging cable (included) and 16 GB micro SD card (included). The camera can be charged with a universal 5 V 2 A adapter.
  • PIR motion detector and infrared night vision: when someone is standing outside the door, the wireless doorbell takes the guests photos and sends messages to your phone to inform you. The infrared light turns on automatically at night so you can see clearly in the dark. The cameras infrared night vision allows you to see up to 15 ft in the dark.
  • Control Supports iOS and Android system, supports 2.4G WiFi connection, not 5G. Download “Anyhome” app on your phone and connect to Wi-Fi. Install and fix the stand of the WiFi doorbell, plug in your doorbell and screw in the tamper nut. The doorbell camera is battery operated to tilt 35 degrees to the left.

4. Lifemement Wireless Doorbell WiFi Smart Video Doorbell

Lifemement Wireless Doorbell WiFi Smart Video Doorbell

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  • Two-way audio: the WIFI smart doorbell uses an integrated microphone and noise canceling speakers, you can see and talk with your visitors anywhere. Sensitive time is adjustable to start loop recording, and expired video will be automatically deleted.
  • PIR motion detection: once a movement is detected or a visitor presses the bell, an alert is sent to your mobile device at the same time. IR night vision with 166 ° viewing angle, 720P, automatic switching, providing HD images in 24 hours, keeping you and your family safe.
  • Low power: new low power technology, only three 18650 batteries are needed with a pointed tip (included). In low power mode, our doorbell consumes energy slowly so that it can work for 8-10 months in general.
  • Easy to configure: no cables needed. It only needs installation, download the application and combine. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows. 2.4GHz WiFi, strong penetration, stable transmission, guarantees a clear and smooth image.

5. eRing Video Doorbell Wi-Fi Smart

eRing Video Doorbell Wi-Fi Smart

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  • 1080P two-way audio with real-time video: The eRing video doorbell lets you communicate with visitors anywhere via video intercom and has an integrated microphone and noise canceling speakers. Watch videos from your real-time 1080P HD doorbell using your smart devices.
  • Adjustable motion detection and pulsation alert notifications: The eRing doorbell video camera can detect the least movement in the front of your door. Select between low, medium and high movement sensitivity. Set to notify you immediately via push notifications to your iOS or Android devices.
  • Compatible with shared users and easy setup: the camera bell supports multiple device connections. You can authorize others to monitor by downloading the renpho smart application on their devices. Supports up to 5 users. Allow all members of your family to supervise the security of your home. Easy to install so that your house can be protected easily and quickly.
  • Automatic night vision: the eRing video doorbell is equipped with a high-end infrared sensor. An infrared light will turn on automatically during low light conditions and the camera will switch to an infrared mode. Automatically switch between normal and infrared settings so you never miss a visitor.

6. eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit, Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life

eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit, Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life

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  • 365 Days Autonomy: waterproof cameras operate for a full year on a single charge, and up to 3 years in stand-by mode.
  • Full Hd Monitoring: 1080p resolution combined with our night vision technology ensures that video is recorded with crystal clear quality, day and night.
  • No Additional Costs: the eufyCam E security system does not require paying a subscription to be able to save your data. A 16 GB microSD card is included, enough to record a year of videos (for a single camera recording up to ten videos of 30 seconds per day).
  • Easy Installation: just screw the holder on any flat surface and the wireless monitoring with two-way audio is ready to work. Up to 16 cameras can be connected to the same base.
  • Included: 2 x eufyCam E cameras, HomeBase, magnetic holder for indoor, secure holder for outdoor, 16GB microSD card; Ethernet cable, micro USB charging cable, AC adapter, warning sticker, user guide and customer service support.

7. SOOCOO Video Doorbell Camera 1080P FHD Wireless WiFi Smart Video Doorbell with Chime

SOOCOO Video Doorbell Camera 1080P FHD Wireless WiFi Smart Video Doorbell with Chime

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  • Two-way audio and 2.4G Wi-Fi connection: Connect the wireless smart doorbell camera to your phone only through the application and 2.4 GHz (not 5 GHz), you can watch, talk and record video with the viewfinders directly from the phone, and will be transferred more clearly with noise cancellation and speed adaptation technology, with no cables and wires needed. Compatible with iOS and Android. Attention: it is not waterproof.
  • 1080P Full HD and PIR motion detection: 1080P provides more video and photo clarity than other camera bells. Automatically collect the ambient brightness value with the IR light sensor to see clearly in the dark. Sets the sensitivity of motion detection based on needs. In environments with many people, it is recommended to set the sensitivity as “low” or simply disconnect to reduce the frequency of excitation and notifications of the device, so that the battery life is extended and too much disturbance is avoided.
  • Carillon and 32G SD card and batteries, USB cable and SD card reader included: the wireless video doorbell comes with a bell, 32G SD card, 2 batteries, USB cable and SD card reader, everything is ready to you. Notice: the batteries and the TF card are inside the doorbell battery case (not with the package). In addition to your phone, you can also hear the voice of the doorbell when visitors press the doorbell button. Get what you want!
  • Low power consumption: in ultra low power mode and battery operated. In the event that this mode works normally, the working time of this bell security camera is approximately 6 months. At the same time, energy can be monitored in the application.
  • Easy installation and small size. A flat plate and a 30 degree inclined plate are included to choose from. The small size design applies to the size of the American home door frame. Read the description and manual carefully and follow the guide to install and use. If you need to install and application guide, please go to the next page and we have uploaded the installation and connection video. Any questions about the wireless wi-fi doorbell, do not hesitate to contact us.

Peephole Camera Buying Guide

How To Choose Peephole Camera?

Before making your choice, consider the criteria that allow you to make an interesting purchase. There are as many features as there are digital peephole models, but make sure you have at least:

  • a box with a color LCD screen of at least 3 ”, ideally 5”
  • a minimum viewing angle of 120 °
  • a digital camera with night vision and / or motion detection

For optimal use, you can choose as an option: a microSD card to view photos and videos on a PC or smartphone; a sound, photo and video backup function, a Wi-Fi function, a built-in alarm, a message recorder, a “night” mode or a time and date display.


The level of security offered by a digital peephole is definitely higher than with a classic bull’s-eye model. Thanks to the adjustments, a clearer image is obtained, which is rather practical for the elderly whose eyesight is impaired. Easy to use, it can be handled by a person with reduced mobility or by a child, without difficulty. This more advanced version clearly identifies a person even in low light. Indeed, it is equipped with a “presence detector” function and infrared LEDs.

In addition, there is practically no blind spot thanks to a wider field of vision. This type of device has its deterrent effect on the fact that images can be recorded permanently, whether the owners are at home or not. In addition, this security system does not allow the reversal of vision which burglars use to detect a presence inside. Another big advantage: the installation of a digital peephole gives a reduction on the contributions relating to home insurance.

Digital Peephole Or Traditional Bull’s-Eye?

If the two serve to distinguish who is behind the door, the differences are significant in terms of functionality of each. The digital peephole also allows you to have an overview of the outside without betraying its presence. In the event of danger, this leaves the possibility of warning the police or asking for help without the visitor suspecting it. Unlike a bull’s-eye, the digital model doesn’t require you to put yourself at the height of the hole. Indeed, the screen can be installed at any level of the door so that everyone can access it without problem. In addition, it is impossible for the visitor to know if someone is inside, which is not the case with a conventional eyecup.

As for the external camera, it does not have to be attached to the door. The choice of location is free, as long as it offers a clear picture of what is happening outside the door. It is also available as an intercom allowing owners to speak directly to visitors. In addition, in the event of an attempted burglary, the perpetrators can be photographed or videotaped to confuse them, hence a guaranteed deterrent effect. Finally, for models with doorbell integrated into the camera module, the activation of the monitor is done automatically as soon as someone rings.

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