Top 8 Best Long Arm Staplers of 2023 (Review and Buying Guide)

To collect the stacks of documents you have in your office, get the best long arm stapler (also known as long reach stapler). This is an appropriate instrument in the framework of an office use, stationery store or impressions.

Among the different models, choosing the right quality is necessary. You need a durable instrument, which does not deteriorate from the first use, a device resistant to rust, breakage and a stapler capable of supporting many sheets.

In order to make the best choice, a comparison is recommended. This will allow you to find the model that offers good value for money.

List of 8 Best Long Arm Staplers

1. Sparco Long Reach Stapler, 20 Sheet Capacity, Standard Staples

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  • The Rapesco Marlin Long Arm Stapler has a durable metal upper arm and a top loading stapling mechanism.
  • Its adjustable alignment tab up to 300mm allows you to staple up to 25 pages neatly and conformably in combination with its integrated depth gauge.
  • The Marlin stapler is compact and thin, so it can be stored more easily.

2. Swingline Long Reach Stapler with Built-in Ruler and Adjustable Locking Paper Guide

Swingline Long Reach Stapler with Built-in Ruler and Adjustable Locking Paper Guide

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  • Versatility: Staple up to 12″ exceptional from the edge of the paper – perfect for stapling center point or holding cards or labels.
  • Solid metal construction, black finish.
  • Integrated and adjustable ruler with paper guide guarantee precision alignments and consistency.
  • Durable metal construction for years of superior performance.
  • Performance-driven mechanism with an inner bar for Jam resistant to stability and long-term stapling integrity.
  • It is attached to your work surface for stable and resistant performance.
  • 12 “long arm stapler with integrated and adjustable ruler with paper guide closures.
  • Includes long arm stapler allows you to staple up to 12 “from the edge of the paper – perfect for center-stitch stapling or closing cards
  • Staple up to 20 sheets.

3. Deli Long Reach Stapler, 25 Sheet Capacity, Long Arm Standard Staplers for Booklet or Book Binding

Deli Long Reach Stapler, 25 Sheet Capacity, Long Arm Standard Staplers for Booklet or Book Binding

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  • Durable metal stapler: sturdy stapler with metal construction is designed for durability. 1 long-range stapler in the package.
  • Long-range stapling – The depth of the long-range stapler throat is up to 12 inches allowing you to staple up to one foot from the edge of the paper.
  • Long arm paper guide – Adjustable stapling depth with precise scale, which adapts to your different needs.
  • Secure 25 sheets: This high performance stapler securely holds up to 25 sheets of paper.
  • Ideal for binding books, brochures, brochures or assembly cards.

4. Business Source Long Reach Stapler

Business Source Long Reach Stapler

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  • Throat depth of the long arm stapler is adjustable up to 12 “as it allows stapling up to one foot from the edge of the paper
  • Ideal for center stapling point of even the largest brochures or brochures or for stapling or closing cards or labels.
  • Staple up to 20 sheets of 20-pound paper and use a standard 1/4 4 “stapler stapler

5. Craftinova Long Reach Stapler

Craftinova Long Reach Stapler

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  • Stapler uses 26/6mm or 24/6mm staples and the maximum binding capacity :210 staples ,please remember don’t bind more than 20 sheets at a time.
  • Long reach staples has integrated ruler and adjustable locking paper guide to ensure accurate alignment and consistency.
  • This long reach staples has performance driving mechanism with inner track has the stability of anti-jamming and long-term binding integrity . Improve the quality of binding, the paper will not loose .
  • Stapler has anti-slip bottom base secures the stapler firmly to the surface of your worktable to maintain stable and sturdy performance.

6. Novus B17 Long Arm Stapler

Novus B17 Long Arm Stapler

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  • Long-arm stapler 250mm stapling depth
  • Metal device covered with an ABS shell
  • Stapler for brochures in DIN A6 to DIN A3 formats
  • Non-slip base for better stability
  • Top loading system with simple staple guide
  • Reversible anvil stapling and pinning function
  • Weight about 500 g

7. Blue Summit Supplies Long Reach Stapler

Blue Summit Supplies Long Reach Stapler

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  • Easily bind up to 20 sheets of paper at a time in your own booklets, catalogs, or brochures with ease using our standard long-range stapler, with a very wide range of 30 cm deep from the edge of the paper.
  • Central stapling along the folded edge of your DIY booklets has never been smoother thanks to the extra deep groove in our binding stapler, which we designed specifically for use in offices, churches, handicrafts or classrooms.
  • The unique stapler has been designed using durable metal and plastic to withstand years of use, while being able to reach much longer and wider than your standard standard stapler.
  • Get consistent alignment when sewing the spine with our adjustable sliding stopper with standard and metric measures built in with stitches.
  • Keep your work firmly on your desk or work table using the non-slip base of our stapler while you cut the folded spines from small paper books to large and large 27.9 ” folded paper catalogs x 43.2 cm.

8. Bostitch/PaperPro Booklet Stapler

Bostitch/PaperPro Booklet Stapler

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  • This remarkable, easy-to-use stapler features the patented PaperPro stapling system that produces 30 lbs of force to staple up to 25 sheets of paper with the touch of a single finger.
  • This stapler has an extra long reach of 31 cm, which means that you can easily bind presentations and brochures up to 62 cm in size.
  • With the rulers mounted on the sides and the sliding guides, you get a uniform and uniform staple placement every time.

Long Arm Stapler Buying Guide

The long arm stapler allows the handyman to pin several sheets of colored paper together. It differs from an ordinary stapler in its ability to staple from the inside and not at the edges. So, it couldn’t be easier than making your own A5 notebook. Work on Word with two columns on A4 support and in landscape format. Once the document is printed, all you have to do is fold the middle line and pass it through the long arm stapler. Your little notebook will be ready in no time. This is why it is essential to choose the right long stapler.

The advantages of a long arm stapler

Unlike staplers that are used at home, this type of stapler allows stapling of more or less bulky files. Indeed, today, we are no longer satisfied with an A4 colored sheet. Both for advertising posters and those used to share information within an educational institution, A3 papers are the most requested. They provide better visibility. When you are used to handling them, you can no longer be satisfied with a conventional stapler. For a deep fixation, you will need a material equipped with a groove of 21 cm minimum.

Generally, the long-arm stapler is equated with the saddle stapler. Unlike the latter, this first has the advantage of being able to perforate a stack of 200 sheets at once while the second, it only allows a heap of 50 sheets at most. Whether you want to attach leather, packaging material or even plastic, the long arm stapler is what you need for big jobs.

Also, it does not clutter. Naturally, you must have thought that these skills are attributed to bulky equipment, which takes up a lot of space like office furniture. But no ! Like the paper cutter and the fountain pen, neither feet nor fixings are necessary. You can take it out and put it away as you like, as you usually do with trash bags, a glue gun or shirts with flaps.

The different types of staplers

Depending on a specific use, there are several types of staplers on the market: the manual stapler, the pneumatic stapler (or pneumatic nailer), the electric stapler to finish with the stapler jumper.

The manual stapler

Followers of Sunday DIY or DIY manual work, this accessory is available in several materials including plastic, aluminum and even metal. It stands out from the crowd by its ease of use.

The electric stapler

Like a food processor or juice extractor, you make your life easier by buying this kind of stapler. Indeed, if you are used to exerting manual pressure, you will not do it any more with this tool. The impulse produced by the energy source will take care of driving the fasteners for you.

The pneumatic stapler

Do you need to drive in nails and tacks for your PVC garden shed? We recommend the pneumatic stapler. It is so powerful that it is even easy for it to make a hole of 3 cm.

The stapler jumper

Separate stapler, it is used to fix cables and ropes.

How to choose a long arm stapler?

Several criteria are highlighted if you want to buy a quality long-arm stapler. But before peeling them one by one, it is essential to know what kind of stapler should we choose.

Choose your stapler according to your activity

From the start, the professionals working in the secretarial and customer support service are those who most need a traditional stapler. They were then prescribed the stapler in the manual stapler category and the automatic fast stapler 100E for electric models. Strong staplers or referenced Rapid 5080E, for their part, are recommended for law firms or accounting firms, where it is advisable to join more than 200 sheets for a large file. Also, if you work in the production of small tutorial books, the BOS440LR long arm stapler or Rapid 106E double saddle stapler is made for you.

Of course, these are not the only jobs that require the use of staplers. Whether you are a gardener or a graphic artist, this material is useful in many cases.

Place staples

This parameter is essential since you want to staple a large booklet. Learn how to decipher the technical characteristics of a pack of staples. Take the easiest, office supplies 26/6 and 26/8. First, the number 26 is suitable for the normal value of the width of the staple. The figure following the bar, represents the height of the two feet, namely 6 mm or 8 mm. On the other hand, for the same reference, there is generally no precision on the wire with which it was manufactured. It can be thin or thick and this affects the pressure applied.

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