🍃 Latuza Bamboo Pajamas Review – 2023 Buying Guide

A choice of garment is an important task for many of us. The clothes we wear don't only represent us as individuals but also determine our comfort throughout the day. However, our precision in choosing things to wear outside of the public eyes remains relatively low. 

Pajamas and loungewear are just as important as the clothing we wear out. Undoubtedly, they determine the quality of your sleep and set your mood for the day ahead. Let us tell you about the bamboo pajamas brand that is going to level up your sleeping experience.

Latuza Women's Petite Pajama Pants Set Short Sleeve Sleepwear S Teal
  • Thoughtful petite size is made for 5 ft 2 ½ or around in height. Please follow the recommended size as below: Petite Small=Petite US 4-6,...
  • 2PCS pajama set: short sleeves, V-neck with pretty picot trim top and elastic waist, full-length pants
  • Soft, lightweight, stretchy and comfortable pajama set
  • Latuza women’s pajama set with high quality keeps the wearer cool and comfortable
  • Washing instruction: Machine wash cold gentle, Do no bleach, Iron low heat, Do not dryclean, Do not tumble dry

Latuza Bamboo Pajamas – Key Features

Latuza pajamas stand out due to their high-quality material and comfortable fit. The pajamas of this brand consist of bamboo viscose with a small addition of Spandex. The latter ensures that Latuza bamboo pajamas will offer a great fit for men and women of all shapes and sizes. Bamboo viscose is supposed to regulate the natural temperature of the body for maximal comfort throughout the night. Moreover, this innovative type of rayon is ultimately eco-friendly and does not harm the environment. 

One more comfortable feature that deserves your attention is the pull on feature of these pajamas. It means that no nasty zips and buttons will hold you back from ultimate comfort. The fit of the pajama is also adjusted to the height and can be fitted on tall or petite people. 

The durability of Latuza pajamas also needs to be taken into consideration. You have to be sure that your pajamas will stay with you for many years and survive all of the machine washes.

Pros & Cons of Latuza Bamboo Pajamas 

As with any other product, Latuza pajamas have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at those aspects:

The Pros

  • Those pajamas are ultimately comfortable.

We have already discussed various sleeping goods that are capable of improving the quality of your sleep. However, chasing expensive mattresses and fancy bedsheets won't change much if you use uncomfortable sleepwear. Latuza bamboo pajamas are perfect when it comes to comfort. Their pull-on fit ensures that your body is not going to be disturbed by zippers and buttons during the night. Also, the pajamas are lightly oversized. It means that you will have enough room for movement and thermoregulation. 

  • Latuza pajamas are budget-friendly. 

Many of us are convinced that high-quality goods have to cost a lot. Despite it being true in some cases, Latuza pajamas are an absolute budget-friendly exception. With the high quality of materials and excellent fit, this luxurious sleepwear brand is rather affordable. 

  • They are durable. 

Budget-friendly items are commonly associated with a lack of durability. However, be sure that your Latuza pajamas will be there to stay. A durable bamboo viscose will prevent the pajama from tearing down and will ensure that your item's colour is not going to fade. To increase your pajamas lifespan, we recommend you to wash them on a delicate mode and stay aside from dryers and bleaching agents. 

  • Latuza pajamas are eco-friendly.

Bamboo viscose is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics that can be found on the market. Pajamas are produced from bamboo grass that does not demand much water and grows rapidly without pesticides and fertilizers. This fabric is soft and gentle for the skin, which makes it suitable even for allergics. Furthermore, the antibacterial function of bamboo preserves the body from unpleasant odours. 

  • The pajamas fit people of all heights and sizes

Both tall and petite people know that choosing nightwear may be a tricky task. However, the size chart of Latuza is adjusted not only to clothing size but to the height as well. To achieve the perfect fit of your pajamas, use the official size chart of the brand. 

The Cons 

  • Those pajamas are not suitable for breastfeeding. 

Speaking of Latuza pajamas for women, they are not suitable for breastfeeding as the pajama's neckline is not stretchable. 

Our experience with Latuza pajamas

We keep our standards high while testing the products. We have tested a few Latuza pajamas, including the Women's V-Neck Short Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set and the Women's Half Sleeve Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set. We needed to test the fit and comfort of these pajamas as the reviews of customers usually highlight this aspect. We have decided to give Latuza pajamas a try for a month and see if we notice a difference in our sleep quality.

After a month in testing, we realized that these pajama sets still look brand new and give incredible comfort throughout the night. We have to also point out the convenience of pull-on fit and extreme breathability provided by the bamboo viscose. 

Where to buy Latuza pajamas?

We strongly recommend you to approach the purchase attentively and buy the pajamas from authorized stores. You can order your pajamas right from the official website of Latuza or from Amazon.

Latuza Bamboo pajamas FAQ’s

"What is the sizing of Latuza pajamas?"

The brand offers an inclusive sizing range that varies from Small to 4X Plus. However, you have to rely on the sizing chart on the official website to adjust the size not only to your body measurements, but also your hight. 

"Are Latuza pajamas suitable for pregnant women?"

You can surely wear a Latuza pajama even if you are pregnant. Just choose the options with a lower waist and make sure to size up from your regular size. However, Latuza pajamas are not suitable for breastfeeding. 

"How to wash Latuza pajamas?"

Wash your Latuza pajama in a delicate mode without the use of bleaching agents. Make sure to airdry the pajama instead of machine drying. 

"Do Latuza pajamas balance the thermoregulation of the body?" 

Due to a breathable bamboo material, Latuza pajamas help your body adjust its temperature naturally.


Latuza pajamas come with inclusive sizing options and ensure the ultimate comfort throughout the entire night. Soft bamboo viscose is infused with Spandex for achieving a better fit and incredible breathability. Moreover, the pajamas can be worn even by pregnant women and people with skin sensitivities.

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