What Can You Make Out of Bamboo? – 10 DIY Projects to Try

Bamboo is the most versatile and sustainable material globally. There are many household things that you can make from bamboo for outdoor and indoor. It will look quite attractive, organic, timeless, and chic. At the same time, it is modern and adds some exotic look to furniture, décor, and different household utilities. Bamboo is an eco-friendly option, and it is the greenest construction choice because the plant can keep growing for many years providing oxygen to our blue planet.

If you want to get as green as possible, think about the various DIY things and projects you can easily accomplish. These ten fun and attractive DIY bamboo projects will make your home livelier and cozier.

10 Amazing Bamboo Ideas for Your Home

1. Coat Rack

If you are not sure what to do with bamboo, start with a coat rack. Of course, you can buy different kinds of them in your local furniture local store. Though, why do you have to spend your money if there is a naturally beautiful option that you can make on your own with just some tools and in about an hour?

You will need four poles of bamboo, 5-feet high each, a drill, and a cord or twine. You can either leave the natural color to the poles or paint them. To start with, arrange the bottom of the rack. Mark each pole at a foot and a half from the end. Then, drill a hole on this mark at the same height for every pole.

Keep the poles in a bundle and measure a foot and a half from the top. Tie off the bundle with the cord wrapping it around to cover at least 4 inches. Holding the poles up, splay them to the sides, forming a sort of teepee. Finally, run one more cord through the holes at the bottom and tie it off to make your coat rack steady.

2. Bamboo Gate

Among the things to make with bamboo for the outside of your home, a bamboo gate is worth considering. Use scraps and long poles for this process. You can stick the parts together with long-lasting glue for wood or use a hammer. You need to be very careful because nailing can lead to bamboo cracking. Slice each pole into two parts to let them lie flat. You can create a certain pattern with these pieces on your current gate. It will look Japanese-style. Before placing the planks, you need to decide on the design – whether they should be put vertically or horizontally, or as a combination of vertical and horizontal lines.

The number of bamboo poles depends on the size of the gates. However, you are sure to need more than twelve of them. The top frame should be cut open for stacking the poles into it. Then, cut open the bottom frame to fasten the poles.

Your project is over, and the fence looks amazing. You can always buy bamboo fencing in rolls and apply it to your existing chain-link or wooden fencing.

3. Outdoor Shower

Among many bamboo craft projects, constructing an outdoor shower deserves your thorough attention.

Having an outdoor shower next to the pool or in your backyard is always a useful feature for your outdoor space renovation and increasing its functionality.

Use sealed bamboo for this project because it is water-resistant. You may use a ready-made enclosure for your shower or construct it yourself from vertical poles and horizontal boards for a framework. You can design the framework circular, square, or rectangular. Then, start wrapping it with bamboo. Do not forget to leave an opening for entering and leaving the shower.

When bamboo poles are attached, use bamboo fencing screwed or zip-tied to the framework. If you want to make your shower more durable, use sealant. Here you are with the outdoor shower that looks stunning and practical.

4. Garden Trellis

There are many things to make with bamboo for your garden. A garden trellis used for vines is a quite useful construction. You will need to acquire at least 14 bamboo poles. Each of them should be approximately 4 feet tall. Another thing you will need is thin ropes made of nylon because each pole should be tied up. Place seven poles vertically and two poles on the top horizontally. Then, start tying up seven other horizontal poles until all of them have been placed firmly.

You will get a great decorative fence when the plants start growing. You can also use thicker bamboo poles placed horizontally for hanging planters on them.

5. Cascading Bamboo Fountain

Your garden may need an element of water decoration in it. Hence, you can learn how to use bamboo for arranging a fountain. First, make some bamboo troughs. You can create them by splitting a bamboo pole. You may also add some small poles to make them imitate faucets.

Think about locating the troughs in a stair-like shape to let the water flow smoothly and steadily. You can also build three-tiered floats or construct a more sophisticated system.

Mind that making a bamboo fountain can take you more time than you expect. You will also need many different tools, such as drills, pipes, screws, wiring, nails, etc. Besides, you will have to acquire a pump with the power appropriate for your fountain’s size.

Remember to use only potable water for your fountain. Your pets may use it for drinking.

6. Bike Trailer

Bamboo is a strong and durable material. Moreover, it is quite lightweight, so it is almost ideal for one of the most interesting bamboo ideas – a bike trailer. This construction should be light and durable enough to carry heavy loads but not put much strain on the cycler. The trailer can be rather complicated, and you will need more tools, materials, and time. However, you can opt for a much easier option.

7. Garden Bench

One of the most useful DIY bamboo construction projects for the garden is a bamboo bench. You will need poles of one-meter length and some steel wire meters or strong rope made of nylon.

When you lay the poles and stick them together, weaving with the wire, you will obtain a sitting platform. Please take into account that they will be fixed on two large poles on both sides. All these poles should be flat for comfortable sitting.

Use four shorter and thicker poles for the feet of the bench. You can also provide some extra support to make the bench more durable.

8. Room Divider

You may also want some things to do with bamboo for the interior of your house. A room divider is a great way to section larger rooms into small parts for more privacy. Please do not buy a commercial divider since you can make it from bamboo on your own.

Choose the bamboo poles of the necessary height. Buy a base for these poles before the start of work. You may also paint the bamboo poles if you don’t like the natural bamboo color.

The base should be filled with quick-dry cement. It can be bought in the local household shop as a pre-mixed one or mix it yourself. Place the poles at equal intervals into the cement base. When the cement dries out, hide it with some decorations made of flowers or river rocks.

9. Coffee Table

Using one of the most original bamboo projects, you can make a stunning coffee table for your living room. You will need a drill, some bamboo poles, a piece of glass, and some twine. It would help if you also had some thicker bamboo poles for legs. Its strength should be enhanced with some smaller poles.

Before the start of work:

  1. Determine the size of your table according to the location where you want to place it.
  2. Leave a few centimeters when you cut the poles for the cross-connection.
  3. Drill two holes on each of the legs for the cross pieces.
  4. When you insert them to their places, fix them with glue.
  5. Wrap the joints fast with rope or twine for more durability. You can also apply lacquer to add some shine to your table.
  6. Place the glass top extending it to about 3 inches outside the legs of the table.

10. Planters 

There is one more idea to add to all the above-mentioned bamboo projects. It is about making planters to enjoy nature both in the interior and out-of-doors. You can hang such a planter either in the backyard or inside your home. Cut out a pole section with a node in the middle of the pole, depending on how deep your planter should be.

You need to drill a hole in the node located at the bottom for drainage. If your planter is planned to be located on the ground, everything is ready. If it is meant to be hanged, you need one more hole on any side of it for connecting its pieces with a wire for hanging. For the vertical hanging position, drill the holes closer to the top. When your planter is to be hanged diagonally, drill these holes closer to the bottom and one more extra hole next to the top. Thread a wire through these holes to form a T-shape. The vertical configuration allows for several planters to be located in a row.


Now, you can see clearly how many bamboo projects and ideas you can implement. Here are just some of them. You can think about many more DIY bamboo projects you can enjoy at your weekends. They do not need much mastery and expertise. You have to acquire some simple tools and materials, a lot of commitment, and a bit of patience, and you will be happy to add some aesthetic charm and value to your dwelling.

We will be happy if you make use of some bamboo ideas presented here. What do you think of them? Let us consider them as a sort of inspiration for your new stunning projects and designs.

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