How to Preserve Watermelon Juice

When you see or think of a watermelon, what comes to your mind? A yummy and refreshing drink, or a summer beach? People everywhere love watermelons. While the numerous seeds can get in the way of a pleasurable meal sometimes, the watery red pulp and juice provide a nourishing drink experience that is both revitalizing and invigorating. But how to preserve watermelon juice remains a concern of many watermelon lovers when they can’t seem to get enough of it.

how to preserve watermelon juice

Preserving watermelon juice for consumption later is a desirable preoccupation. But it requires skill and must be done right to preserve its freshness and nutritional value. There are not many resources on how to preserve watermelon juice out there, but you could be rested that this document will do justice to the need. We shall examine the best way of preserving watermelon juice for medium-term freshness and health needs.

How to preserve watermelon juice

To preserve your watermelon juice, start by cutting the fruit into small sizes and then cut out the red and juicy pulp into a container. You may cut through the hard, green rind to open up the juicy pulp of the ripe melon. Blend the water-logged pulp in a blender machine and then pour out the juice into a big, clean cup.

Store the blended juice in a refrigerator

After pouring the blended juice into a cup, you must seive it or filter it through a strainer to remove any remaining pulp or crushed seeds. Given that watermelon is rich in sugar, lycopene, and patassium, it is best to drink moderately and then preserve the rest. You can pour the blended juice into a bottle, lidded cup, as well as ice-cube trays to refrigerate it. It can remain stored in the fridge for up to 3-4 weeks so long the fridge remains powered on.

However, if you choose not to blend the watermelon to fully extract its juice, you can still cut it in long sizes for storage. After cutting it, wrap the exposed sides with nylon and keep in the freezer or refrigerator for maximum of 5-7 days. The nylon wrap will make it impossible for the fruit to absorb the flavors coming out of other food items stored in the fridge. But once you open the refrigerated juice or sliced fruit, it must be consumed and finished within 3 days.

Freeze the juice

Freezing your watermelon juice will make it last longer in the freezer. In a solid state, it can last for up to one month, but it is best to consume it earlier to enjoy the natural tastes and flavor. As part of the freezing aspect, you can portion out the juice into the ice-cube tray and have it frozen before beginning to utilize it.

Suggestions on Pinterest on preserving watermelon juice

According to a suggestion on Pinterest, watermelon juice can be used to make the following:

  • Fresh watermelon cake
  • Watermelon mojito
  • Watermelon feta
  • Watermelon popsicles
  • Watermelon salad and cucumber basil

Watermelon rind juice

Health experts revealed that the most nutritious part of the watermelon is its rind. They said eating the rind is safe and healthy since it contains as much nutrients as the juice. According to nutrition specialists, most of the nutrients in a watermelon are found in its rind. To this end, preserving the watermelon rind becomes an absolute necessity.

To do this, simply cut open and slice away the rind and place them in a cellophane bag. Store it away in your fridge or freezer and eat one rind or two daily to obtain its nutrients. The rind can last for up to two months and retain its freshness if it remains in the freezer.

To make rind juice, wash the peel and place it in a blender to grind. You may add some little water as you blend to give it the kind of consistency you desire. You may add some sugar and honey to the rind juice before pouring into a jar or bottle for storage in a freezer. The stored rind juice can last for up to two months with its freshness and nutrients intact if the freezer remains powered on.

Freezing Watermelon Slices

You may be surprised to learn that cut watermelon slices can be frozen for as long as possible, and the same is true of the juice. Peel off the rind and then cut the ripe pulp into cube sizes or sizable chunks. Place these slices on a cookie sheet so that they won’t touch and freeze together into a large chunk. Store away the wrapped chunks in your freezer for up to six months. Anytime you wish to eat smoothies or summer spritzer, put one of the frozen watermelon cubes on your smoothies to enjoy a nourishing experience.

So that is how to preserve watermelon juice for future use. Do not forget that you can eat the rind of watermelon and also store it for longer periods in your freezer.