How to Dispose of Freezer-full of Rotten Meat

Do you have a freezer full of rotten meat? If you do, then you might be having a rather uncomfortable day. When it comes down to it, this situation can lead to frustrating headaches.

Apart from offering a terrible smell, rotten meat has a nasty appearance. Besides, it contains tons of unhealthy bacteria and other microorganisms. So if you want to dispose of it, you will have to use special techniques.

You might call in a cleanup service to remove the mess and save your freezer. But if you have don’t have one at your location, you might have to handle the problem on your own.

Are you ready to wipe out the mess from your fridge? Well, here are some recommended ways to clean out a fridge filled with rotten meat.

how to dispose of freezer full of rotten meat

How to Dispose of Freezer-full of Rotten Meat

Cleaning a freezer full of rotten meat requires special training and poses a health risk. If possible, you should use a bio cleanup service or contact similar professionals. But if you still want to dispose of the fridge without help, you should try the following steps.

1. Get Enough Protection

Before you go diving into a freezer filled with bad meat, ensure that you have the right clothing. Here are the basic things that you should wear as you clean out the appliance.

Old clothes: Do not go into the freezer with your regular clothes. Instead, perform the task with clothes that you can throw away.

A pair of latex gloves: Stick with long gloves as they offer the best possible protection. If you don’t know the right length to choose, just stick with the gloves that reach your forearms.

Bandana: Use an old bandana to cover your hair. As you wear this item, it keeps prevents maggots from getting into your hair. You can also tie up your nose with a bandana for the odors.

2. Gather Your Tools

After getting the right clothing, gather up some equipment for clearing the mess. Below are some of the ideal tools for the job.

  • Refuse bags
  • A pair of tongs
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Soft Cotton Cloth
  • Large Tray
  • Refuse Bin

Steps For Getting Rid of Rotten Meat

  • Wear old clothing, gloves, and a bandanna.
  • Open the freezer and remove the meat with your hands. If you don’t feel comfortable touching the meat, use a pair of gloves. Besides if the meat is in a bag, take the bag with the rotten meat inside.
  • As you carry the meat, make sure that the liquid from the meat does not touch other items.
  • Drop the meat in the tray and ensure that the juice does not touch other items. Continue removing the meat until you have an empty freezer. Also, remove any other items that are rotten or touches the rotten liquid.
  • Dump the bag of meat or meat from the tray into a garbage bag.
  • Place the garbage bag into another garbage bag.
  • Tie the garbage bags properly and dump them into the garbage bin. Make sure that the lids are properly closed. If you don’t have a bin around you, place a large stone on top of the bag.
  • Make a solution of hot water and soap. Return to the fridge and wipe any items that you did not throw away.

How to Clean a Freezer Filled with Rotten Meat

Even if you take out all the rotten meat, your freezer will still smell terrible. You can deal with the odor by cleaning the freezer thoroughly. Here is a simple way to get out all the dirt and grime from the appliance.

Items Needed

  • Soap
  • Warm Water
  • Bowl
  • Soft Cloth
  • Latex Gloves


  • Prepare a solution with warm water and soap. Remember to prepare this solution in a large bowl.
  • Wear the gloves
  • Remove all the shelves and racks in the freezer
  • Dip the cloth in the warm solution and squeeze properly.
  • Clean the rack and shelves with the cloth. Then rinse the soapy residue with warm water.
  • Wipe down every part of the freezer with a soapy cotton cloth. Then clean out the soapy residue with another cloth.
  • Make a solution with a tablespoon of bleach and gallons of water.
  • Soak a cloth in the mixture and squeeze it properly. Wipe the racks, shelves, and the freezer itself.
  • Prepare another solution with baking soda and water. Get another cloth and wipe every part of the freezer again.
  • Return the removable parts of the fridge.

N.B. If you notice any odors, it would help if you placed some lemon slices or coffee grounds in a bowl. Next, keep the bowl in a freezer until the smell stops.

You can also place an opened box of baking soda into the freezer. Allow it to the seat until the odor leaves.

How to Store Meat When Freezer Isn’t Working?

If a freezer stops working, it cannot cool the meat. As expected, this issue leads to meat getting rotten in the fridge. You can use the following tips to avoid this problem.

1. Avoid Storing Excess Meat

This is one of the easiest ways to avoid rotten meat in your freezer. Instead of piling the compartments with excess meat, buy it in quantities that can be quickly consumed. So if you want to leave your home for a long period, you will not have any meat left in your freezer.

2. Make a meal

If possible, you can take the excess meat, cook it up and take it on your journey. But since some meat dishes do not go well with travel, stick with well-prepared jerky.

3. Turn It to Jerky

If you are looking for another way to store your meat, you should just use it to make some jerky. Unlike fresh meat, jerky does not go bad. Besides, it can last longer than meat stored with some methods.

4. Have a Friend

Do you have relatives or friends that can check up on your flat especially if you have gone on a long trip? If yes, they can help you look at the fridge and confirm if it is working.

Wrapping Up

Although meat serves as an important food item, it can get rotten and mess up your freezer. If the mess does not look much, use our tips to clean it out. But if you don’t feel like touching the grime, call a professional cleanup service to handle the task.

You can avoid rotten meat by emptying the fridge before leaving home. For this task, consider cooking the meat or storing them in smaller quantities. Also, ensure that someone checks your fridge from time to time.