Hotel Sheets Direct – Bamboo Bedding Set Reviewed

Today, online stores are flooded with bedding made of different materials. Textile mills come up with improved fabric compositions and characteristics that are successfully replacing traditional ones. And it becomes difficult to navigate in this wide assortment. Some materials have almost the same set of advantages, so customers struggle with the choice. But bamboo is steadily gaining points in this competition, throwing a challenge even to cotton, a constant leader among bedding fabrics. The variety of bamboo manufactures puzzles. So we have prepared this hotel sheets review to make it easier for you to choose the right products.

Product Features

You can easily confuse bamboo bedding with silk at first glance, as these fabrics have a lot in common. Bamboo items are soft and delicate, have a characteristic pleasant shine. This fabric does not slip and practically does not get creased.

Bamboo threads are made from bamboo wood using sophisticated methods and technologies. Bamboo fiber is the healthiest material of the 21st century, as the stem of this plant contains a set of unique natural components that have a beneficial effect on human health. In particular, bamboo is famous for:

  • Environmental friendliness. Bamboo grows extremely fast and is not attacked by pests. It means that it does not require pesticide treatment.
  • Bactericidal properties. The plant contains a special bioagent known as bamboo kun that is highly-resistant to pathogenic flora. It is a part of the bamboo cellulose molecule, and therefore, the property is maintained in finished bamboo products. Bamboo bedding is entirely impervious to dust mites, which makes it the first in demand among allergic consumers.
  • Thermoregulation. Bamboo fiber has a porous structure, and the fabric made of it seems to breathe, absorbing moisture and evaporating it from the surface quickly enough. Due to the porosity and airtightness, bamboo bedding perfectly keeps the heat in the cold season and maintains the summer’s optimum temperature.
  • High fabric strength due to the special natural structure of the bamboo fiber. For this reason, there is such quality and property of raw materials as wear-resistance - the fabric can withstand a large amount of washing and still retains its colors and properties in its original form.

Hotel Sheets Direct Bed Sheet Set – Main Features and Benefits

The manufacturer of 100% bamboo bed sheets made the quality of your sleep its priority. We have looked through thousands of bamboo hotel sheets before we could finalize our choice. It has been noticed that an average bamboo bedding item may contain other materials like polyester or microfiber. Usually, it is done to reduce the cost of the product. But this manufacturer proudly confirms that all its production is exclusively pure bamboo viscose or rayon. This particular set is made of 100% viscose derived from organic bamboo.

We have compared this product with silk bed sheets, and the bamboo option is the undisputed winner in terms of price. Bamboo fabric is much more affordable while the qualities remain on the same level – the bamboo sheets can compete only with the finest cashmere.

Taking into account additional benefits, bamboo fabric is the best-recommended material for bedding sets. You can use these items all year round, thanks to the natural thermoregulation of the fabric. Furthermore, antistatic and antimicrobial properties make this bedding a real finding for people suffering from various kinds of allergies and skin irritations. Soft bamboo fabric soothes the skin, reduces blemishes, causes a positive effect on hair by preventing split ends.

And these are not pure words. Many unscrupulous bamboo product manufacturers do not have the necessary certificates, so the fabric’s quality from such mills is doubtful. The OEKO-Tex certificate verifies the quality of the goods from Hotel Sheets Direct. It is the most famous certification label for textile materials tested for the presence of harmful substances.


  • Fitted sheets come with a 15-16-inch pocket.
    Pillowcases come with a pillow pocket.
  • Fitted sheets come with a 15-16-inch pocket.
    Pillowcases come with a pillow pocket.
  • OEKO-Tex certified;
    This certificate proves that all production of the manufacturer is harmless and non-toxic
  • Belongs to the highest-rated bamboo products on Amazon.
    This manufacturer’s products have been rated by more than 1600 Amazon customers which proves their high demand.
  • Made of 100% bamboo. The pillowcases are produced from viscose obtained from organic bamboo
  • Rich color range offering 18 options. All colors are in classic pastel shades that can be successfully combined


  • Might be a little bit overpriced
  • Some customers complain about broken stitches

Color & Sizes.

When choosing bed linen, such factors as sizes and colors should not be underestimated. Correctly chosen color scheme of your bedding set promotes good sleep, positive emotions and boosts your mood. Hotel bamboo sheets come in classic color solutions. Usually, these are natural colors that harmoniously fit into almost all interiors. You can buy this bed sheet set in all basic shades: black, white, gray, sand, blue. Overall, you can choose from eighteen different shades.

Neutral and solid tones are always appropriate. These are the shades that you can find in the environment. For example, the color of an aquamarine or sandy beach, fresh leaves or the morning sky.

The bamboo bed sheet set comes in the following sizes:

Type of sheet

Fitted sheet

Flat sheet


Twin size

39” x 75” + 15” pocket

66” x 96”

1 pcs 20” x 30”

Twin size XL

39” x 80” + 15” pocket

66” x 102”

1 pcs 20” x 30”

Full size

54” x 75” + 15” pocket

81” x 96”

2 pcs 20” x 30”

Queen size

60” x 80” + 15” pocket

90” x 102”

2 pcs 20” x 30”

King size

76” x 80” + 16” pocket

108” x 102”

2 pcs 20” x 40”

California King size

72” x 84” + 16” pocket

108” x 102”

2 pcs 20” x 40”

Split King size

2 twin XL sheets

108” x 102”

2 pcs 20” x 40”

Who are these sheets for?

Bamboo bedding is a great alternative to cotton, thanks to its strength, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, softness, and tenderness. Everyone will appreciate the advantages of this fabric. Bamboo bedding is all-season. You can be sure that you will not freeze in winter, and you will definitely not be hot in summer. We believe bamboo is the undisputed leader in terms of climate regulation.

And its hypoallergenic property is its main advantage, making bamboo products suitable for everyone with sensitive skin, including children. Moreover, bamboo bed sets are especially suitable for people with bronchial asthma.

Where to buy Hotel Sheets Direct?

When buying bamboo bedding, note that these items are often counterfeited in recent years. If you come across a suspiciously cheap set in the package without labeling and product information, it can be a fake. To avoid such situations, we suggest you buy bamboo textile only in specialized online stores.

The reviewed set of bamboo bed sheets and other products of this manufacturer can be ordered via the Amazon platform. You can also get access to the bed linen collection on the company’s official website.

If you want to learn more about other bamboo bed sets click here!


How to interpret a thread count?

Good quality bamboo fabric has a thread count of 300 and higher. In simple words, thread count gives you information on how many horizontal and vertical threads can be found in one square inch of fabric. High thread count means softness and durability of bedding.

How to take care of your bamboo bedding set by Hotel Sheets Direct?

Bamboo items should be washed separately from other things, at a temperature not exceeding + 30 ° C. Always select a delicate washing mode and avoid bleach or conditioners. It is desirable to dry bamboo bedding in the open air, and to iron it at moderate temperatures. Following these rules will allow you to preserve the bright colors and structure of fabric for many years.

How is bamboo textile certified?

OEKO-Tech 100 certification. It is independent international testing of textile products at all stages of their production according to uniform criteria. This certificate is an unconditional guarantee of product safety for the end-user. It demonstrates that all materials - from the fabric itself to threads and buttons - as well as the dyes used in production, are harmless and non-toxic.

FSC (Forex Stewardship Council). This certificate proves that raw materials come from forests that are managed in accordance with FSC principles and criteria. And a supplier with such a certificate is environmentally responsible.

WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production).  This certificate is awarded for following internationally accepted norms and criteria of human workplace standards and ethic norms.


Is it worth buying bamboo bedding? Definitely yes. People following a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle have discovered the benefits of bamboo fabric long ago. Bamboo sheets and pillowcases are unique in most of their properties: durability, comfort, and health benefits. The assortment of bamboo bedding is diverse. Everyone will be able to choose the optimal set taking into account the interior, own needs and preferences. And we hope this review gave you some useful hints on how to purchase high-quality bamboo bedding.

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