Top 10 Best Henna Shampoos Reviews in 2023

Henna shampoo is a kind shampoo which contains ingredients derived from the henna plant. To select the best henna shampoo, first decide whether you need a shampoo that’s staining or non-staining. Non-staining shampoos have been intended to soften and condition the hair, though other henna shampoos may be utilized to make henna highlights or improve an individual’s hair colour.

If you’d like a shampoo which can deposit permanent pigment, then choose a product in line with the colour you would like to improve. Your very last consideration ought to be the general quality of the shampoo, that will ride on its components along with the freshness of the goods.

List of 10 Best Henna Shampoos

1. ShiKai Henna Gold Highlighting Shampoo 12 fl oz Liquid (Pack of 2)

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Switch on the lights and revive the shimmering brilliance concealed on your own hair with ShiKai Henna Gold Highlighting Shampoo! The key is non-coloring impartial henna – well known for its extraordinary ability to reflect light – such as cellophane – and – reveal hair’s lots of colours and natural glow without the damaging effects of artificial coloring agents.

This formulation utilizes high-quality henna that won’t change the colour of the hair and cleans out with every use. Safe to use on color treated hair.

2. Mill Creek Henna Shampoo, 16 Fluid Ounce

Mill Creek Henna Shampoo, 16 Fluid Ounce

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Our exclusive blend of pure botanical Henna and Keratin protein doesn’t impart colour so that it may be used in all hair colours to assist your hair eventually become shinier and more manageable.

Our Improving formula works naturally to condition and highlight the hidden highlights of the hair and capture the hidden tones.

Panthenol helps repair split ends and pump up the volume of the own hair for a natural glow and lively bounce. Free Of Allergic Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, Artificial Colors and Paraben.

3. Reshma Beauty Henna Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Reshma Beauty Henna Sulfate-Free Shampoo

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The organic, organically sourced Henna infusion helps revive and reconstruct your hair through the whole length, while additionally mildly cleansing and moisturizing the scalp of dead skin cells to create space for brand new, more powerful hair. Chamomile will leave your hair silky soft, whereas Aloe Vera will moisturize and help mend split ends.

4. Color Care Shampoo Henna Logona 8.4 oz Liquid

Color Care Shampoo Henna Logona 8.4 oz Liquid

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Plant-based hair-care system blending natural extracts of henna, birch leaf and calendula with wheat bran, silk proteins and walnut shells.

Henna Color Care Shampoo is fantastic for natural reddish to brownish hair dyed reddish to brownish with herbal hair colours. Particularly mild, plant-based surfactants imply mild cleaning to your own hair.

A natural care method and color-enhancing extracts to get lively colour intensity and also to present your hair vibrant glow, bounce, and softness. Recommended for everyday use.

5. Vitamyr Henna 14 Oz Natural Shampoo

Vitamyr Henna 14 Oz Natural Shampoo

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VITA-MYR Hair Care Products are vegan and made out of botanical ingredients. All our New shampoos and sprays are mild formulations that gently and effectively wash and condition hair with 100% organic and wholesome cleansing ingredients which all come from sustainable and renewable vegetarian resources.

These formulations are acceptable for all hair types, sensitive scalps & damaged hair. Safe for color treated hair. They’re soothing to the scalp and supply deep cleansing to every strand of the hair, down into the follicles.

These organic formulas are Sulfate-free, Paraben free, and Phenoxyethanol totally free, Gluten free, and artificial colour free and are obviously low foaming and easily biodegradable.

6. Design Essentials Oat Protein & Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo For Fuller, Thicker, Stronger, Longer Hair

Design Essentials Oat Protein & Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo For Fuller, Thicker, Stronger, Longer Hair

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Deep cleansing without stripping your hair: Unlike other heavy cleansing shampoos in the marketplace, there’s simply no need to worry about stripping the hair of its natural moisture when utilizing Design Essentials Oat protein & henna fuller, thicker, firmer deep cleansing shampoo ‐ per primary lather shampoo, full of natural ingredients, so which deeply cleanses your hair of any defects without stripping it of its natural oils.

The end result is clean, wholesome hair with greater volume and manageability. Gentle enough for all hair types and can be used weekly or daily as necessary.

7. Natur Vital Henna Black Shampoo- Color and Shine- 300 Ml/Natural & Organic

Natur Vital Henna Black Shampoo- Color and Shine- 300 Ml/Natural & Organic

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Specially formulated for black hair. Includes a combination of henna and sunflower extracts which revive and safeguard the color. Suitable for any hair type, whether dyed or natural. You may achieve the natural color and glow.

8. Sante Shampoo, Henna Volume, 6.8 Fluid Ounce

Sante Shampoo, Henna Volume, 6.8 Fluid Ounce

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SANTE Shampoo Henna Volume provides your hair volume and shine. The mild formula, enriched with natural honey, beer, also non-coloring organic henna extract, nourishes your hair arrangement and preserves the pure energy and elasticity of the hair.

9. Khadi Natural Herbal Ayurvedic Henna Tulsi Conditioning Shampoo for all Hair Types SLS and Paraben Free

Khadi Natural Herbal Ayurvedic Henna Tulsi Conditioning Shampoo for all Hair Types SLS and Paraben Free

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The Khadi Shop’s organic shampoo combines active green herbs with honey to get balanced shampoo which satisfies all hair types and is also very great for damage management. These organic elements blend to transform your hair to a luxuriously thick and dark mane. This shampoo is a unique formula suited to manage stubborn dandruff and avoid premature clogging of your own hair.

Filled with all the goodness of glycerine, vegetable fats, along with organic essential oils, Khadi is a nice blend of luxury to skin. Handmade and carefully placed together, we guarantee no compound traces and are pleased using a 100% organic product. Each essential oil has special advantages. These exotic scents alongside the advantages of oils and herbs advocated in Ayurveda are perfect for beautiful, wholesome skin.

10. Sweet Sunnah’s Black Seed Oil and Henna Shampoo Made with Argan Oil and Sulfate Free

Sweet Sunnah's Black Seed Oil and Henna Shampoo Made with Argan Oil and Sulfate Free

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This henna shampoo is said to be among the greatest shampoos on the market! Sweet Sunnah Hair Care formulations are a balanced combination of Black Seed oil and plant extracts which have been carefully chosen to complement one another.

The initial step in placing your hair back to the path to wellness is locating a healthful and natural cleanser. Our Black Seed Oil and Henna Herbal Shampoo Is the Best Option.

The shampoo is super-enriched using vitamins, minerals, herbs and proteins. Our lovely cleansing shampoo is made with all-natural ingredients that are natural and pure essential oils which make your hair clean and gently prepared without over stripping it.

It cleanses deeply and brightens hair by eliminating all of the impurities which produce your hair feel and look drab. Bring fresh energy into your hair with all our natural and nourishing formulation.

Benefits Of Using Henna Shampoo

  • Henna shampoos are well proven to create your hair softer, shinier and more beautiful. In addition, they work wonders for people who are having difficulty with their hair falling out.
  • They maintain your hair thicker and fuller and keep them at a much better condition. Henna shampoos are totally free of sulfates, which act as detergents and so are common components in most chemical-based shampoos. Sulfates can badly dry and harm your own hair, particularly if your hair was treated with colours.
  • Without sulfates, compounds or parabens, all these shampoos are all secure for the hair care. When compared to the majority of compound based shampoos, they’re inexpensive also.


For the best results out of your henna shampoo, then set it with henna conditioner. The mixture of both of these products will certainly offer you the maximum manageable and shiniest hair that’s soft and powerful. There are lots of brands of henna shampoos out there on the marketplace, with distinct additional ingredients and budget. You might want to try out several brands before you’re able to decide which one works better for you.

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