Top 10 Best Eye Primer For Oily Lids Reviews in 2023

A primer is thought of as the liquid that spreads on a wall before it is painted. For makeup artists, primer creams must be applied to the face before applying makeup, especially with eyeshadow. Eye primers will help you make eye makeup quickly and easily, in addition, it also makes a noticeable difference in color, keeping the color.

What is Eye Primer?

Eye Primer is a product that can be applied to the upper and lower eyelids before actually applying eye makeup. Many people often think that using a primer is enough, so it is often overlooked, but this is a misconception.

Primer creates a foundation for the eyelids, absorbs excess oil and flattens the skin surface for eye makeup. Without a primer, the eyelids will be greasy, which can cause the eyeshadow to look blurry all day, or the eyeshadow will not blend evenly. In contrast, people with dry eyelids, eyeshadows will be very difficult to stick to the skin.

List of 10 Best Eye Primer For Oily Lids

1. e.l.f. Cosmetics Eye Primer & Liner Sealer, Keeps Eyeshadow and Eyeliner in Place All Day

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With such a surprisingly cheap price, the product quality is also extremely good. The product has an innovative 2-head design, one is the eye primer of a lather-type eye liner before eye makeup, one end is a locking eye gel color after applying eye makeup. As a result, the eyeshadow has both a precise color and a firm grip, it is difficult to fade. Because the eye primer has cream color, you can also use it to cover the dark circles. Customers commented that the product has a smooth creamy texture that is easy to spread, keeping eye color fresh throughout the day.

2. NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Base, High Definition

NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Base, High Definition

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Customers responded after using the product: “It has the ability to keep eye color for as long as the products from high-end brands, even longer. Even without eye makeup, I often apply this product on my eyelids to control the oil. A good low-priced product beyond expectations. ” Besides the ability to hold the color for a long time, the product also provides the effect of pigment correction for the skin around the eyes, so that the smoky eyes no longer look tired and become sharper. Some customers also said: “It keeps my eye makeup class longer than 10 hours, after napping waking up the eye color is still intact.”

3. Smashbox Photo Finish 24-hour Shadow Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish 24-hour Shadow Primer

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The eye cream provides the ability to lock out eyeshadow shades from morning to night, even when you are active during the day, sweating. Many women have reported that after applying this primer, even the fastest eyeshadows will become incredibly durable. Besides, the texture of the primer helps eyeshadow to color correctly, keeping the state of smooth and perfect fresh lasting throughout the day.

4. Mary Kay Eye Primer

Mary Kay Eye Primer

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The feeling of fast drying, no wrinkles on the corners of the eyes is a feature of the Mary Kay Eye Primer. Not all eye primer products are of good quality and meet all of the above criteria. Products is good for aging skin because it is not too popular when makeup.

5. Becca Anti-fatigue Under Eye Primer By Becca for Women

Becca Anti-fatigue Under Eye Primer By Becca for Women

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Perfectly helps cover wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, giving you a more youthful and radiant skin easily. Helps to evenen eye color, help eyeshadow and eyeliner to be more standard color, increase grip and control oil for 9 to 10 hours. Waterproof ability can persist on the skin throughout the day.

6. Wet & Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

Wet & Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

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Wet N Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer is considered as a dupe of Urban Decay popular eye cream with the purpose of keeping eye makeup lasted all day long, from eye-shadow to eye-liner.

Nude beige cream, put on the skin almost file into the skin color, has a soft texture and is easy to put on the delicate skin of the eyes to help even out the eye area, cover blemishes like revealing blood vessels, skin is red, purple…

In particular, the eye primer also works to help the eyeshadow be the best color and the best color on the skin, not discolored.

Helps protect the eye area, avoiding the harmful effects of eyeshadow on delicate skin.

7. Hard Candy Glamouflage Full Cover Foundation Golden Sand

Hard Candy Glamouflage Full Cover Foundation Golden Sand

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Hard Candy 16hr Wear Full Coverage Foundation is a drugstore makeup foundation that has been hunted by beauty in recent years. With outstanding advantages and the ability to cover the absolute must be something that every woman wants to own to look so sparkling.

With high permeability and good adhesion, Hard Candy 16hr Wear Full Coverage Foundation will gently cover all dark spots on the skin, giving the skin a natural smooth. In addition, the product also helps to adjust the optimal skin tone to provide a smooth, natural foundation and provide moisture to replenish, Vitamin E for smooth, radiant and youthful skin.

8. Milani Eyeshadow Primer

Milani Eyeshadow Primer

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Milani is more and more popular than before thanks to the super pretty Luminoso blush but also very cheap. After that is the 8-in-1 foundation that is popular among women, if you love the quality of its products, you should not ignore the primer for this eye.

9. Maybelline New York Master Prime Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Base, Prime + Matte

Maybelline New York Master Prime Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Base, Prime + Matte

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Maybelline New York Master Prime Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Base has extremely soft cream. Products have the ability to help eye color standards, durable, not smudged, long drifting for 7-8 hours. The eye primer has good concealer ability like wrinkles or blood vessels, dark circles. Pearl light cream has the ability to catch light, helps protect the delicate eye skin from dust or the harmful effects of other cosmetics.

10. bareMinerals Prime Time Eye Primer

bareMinerals Prime Time Eye Primer

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At the bottom of the list, Baremineral’s primer is not inferior to the quality of the above products, the texture is thin and light when applied to the skin of the eyes it is transparent as not very suitable for natural style makeup or style of transparent points. In addition, dry skin is also suitable for this product because it is safe with natural ingredients.

Why Should You Buy Eye Primers?

Alkaline oil, creating the perfect foundation for the eyes

Similar to face primer, eye primer works to smooth the eye area, creating the perfect foundation for the next makeup step. In addition, the cream also helps to control oil in the eye area – where girlfriends often overlook and ignore when applying makeup.

Keeps eye shadow lasting, supporting eyeshadow to the right color

Thanks to the foundation created by the foundation, the girlfriend can apply it more perfectly. Besides, the primer also helps eyeshadow stick and easily use brushes to mix colors as you like for your soul windows. You can refer to the following images as an example of the power of eye makeup.

How to use eye primer

Of course, you cannot use eye primer arbitrarily. Depending on the requirements of use, you will have different choices of foundation cream products to get the best color powder. One thing to keep in mind, however, for this type of product is to use as little as possible. You should not be too greedy when using eye primer will make the eyes become heavier than usual.

Tip: If you want to use sparkling emulsion eye color, you should use colorless eye primer, smooth cream will work best. In addition, if you have not bought eye primer, you can use a concealer instead.


The above 10 Best Eye Primer For Oily Lids are selected by based on user reviews and are randomly arranged. You can optionally choose the right product to help your eye makeup more perfect. Remember, eye primer is very important and you should not ignore it.

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