🍃 Cosy House Bamboo Sheets Review – 2023 Buying Guide

The importance of having a good sleep at night is absolutely inarguable. Though, discussing methods of improving our restoration during sleeping time, there is a big point that is often being missed out. And yes, it comes down to your bed sheets' quality as it can make a drastic influence on the way you sleep. Choosing good quality bamboo sheets can be a challenging task at times. It is our job to make this process easier for you by reviewing products like Cosy House bamboo sheets.

Cosy House sheets have been on the market since 2014 and have won thousands of loyal clients since then. Let’s take a deeper look at Cosy House luxury bamboo sheets to get to know more about their key features, benefits and drawbacks.

Key Features of Cosy House Bamboo Sheets

The reason why these sheets draw so much attention lies behind their luxurious quality. They are perfectly designed and also are breathable and soft.

Another attention-drawing feature about Cosy House bamboo sheets is their eco-friendliness. Bamboo is a self-replenishing source that doesn’t need replanting after being harvested and requires little to none care in general. Moreover, plants that produce bamboo viscose usually operate based on closed-loop cycles that ensure that technical water is being cleaned and re-used in the course of the production. These techniques eliminate the spill of used water into the landfill, doing an excellent job in terms of sustainability.

Most importantly, these sheets are also able to stay nicely-looking even after many years in use. Sleeping on such sheets is not only a luxurious and pleasurable experience but is also a way of saving the planet.

Pros & Cons of Cosy House Bamboo Sheets

Being fully informed about the pros and cons of bamboo sheets before you buy them is key. In order to make a complete Cosy House luxury bamboo sheets review, we had to deconstruct their advantages and see if there are any drawbacks.

The Pros

- They are unbelievably soft. Most of us know that Egyptian cotton is considered as the softest material ever used in bed linen. However, Cosy House sheets can surely compete for the title of the softest ones as well. In fact, the representatives of the brand state that bamboo rayon used in Cosy House bamboo sheets is even softer than Egyptian cotton. If you have ever dived into characteristics of fabrics, you might know that thread count is what actually defines the softness of the material. Hence, a relatively low thread count of bamboo rayon might puzzle you and give space for doubts concerning the softness of Cosy House sheets. Though, you have to note that thread count is only applicable to fabrics with horizontal thread positioning. In the case with bamboo rayon used in these sheets, threads are weaved diagonally, and this is exactly what brings you a brand new experience of softness. 

- Cosy House bamboo sheets are breathable. Bamboo rayon that can be found in these sheets is ultimately breathable, and it is a very important aspect to mention. Firstly, the breathability of the fabric is something that ensures temperature control as you sleep. It means that you have to forget about waking up in sweat during hot summer nights. But also, the breathability of Cosy House sheets is going to keep you warm during the winter. Though, maintenance of optimal body temperature is not the only good thing that results from breathability. Alongside this feature, high airflow will keep you away from the unpleasant odor that is common for bed sheets. As you might know, the cause of unpleasant smell lies behind the distribution of bacteria. Allowing massive amounts of air in, bamboo rayon lowers the growth of the latter. Consequently, these sheets will stay fresh and nicely-smelling for longer. 

- These sheets have a perfect fit. Both Cosy House luxury bamboo sheets and Cosy House bamboo blend sheets come in a variety of sizes: you can choose from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King and even Split King. However, there is more to the perfect fit of these sheets than just a wide variety of sizing. Designers of the brand created the sheets in a way that they look great with whichever height of the mattress and take as little time as possible to be put on. The wonderful fit was achieved thanks to premium quality elastics that are sewn into the edges of the sheets. That’s why your Cosy House sheet will stay in place even if you toss and turn all night and won’t take much time to be changed.

- Cosy house bamboo sheets are eco-friendly. As much as there were a lot of words said on the eco-friendliness of bamboo, we still find place for paying one more tribute to the wonderful feature of this material. The bamboo rayon that can be found in these bed sheets is probably the best thing that can ever happen to your sleeping experience and nature. You have to be aware that the majority of sheets that are available on the market are made from cotton. It is all because cotton is very cheap to grow. But have you ever thought about the real price of this relatively cheap material? The truth is, a vast amount of cotton is being grown in emerging countries, where production facility workers are being severely underpaid and made to work long hours. Therefore, only a limited amount of cotton can be grown fast without the use of pesticides. In fact, 18% of the world’s pesticide use is connected with the industry of cotton production. But is it any different when it comes to bamboo production? To begin with, bamboo is an unbelievably fast-growing grass that needs neither pesticides nor replanting after it’s gathered. With the strong root nets, stems of bamboo improve the soil they are being grown on. Furthermore, bamboo needs way less water than cotton and this is exactly what makes it the most sustainable fabric choice for your bed. sheets.

The Cons

- The variety of colors is relatively small. Being spoilt by cheap mass-market brands of bed linen, we often think that sheets have to come in all possible and impossible colors. However, buying Cosy House bamboo sheets means that you will have a choice out of 12 tone options. Nevertheless, the available color pallet is universal enough to give you enough space for choice. All of the colors look natural and eye-pleasing, giving you the warranty that they will stay as they are even after multiple machine washes.

Why you should buy Cosy House Sheets

Summarizing the list of above pros & cons, you have to remember that Cosy House bamboo sheets are not only sustainable and good for the environment but also are long-lasting, soft and breathable. Despite not costing much, these bamboo sheets are an investment that will justify every dollar of its cost in the long run.

Where to buy Cosy House Sheets

You can visit the cosy house collection website if you are willing to buy your bamboo sheets directly from them. By buying items directly from the Cosy House Collection website, you ensure the authenticity of your sheets and also get high-quality customer support from the brand.

You can also navigate your way to our best bamboo sheets page where you can get a comparison of other brands and make a more educated buying decision.

Cosy House Sheets FAQ’s

"Are Cosy House sheets hypoallergenic?"

Absolutely yes. High-quality rayon that is used in Cosy House bed sheets is a great fit even for people with various kinds of allergies.

"Does Cosy House Collection provide a warranty for bamboo sheets?"

Buying Cosy House Collection bed sheets, you get a lifetime warranty and customer support. Even if your sheets tear after 10 years in use or you will simply stop liking the color, the customer support team of Cosy House Collection will be there for you to make a return or an exchange.

"Do Cosy House bed sheets come with any additional items?"

Yes. The bed sheets come as a set of flat bed sheets, fitted bed sheets and two pillowcases.

"Does the price of sheets vary by size?"

Not much. To compare, the price of the Split King Luxury bed sheet set is only $2.50 different from the Twin-sized option.


Cosy House Bamboo sheets are a true gem amongst the variety of bed sheets that is available on the market. The perfect combination of sustainability and comfort is what makes them so precious and attention-drawing. Advanced production technologies limit the spill of wastewater into the landfill and also take the softness of the sheets onto a whole new level. Bamboo rayon for Cosy House sheets is being woven with the use of diagonal thread positioning, which makes its way softer than popular Egyptian cotton.

Being soft to the skin and prone to dust mites, Cosy House bed sheets make an incredible fit for children and allergy-prone individuals. High-quality elastics ensure that your bamboo sheet won’t disturb your sleep by creasing and sliding. The lifetime warranty, given by Cosy House Collection, turns as another proof for the longevity and reliability of the sheets.

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  1. These sheets are loaded with static electricity.
    I wake up in the morning and they are stuck to me and my hair.
    I have tried the regular dryer sheets I use on all my other sheets and it does nothing.
    Does anyone else have this issue?

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