10 Reasons You Should Make a Change to Bamboo Duvet Covers

Bamboo is a unique material that is loved by all of the eco-aware individuals. Besides supporting the traditions of craftsmanship, bamboo production doesn’t harm the earth with dangerous pesticides and uses very little water. Plantations of bamboo are quite self-sufficient, as the straws of bamboo grow back without any outer assistance.

Bamboo-based products are gaining more recognition every single day. However, there isn’t enough tribute paid to bamboo sleeping items. We have already discussed the benefits of bamboo bed sheets, and now it’s the time for duvet covers.

What are bamboo duvet covers?

Duvet traces it’s roots back to 1749 and is a multi-layered blanket filled with natural feathers or synthetic fillings. However, this sleeping item is too tender and sensitive to be used all alone. Duvet covers are designed to coat duvets, so they feel softer, last longer and look better. The market offers an uncountable number of duvet cover options, but the ones from bamboo tend to capture the most attention.

Bamboo duvet covers are well-known in the eco-conscious community because of the combination of bamboo’s outstanding properties and reduced environmental footprint. 

Though, in the case with bamboo duvet covers, they provide way more than that. Everything can be found in these duvets: from regulating the temperature of your body and absorbing water to anti-allergy properties.

Without further ado, let’s explore all of the bamboo duvet cover benefits:

1. Keep you cool

Bamboo is well-known for its ability to regulate body temperature. Thus, your organic duvet cover will never make you too hot in summer and is going to keep you warm during the wintertime. 

Even though it sounds like absolute magic, the thermoregulation of bamboo duvet covers doesn’t lack a scientific explanation. The thing is, bamboo fabric has a lot of tiny gaps that provide ventilation and let the air flow through, so the temperature of the fabric perfectly synchronizes with your body and outer environment. 

2. Hypoallergenic

A lot of people struggle from skin irritation while using regular duvet covers. You have to know that cotton duvet covers are not the best choice for people with sensitive skin. During the process of production, cotton is exposed to multiple pesticides, which makes it a potential allergen and causes skin sensitivity. 

If your skin is allergy-prone, you have to consider switching to organic bamboo duvet covers. 

Moreover, these covers are also antibacterial: bamboo fabric fights the outer allergens and harmfull bacterial, providing a better sleeping experience. 

3. Smooth  

Users of cotton duvet covers often complain that their items loose smoothness after some time. However, this is not something to worry about in the case of bamboo duvet covers.

Despite having strong and resilient fiber, bamboo material is exceptional due to being ultimately smooth. As a consequence, the smoothness of bamboo duvets prevents your skin from being irritated.  

4. Easy to maintain  

Usually, duvet covers get tougher after washing, and the silkiness goes away quickly. It is also very common for duvets to fade after being washed. 

Though, users of 100% bamboo duvet covers have a completely different experience. Bamboo duvets are very durable, and washing won’t cause them any damage due to the strength of bamboo fiber.

You also have to know that natural colorants that are used for dying bamboo fabric are resilient and don’t fade with time. Taking care of bamboo duvet cover is as easy as following the instruction on its label.

5. Breathable 

Wetness is the most unpleasant thing that can happen to any duvet cover, except for the bamboo one. The human body naturally produces sweat while sleeping, and bamboo duvets do a great job absorbing it. 

Duvet covers from bamboo offer breathability that cannot be found in other fabrics. As it was mentioned before, bamboo duvet covers provide a wonderful air flow though micro-gaps. Along these lines, your sleep under bamboo duvet cover is going to be more peaceful.

6. Stylish

Buying a bamboo duvet cover is the right decision because it’s the quickest and the most sustainable fix for the dull interior. These duvets come in all designs and sizes: bamboo duvet cover king can be found alongside with single-bed options. 

A bright and stylish organic bamboo duvet is capable of transforming your room without any additional effort. 

7. Sustainable 

As most eco-conscious people know, the industry of cotton production is unbelievably polluting and damaging for the environment. Violation of workers’ rights and abuse of natural resources in the process of cotton production is exactly the reason why switching to bamboo duvet covers is worth it. 

In fact, bamboo is a grass that grows back itself and requires neither replanting nor dangerous chemicals. It also requires three times less water than cotton does. Thus, you make a sustainable choice by purchasing bamboo duvet covers. 

8. Improve your sleep

How many times did you have trouble falling asleep because you didn’t feel comfortable under your blanket? We are sure that the number of these times will significantly decrease when you get yourself a 100% organic bamboo duvet. 

In fact, all of the advantages of bamboo duvet covers result in improving the quality of your sleep. Absorption of moisture, antimicrobial properties, overall softness and temperature regulation bamboo duvets provide will take your sleeping experience to a whole new level.

9. Affordable 

A common belief states that high-quality goods must be expensive. Though, it’s completely the opposite for organic bamboo duvets. Despite having amazing characteristics, they are surprisingly affordable. An average price for a high-quality bamboo duvet is around $50, while cheaper options can be found without compromising the quality. 

By buying 100% organic duvets, you are making both sustainable and budget-friendly decision.

10. Offer a wide choice of options 

More and more companies engage in the production of bamboo duvet covers, so the variety of these on the market might be quite overwhelming. For example, bamboo duvet cover queen-sized options are considered to be the most optimal in terms of size design varieties. More demanding customers can also find organic bamboo duvets in king size. 

Also, there are options for both people who want to buy 100% bamboo duvet cover and experiment with blends of other fibers. Don't know which duvet cover to buy? We have reviewed 9 best bamboo duvet covers available on the market. Click here to view the full list.

In a word

Bamboo duvet covers provide an uncountable number of benefits. They keep you cool in summer and ensure that you won’t get cold in winter by absorbing excessive moisture. The latter also has a lot to do with keeping your bamboo duvet cover free from dangerous bacteria and allergens.

Organic bamboo duvets are also perfect for those who experience skin sensitivity, as they are extremely soft to the touch. Moreover, you don’t have to worry that your bamboo duvet is only capable of providing fluffiness for a limited period of time. You can wash your bamboo duvet as much as you want and still have it remain bright and soft. 

Besides this, bamboo duvet covers can do a great job by comforting anxious sleepers and transform the look of your sleeping space without causing any harm to your budget. That’s why these organic duvet covers are an excellent choice for everyone who is concerned about the quality of their sleep and the environment. 

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