Top 10 Best Cordless Heated Blankets of 2023

When the cold sets in, a cordless heated blanket can be welcome and help us feel warm without having to plunge under several layers of blankets.

So yes, the cordless heated blanket works with electricity but contrary to what one can imagine this can be a good plan. Savings on our electricity bills, what do you mean? By keeping us warm at night (and even during the day) the electric blankets allow us to reduce the thermostat of the room in which we sleep during the coldest months. The blanket more than makes up for the drop in temperature and consumes far less than a few degrees more in a room.

The Best Cordless Heated Blankets

1. Sunbeam Heated Blanket

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With a quilted design, this soft machine washable blanket and dryer has 10 heat settings and an automatic 10-hour shutdown function. It is made of 100% polyester. A really cool feature is the exclusive integrated wiring system that detects and adjusts throughout the blanket to provide constant warmth. So, once you turn it on, you can just relax. And if your partner is warm-blooded, you’ll love the fact that they have dual control capacity, which means each of you can control the heat on their own side of the blanket.

Customers love the ease of using the controls, even in the dark, and the fact that it’s really hot. Some people have complained about smelling the wires in the blanket, which is fairly common for electric blankets. Others said it was not the softest, but one owner said put a duvet on it to make it more comfortable. Overall, people were happy with this product and said it was worth it. If you are looking for something to keep you warm at night, this blanket is of high quality.

2. Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket | Microplush, 3 Heat Settings

Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket | Microplush, 3 Heat Settings

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Do you want to stay warm but don’t want to spend a lot of money on an expensive electric blanket ? Some are available, like the one from Sunbeam. While it’s not as cheap as a regular blanket, you can keep telling yourself how much you will save on home heating by snuggling up with this stuff. It has three heating settings and an automatic three-hour shutdown function. It detects and adjusts to provide constant heat. Made from 100% polyester microplush fabric, you can throw it in the machine to wash and dry it.

Even if it has fewer features and some of its category are more expensive , it is a good buy and customers love it. Many have praised the speed with which it heats up and the fact that it resists well in the washing machine. However, it’s a bit odd: many have complained about the placement of the control and the electrical connection in the middle of the cover on the bottom edge, so it’s hard to plug the plug into an outlet. But if you can look past this design flaw, it’s good budget coverage.

3. Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket | Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink, 3 Heat Settings

Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket | Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink, 3 Heat Settings

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Sometimes you’re really looking for a nice hug on the couch, so full coverage might not be your best bet. A warming blanket gives you everything you love in a blanket, but in a smaller dose.

This plaid has a faux sherpa lining which makes it soft and fluffy. It has three hot settings and an automatic three hour stop function. So you don’t have to worry if you left it on. In addition to allowing you to spend a comfortable moment on your sofa, this throw has a six-foot cord, thus leaving you plenty of room for a source of energy and it is machine washable. To safely wash your electric blanket at home, be sure to follow the care instructions to avoid damage.

4. Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Microplush, 10 Heat Settings, Mushroom

Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Microplush, 10 Heat Settings, Mushroom

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If being comfortable means a fluffy plush blanket, the Sunbeam Microplush heated blanket is for you. Available in five colors, you can get one for all family members. The queen and king sizes have dual controls that allow it to be set at two different temperatures.

This blanket has a preheating setting so you can warm cold sheets before going to bed at night. It also has 10 different heat levels and an automatic 10-hour shutdown, so you don’t have to worry if you left it in your absence.

5. Serta Luxe Plush Fleece Heated Electric Blanket

Serta Luxe Plush Fleece Heated Electric Blanket

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One drawback of electric blankets is that you can often feel a rigid wire in the blanket that could disturb your sleep. This Serta model has hidden cables with its Invis-Wire technology and low voltage technology, making it a much more comfortable fit. Like others in the roundup, it has a preheating function and turns off after ten hours. Another addition is a backlit screen that facilitates adjustments in the middle of the night and reduces disruption for you and your partner.

6. SoftHeat Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket

SoftHeat Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket

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Sometimes you just have to splurge a bit, especially when it comes to comfort. If you want a high-end electric blanket, this will give you all the sensations of luxury. The ultra-soft 100% polyester microfleece fabric can be washed and dried in the machine. The company said it doesn’t shrink or stretch. Low voltage technology saves energy and ensures safety during use. In addition, you can divide the heat into two zones (ideal for partners whose body temperature is completely different). Heating will automatically turn off after 10 hours, in case you forget to turn it off. There is also a preheat function which will warm your place before bed.

7. Beurer HD71 Heated Electric Blanket

Beurer HD71 Heated Electric Blanket

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This Beurer HD 71 electric blanket is one of my favorites, especially because of the precision of its thermostat. You have the choice between six different temperature levels, to be sure that you can adapt the use of your product to the situation and your preferences of the moment. It is one of the most accurate thermostats I have had the opportunity to try during my testing of various and varied heating products. In addition to that, this acrylic fiber heating blanket is very soft and really pleasant in contact with the skin.

It is obviously equipped with all the important safety systems, such as the anti-overheating system, or the system for stopping the cover after three hours of activity. This allows you not to stress yourself, and to be able to fall asleep quietly roll up in your duvet without risking anything.

Its dimensions make it easy to roll up in the blanket, or to share it with loved ones on a sofa or in a bed. The cozy outer cover is removable, which considerably facilitates its maintenance. In addition, she goes to the washing machine.

8. Medisana Heating Blanket

Medisana Heating Blanket

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The Medisana electric blanket is currently the mid-range blanket on the market. With a power of 120 watts for very warm comfort, it also has four heating levels available and completely adjustable thanks to its practical and easy-to-use remote control.

Its soft and fluffy textile composition guarantees impeccable relaxation comfort. The little extra? Its bi-colored and reversible composition which allows you to use it on both sides. Practice not? Also with the Oeko Tex quality label, it offers you the guarantee and the assurance of optimal safety for fragile skin and it therefore ensures its consumers safe use.

9. KLARSTEIN Dr. Watson Heated Electric Blanket, 3 Heat Settings, Ultra-Warm Premium MicroPlush

KLARSTEIN Dr. Watson Heated Electric Blanket, 3 Heat Settings, Ultra-Warm Premium MicroPlush

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Cozy and warm the KLARSTEIN Dr. Watson Heated Electric Blanket gives you well-being and pain-relieving effect thanks to its diffuse and pleasant warmth. Made of quality microfibers, this heating blanket is also equipped with polyester imitation fur that will wrap your body in a cocoon of warmth.

With its 120 watts of power, you alone have the privilege of regulating the temperature. With its three adjustable heat levels, it brings you well-being and comfort. Its smart timer prevents overheating since it turns off by itself after three hours of continuous use. Efficient and safe, it is the top of the range of electric blankets.

10. MaxKare Electric Blanket Heated Throw Flannel & Sherpa Reversible Fast Heating Blanket

MaxKare Electric Blanket Heated Throw Flannel & Sherpa Reversible Fast Heating Blanket

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With its red and warm appearance, the cover did not take long to convince us. It is extremely comfortable. Designed on the one hand in flannel, on the other hand in sherpa fabric forming a veloutine, the combination is pleasant as well to take a light nap as to warm up by reading a good book.

It is a reassuring product, ETL certified, and therefore compliant with North American electrical standards. Overheating protection is provided. In addition, after 4 hours, the heating stops automatically. So you don’t have to take the time and plan your usage time precisely each time.

Also note that you can wash the blanket directly in the machine. To do this, you just need to detach the control box. Please note: for safety reasons, it is imperative that the object is perfectly dry before using it again. There is practically no maintenance effort required.

Cordless Heated Blanket Buying Guide

Why should you buy a cordless heated blanket?

It is not just a trend to follow. And far beyond the fact that it has become a must in winter and for people sensitive to the cold, it is also a real health ally. Added to this is the fact that you save energy.

To avoid heating and save money

Investing in a heating blanket can add value to your portfolio. If you opt, in fact for the low-consumption models, the 12-volt heating blanket for example, your electricity consumption will be more reduced than if you use the electric radiator which is more energy-consuming.

What’s more, there will be no need to heat the entire room. You can focus directly on preheating your bed. For this, 30 minutes will be enough, which will surely reduce your bill.

To always be warm in winter

To be ready to face the cold periods in winter, the heating blanket for bed is the ideal accessory. You can then sleep at ease and warm. You can also opt for a 140 x 190 cm heating blanket, medium size. It will be ideal for your evenings or your Sundays on the sofa in front of the TV.

If you are chilly, the electric blankets guarantee more heat for the body. They allow personalized preheating of your mattress. You will be able to slip into a perfectly temperate bed on cold winter evenings. But electric blankets are also practical. They can be used as an extra blanket if you are planning a getaway under the stars, or better yet, a ski vacation. If so, add a heated camping blanket to the list of your travel kits.

How to choose a cordless heated blanket?


We do not choose a plaid at random, because it will indeed adapt its size according to the dimensions of your mattress and according to the number of people to want to enjoy it.

The most important thing with an electric blanket is of course that it can be large enough to cover us up to the feet in order to provide us with the ideal heat we need.

This is why our site advises you to opt for a heating blanket of 190 x 140 cm to properly cover two people in a double bed. For a child or adolescent, you can choose a 1-place electric bed heater to prevent it from dragging on the floor while they sleep.


Manufacturers are constantly competing in ingenuity to offer users increasingly comfortable blankets, made with quality materials to guarantee maximum softness.

You then have a multitude of commercial models among which some are made with polyester, others in fleece and even in imitation fur fabric.

So there is no shortage of choices, because the main thing will be to determine the best fabric that will both make you feel a soft texture and which has also benefited from various hypoallergenic treatments. As for the color of the plaid, it all depends on your preference. Do not hesitate to choose a tone that goes well with all of your bedding or simply a color that you particularly like and that will make you want to sleep in it.


The power of a heating blanket or a mattress warmer generally varies from 100 to 150 watts. But do not hesitate to buy the one with the highest power, as this does not affect the quality and efficiency of the device. It’s just the speed of the plaid to heat up.

Therefore, the higher its power, the more it will reach the desired temperature in no time. Note, however, that all electric blankets offer adjustable temperature levels that can range from 3 to 6. You can therefore be satisfied with a medium power model if the 3 temperature levels offered are sufficient for you. On the other hand, for a slimming heating blanket for example, it will be necessary to bet on a higher power which will offer a wide choice of temperature which can reach level 6.


The danger of electric bed heaters is the fact that they can present risks of overheating to its user. One of the reasons why you should always check your security system which can regulate the heat.

Meilleur-Note recommends that you take a model with the automatic shutdown function after a certain hour of operation. This will save you from the risk of overheating, especially if you fell asleep while the blanket is still running. Others are however equipped with an anti-overheating system.

In addition, prefer a heated mattress pad fitted with a removable remote control so that you do not have to sleep with it and to facilitate washing your bedding. Also, don’t forget to check if the electric heating blanket you have chosen is machine compatible in order to facilitate its maintenance. Our site also advises you to opt for a removable model for greater ease. And for a better comfort of use, favor a luminous display to ensure the good functioning of the plaid.

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