Best Tape for Packing & Sealing to Use When Moving

When moving to a new home, shipping items across the country, or packing boxes for storage, you usually have a lengthy checklist of things you need to get done and done to ensure you have the best tape for packing. Your packing tape must offer a firm hold so that your packages and boxes remain securely sealed. Though most packing tapes are durable enough for moving packages, items intended for storage need a heavier, temperature-resistant adhesive that will offer a long-term hold. And the best packing tape on this guide has universal qualities that can benefit every user.

Why Would You Need Tape for Packing?

Packing tapes are durable and can last an extended time. In addition, the tapes can keep your packages well-sealed, making them ideal for shipping, moving and storage. Also, you can use tapes in different applications and storage temperatures; therefore, you need to pick the right for your specific needs when choosing.

Furthermore, these tapes ensure that your items are shipped and handled correctly; using an adhesive with sturdy film usually guarantees a consistent seal throughout. This usually offers confidence that your items won't tear no matter how rough they are handled. Now that we know the importance of packing tapes let's check out the best options on the market.

What is the strongest tape for packing?

1. Scotch 1.88" x 54.6 yd Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, (3850-6)

Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape, 1.88" x 54.6 yd, 3" Core,...
  • Guaranteed to Stay Sealed* (*If your box does not stay sealed, 3M will refund the purchase price of this tape. Proof of purchase required....
  • Provides excellent holding power for heavy-duty packaging and shipping
  • Strong seal on all box types, including hard-to-stick-to 100% recycled boxes
  • Strong, durable solvent-free hot melt adhesive seals and protects
  • Release coating makes unwind easy. Resists slivering, splitting and tearing

If you want packing tape that will help you pack boxes for long-term storage, you can count on the Scotch Heavy-Duty Packing Tape. Also, if you are struggling to seal boxes, particularly those made from 100 percent recycled material, this is the best packing tape for you. This clear tape uses a solvent-free hot melt adhesive to offer a heavy-duty seal on virtually all box types. Moreover, the packing tape is engineered to withstand extreme conditions and will maintain a secure seal for lasting protection for your things.

This unit usually contains six rolls of tape. The clear packing tape also has a coating to prevent tearing and splitting as it unwinds. The Scotch tape is perfect for long-term storage and offers a durable, UV-resistant hold that doesn't give out even in temperature changes. However, this acrylic adhesive tape isn't as sticky as some of the models on this guide, making it less fit for rough handling and shipping.


  • Withstand extreme temperatures and maintain a secure seal
  • Resistant to splitting, slivering, and tearing
  • Offers a solid seal on all box types
  • Has a durable solvent-free hot melt adhesive


  • Doesn't come with a tape dispenser

2. Gorilla 1.88" x 25 Yds Heavy Duty Packing Tape

Gorilla Heavy Duty Packing Tape with Dispenser for Moving, Shipping...
  • Perfect for shipping, moving and storage
  • Extra thick; tough 3. 4mil construction
  • Crystal Clear; for protecting box labels
  • Split and tear resistant; water and temperature resistant
  • to last

If you are looking for a solid seal, we recommend the Gorilla's 1.88" x 25 yd Heavy Duty Packing Tape. This tape is an ultra-thick 3.4 mil and tough enough to support even heavyweights. Besides, the sealing tape has a strong adhesive making it perfect for high-stress situations like storage, moving and shipment. Additionally, the packing tape is resistant to tears and splits and has a thick liner to offer extra support.

The packing tape allows you to pack more substantial items in a box/carton, such as books knowing well it will adhere. The unit features four rolls of clear packing tape, and each core has 25 yds of tape that measures 1.88" wide. Although the tape is moisture and temperature-resistant, it's not recommendable for extremely low temperatures. Besides, you can use this clear tape to protect shipping labels.


  • Comes with extra-thick construction
  • This clear tape features a dispenser
  • Moisture and temperature resistant
  • Resistant to splitting, slivering, and tearing


  • Not advisable for very low temperatures

3. Duck EZ Start (280068) Packing Tape Refill

Duck Brand EZ Start Packing Tape Refill, 4 Rolls, 1.88 Inch x 54.6...
  • Frustration-free, high-performance packaging tape
  • Unique EZ Start to eliminate any difficulty in starting roll
  • Tape unrolls smoothly, quietly and easily the first time and every time
  • Meets postal regulations for shipping tape

Duck EZ Start (280068) Packing Tape Refill is specially designed to roll out quietly and smoothly without splitting so you won't lose the packing tape end. As a result, it's a high-performance, frustration-free tape that minimizes the stress of packing. Also, it's easy to use and strong enough for most packing tasks, with a long-lasting acrylic adhesive that usually works well for moving boxes, shipping and storage.

Furthermore, the packing tape features a unique EZ start to get rid of any hassle in the start roll. You can use this tape as a storage tape since the adhesive is long-lasting. The unit features four rolls of clear packing tape, and each core has 54.6 yd of tape that measures 1.88" wide. Besides, it meets postal regulations for shipping tape.


  • Roll out quietly and smoothly without splitting
  • Features long-lasting acrylic adhesive
  • Meets postal regulations for shipping tape
  • Easy to use packing tape


  • Doesn't adhere well to plastic

4. JARLINK 1.88" x 60 Yd Clear Packing Tape

JARLINK Clear Packing Tape (12 Rolls), Heavy Duty Packaging Tape for...
  • 12 Rolls of Tape - The dimensions of this tape is at 60 yards length x 1.88-inch width or (55m x 47mm) per roll, a total of 720 yards or...
  • Strong Adhesive - With strong BOPP acrylic adhesive, the sturdy tape sticks very well and holds boxes together.
  • High Quality - Our 2.7mil thick tape is very good in thickness and toughness, will not tear or split easily.
  • Easy to Use - This transparent tape is suitable for all standard tape dispensers and tape guns. You also tear with your hand.
  • Multiple Use - Apply at the depot, home and office use. The tape could be used for shipping, packaging, box and carton sealing, removing...

If you want solid tape and lots of them, count on the Jarlink 1.88" x 60 Yd Clear Packing Tape. This unit includes 12 rolls of tape, with each measuring 1.88" by 2.7 mm thick, offering adequate coverage. The entire set usually comes with 720 yds of tape, making this tape an excellent option for you if you are working on a massive project. Moreover, the Jarlink Clear Packing Tape can fit any tape dispenser and be torn by hand when necessary.

Jarlink Clear Packing Tape has a strong adhesive allowing it to stick and hold boxes together perfectly. The shipping tape is suitable for virtually any standard tape gun and tape dispenser. Besides, you can use this tape for sealing boxes and cartons, shipping, packaging and removing clothing dust and pet hair.


  • Suitable for virtually any standard tape gun and tape dispense
  • Great option when working on a massive project
  • Versatile tape you can use to remove pet hair and dust from clothing
  • Comes in 12 rolls


  • Comes with a terrible odor

What Are the Main Types of Packing Tape?

1. Water-activated tape

When shipping items across the country or moving your possessions to a new house, the security of the items is a concern. It is easy to remove and then reapply box sealing tape without evidence. With that said, you should consider water-activated tape to ensure your things stay secure. This tape usually activates when it's wet, bonds to cardboard and makes a seal that you must tear or cut to break. So, when you remove the tape, there will be evidence of tampering.

2. Strapping tape

If your boxes are heavy for regular carton tape to seal safely, we recommend strapping tape. Manufacturers usually weave fiberglass or glass filaments into this tape, reinforcing the liner for extra durability, flexibility and strength. Though strapping tape is a bit pricey than other varieties, it has an extra-strong bond that holds the heavy items securely in the containers.

3. Carton-sealing tape

Carton-sealing tape is one of the most popular types of packing tape. It's used mainly by individuals who work in moving companies or packaging warehouses, though virtually everyone who has stored or moved items have used it. This sealing tape is an excellent option if your packages aren't subjected to extreme temperature variations. So, if you use it on heavy packages or are worried about theft, you might want to consider a different packaging tape.

4. Cold temperature tape

A standard carton-sealing tape is that very low temperature can make the adhesive ineffective. Therefore, if you move items to a cold climate or store them in a refrigerated area, you will need cold temperature tape. This tape usually uses the same liner as carton-sealing tape, though it has a strong adhesive mainly designed to hold well when exposed to cold temperatures. Nonetheless, this tape isn't an excellent choice for hot temperatures.

5. Masking tape

Masking tape has a pressure-sensitive adhesive that usually allows it to be easily applied and removed. This thin paper liner is easy to tear and is designed to protect baseboards during painting. You can also use it to secure light packages, though its weak adhesive makes it a moderate performance in hefty packages.

6. Gummed paper tape

This packing tape can seal your moving boxes with adhesive properties and strength to spare. It's also referred to as mailing tape, usually found on boxes and packages you receive from online retailers at store pickup. The main drawback is that you've to apply water to make it stick together.

Gummed paper tape usually works well in professional facilities; however, it is not the best option for residential moving needs. Also, activating the packaging tape is a bit hard, and its reinforced lines make it challenging to remove. Therefore, this heavy-duty packing tape is best for big boxes with a long way to travel.

7. Duct tape

Although duck tape works for virtually everything, it's not recommended as a packing tape. Unlike regular shipping tape, duct tape usually uses a rubber adhesive. Unfortunately, this adhesive leaves a sticky residue, making unpacking boxes challenging. Also, duct tape doesn't adhere to cardboard boxes and is very pricey compared to other tapes.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Tape for Packing

1. Adhesive strength

The adhesion strength of a packing tape usually determines how effectively it sticks to a surface and is an essential factor in how you should use it. Although tapes stick, not all stick well on most cardboard boxes. How well your packaging tape sticks usually depends on the tape's grade and the type of adhesive it contains.

The most common types of adhesives are acrylic adhesive, hot melt adhesive and rubber adhesive. Acrylic tapes are usually designed for more prolonged use. Besides, when considering the best tape for packing, first consider how heavy the boxes you are packing are and how strongly the packing tape has to be to fulfill its purpose.

2. Tape roll vs. integrated dispenser

You can find integrated tape dispensers that make it easy to apply tapes on your packages efficiently or find the tape that comes by itself on a roll.

  • Integrated tape dispensers- can make it harder to have a steady pull of the packing tape. Also, you may end up using more tape; however, you likely won't miss it, particularly when you have several boxes to pack. You can use the cutting blade and handle a tape dispenser to stick, pull, and cut the tape quickly.
  • Tape rolls - They're simple and easy to use on their own. Look for the edge of the packaging tape and pull to loosen it from the roll. Also, tape rolls are easier to store without dispensers, and you can easily control the tape amount you use more effectively.

3. Tape strength

Packing tapes that tear easily are easy to use, though not very strong. It is essential to have tape that does not tear when you move the box. Moreover, the strength of your tape can help reinforce your moving boxes. Although you don't always need heavy-duty shipping tape, more substantial grades of tape are handy for some items.

4. Ease of use

Moving items can be chaotic, and anything that helps you save time during the packing process is handy. For example, applying a piece of storage tape seems easy, but it depends on the type you get; you might be spending a lot more time getting your packing tape to stick. Besides, some of the stickiest tapes can be challenging to pull from a roll, making you use precious time sealing each box.

5. Capability to withstand temperatures

Before buying the best tape for packing, you need to know whether it can withstand temperatures. You might be packing in a temperature-controlled environment, but your cartons and boxes won't remain at the same temperature during the move. Therefore, consider how cold the moving truck can be during winter and whether your cartons and boxes will be spending time s humid storage space.

6. The needed amount of tape

Before shipping for the best tape for packing, you need to determine the amount of tape you need so that you don't get partway through the packing and go to the store for more tape. Tape manufacturers usually list how much tape is included on a bulk and roll package. You can always measure this in two ways.

First is the length of the packing tape on the roll. We usually measure rolls in yards though you can also measure them in feet or inches. Second is the width of the tape, which is usually between 0.5 and 4 inches. Finally, you need to be aware of the space width to apply the packaging tape to bind the surfaces and offer an adequate seal. If you estimate the amount of tape you need, get more than that, so you don't run out halfway through.

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