Best TV Under $600- Comprehensive Buyers’ Guide for TVs

In the past, it was difficult to find a good 4K resolution TV at an affordable price. Fortunately, technical developments and a competitive industry have altered that over time. The good news is that you can acquire a nice TV at a reasonable price for instance the best TV under $600.

The best affordable TVs may still give high image quality and have the newest streaming TV applications, specifications, and features since the latest technology trickles down. Read on for our top picks for the best TVs under $600 to help you make an informed purchase.

Are TVs Under 600 Dollars Any Good?

The majority of the 4K TVs under 600 dollars are excellent. As previously said, it's no surprise that a good TV with premium 4K picture quality can be found in today's market for such a low price. Almost all new TVs on the market right now are 4K.

This means you have a lot of options, which makes the market extremely competitive and forces prices down. We compiled a list of the eight best televisions under $600 that you should consider.

Which Brand has the Best TV Under %600?

1. TCL 55" Class 4-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV

TCL 55" Class 4-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV – 55S435, 2021 Model
  • Easy Voice Control: Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to help you find movie titles, launch or change channels, even switch...
  • Stunning 4K Ultra HD: 4K resolution delivers stunning detail and a remarkable visual experience.
  • High Dynamic Range: HDR delivers bright and accurate colors for a lifelike viewing experience.
  • Thousands of Streaming Channels: Enjoy the over 500,000 movies and TV episodes available to stream plus sports, news, music, kids and...
  • Simple, personalized home screen: Your favorite broadcast TV, streaming channels, gaming console and other devices are front-and-center. No...

There's a lot to appreciate about this 55-inch TCL television, which is a good mid-range TV that won't break the bank. This TV makes watching easier with its cutting-edge technology, wide viewing angles, and simple design.

It supports Dolby Vision HDR, which uses information inherent in Dolby Vision content to improve every scene in your movie or TV show. As a result, you receive 100 percent realistic display details in both dark and bright settings. This sets it apart from other HDR solutions, which provide uniform brightness and high picture quality across all materials.

Another outstanding feature of this 4k ultra HD smart TV is the quick and simple search function. You can swiftly search across the top streaming channels by actor or title and receive results in seconds using this. This 4K ultra HD smart TV also comes with a built-in Roku smart platform, which gives you access to a whole new world of entertainment.

Popular platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video are available on this device. It also comes with built-in Wi-Fi, enabling you to stream your favorite 4K entertainment.


  • Remote voice control
  • Low input lag which is great for games
  • Brilliant picture quality
  • A great color range
  • Full-array local dimming capabilities


  • The remote has a cheap feel

2. Samsung 50-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series

SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD AU8000 Series HDR, 3 HDMI Ports,...
  • HANDPICKED BY AMAZON: They did the research so you don’t have to..Bluetooth 4.2. Power Supply (V) AC110-120V 50/60Hz
  • DYNAMIC CRYSTAL COLOR: Witness millions of shades of color through powerful Dynamic Crystal technology
  • CRYSTAL PROCESSOR 4K: See every detail with stunning clarity; The powerful processor, specifically tuned for Crystal Displays, converts what...
  • BUILT-IN VOICE ASSISTANTS: Access a world of content beyond streaming; Schedule recordings, search, auto-adjust gaming settings, seamlessly...
  • HDR: Enjoy a whole new world of vivid color and detail found in newer films and streaming service content with HDR, also known as High...

The SAMSUNG 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD offers an ultra-rich visual experience. The term UHD refers to a 4K ultra HD TV, which is the standard for all of the options on this list of the best TV under 600 dollars.

ThIS SAMSUNG Smart TV 50-Inch 4k Ultra HD TV employs dynamic crystal color technology, which makes it brighter and crisper than other TVs in this price range. The Class Crystal UHD is so thin that when put against a wall with the slim fit wall mount, it practically disappears.

SAMSUNG's universal guide home screen is reasonably straightforward to use, and both Alexa and Google Assistant is built-in alternatives. With compatible SAMSUNG Galaxy devices and SAMSUNG's tap view, you can reflect your phone onto the Samsung TV with just a single tap. 


  • Great picture quality
  • Good sound quality
  • Outstanding smart TV capabilities
  • Comes with a voice remote
  • High contrast ratio.


  • Slow response time

3. LG 80 Series 43" Alexa Built-in, 4K UHD Smart TV

LG 80 Series 43” Alexa Built-in, 4K UHD Smart TV, Native 60Hz...
  • REAL 4K DISPLAY: The rich 4K displays of LG UHD TVs deliver quality you can see in every scene. Enjoy bright colors, high contrast, and...
  • QUAD CORE PROCESSOR 4K: Our Quad Core Processor 4K gives you a smooth, crisp viewing experience with enhanced contrast, color and blacks.
  • WEBOS + LG THINQ AI W/ MAGIC REMOTE: Control your smart home theater with ease. ThinQ AI and the Magic Remote enable simple navigation and...
  • TRUMOTION 120 (Native 60Hz): TruMotion 120 technology reduces blur to sharpen details with up to 120 frames per second, giving fast-moving...
  • WORKS WITH HEY GOOGLE / ALEXA: Customize and control your smart home with ease. LG UHD TVs work with "Hey Google," Amazon Alexa, Apple...

The LG 43" 4K Smart UHD TV is a smaller Smart TV than the others on this list, but it has all the capabilities you might desire in a modern 4k ultra full HD TV.

The LG Smart tv 4k ultra HD has both Alexa and Google Assistant voice remotes, as well as a bright screen and a fantastic sound system that you can link to a Bluetooth surround sound system if you like.

Bluetooth also makes it easier to connect other devices to it, such as your laptop, so you may use the smart TV as an external display. It comes with a magic remote that is simple to use, and LG's home screen is also quite user-friendly.

The quality LG Smart TV is the major reason to choose it, with a 120-hertz refresh rate and typically great image quality close to Dolby vision. It just accomplishes all you could possibly desire.

However, you must consider the fact that you could acquire a 55-inch 4K Ultra TV or something comparable for approximately the same price, so you must evaluate your alternatives.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Great viewing angles
  • Good response time
  • Great smart interface


  • The contrast is sub-par

4. Insignia 55-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD

INSIGNIA 55-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV...
  • 4K Ultra HD (2160p resolution) - Enjoy breathtaking 4K movies and TV shows at 4 times the resolution of Full HD, and upscale your current...
  • Alexa voice control - Speak commands into the voice remote with Alexa to control your Fire TV verbally—ask it to watch live TV, search for...
  • Access thousands of shows with Fire TV - Watch over 1 million streaming movies and TV episodes with access to thousands of channels, apps...
  • DTS Studio Sound - This premium audio enhancement suite creates realistic and immersive audio with two-speaker playback that expands your...
  • Supports HDMI ARC and HDMI eARC - Sends audio directly from the HDMI jack to a compatible soundbar or AV receiver, removing the need for an...

The Insignia Fire TV is a 55 inch 4K ultra HD with excellent image quality and a high native contrast ratio for deep blacks. As a result, this television operates effectively in a dimly lit area.

You can now experience realistic and immersive audio with this TV owing to its DTS studio sound capabilities. Furthermore, new Alexa skills continue to make your TV smarter.

You may experience ultra-smooth 4K ultra HD video streaming at up to 60 frames per second and receive rapid search results since it is powered by a quad-core CPU and a multi-core GPU for responsive streaming. Furthermore, the broad 178° viewing angle guarantees that even those sitting near the screen's edge may see a clean image.

The Insignia remote has a sturdy and comfortable feel to it, similar to that of a Fire TV Stick remote, and it works nicely with Alexa, Amazon's speech assistant.

The three HDMI ports on this board make it simple to connect your cable/satellite box or game console. So, this is a smart TV that is simple in every manner. It's as simple as plugging it in, connecting to Wi-Fi, and having fun.


  • Delivers decent picture quality
  • Smart LED TV
  • Lots of tools and smart home integration
  • Wide sound


  • Poor contrast

5. Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series Dolby Vision HDR

Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series Dolby Vision HDR 4K UHD Roku Smart TV...
  • 4K UltraHD delivers more than four times the resolution of a regular 1080p highdefinition screen. Along with over 8.3 million pixels, inside...
  • Kick back and enjoy streaming movies and TV episodes, plus live-streaming news, TV, sports and more, across thousands of free and paid...
  • Quickly access entertainment and control your TV with a Google Assistant or Alexa device (sold separately). With the touch of your remote or...
  • Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 transforms your TV into an entertainment powerhouse. The image technology from cinemas, now brought together in...
  • Motion Rate 120 image processing technology allows you to enjoy fast-paced sports, movies, and 4K gaming without the lag.

The Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series 4K UHD comes with fewer features than other Smart TVs at this price point as a trade-off. It's not as small or light as some other versions, and it doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity.

It comes with a stunning 4K resolution Dolby Vision display, HDR, and a great sound system. Since it's a Roku TV, Roku is the default home system. It also features voice control capabilities for Alexa and Google Assistant.

The 55-inch screen size is undoubtedly the biggest selling feature here, making it one of the greatest TVs under 600 dollars. It has a good refresh rate of 60 hertz, but many TVs under 600 hertz have a refresh rate of 120 hertz, thus it loses a point.


  • Amazing native contrast.
  • Good reflection handling.
  • Excellent low input lag.


  • Narrow viewing angles

What Do You Consider When Picking the Best TV Under $600?

1. Smart TV

The majority of TVs on the market are now smart TVs, so finding one won't be difficult. Smart TVs, on the other hand, differ greatly in terms of the smart features and capabilities they provide.

Ensure the smart TV you buy has an App store, a built-in browser for browsing the web, and some pre-installed apps. A smart TV like this will allow you to connect and stream hundreds of thousands of TV episodes, videos, and movies with ease.

If your budget stops you from purchasing a smart TV, you still have nothing to lose by using dongles such as the Roku TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chrome Cast, and others to convert your conventional TV to smart.

2. Screen Size

This is one of the most crucial aspects when choosing the best TV under $600. The diagonal from one corner of the TV to the opposing corner is used to determine the screen size.

flat screen TV

As a result, you only need to measure the length of the 4k Ultra HD smart TV stand you'll need to support the TV. The length will be less than the diagonal dimension of the screen.

3. Screen Resolution

Over time, screen resolutions have improved dramatically. All of the displays in this article are 4K super HD, or 2160p, which is double the resolution of 1080 HD, which was popular in the previous few years.

4. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a TV model, also known as the motion rate and generally represented in Hertz (Hz), will tell you how it presents fast-paced scenes in sports, action movies, and games.

You'll need a television that can display such pictures with amazing clarity and little blur. The smoother the motion image displayed by a TV, the greater the refresh rate it has. An android TV or smart TV with a motion rate of 120Hz or greater is recommended.

5. HDR Support

One of the most significant characteristics to look for when purchasing a television is the High Dynamic Range or HDR. This feature improves video quality by brightening and colorizing the visuals and increasing the contrast.

HDR support is another important feature to seek for. Colors and detail will be more realistic on TV displays that support high dynamic range (HDR).

They'll also boost your visual contrast, allowing you to experience deeper blacks and brighter whites in every movie scene. Look for television with the latest HDR technology, such as Dolby Visual, HDR10, or HDR10+.

6. Inputs and Outputs

At the very least, your smart TV should include three HDMI ports for connecting input devices like game consoles, one USB port, and a headphone and microphone connector for audio inputs and outputs.

7. Contrast Ratio

You should look for a smart or an android TV with a decent contrast ratio. The greater the contrast ratio, however, does not necessarily imply that it is better, as bright pictures will cause your TV to lose all of its features. Furthermore, many manufacturers exaggerate the contrast ratio.

8. Curved or Flat

Choosing between a flat or curved TV is entirely up to you since each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Flat TVs are space-saving and functional.

They also feature a large viewing angle. Curved TVs, on the other hand, do not distort the image at the edges and provide a better viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Smart TVs

1. What is the best 4K TV under 600 dollars?

The SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Crystal UHD is a great overall purchase, as we've already mentioned. However, if you want something even bigger, the 65-inch Hisense Class R6 Series Dolby Vision HDR 4K UHD Roku Smart TV is a great option for less than $600.

Although it lacks some of the features of comparable 50-inch 4k TVs in this price range, it's physically larger, but you're getting 15 more inches for your money. To me, that seems like a reasonable trade-off.

2. Should I get a flat or curved TV?

Unlike the popular internet myth that the curved 4k TV is superior, curved TV models just improve your watching experience without doing anything to improve image quality, therefore they're not a must-have.

3. Are there 8k TVs under $600?

No. Since a 4k TV in this price range is already considered a budget model, there are no 8k TVs under $600. However, because most streaming services and programs do not yet provide 8k video, you'll probably be OK with a 4k TV for most purposes.

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