Best Shaved Ice Machine To Produce The Fluffiest Ice

What better way to cool off on a hot day than with some shaved ice or snow cone?

Whether this sweet treat reminds you of your childhood or is your child's favorite, one thing's for sure; the best-shaved ice machine can come in handy.

We reviewed the best-shaved ice machines that are sure to produce the fluffiest snow for your desired activities.

What Is A Shaved Ice Machine?

This is an appliance that's used to turn hard ice blocks into fluffy shaved ice. Shaved ice machines can be electric or manual and use sharp blades to shave ice.

We reviewed the best-shaved ice machines that are easy to use and can efficiently produce shaved ice and snow cones.

Best Shaved Ice Machines

1. Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine

Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine - Premium Shaved Ice Maker, With...
  • ❄️ THE LITTLE SNOWIE MAX: Modeled after Snowie’s unstoppable commercial shavers but affordably priced for the home, office, backyard...
  • 🍧 HEAVY DUTY: Fastest home shaver on the planet makes perfect fluffy snow in 3 seconds with a professional grade High speed motor and 301...
  • ⛄ SPECIAL FEATURES: Use ice cubes right from your freezer! Fills an 8 oz cup in 5 seconds or less! High speed commercial motor with a 1...
  • 💡 INNOVATION NEVER STOPS: There is a phrase that is always echoing throughout our shop here at Snowie Shaved Ice: “There is always a...
  • 👍 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Snowie has been committed to the shaved ice industry for over 35 years bringing the highest quality ice shavers...

The snow cone machine has been patented and engineered for home use. It's been considered the fastest in-home ice shaver as it makes delicious snow cones in 3 seconds.

It's the best snow cone machine if you're looking for a model that's easy to use. In addition, the snow cone machine creates fluffy ice with a professional-grade high-speed motor and stainless-steel blades.

What's unique about the electric snow cone machine is its use of regular ice cubes. So you don't have to worry about pre-freezing special ice drums.

The Little Snowie kit comes with six flavor powder sticks (makes 6 pints of liquid flavor syrup), two mixing bottles w/ pour spouts, and 8 Snowie reusable snow cone shovel spoons.

  • Makes fluffy snow ice that's light and easy to eat
  • Uses regular-sized ice cubes
  • Easy to use and super fast
  • Expensive
  • It's quite loud

2. MANBA Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine

MANBA Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine - Premium Portable Ice Crusher...
  • Includes: 1 x Ice Crusher to crush ice cubes into fluffy snow-like ice, 1 x Ice Cube Mold to freeze 15pcs of cubic ice blocks. Both ice...
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel Blades: High Quality Blades in this crushed ice maker will Never Rust and sharp blades are durable for long term use
  • 3 Blades: More precision-cut Blades can shave ice cubes much more faster and efficiently than normal one blade, and can be easily operated...
  • EASY: Easy to Use, Easy to Clean, Easy to Carry and Easy to Store. Portable Manual Hand Crank Operation Design helps you get shaved ice,...
  • FREE GIFT: Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Tray helps you get 15pcs of perfect size ice blocks for all kinds of drinks at home, office,...

If you don't mind some elbow grease here and there, this is the best-shaved ice machine.

The shaved ice and snow cone machine feature an ice crusher that turns cubes into fluffy snow-like ice. It also comes with an ice mold to freeze 15pcs of cubic ice blocks.

The snow cone machine features high-quality blades designed for durability. In addition, it has three blades equipped to shave ice quickly and efficiently.

  • Features a manual crank/lever that's easy to use
  • Portable
  • Comes with an ice tray/ mold and ice crusher
  • Great for making crushed and shaved ice
  • Features a stainless steel blade
  • Requires some elbow grease

3. Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine

Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine with 3...
  • SNOW ZONE: Shave fluffy snow in your kitchen with the S900 Electric Shaved Ice Machine
  • THE VITALS: Kit features everything needed to get the party going including-machine, snow cone cups, spoon straws, black bottle pourers, and...
  • ONLY THE BEST: Hawaiian Shaved Ice brand syrups are thicker, more true to-taste than other watered-down, cheaper varieties

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine kit is ideal if you're looking for an inclusive pack that will ensure you have everything you need.

The snow cone machine comes with three shaved ice flavors (cherry, grape, and blue raspberry), 25 snow cone cups, 25 spoon straws and three bottle pourers. This makes serving your shaved ice cones a lot easier.

The shaved ice machine features a precision cut stainless steel blade combined with cylindrical ice blocks. It comes with two ice molds and a non-slip mat for the tray. The ice shaver machine can be adjusted to shave the desired texture, whether coarse or crunchy.

It's the best snow cone machine if looking for parties and people that frequently have shaved ice.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • All-inclusive snow cone machine
  • Comes with two ice molds
  • Creates flakey shaped ice
  • Takes some time to get the perfect snow cone consistency

4. Nostalgia Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia Retro Table-Top Snow Cone Maker, Makes 20 Icy Treats, Shaved...
  • Approximate capacity whether party time or snack time, this unit can hold up to 20 (8 ounce) snow cones at a time; product dimensions: 13.5...
  • Nostalgia snow cone kits: Unit works perfectly with all nostalgia snow cone kits; try the snow cone kit (sck800), snow cone syrups (scs160),...
  • Stainless steel cutting blades: The precision cut stainless steel cutting blades equipped with this machine work quickly and efficiently to...
  • 360 degree views: With a chamber that's clear from all views, it's easy to shave ice and watch it pile up from any angle
  • Side shelf: Use the snow cone side shelf as a prepping station to hold 2 snow cones and add your favorite syrups

If you're all about reliving past childhood memories, this is the best snow cone machine.

True to its name, the design brings back the nostalgia of eating shaved ice and snow at the carnival or state fair. The kit comes with snow cone syrups, straws and cups.

The Nostalgia snow cone maker features precision cut stainless steel blades that work quickly and efficiently to shave delicious, fluffy ice cubes.

The snow cone maker has a chamber that offers 360-degree views. This makes it easy for you to shave ice and watch it pile up. It also has a side shelf that you can use as prepping station to hold two snow cones and add your favorite syrups.

The snow cone maker has a built-in safety switch that aids in keeping your hands safe. The unit is designed to perfectly fit on any kitchen countertop or a small side table.

  • Uses standard ice cubes
  • Compact sized
  • The ice is soft and fine
  • Features a stainless steel blade
  • Doesn't produce very fluffy snow ice

5. Great Northern Popcorn Company Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine 

Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine Commercial...
  • Premium finish; high impact abs with brass and stainless steel construction
  • Premium quality utilizes a commercial, heavy-duty motor (1/3 hp, 1725 rpm)
  • Fully adjustable stainless steel blade (replaceable)
  • Shaves 6-pound/minute (more than 350 lbs./hour)
  • Commercial grade; backed up by great northern popcorn's 1 year warranty

The Great Northern Popcorn Company is known for its high-quality concession; hence it's no surprise that one of their units would be listed as the best-shaved ice machine.

The Hawaiian shaved ice snow cone maker features stainless steel blades that produce the softest and fluffiest ice.

The Hawaiian shaved ice snow cone maker can shave a block of ice up to 8" diameter by 6.5" tall. In addition, it shaves 6 lbs/minute (more than 350 lbs/hour).

At 15 x 12 x 30.5, the Hawaiian shaved ice doesn't take up too much counter space. It's a heavy-duty snow cone maker that's sure to provide fluffy, consistent ice for snow cones and more.

The downside of the Hawaiian shaved ice snow cone maker is its lack of safety features. This can cause a problem, especially if used around kids. The drill press doesn't have a shield press, and the blades are pretty sharp. Hence, exercising caution when using is necessary.

  • Heavy-duty machine
  • Easy to use
  • Makes snow cones and shaved ice super fast
  • Features an adjustable blade
  • Some reviews noted a lack of a safety shield

Features To Consider When Buying Best Shaved Ice Machine

a) Type of Ice Shaver

There are two kinds of shaved ice machines: electric and manual.

Electric ice shavers tend to be the most preferred. They are easy to use and make shaved ice fast. However, they are costly and noisy. In addition, they are not as durable as manual ice shaver.

Manual ice shavers are usually cheaper, portable since they don't require electricity and last longer. However, they do require a bit of work to get the shaved ice and aren't as fast as electric ones.

b) Power

This applies to an electric shaved ice maker. It's vital to check how powerful the motor is, and it's usually expressed in watts.

The smallest ice shavers are about 50W while commercial shavers are rated at 300W or more.

Generally, the more power an ice shaver machine has, the stronger the motor and faster the blades are. This results in a production of a lot of shaved ice in a short period.

If you frequently host/hold events, you'd require a powerful ice shaver that can keep with the demand. However, a less powerful ice shaver will do if you only make a couple of snow cones a day.

c) Ice Quality

When searching for the best-shaved ice machine, ensure that the model you'd like to buy makes true shaved ice. It should be fluffy and light ( snowlike).

If it feels like fine granules or crystals, that's crushed ice.

d) Ease of Use

Anytime you buy a machine, you should always look out for whether it's easy to use. The last thing you want is something complex that will make you dread the whole experience.

For an easier user experience, an electric machine would be ideal. However, manual shavers tend to take time and some elbow grease to get enough shaved ice. In addition, it's worth noting that some electric ice shavers can be troublesome to use.

It helps to watch out for units that require a lot of force on the handle or button to shave ice. These can be pretty problematic for seniors and people with arthritis.

You'll want to look for an ice shaver that uses a sharp stainless steel blade. Thus makes a significant difference in the quality of ice and ease of use. A blade of poor quality will crush the ice instead of shaving it.

In addition, check the type of ice the machine uses. Snowcone machines that work with regular ice cubes are convenient. However, you need ice from your freezer to make shaved ice at any time.

e) Size & Portability

The size and portability will be dependent on where you'd like to place or store your equipment.

Compact and portable shaved ice machines are likely to have less power but are best suited for small kitchens. They are also easier to carry around.

Larger and heavier ice shavers are less portable and take up more space. The upside is that they offer more power. They are best suited if looking for a unit that can make enough shaved ice for a party or a large group.

f) Safety

A shaved ice machine features a fast-spinning sharp blade that can easily result in injury. Therefore, it's crucial to look for a model that activates only when the mouth is closed, meaning the spinning blades are never exposed. This is a crucial consideration especially if you have children.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Shaved Ice Machine

a) What's the difference between snow cones and shaved ice?

The terms are often used interchangeably; however, the frozen sweet treats are distinct.

Snow cones are created with larger pieces of crunchy ice. It is often served at ballparks and carnivals. The syrup settles at the bottom of the snow cone cup after a few minutes in the heat.

Shaved ice has a finer, fluffy texture (think real snow). It is traditionally shaved from a block of ice shaved ice and is sometimes referred to as Shavers, SnoBalls or Hawaiian Shaved Ice.

b) What type of ice is used in a shaved ice machine?

Commercial grade snow cone stands use solid ice blocks to make their treats, but any ice cubes will do for a home model. Of course, you can buy a bag of ice at the grocery store, but shaved ice experts advise freezing your own. Hence, you have ultimate control over the quality, and you'll save money, too.  

c) How do I store my shaved ice machine?

As with any appliance, it's essential to put it away clean and dry. Ice melts and becomes water, and water always has a way of finding its way onto the floor. This can be messy and lead to accidents. Unless planning to use your shaved ice machine frequently, once done, dump the remaining ice, ensure it's clean and dry the unit. Then, return the snow cone maker to the box or shelve it.

Ensure never to store your shaved ice machine on the floor. If you must, put it back in the original box. Some insects are drawn to moisture; hence you'll want to avoid this. Likewise, it's advisable to store your snow cone maker on a shelf off the ground, in the box it came in, but never directly on the floor itself. This will also keep it free of contaminants.

d) Can you store shaved ice?

It's advisable to use your shaved ice immediately as it melts quickly. If you attempt freezing it, it will clump together and harden. Thus, it will no longer be shaved ice.

If you want to store it, the trick is to keep it from hardening up in the freezer. This involves switching it regularly between the fridge and freezer and stirring it often to break up and clumps.

It's best to make it fresh and use it all immediately.

e) Is Shaved Ice Unhealthy?

Generally, shaved ice is water meaning it's not bad for you. What you need to be careful of are the sweet treats that you take along with it.

Many syrups feature a high sugar content that's not good for children. You can choose to limit the amount of syrup added or look for low-sugar syrups. You can also make your own healthier syrups at home.

As for chewing fluffy ice, it's not bad as crushed ice or ice cubes. Fluffy ice is usually soft; hence it's less likely to damage your teeth. However, overindulgence can cause harm to the nerves in your teeth due to the cold temperature of the ice.