Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Energy & Endurance Boost

You can't always expect to go to the gym feeling energized every day. Sometimes, you'll exercise or go to the gym, feeling unmotivated, tired, or weak. If that happens to you, then the best pre-workout supplements will help stimulate your muscle strength, growth, and some essential hormones, increasing your productivity levels.

If you don't fuel properly before the exercises, especially the hard workouts, you will most likely feel fatigued, less energized, and weaker at a faster rate than average. If you're interested in buying the pre-workout supplements, then stick around to learn more about them and find out the top pre-workouts in the market.

What is a Pre-Workout Supplement?

A pre-workout supplement is a type of workout supplement that is designed to take your exercise intensity and performance to a whole new level. Pre-workouts ensure you keep going for longer. They come in different formats, from pills to shakes, all designed to increase your endurance and energy.

However, not all pre-workouts will deliver your desired results. Each of the supplements contains a different set of dosages and ingredients. This means that if you're someone who knows less about these products, it might be challenging to find your favorite pre-workout supplement. Don't worry, were are here to help.

What are the best pre workout supplements?

What is in a Pre-Workout Supplement?

A pre-workout is formulated using very specific ingredients, each of them having its own benefits. Here are some common pre-workout ingredients;

1. BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

Branched-chain amino acids come in handy to increase strength, prevent fatigue, improve endurance and prevent muscle damage during a workout. They do this by supporting protein synthesis and maintaining cellular energy.

2. EAAs (Essential Amino Acids)

The essential amino acids help in muscle protein synthesis, thereby building and repairing muscles. The main difference between EAA and BCAA is that EAA delivers a combination of all the essential amino acids that the body might be unable to make. At the same time, BCAA only has a 4:1:1 ratio of the essential amino acids that include leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

If you're doing intense workouts or engaging in endurance sports, using the BCAA and EAA supplements is recommended. They can preserve the muscle mass when you need to reduce the training or can't work out to the potential you want.

3. Carbohydrates

Along with a balanced diet, having carbohydrates in pre-workout products is a great way to ensure that the energy levels are always on top. Ideally, carbohydrates in these supplements help retain your energy level.

4. Caffeine

Most pre-workout supplements will have caffeine as one of their ingredients. Caffeine is an excellent stimulant that helps give an energy boost and decrease fatigue. This means that it improves the endurance of a high-intensity exercise so that you can do it for longer. Whether in a pre-workout supplement or not, having caffeine 30 minutes before your workout will help boost your energy level.

5. Creatine

Creatine is also included in many pre-workouts because of its ability to increase performance and muscle power while training. It supports the production of ATP, which is an energy source used in high-intensity exercises. When not in pre-workouts, creatine is a substance that naturally occurs in our bodies. It can be found in meals such as fish and red meat. Ingredients like creatine and BCAAs can be bought individually or in pre-workout products, including powder or pills.

6. B-vitamins

When it comes to energy production and efficiency, vitamins B1, B2, B5, and B6 all play a huge role. On the other hand, vitamin B3 promotes healthier skin and boosts DNA repair, while Vitamin B12 supports blood flow and blood production.

7. Taurine

Although taurine is found in various animal meats, it is also a common ingredient in pre-workout. It is sulfonic acid that helps fight oxidative stress and helps in the metabolism of fats during workouts.

8. L-Citrulline

Another common ingredient is L-Citrulline. This ingredient helps to increase the nitric oxide levels that in turn improve blood flow to the cells. As more blood is now able to get to the muscle cells, you'll experience improved workout capacity and more incredible pumps. Most of the time, it is dosed at 6000mg or higher since it is one of the staple ingredients.

9. Betaine Anhydrous

Another excellent staple ingredient when it comes to boosting exercise performance is Betaine Anhydrous, which is also known as Trimethylglycine. It is a naturally occurring compound primarily found in a variety of foods like spinach. It is added to supplements because it impacts strength positively.

10. Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is often added to function as a nootropic. This is because it helps in delivering the choline to the brain. Due to this mechanism, this compound can help improve cognitive functions like focus. Generally, the average dose is usually between 300 to 600mg per serving.

11. Beta-Alanine

Beta-alanine is a natural amino acid that helps decrease muscle fatigue and improve exercise capacity. It is the one responsible for the tingling and itchy feeling that you might experience after you take a pre-workout supplement. The clinical dosage of beta-alanine is at least 3000mg or more.

With that being said, the five best pre-workout supplements in the market today include;

1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout, Vitamin D for Immune...
  • VITAMIN D Provides Immune Support
  • PACKAGING MAY VARY - New look, with the same trusted Quality.
  • 175MG OF CAFFEINE- help fuel your mind and body to train at the highest level
  • 3G CREATINE - help support overall performance
  • 1.5G BETA-ALANINE - help support enhanced endurance

Optimum Nutrition is a trusted company when it comes to sports nutrition. One of their top products and best selling is the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout which is tested to assure an impressive potency, composition, and purity.

Its formula is made from safe ingredients, including caffeine from natural sources for a sharp focus, mental alertness, and intense energy. Other essential ingredients include beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, L-Citrulline Malate, and vitamin D.

For best results, it is essential to consume it 15 to 30 minutes before engaging in any physical activity. You get to choose from four different flavors, including watermelon candy, green apple, fruit punch, and blueberry lemonade. Looking to fuel your body and mind, try this affordable supplement.


  • Reputable brand in the industry
  • Great taste and flavor
  • Has amazing vitamins and other beneficial ingredients
  • Premium quality
  • Different delicious flavors
  • Enhance energy and boost focus
  • Caffeine from natural sources


  • Not suitable for vegetarians

2. Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement

Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement - All Natural Nitric Oxide...
  • 100% ALL NATURAL PRE WORKOUT POWDER. Pulse is a naturally sweetened and flavored pre workout supplement that contains large and effective...
  • BOOSTS ENERGY & FOCUS. Mix a serving of this preworkout for women and men with water, swig it down, and get fired up and zeroed in and crush...
  • ENHANCES STRENGTH & ENDURANCE. This all natural preworkout powder is a nitric oxide booster and helps you push more weight and reps, get...
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK. If you're not 100% satisfied with this preworkout for men and women, just notify us and we’ll give...
  • THE MAN BEHIND THE BRAND. Tired of the exaggeration and lies of the workout supplements industry? So was Mike Mathews, international...

For some people, a large dose of caffeine will result in reduced focus, but the Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement has big doses of theanine and taurine that reduce the lack of focus that comes with a high caffeine hit. While a lot of supplements may have these ingredients, they lack enough amounts to achieve the desired results.

It also has beta-alanine, which is known for a solid link for endurance and is dosed higher than other pre-workout supplements. As a result, Legion Pulse is one of the strongest pre-workout supplements in the market. Although as a strong pre-workout, it has one major downside. It gives an itchy or tingly feeling to the skin. However, this is harmless, and many people tend to enjoy the feeling.

This product is free from artificial sweeteners and colors. It comes in different flavors, including blueberry lemonade, grape, green apple, watermelon, blue raspberry, fruit punch, tropical punch, sour candy, strawberry kiwi, and cherry limeade, as well as caffeine-free options.


  • High doses of ingredients
  • Natural ingredients
  • Has electrolytes
  • Increased blood flow
  • Enhance energy and strength
  • Amazing quality
  • Enhanced focus and endurance


  • Pricey
  • The ingredients content may be too high for some people

3. Vintage Blast - The First 2-Stage Pre-Workout Supplement

Vintage Blast Pre Workout Powder for Men & Women - Pre-Workout Energy...
  • Advanced Two-Stage Pre Workout Formula: Thanks to the two-stage delivery system found in Vintage Blast, you get the advantage of a steadier...
  • Maximize Muscle Pumps & Strength: Key ingredients found in Vintage Blast pre workout for men & women give you enhanced muscle pumps and...
  • Heighten Focus Without the Jitters: Fortifying your focus during a workout helps ensure you give your best shot every time. Get dialed in...
  • Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back: Old School Labs firmly stands by the quality, effectiveness, and commitment to no proprietary blends...
  • Old School Labs, 40 years in the making, formulated in California, & Made in the USA. Ultra-pure & clean supplements that work for everyone....

Another top pick is the Vintage Blast - The First 2-Stage Pre-Workout Supplement, which gives an energy boost for a great workout. Unlike most supplements, this one has a formula that is 100% vegetarian and safe for those who want to avoid gluten. There is also magnesium and sodium in the formula to help your body stay hydrated during the workout.

This is the first-ever pre-workout that has ingredients in two stages. Stage one ingredients include beta-alanine, L-Citrulline malate., L-Arginine AKG, L-Carnitine Tartrate, and Caffeine Anhydrous. Stage two ingredients include D-Aspartic Acid, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and Microencapsulated Caffeine.

Additionally, this product is gluten-free, non-GMO, contains no artificial ingredients, and sugar. However, it is only available in three favors blueberry lemonade, peach lemonade, and smoked pineapple, which might be too sour for some people.


  • Naturally flavored
  • Improves stamina for longer and HIIT workouts
  • No artificial ingredients or colors
  • Improved focus and energy
  • Increases blood flow
  • Includes vitamin C, minerals, and B vitamins
  • Keto-friendly


  • Some people might find the flavor too sour
  • Takes a bit more time to dissolve completely

4. Cellucor C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder

C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder Blue Raspberry - Pre Workout Energy with...
  • C4 PRE WORKOUT POWDER FOR MEN & WOMEN - America's Number 1 Selling Pre-Workout Brand has been trusted since 2011 with over 2 billion...
  • BUILD MUSCLE & STRENGTH - Formulated with a nitrogen-containing compound designed to build lean muscle mass, maximize performance, and...
  • INCREASE REP COUNT - Formulated with CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, a premium clinically studied beta-alanine, which has been studied to support...
  • TESTED & TRUSTED BY THIRD PARTIES - Proudly NSF Certified for Sport, an independent certification program recognized by the United States...
  • DELICIOUS FLAVORS UNLIKE ANYTHING ON THE MARKET - Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, and Watermelon. Take one serving (1 scoop) of C4 Sport, mixed...

Another supplement that has been optimized for exercise is the C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder. C4 is manufactured by one of the most trusted brands in the nutrition industry, Cellucor. It is formulated with a nitrogen compound that comes in handy to maximize performance, increase strength, and build lean mass.

Furthermore, it includes CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, a premium beta-alanine that has been proven to fight fatigue and improve muscular endurance. However, it may cause a harmless tingling sensation that some people enjoy. It is designed to help you be at your best and be able to crush your workout goals.

This product comes with a variety of delicious flavors that include fruit punch, blue raspberry, watermelon, arctic snow cone, and strawberry lemonade. In addition, it contains a lot of ingredients that you would expect to find in the best pre-workout supplements.


  • Reputable brand
  • Improves muscular endurance
  • Provides explosive energy
  • NSF- certified
  • Delicious flavors
  • Helps build lean mass
  • Maximize performance


  • Uses sweetener Sucralose to add taste
  • Proprietary blends included

5. Pre Workout Powder; KAGED MUSCLE Preworkout for Men & Women

Pre Workout Powder; KAGED MUSCLE Preworkout for Men & Pre Workout...
  • Delivers intense energy & laser-like mental focus*: formulated with PurCaf organic caffeine from non-GMO green coffee Bean, Taurine,...
  • Triggers bigger, longer-lasting muscle pumps*: every serving of Pre-Kaged pre-workout for men and women delivers a massive dose of pure...
  • Award-winning pre-workout formulated to increase muscle, strength & performance*: Pre-Kaged is an award-winning pre-workout powder that...
  • The industry largest, most fully dosed scoop: with Max dose ingredients, and a massive 32g per serving, just one scoop of Pre-Kaged does it...
  • The Kaged Muscle difference: we develop our formulas with some of the most premium, patented, and cutting-edge compounds available. After...

The Pre Workout Powder; KAGED MUSCLE Preworkout for Men & Pre Workout Women is formulated with PurCaf organic caffeine, Tyrosine, taurine, Tyrosine, and a plant-based Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). With these ingredients, the product is known to give long-lasting muscle pumps and an intense surge of energy and focus.

If you're looking to increase muscle strength and performance, then this pre-workout might be exactly what you're looking for. As one of the best pre-workout supplements in the market, it boasts pure L-Citrulline that helps drive oxygen and nutrient-rich blood into your muscles.

It also includes Spectra, which is a blend of 29 veggie and fruit superfoods used to provide essential antioxidants and support nitric oxide production. With the unique combination of the patented ingredients, this product has been proven to increase muscle strength and size as well as reduce muscle cramps.


  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Well dosed ingredients
  • Great energy stimulant
  • Improved energy and mental focus
  • Third-party tested
  • No banned substances
  • Award-winning product


  • A bit expensive
  • High in caffeine

What Should You Consider When Buying the Best Pre-Workout Supplements?

1. Ingredients

The best pre-workout supplement needs to be transparent about the ingredients in the product. Many supplement manufacturers tend to use fillers or banned substances which they call proprietary blends and are not listed in the ingredient list. It is important to find supplements that have some of the top ingredients mentioned above. They also need to be third-party tested for strict quality assurance.

2. Dosage

Some manufacturers lack accurate dosage for their products which requires you to do guesswork. The top picks above all have the proper dosage for all their ingredients to ensure you get proper dosage with every scoop.

3. Exercise

When buying a pre-workout supplement, it is crucial to think about the type of exercise and the goals you want to achieve. The specific ingredients in your supplements are meant to improve specific aspects of your workout performance.

Some ingredients may boost your muscular endurance, while others give you maximum energy or strength. Each of these ingredients is designed to target specific exercises. Therefore, knowing the ingredients best for your workout will help you pick the best one.

Benefits of Having a Pre-workout Supplement

1. Improved Energy

Pre-workouts include 150 to 300 milligrams of caffeine which is the one that is primarily responsible for increased energy. However, ingesting too much caffeine could be harmful to your health. You will be needing a lot of energy while in the gym and doing intense exercise. Caffeine is coupled up with other stimulant-based ingredients to improve the energy

2. Increased Performance and Recovery

Research has shown that a good amount of caffeine in the best pre-workout may help increase performance during workouts and speed up the recovery process. It is also said to decrease the delayed onset of muscle soreness.

3. Improve Cardiovascular Function

You want to ensure that the blood is flowing to the muscles giving extra strength and endurance when you lift heavier weights or complete intense workouts. To boost nitric oxide levels and improve blood flow, some ingredients are used, including Creatine, Beta-alanine, and L-Citrulline.

4. Improved Focus

Using nootropic agents like Huperzine A, Lion's Mane Mushroom, and Alpha GPC, higher levels of focus and alertness are often achieved. In this instance, ingredients like L-Theanine and L-tyrosine are used to help prevent the adverse side effects of caffeine.

5. Increased Lean Muscle mass

A study has shown that those people who supplement their diet with keratine will make more significant gains, unlike those people who don't. Furthermore, they tend to recover from strength training faster. Creatine comes in handy for exercisers who engage in resistance training programs and are trying to increase their lean mass.

Tips on Using Pre-Workouts

After determining the best pre-workout and buying one, here are some things you should take note of;

1. Remember caffeine is a Drug

The drug caffeine is an addictive substance that comes with its side effects. While most people in the world today consume caffeine daily, everyone has different levels of tolerance to it. For some people, excess consumption of caffeine may cause stomach issues, anxiety, and insomnia.

2. Always Check the Dosages

Pre-workouts use different dosages of ingredients present in them. Once you spot the best pre-workout for your needs, remember to check the dosages. This will help you understand if the product matches your personal tolerances and the dosages that work best for you.

3. Consult a Doctor

If you're unsure about the supplements, it is always a great idea to consult a doctor, especially if you have existing conditions. Do this before adding any supplement to your routine.

How Do You Use or Consume the Pre-Workouts?

Using these supplements is pretty simple. For most supplements that are in powder form, here are the steps you should follow;

  1. Mix the recommended dose with some water and ensure it dissolves completely.
  2. Drink the solution 30 minutes before starting your workout.

The supplement will kick in, and you will notice once it does. If there are already in liquid form like energy drinks, then you only drink them. Some tablet form supplements can be swallowed or used as powered supplements. How you use a product depends on the particular product. Read the instructions in the package as to how best you can consume the supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Pre-Workout Supplements

1. Are pre-workout supplements dangerous?

Generally speaking, pre-workout supplements are safe to consume regularly when you follow the instructions by the manufacturer. Of course, when it comes to certain ingredients like caffeine, we all have different thresholds, and with some manufacturers having a higher caffeine content, it can become risky. Be sure to check the per serving content of each ingredient to ensure it is not unsafe for you to consume. However, consult your doctor prior to buying for people with high blood pressure or other pre-existing conditions.

2. How long will it take for a pre-workout to kick in?

Before the start of your workout, you don't want to be waiting for the pre-workout to kick in. For most people, the supplement takes 20-30 minutes to kick in. However, it would help if you gave the supplement enough time for it to kick in. However, if you're training in the evening, taking half the recommended dose is recommended since it might interfere with your sleep.

3. When should I take Pre-workout?

For most people, it is advisable to take the supplement 30 minutes before the start of your workout. This is because the glucose in the pre-workout supplies the body with additional carbohydrates to provide energy and raise blood sugar levels during a workout.

4. Can you take a pre-workout every day?

While there are no significant effects of taking the pre-workouts daily, taking them on a regular basis might make your body increase tolerance to its effects. This is why cycling the supplement is recommended after about two months, to give a chance for your body to reset. You can also consider getting the stimulant-free ones that can be used on all days or a plain old tyrosine, a very excellent budget pre-workout.

5. Can I Use Coffee as a Pre-Workout?

Some people tend to use coffee to stimulate their bodies because pre-workout and coffee share a popular primary ingredient which is caffeine. Studies have indicated that consuming coffee has a positive effect on the athletic performance of many individuals. Furthermore, coffee doesn't contain any additives or extra ingredients that most pre-workout supplements have. With coffee, the caffeine concentration peaks at approximately 45 minutes after ingestion, and the effects start lessening after that. In short — yes, you can use always use coffee as a pre-workout.

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