Top 8 Best Jump Cues Reviews in 2023

Which are the features for a fantastic jump cue? It’ll be a fantastic cue if it’s mild, in case you’ve got a rigid construction if it’s produced out of quality timber and in case you’ve got several extensions, brief or long jumps.

You’ve probably seen people doing pool table trick shots in which the cue ball has been found over a couple of chunks to a pocket or hit the third person. Obviously, such shots require a fantastic deal of ability. However, you can create their implementation a whole lot simpler with a committed jump cue.

Are you thinking about purchasing a jump cue? Following is a recent overview of the best jump cues.

List of 8 Best Jump Cues

1. Predator Cues – Predator Air 2 Jump Cue

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Cue Predator Air 2 includes a capsule weight-adjustment system Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge System, which permits you to adjust the weight of this cue, offering the very best comfort in the match, the best trajectory, and management of the lateral rotation of the chunk.

Tony Robles, among the most authoritative pool players on the planet, the winner of nearly three dozen American and international rivals is one of the many players using the cue Predator Air 2 in tournaments and throughout the training.

The Air 2 version utilizes a three-part design which permits the participant to choose the perfect duration of the cue if performing both short and long jumps. At precisely the exact same time, so as to pick the necessary length, it’s sufficient simply to turn the Uni-Loc® Quick Release™ system spin after.

2. Action Break/Jump Series Zebrawood Pool Cue

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The dual-role break/jump pool cue in Action cues is just what it reads on the tin – a jump cue. The cue is offered in four different flavors to match different play-styles – 18-ounce (for more powerful break shots), 19-ounce (standard all-round functionality ), 20-ounce (recommended for novices ) and 21-ounce (more twist, but also more possibility of an unsolicited English (twist )).

3. Cuetec CT296 – Black Finish Break Jump Separated Ring Pool Cue Stick

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The top finds of engineers Cuetec are gathered at a string of Cuetec Jump/Break cues. Impeccable design and true game.

Cuetec 3-Piece Jump/Break Engineered Billiard/Pool Cue is created of the most acceptable tree for its creation of cue – walnut. The top is coated with a coating of fiberglass, which protects the cue in the effects of humidity and temperature.

The first braid of unique synthetic substance provides the participant with a tight and positive grip – a superb alternative for home and industrial use.

4. LUCASI Specialty Jump Pool Cue

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If you’re searching for a committed jump cue on a budget, and then you may want to take a look at the 2-piece one from Lucasi. The total length is 41 inches, whereas the weight comes from at 9.5 ounces.

5. McDermott NG01 Stinger Break Jump Cue

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This jump cue is made of the greatest North American hard rock maple. The tree was chosen by hand to the smoothness of these fibers, the optimum moisture content and white color.

McDermott NG01 Stinger Jump Break Pool Cue employs a distinctive effect control ring, and this can be made from a plastic mix. The braid of actual Irish flax is closely wound, double-polished, and pressed to get a perfectly smooth texture. Protects the cue, absorbing the moisture of their palms to get a “secure grip“.

The cue is coated with five layers of urethane with an ultra-high gloss that makes it exceptionally resistant to scratches. The soft polymer makeup of this bumper gives maximum security. It is effortless to correct weight and balance.

6. Players JB5 Midnight Black Jump Break Cue

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Players are known throughout the years as the major pool accessory producers. This jump cue meets every detail that you would ever want at a fantastic cue stick.

The implex and wood to wood joints arrive with just two turbo-lock quick release hooks that guarantee a smooth flow of energy.

With this leap cue, you receive a good grasp that’s slide free since it’s wrapped with a real, double pressed solid black linen wrap. You may get it in various sizes ranging from 18 oz to 21 ounces.

When you purchase this hop cue, you’re assured of a very long life of anxiety-free pool matches since they supply you with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee against chipping and breaking.

7. 25oz Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue

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25oz Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue unites a low price, beautiful look and conventional technologies for snooker masters. The distinguishing quality of this jump cue – matte black wrapless manage for greater slide stroking.

Absolutely distinctive layout permits you to play strokes in 2 styles: long and short jumps. Nevertheless, it is not just about fashions! This cue provides the participant with excellent opportunities for optimum control of their jumps and attaining a higher accuracy of this trajectory.

8. Pure X Jump Break Cue

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Pure X Jump Break Cue is mostly designed to do jumps. The period of the skipping cue may be corrected by rounding the parts of the tourniquet (three of these ) in various combinations.

Exclusively for those gamers who prefer a competitive mode of this sport, do not agree with any compromises and attempts to triumph from the shortest manner, limiting competitions with power and supreme energy.


Unsurprisingly, shopping for your best jump pool cue overlaps a reasonable bit with locating the greatest regular cue. The majority of the factors are exactly the same, and also the particular purpose makes it easier. Granted, in the conclusion of the day, the single most deciding element is the method by which in which the cue feels in your hands. However, there are techniques to narrow down the option, as we’ll see now.

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