Top 7 Best Hockey Helmets For Prevent Concussions Reviews in 2023

While hockey is an enjoyable sport, it may also be extreme and may lead to a significant injury when you aren’t equipped with the perfect equipment. Amongst others, the head is 1 part that’s most vulnerable to injury. To ensure that you are protected, wear the best hockey helmets, such as those which are briefly reviewed in this post.

Concussion in NHL

In a game of hockey, contact doesn’t have a tendency to be head-on collisions such as they do at the NFL. It is quite rare to see NHL players have removed in which their head smacks the ice.

But having done a little research, I discovered that there were 559 concussions recorded from 1997 to 2004 or about 70 concussions each year. Presently there have been 53 concussions listed that I believe shows the advancement of technologies at the helmets throughout the previous decade. (1)

The purpose of the hockey helmets is to lessen the pressure on the head a participant might feel on touch. This is achieved by increasing the time it requires for effect to happen.

So now based on the helmet you purchase will decide the level of protection you’ve got against any collisions for your head.

List of 7 Best Hockey Helmets

1. Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo


The Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo is constructed with double density foam, dual ridge crown, integrated ear covers, along with also a Bauer 2100 facemask. This helmet can be CSA, HECC, CE certified using a tool-free adjustment for a customized fit.

  • Dual-density foam
  • Dual-ridge crown
  • Bauer 2100 facemask
  • Integrated ear covers
  • CSA, HECC, CE certified
  • Tool-free adjustment

2. CCM Vector V08 Hockey Helmet 2010

CCM Vector V08 Hockey Helmet 2010


The CCM Vector V08 Helmet shares exactly the exact aerodynamic shell as the V10 however includes a pro-preferred VN liner for close-fitting comfort.

  • Aerodynamic shell design
  • Double density expert preferred VN lining
  • Tool free modification: lock and lift tool-free adjustment
  • Extensive venting for maximum air flow

3. WARRIOR PX2H6 Ice Hockey Players Helmet

WARRIOR PX2H6 Ice Hockey Players Helmet


The entire of your head, some parts of the head, ears, and chin have been well taken care of by this helmet. This can be made possible by the presence of the 3 exceptional layers of strategically-selected foams. They confer adequate effect protection into the aforementioned locations.

Through its inside, there’s a soft-touch foam liner. This soft cloth is put in the precise place so as to earn the head softly and comfier. Additionally, it absorbs perspiration and thus lessens the attendant foul odor.

Fixing this helmet is really efficient. That is courtesy of this single-dial modification feature. It allows you to specify the parameter you need and, there you’ve got it! It may, as a matter of reality, fix the whole 4-play shell to get a 360-degree fit.

4. CCM Fl40 Hockey Helmet Combo (HTFL40C)

CCM Fl40 Hockey Helmet Combo (HTFL40C)


The CCM FitLite 40 helmet features a higher density PE casing with an aerodynamic design to venting together with a tool-free span adjustments. The helmet design provides the participant with a low profile fit, with higher degree protection against the multi-density foam lining.

  • Tool-free span adjustment
  • High density PE shell
  • Adaptive and Higher level of security
  • Multi-density foam lining
  • CSA, HECC, CE certified


  • FL40 Facemask
  • Thin round wires developed to give maximum line of sight
  • Chin cup together with comfort foam and wire guard developed for relaxation, and protection
  • Safety strap attached under the chin so helmet and facemask function as a single device

5. Warrior Krown LTE Helmet

Warrior Krown LTE Helmet


  • Paramount 4 manner match special single exude modification
  • Strategically found double density lightweight EPP foam protection
  • Fit stabilizing relaxation foam cushioning
  • 4-Play Adjustment system
  • Four Part shell and lining converge to make a real 360 fit
  • High impact protective EPP foam lining
  • Unique only dial modification handily activates and corrects the Play Fit System

6. Mylec Helmet with Chinstrap

Mylec Helmet with Chinstrap


In the event your financial resource base is restricted, you might want a helmet which is more economical and of course cheap. The helmet of this sort still ought to be of top quality to ensure you the essential advantages. This really is one such type of helmet.

In all, the helmet is quite light in weight. It weighs only a meager 1 lb (16 oz ). Because of this, it’s about the whole, simpler and much more convenient to place on. In addition, it causes comparatively less drag and is as such very handy.

Even though it’s largely designed to safeguard against hockey balls, then its outer shell can be able to serve different functions. These include shielding against the hazards of biking, skating, water rafting, skiing, and really, much more besides!

Its inside is lined with 1/2-inch thick padding. This material is designed to absorb shock and increase the general comfort of the head. Because of this, you won’t worry or incur any accidents whatsoever in moments of extreme physical pursuits.

7. CCM Youth 3DS Ice Hockey Helmet Combo

CCM Youth 3DS Ice Hockey Helmet Combo


The game of hockey is more universal in the sense it may be performed by most people of all ages. The young ones ‘ are likewise not left out in any way. Given their small stature, kids require smaller hockey helmets which could fit them nicely. That is why it’s telephone additionally best youth hockey helmet. This is 1 helmet that’s made together in your mind.

It is inside is lined with all the EVA Liner padding to offer added comfort. This lining can also be equipped with the intention of providing protection from youth-specific impacts. As a result of this, the helmet is usually very powerful in its function.

You don’t require screws, bolts, or spanners to correct the facemask. This is only because that part of the helmet has been organized for alterations with no tool. All you will need is the bare hands and you’ll have the task done!

Its outer shell is constructed from the revolutionary high-density polyethylene. This substance is hard and durable yet secure enough for your kids’s head. It thus provides some elite degree of security into the skulls of those little kids. You can be certain of no injury to the head irrespective of the amount of effect.


We’ve tried our best to provide you with the perfect knowledge you need to begin. Please note that there are loads of other hockey helmets that are equally helpful. Due to time, we couldn’t review all them. We, therefore, recommend you to proceed and take out some research in the region to find out more with hockey sticks too.

Additionally, please be advised that the finer aspects of the info in the hockey helmet reviews segments can alter with time. That is because the producers of those hockey helmets are continuously innovating. For this reason, they will definitely change the characteristics of the said equipment.

That said, we invite you to make a purchase of at least one of the best youth hockey helmet items or best hockey helmet we’ve reviewed previously. Please does not hesitate to do so. That is because you might wind up purchasing the goods for longer. We will all the more be happy to aid you when possible. Please browse our related article best hockey skates reviews and stay in contact for more details regarding best hockey helmet for children whenever you possibly can.

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