Top 9 Best Inline Skates For Men and Women Reviews in 2023

Inline skating is one of many varieties of skating most commonly known as roller blading. Unlike quad skates (those with two front and two rear wheels), inline skates typically have four wheels arranged in a single line. The design of inline skates are quite similar to those of ice skates except instead of blades that glide on ice, wheels are used for hard surfaces.

List of 9 Best Inline Skates

1. Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate, Black and Silver, Performance Inline Skates


These skates are quite simply awesome. Not only are they really stylish but they are a really great skate too. Rollerblade, as most of your skate enthusiasts will know are one of the best-known skating brands that are known for producing the best quality boots in the industry.

The Zetrablade skate is designed for comfort and performance and is ideal for those beginner skaters who are trying to find their confidence.

They have some really good 80mm wheels will provide a nice level of grip in all weather conditions. Their SG5 bearings are equally as good in terms of performance while also being long lasting time too.

They are sleek and at the cutting edge of fashion while providing a great level of stability and maneuverability. These really are a great all round set of skates that are ideal for beginners all the way through to low-level intermediate skaters.

2. K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T Boa Inline Skates

K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T Boa Inline Skates


These popular skates not only look the business they really are too. The first thing you notice about these skates is just how great they look. The cool black, yellow and red color scheme seems to compliment the boots aggressive looking design making these the skates that no one wants to mess with you in.

So far as performance goes, their lightweight aluminum frame compliments the skates impressive 84mm wheels and good performance 80a/ILQ-7 bearings perfectly. The great thing about these skates is when you find your feet you can upgrade them to 90mm wheels and really grab a serious upgrade in terms of speed and performance.

We really loved the Boa Closure lace system that makes getting these skates on nice and tightly really easy. They are really comfortable from the very first time you put them on and so are the perfect boot for long days out skating.

3. Pacer Voyager Adult Recreational Inline Skates

Pacer Voyager Adult Recreational Inline Skates


Looking like something out of a Terminator movie these futuristic design skates will definitely get you noticed. Available in sizes from 5 to 12 they are suitable for boys as well as for men.

These skates are well padded and feature a deluxe comfort liner making them really snug to wear. The boots themselves are a molded shell and have a three buckle tightening system instead of laces. This has the main advantage of making them much easier to get on and off while being much safe while you are on the go too.

Good if you want a great set of good performance skates that are durable as well as being really easy to get on and off. If that’s what you are after these are definitely the ones we would recommend.

4. Roller Derby AERIO Men’s Inline Skates

Roller Derby AERIO Men's Inline Skates


Definitely one of the best beginner skates on this list, these boots have 80mm Elite Speed wheels and Bevo Gold 7 Race rated bearings making them a really great ride. Planted on a solid aluminum Tri-Coil frame and a well-padded and comfortable boot there is not much more you can ask for in a skate boot.

These skates give a really smooth ride at some pretty high speeds where we found them to remain really stable. They have a nice brake that really gives some impressive stopping power. These skates seemed to ride over cracks and holes without missing a beat.

Ideal for beginner skaters, they are available in a range of sizes for boys and men who are serious about their skating. These skates are really great value for money given their performance level and that they are such high quality.

5. 5th Element Panther XT Inline Skates

5th Element Panther XT Inline Skates


Another good set of beginner boots that might be a little too slow for intermediates. These boots are available in sizes 7 through to 13 which we are sure will disappoint some boys out there.

They have 82mm wheels and ABEC-7 bearings meaning that they are really capable of some speed. They are a laced boot with a good strap and buckle system that certainly won’t let you down.

If you are a heavier person who is over the weight of 190lbs then they won’t be suitable for you as they have a weight limit. These skates are great for all kinds out of outdoor skating from leisure trips around the park to when you want to head out a little more long distance.

6. Epic Skates 125mm Engage 3-Wheel Inline Speed Skates

Epic Skates 125mm Engage 3-Wheel Inline Speed Skates


These really are some awesome skates though they definitely aren’t for the faint hearted. Designed for intermediate and advanced level skaters with pure speed in mind, they are a hard upper shell boot with a really effective pure comfort liner.

These skates will definitely let you chalk up some serious speed thanks to their 125mm High Rebound 86a glass-filled plastic core wheels. They come with high-performance ABEC-7 bearings and a 195mm mounted, aircraft grade polished aluminum frame.

If you are looking to do some serious skating and want to do it at some high speeds, these are definitely the skates for you.

7. VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates

VNLA Carbon Speed Inline Skates


These boots aren’t cheap, but there is a reason why they aren’t. They are made from a half carbon, half fiber glass composite that makes them very lightweight and strong. Designed purely for speed they have ABEC-9 race bearings and 85A urethane wheels.

They are a shoe design that gives you more ankle movement to allow you to get to those higher speeds and stay there. The only drawback of this is for those overconfident skaters among you is that there is no protection for your ankles should you fall.

These skates are admired for their high quality and really great design. Available in 4 different cool colors for you to choose from, they come in 13 different sizes so fit most foot sizes.

8. 5th Element Stealth 84 Inline Skates

5th Element Stealth 84 Inline Skates


If you liked the 5th Element Panther XT Inline Skates but a little better performance, then these are the boots we would recommend.

They have slightly bigger 84mm wheels and upgraded ABEC 7 bearings. Should you start out with these sets of boots but find yourself want a little more, then you can easily up their performance by upgrading the wheels to 90mm. This will give you plenty of extra performance that even a confident intermediate would be happy to have.

9. Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate, Black and Green, Inline Skates

Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Men's Adult Fitness Inline Skate, Black and Green, Inline Skates


These are a really good general skating boot for beginners and with a quick upgrade from the standard wheel, ideal for intermediate level skaters as well. They have good ABEC-7 bearings that really do offer a good level of performance with whatever wheels you have on.

They are a nice wide boot for all of you who are looking for a skate for wider feet. The lace and strap system means you can get your feet in nice and tightly, and the boot offers a good level of protection and support thanks to its good padding.

These boots wouldn’t be our first choice but are still a really good value skating boot.

What are the different types of inline skates?

Beginner skates

These skates will usually have wider wheels making it easier to balance while you learn how to skate or improve on your basic skills. There are a number of size for children and adults.

Recreational skates

These type of skates tend to be used for fitness and recreation. The difference between these and beginner skates are in the wheels. Recreational skates will typically have thinner wheels than beginner skates.

Roller hockey skates

Typically these skates are designed for playing roller hockey either indoors or outdoors. Depending on the surface you’ll be using your skates there will be specific pairs more suited to your needs.

Advanced skates

These skates usually have larger wheels and a longer wheelbase that extend past the heel and the toe of the boot. Using advanced skates are great for a challenging workout.

Kids’ beginner skates

There are learning skates for children that may need help with balancing properly. These skates consist of the widest wheels and usually have hard plastic frames made for frequent falls during the learning process. Sizes are available for as youngest as toddlers.

Within the specific sport of inline skating you have vert skating, aggressive inline, freestyle, speed skating, and other forms. Whether on a date, on a family outing, or simply in need of exercise inline skating is the most popular form of recreational skating. Inline skating provides an outlet for exercise and fun for all ages and all skating levels.

There are many things to consider when making any purchase, specific to inline skates we’ve got you covered. In this article we’ll break down everything you need to know.

How To Choose An Inline Skate

Size and closure security

Just like when shoe shopping, it is important to find a pair of skates that fits perfectly. If your skates are too tight you are more prone to injury. If they are too loose you run the risk of getting blisters which will prevent you fully enjoying the sport.

Along with size, having secure closures is important. Specifically, on low-end skates, having closures loosen is not only a nuisance but can be dangerous. Closures vary from laces to buckles, regardless of what kind you choose your skates should feel strong and secure once fastened.


Just like anything you put on your foot, whether socks or shoes you should find skates with boots that fit snugly around your ankles and on your boot.

One key thing is to be sure to have some flexibility around the ankle for balance. If you are a beginner look for more ankle support with higher cuffs. Advanced skaters will be looking at shorter and more flexible ankle cuffs to allow more aggressive movement and maneuvers.

Aside from boot comfort, it’s ideal to have great ventilation. Given that you will likely be sweating you want to have ventilation that helps keep your feet cool.


When buying any item it is nice to have the security of knowing should something happen to your skates in the first 6 months or year you can simply get a replacement. No manufacturing process is perfect and once in while there are malfunctions.

What Kind of Bearing Should I Use?

When looking at a skates ABEC or ILQ number the higher the number the faster the skates. Speed skates for example will have ABEC 7 or 9 and will be built specifically for faster skaters.

Best Inline Wheels

The specifications needed on your wheels will generally depend on the type of skating you are expecting to do. Wide wheels are best for beginners. Thinner wheels are designed for speed, especially useful with sports like speed skating or roller hockey. If you’re going to be using your skates outdoors try looking at rugged wheels which are best suited for pavement. These wheels will range from 100 to 110 mm.

Wheels and Control

Depending on your level of skill you’ll want to consider the size of your wheels. Larger wheels tend to be faster though 100mm or larger has become more common in recreational skates, this is not recommended for beginners. If you are a beginner try to look for skates that are smaller to give you extra control. One other factor in control is the frame length (or wheelbase). For a slower skate and more control shoot for a shorter wheelbase. You can either get 4 small wheels or get 3 large wheels. More common is the 4 smaller wheels.

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