Top 10 Best Dart Board Reviews in 2023

If you are considering getting your set for darts, you are likely to require a high-quality board. Not every board is created evenly, and at times getting the proper one could make the distinction between continuing to perform and placing the sport down entirely.

Naturally, finding the best dart boards means knowing how they are created, exactly what you’re searching for, and what type of maintenance you need to count on.

The Best Dart Board

1. Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard with Increased Scoring Area and Improved Dart Deflection for Reduced Bounce-Outs


An advanced dart board containing two layers of sisal fiber together with an inner coating of high compression fibers. Both of these layers improve the durability of this dart board along with the dart penetrating area meaning that you won’t need to be worried about weak darts falling out or even the board wearing out fast.

This is just what we discovered to be the case once we examined the board and that’s the reason we ranked it number 1 on this listing. The extra scoring surface at the trebles makes it a superb option for both novices and dart specialists.

2. Doinkit Darts – Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts - Magnetic Dart Board


Here we’ve got an excellent board for casual players — it supplies all of the fun of standard dart boards but with practically none of those dangers. It’s practically perfect for your kids or your buddies during enjoyable, drunken celebrations. Or that ought to be the circumstance. Although this board does have any terrific upsides, security may not be among these. But first, we will begin with a few of the advantages.

The board was designed to seem like a normal dart board with proper mark and a dimension of about 16 inches in diameter. Not very regulation-sized, however it’s near enough. Needless to say, this board wasn’t meant for use by professional dart players but for recreational purposes. For that it’s adequate, and nearly anyone can just pick up and play with darts, particularly as the board includes six unique magnetic darts included.

3. Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard, Easy To Use Button Interface

Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard, Easy To Use Button Interface


The 777 is designed to last with its lasting, concave-holed segments made to withstand decades’ worth of effect. A huge catch ring encircles the goal face, making a 360 degree landing zone for almost any missed shots, so protecting your walls in harm.

The board ultra-thin spider permits for tighter shot groupings along with a bigger surface area, raising the ratio of acquired shots and significantly decreasing bounce-outs. Either side of the 777 is outfitted with dart holsters which save and display 2 sets of darts, 6 in total. Keep them on screen and protected from injury as you respect your selection.

4. TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard (Multicolor, 18 x 1.5-Inch)

TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard (Multicolor, 18 x 1.5-Inch)


Premium quality dartboard crafted from the best materials, made to last! This premium tournament sized Bristle Dartboard was produced to fit effortlessly to almost any game area.

Perfect for both children and adults, darts is a traditional game that people of all ages really appreciate. This dartboard by Hey! Play! Provides entertainment to your loved ones and friends while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

5. Dartboard – 18″ Regulation Sized Tournament Dartboard

Dartboard - 18" Regulation Sized Tournament Dartboard


For fun in the home or workplace, Protocol’s Tournament Dartboard is right on target. Even the 2-sided regulation-sized 18″ diameter dartboard sport the timeless English 20 stage game on both sides and regular round bulls-eye design on the opposite. The pair comes complete with six (6) darts. The durable paper wound plank features a high quality, rounded cable spider net and amounts. Protocol’s Tournament Dartboard is intended for long life and perfect performance.

6. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard


Committed to supplying you with a terrific match, the Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard in Unicorn has a layout that maximizes averages. Endorsed from the PDC and World Champions, the plank is totally basic free having an elevated target place, particularly at doubles and trebles.

Entirely staple-free structure. Ultra-slim segmentation system. Unicorn high technology wiring design. Endorsed from the PDC and World Champions. Staple-free Bullseye

7. Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard

Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard


Enjoy the fun and challenge of darts for the digital age! The Franklin Sports electronic dartboard allows for lots of play while the scoreboard monitors scores for up to 8 gamers. No batteries required. Simply plug the corresponding power adapter to any standard outlet, and you are all set to move! The official scoreboard monitors everything seamlessly, therefore all you need to focus on is hitting the bull’s eye.

This electronic dartboard isn’t hard to mount and measures 18.5 inches wide by 23 inches, therefore it might go to a cupboard or on the wall readily. Storage to your darts and substitute hints is built to this electronic dartboard, and that means that you won’t need to waste time trying to find darts prior to a match. Great for the entire family or an enjoyable game for your workplace, soft-tipped darts are secure — and the plank is intended to last, with all the quality you trust and know from Franklin.

8. Wuudi Dart Board, Double-sided Flocking Dartboard with 6 Brass Darts(18 inches) Dart Board, Double-sided Flocking Dartboard with 6 Brass Darts(18 inches)/?tag=stuffsure999-20


Wuudi tournament dart board is specialist and at high quailty, the ideal alternative for exercise, relaxing and entertainment. It is enormous and durable. It is made quite well. 1 side is that the championship board and the flip hand is the traditional dart board game.

Fantastic value thing for indoor game, easy to take and easy-fixing in the home, workplace, or nightclubs. It’s also a wonderful gift option for friends, children. The darts we provided are normal for expert exercise, also weighing 0.63 oz.

9. WIN.MAX 18″ Bristle Dartboard Steel Tip Dart Board with Flights

WIN.MAX 18" Bristle Dartboard Steel Tip Dart Board with Flights


Professional dart players along with worldwide Tournament utilize an 18″ dartboard. WIN.MAX dart boards not only may be utilised in international contests, but in addition they enjoy growing fame in pubs, clubs and at home.

WIN.MAX dartboards are outfitted with a distinctive bristle system. Bristles are considerably thinner than cable and staple-free. A bristle cord system offers additional scoring layer and radically reduces rebound outs, letting you attain higher scores.

Kenyan sisal appears to be greatest for WIN.MAX dartboards. The little fibers are really robust and less brittle, therefore every time a dart disrupts the plank, the tip slips between the fibers and doesn’t puncture them. After the dart is pulled straight back out of this board, the fibers mechanically invisibly into their initial place, making WIN.MAX dartboards permanent.

10. Viper Double Play 2-in-1 Baseball Dartboard with Darts

Viper Double Play 2-in-1 Baseball Dartboard with Darts


Constructed from high-density coiled paper fibers, then this dartboard with rack up to plenty of use and fun. There is no greater way to present your family and friends into the fast-growing sport of darts! This dartboard has double the matches with two different patterns: one side is a traditional dartboard containing figures from one to twenty with dual and triple sections. The opposite side features a brand-new game layout: Baseball Darts! Relive America’s Pastime at a completely new way with darts! Having an outside hanging bracket, installation is a snap with minimum tools. Included you will find playing with instructions for popular games such as 301 along with Cricket, along with the rules for Baseball darts. It is possible to get throwing right off with two sets of beginner darts.


As mentioned previously, there are various kinds of dart boards and also various dart board makers in the marketplace all working to supply you with a fantastic expertise from the sport. But you need to take care to make certain that you receive the best dart board based on your degree, budget, and if you’re playing the game like an expert or simply for pleasure. You can use the info above to assist you in making the most informed choice.

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