Top 8 Best Hockey Shin Guards Reviews in 2023

Normally, the word “break a leg” will not work in the hockey world as long as shin guards are not there. Namely, these leg protectors are especially designed to maintain your walking abilities. As most of us know, hockey players have a tendency to wreck each other quite a lot, and those little beauties will ensure the impact does not end horribly. Let’s see exactly what the best hockey shin guards:

List of 8 Best Hockey Shin Guards

1. Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Hockey Shin Guards (Senior)


  • Free Flex Shin Cap includes a glimpse at the base to encourage a competitive stride and stance
  • Tapered design slightly flares at the top and slims down in the bottom to get a more natural fit
  • 2-strap system adjusts to your own dimensions for an Perfect fit
  • Hydrophobic Mesh liner wicks away moisture to help keep you dry and lightweight
  • Sanitized Technology reduces bacterial accumulation to maximize mat lifespan

2. Bauer Supreme S170 Hockey Shin Guards (Youth)

Bauer Supreme S170 Hockey Shin Guards (Youth)


  • Multi-segmented structure for maximum freedom and a real fit optimizes participant’s motion
  • Tough shaped knee cap protects against tough falls, while the hydrophobic inner lining wicks away moisture retaining the player dry
  • Thermoformed ribbed shin cap fits snugly around leg
  • MD Foam protects thigh and calf areas
  • 1-Strap system

3. Franklin Sports Comp F-1000 Shin Guards

Franklin Sports Comp F-1000 Shin Guards


  • The F-1000 shin guard was made to be very lightweight to increase speed and decrease fatigue.
  • The shin guard’s high density cushioned foam padding dispersed impact and also the incorporated elastic strap system ensures a secure fit.
  • Intense lightweight shin guard designed to Improve your speed and reduce fatigue Sophisticated shallow curve shell design provides a low profile Integrated elastic strap secures shin to calf
  • High Quality cushioned foam cushioning disperses impact
  • Detachable ankle cushioning provides personalized matching Meets NOCSAE standards for High School and Collegiate play.

4. CCM Tacks 3092 Hockey Shin Guards (Youth)

CCM Tacks 3092 Hockey Shin Guards (Youth)


  • The CCM Tacks 3092 Youth Hockey Shin Guards are an excellent pad for younger players that are new to the sport.
  • The pad includes a very simple design which includes a molded hard plastic knee cap alongside a ribbed shell design which will help shield from any out of fall, slash, or shot which the child may take during play.

5. TronX Velocity LS Hockey Shin Guards (Senior)

TronX Velocity LS Hockey Shin Guards (Senior)


  • Anatomical fit shin guards.
  • Balance of plastic along with high-density molded foams for lightweight protection.
  • Lock kneecap program helps prevent hypertension.
  • Ventilator lining keeps players cool and dry.
  • Liner can be taken out of the item for cleanup.
  • NHL level security and comfort.

6. CCM SG100 Hockey Referee Shin Guards – 15″

CCM SG100 Hockey Referee Shin Guards - 15"


  • CCM Referee Shin Guards SG100 Anatomical shell design maximizes comfort and stability for each leg
  • New System of elastic straps enables a customized match
  • Suspension system raises impact resistance wrap-around calf cushioning increases security

7. LA6 Ball hockey shin pads ,Guards

LA6 Ball hockey shin pads ,Guards


  • LA6 high performance ball hockey shin guards Deliver extreme durability and comfort
  • These high quality shin guards are lightweight and flexible vented mesh
  • Knee caps, front shells, calf packs and ankle guards are made to guarantee maximum security
  • The resistant double strap wrap system locks that the shin guards into your legs, providing you with greater stability
  • A tapered fit and prevents the pads away from changing.

8. Warrior Sports Alpha Dx Youth Hockey Shin Guards

Warrior Sports Alpha Dx Youth Hockey Shin Guards


  • Warrior utilizes Dynamic Strike, a new structure, during their 2019 Alpha protective coating. From the DX Pro shin guards, this technology generates pro-level gear designed to offer you a superior fit with superior protection and mobility.
  • The Alpha DX Pro structure also has the Sling Wrap attachment method. The elastic strapping ensures that your knee is professionally secured to the engineered knee pocket while at the same time bending at the base of the mat for the lower leg. With this specific method, the shin guard will not shift around in your leg throughout play, maintaining the protective attributes where they will need to be.
  • Warrior utilizes lightweight guards for your additional security you’re searching for. These molded shin and calf guards have been strategically positioned to safeguard key places from ordinary hockey effects such as slashes and blocked shots, so without weighing you down. And in the shin guard, Warrior’s Wartech FNC Liner provides exceptional comfort with odor-free possessions to maintain your gear clean as you remain dry and cool.
  • The 2019 Warrior Alpha protective line is intended to provide every player using all the technology and functionality advantages they have to keep secure and mobile on the ice. The Alpha DX Pro shin guards are an excellent example, using high-end attributes found across the design to provide you the sense you need and the security you want.


We’ve talked about a number of the best hockey shin guards available on the industry now, and it’s all about finding the most comfortable fit on the sport. Trust me, there’s not anything more irritating as a player compared to shin guards affecting your match at all. Here is the most abused piece of gear you play and it directly affects Each and Every stride you require, so that you can not take this option lightly

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