Top 10 Best Churchwarden Pipes Reviews in 2023

Churchwarden pipes have been recognized by their conspicuous, elongated stems, unlike the majority of other pipe contours that may be recognized by the form of their bowl kinds and shanks. Though many believe that the extra stretch of stem provides a cooler, dryer smoke, so it is more likely it simply aids keep smoke from their eyes while enjoying a pipe. The German term for the setup will be actually Lesepfeife, or even reading pipe. (1)

The only need to get a pipe should be known as that the Churchwarden is its length — generally, anywhere from 9″ into 18″. Churchwarden stems may be bent or straight. The pipe’s general proportions ought to be taken under account too; a fairly big neo-classical piece may put on a stem of acceptable length, but its own proportional relationship to the total shape may not be quite as extreme as to render it a real Churchwarden.

Are you trying to find the best churchwarden pipes? Keep reading to discover more.

List Of 10 Best Churchwarden Pipes

1. KAFpipeWorkshop Tobacco pipe Churchwarden pipe engraved with “TOLKIEN SYMBOL” Long pipe 9.5 inch

Materials: Pear timber, Ebonite, Carnauba wax (Eco-friendly materials)

This pipe made from carefully chosen wood. For the production of pipes we utilized pear trees, obsolete in water drying for at least 2 years. The good coating leaves the pipe very glossy and resistant to elevated temperatures. Mouthpieces created from real ebonite of the maximum quality. Shading pipes made from quality Italian stained.

The last polishing of goods made out of elegant wax. Pipe mouthpiece is made of ebonite. Pipe is forwards flow. High quality and tasteful traditional design gap our smoking pipes. KAFpipes bring true joy into the smoker and also become the exclusive present to friends or your loved ones or even a fantastic addition to your personal collection.

2. Savinelli Italian Tobacco Smoking Pipes

Savinelli Italian Tobacco Smoking Pipes

GRAND CRAFTSMANSHIP: On many generations, our handmade pipes have been perfected by our Indians that meticulously mould the best quality briar to exact specifications. Every pipe provides a constant smoke time and time again.

THE ARMCHAIR PIPE: Frequently known as an”Armchair Pipe”, the luxurious extended bend permits you to easily browse your existing book or unwind to your favourite series, while enjoying smoke. This promotes a calm smoke if you’re ready to recline.

EASY TO CLENCH Because of the tapered stem, the pipe will smoke wetter, thus we’ve combined this layout with Briar cut out of the root bur of this Mediterranean heath tree to naturally absorb moisture and then withstand extreme heat.

SPECIFICATIONS: Using an acrylic stem and rusticated end, this very long pipe stands out with its complex look. The span is currently an elongated 10.28 inches, so the chamber thickness is 1.51 inches along with the chamber diameter is 0.73 inches.

SAVINELLI: The Savinelli story began within the Center of Milan, Italy at 1876. The little store shortly became a meeting place where enthusiastic smokers can exchange opinions and share experiences. It had been there which Achille Sr. began designing pipes.

3. 6.5″ Churchwarden style Tobacco Smoking pipe “HOBBIT” Hand Made

6.5" Churchwarden style Tobacco Smoking pipe "HOBBIT" Hand Made

Purpose: The tradition of pipe smoking is among the earliest ways of tobacco usage. The pipe remains a reassuring approach frequently overlooked by the contemporary smoker.

Materials Used: The bowl of the pipe has been hand carved from this pear wood; the stem is acrylic. The top layer of the pipe has been coated with wax adhesive and may be polished in any time with soft fabric to preserve its initial condition. Please be aware that color and shape may vary slightly from the image.

Specifications: “Metal Filter” — that pipe has alloy (stinger) filter. Its purpose is to interrupt airflow and cool the smoke. The filter is removable and easy to wash.

4. Gstar 16″ Long Pear Wood Churchwarden Wooden Pipe with Cleaning Tool Kit and Gift Box

Gstar 16" Long Pear Wood Churchwarden Wooden Pipe with Cleaning Tool Kit and Gift Box

Gstar Pipes would be the best presents for yourself, your family members, along with also the ones you enjoy. Gstar smoking pipes provide you a relaxing setting with a sleek tube. The Chess nut bowl supply you with a royal feeling with cautious hands craved patterns. The 3 in 1 mini tool assists with preparing and cleaning. Pipe tube is constructed from metal and Bowl cannot be detached.

5. Churchwarden pipe KAF233 White Smoking pipe long 9’5 in Wooden

Churchwarden pipe KAF233 White Smoking pipe long 9'5 in Wooden

Great choice — to get a beginner smoker and to get a more experienced.

Dimensions: total length: 240 mm/ 9.5 in/bowl height: 50 mm/2.0 in/outside diameter: 34mm/1.4 in/chamber diameter: 20 mm/0.8 in/chamber depth: 40 mm/ 1.6 in/forward flow pipe

Kafpipeworkshop — is still a brand you can trust! We create our tobacco pipes together with love and Higher quality since 1996

Exclusive ukrainian handmade — we’re a producer, not a reseller of the smoking pipe! So you receive this item straight from the horse’s mouth area with higher quality by the best and reduced cost. — pipe bowl out of eco friendly pear wood, natural colour with real ebonite stem.

Exclusive present — the pure colour of this pear provides sophistication into any smoker. For every pipe smoker and collector.

6. Wood Pipe Churchwarden Maple Syrup Long Stem Pipe Handmade

Wood Pipe Churchwarden Maple Syrup Long Stem Pipe Handmade

This smoking pipe includes a natural Pacific Big Leaf Maple bowl along with coloured maple stem stained with natural non-toxic plant based stain.

All pipes have been completed with a light coat of carnuaba wax, a completely organic and individual protected plant based wax. These pipes are all made-to-order, hand-carved out of a block of wood only for you following your order is put directly within my woodworking shop in the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. All orders are wrapped free of charge!

Pipe details: Bowl — Pacific Big Leaf Maple Stem — Maple Depth of bowl — 1 inch Length — 12 inches Within bowl diameter — .75 inch

That is a general list for all these pipes. The style and dimensions of this pipe will probably be exactly the same, but every part of Maple is somewhat different. The grain and markings onto the bowl may vary slightly.

7. KAFpipeWorkshop Churchwarden pipe handmade from pear wood with long ebonite stem 9.5 inch + pipe pouch

KAFpipeWorkshop Churchwarden pipe handmade from pear wood with long ebonite stem 9.5 inch + pipe pouch

Perfect present for lotr along with tolkien enthusiast — usable smoking pipe motivated by lord of the rings and hobbit, in which many of the figures (gandalf, bilbo, frodo along with other hobbits and dwarfs) smoke churchwardens.

Tobacco pipe comes from branded gift box using pipe pouch and detailed instruction for using it. 100% satisfaction guarantee! Kafpipeworkshop is a brand you can trust! We create our tobacco pipes using higher quality since 1996.

This beautiful and tasteful long churchwarden pipe hasn’t big bowl and can provide you 30-40 minutes of smoke that is cooler.

Easy to wash and carry -this tobacco pipe is easily disassembled to be able to wash it using ordinary cotton cleansers. Final polishing with elegant wax, which will make it possible for you to enhance the pipe using a soft fabric, when it’s necessary. It can enable you to reestablish its first appearance. You will find a great trendy smoke, because this is a very appropriate engineering of the pipe. It’s nice to maintain control because of perfect polishing.

8. Shire Pipe Churchwarden Tomahawk

Shire Pipe Churchwarden Tomahawk


The Churchwarden Tomahawk Tobacco Pipe out of Shire Pipes is a traditionally shaped pipe created out of sleek polished Cherry timber. The pipe comes with a singular smooth design with no relations. Measures 13″ long. Shire Pipes are created from quality wood and come in a variety of special designs. Each beautifully produced Shire Pipe comes packaged individually in a sturdy, attractive box. The most discerning clients will adore Shire Pipes since they are an excellent addition to any selection of top quality wood pipes. Use with your favourite pipe tobacco.

9. Mr. Brog Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe – Model No: 59 Hobbit Green – Pear Wood Roots – Hand Made

Mr. Brog Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe - Model No: 59 Hobbit Green - Pear Wood Roots - Hand Made

Our Hobbit Churchwarden pipe is created out of premium quality pear wood that’s dried for two complete day cycles to ventilate as far as possible. This pipe is made of the origins of trees that are wavy, and is equal to the density of briar pipes.

The number 59 Hobbit pipe would be your timeless pipe yet very distinctive, completed with organic coating and carnauba wax. Every pipe is trademark stamped using the Mr. Brog seal, also version number hand created by Mr. Brog at Poland.

Our uniquely crafted Churchwarden pipes generally create a cool smoke on account of the space smoke has to go from the bowl into your mouthpiece. They have the extra benefit of maintaining the consumer’s head away from the heat and smoke of this bowl.


Picking the best churchwarden pipes is not always easy, but I hope I’ve cleared up any confusion you had about these types of goods and helped you make a choice about what to search for and how to look for a churchwarden pipe that will be suitable for your requirements perfectly.

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