Top 10 Best Hairdressing Scissors Reviews in 2023

Professional or not, you may need a good pair of hair cutting shears. But still, to be able to make a flawless cut, you have to get the best hairdressing scissors. Indeed, if this instrument seems banal, you should know that it should not be chosen at random. Without the right pair, you could miss a haircut and bitterly regret it.

In order to choose the right instrument, getting more information is more than necessary. Even professionals prefer to turn to buying guides before paying. To help you narrow down your choice, this comparative guide offers a list of the best hairdressing scissors and some advice. So, before to avoid disappointment, you can follow these few lines.

Do not hesitate to make your own analysis after reading.

List of 10 Best Hair Cutting Shears

1. Hair scissors – 6.5 inch Hairdressing Scissors with Case- Barber Hairdresser Scissors and Thinning Shears/Cutting Scissors Set with Razor

Hair scissors - 6.5 inch Hairdressing Scissors with Case- Barber Hairdresser Scissors and Thinning Shears/Cutting Scissors Set with Razor

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Kovira offers a kit of hairdressing scissors and beard or trimmer razors . The shears are 6.5cm and are used in particular for thinning sizes. In addition, they have an adjustment device provided with a spring. This stainless kit is offered in a leather storage case.

These instruments will make good equipment for a barber.

The tools that make up the pack benefit from their ease of maintenance and cleaning. They are also very ergonomic .

2. Saaqaans Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set

Saaqaans Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set

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The Saaqaans brand offers a set consisting of a serrated chisel and a convex chisel. The kit also includes a comb, a razor and a case. These devices are made of stainless steel and stand out with their easy-to-handle adjusting screw. The handles of each shears have rubber inserts.

This set is not only dedicated to barbers. Indeed, it is also recommended for beginners and expert hairdressers.

This set is favored by its value for money.

3. Candure Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears (6 Inch) for Hairdressing

Candure Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears (6 Inch) for Hairdressing

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Handcrafted and made from Japanese steel, the Candure hairdressing scissors are 6 inches and are intended for professionals working in salons but also for individuals.

Of good quality, these scissors are very solid because of their manufacturing material, stainless steel. But the most relevant is that they offer the same precision even after several uses.

And to go further, these scissors have sharp edges, convex from the outside and concave from the inside. This allows for maximum clarity and durability.

We also love its protective pouch and its rubber inserts. Because it is this whole that contributes to bringing a well structured cut .

4. Madameparis Madameparis Professional Hairdressing Scissors 6 Inches (15.5 cm)

Madameparis Madameparis Professional Hairdressing Scissors 6 Inches (15.5 cm)

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In 4th position of the list best hairdressing scissors, we introduce the professional hairdressing scissors Madame Paris. For the simple reason that they are of excellent quality. These straight scissors, made of stainless steel, are of exceptional precision. They cut the hair, clean without leaving forks.

Madame Paris has made these scissors light, ergonomic and easy to handle while remaining comfortable. They can last as long as possible. And because the blades are very sharp, they produce clean, precise and neat cuts . A thing well thought out because any cut requires concentration and thoroughness.

You can adjust the tension of the scissors as desired by tightening or loosening the tensioning screw, always according to your needs. And to top it off, the item comes to us in a very chic and superb velvet case.

5. ELEHOT Hair Scissors Professional Barber Cutting Scissors Kit

ELEHOT Hair Scissors Professional Barber Cutting Scissors Kit

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This Elehot kit consists of a pair of scissors for thickening, a cleaning cloth, a manual razor, a comb, five spare blades for razor, a regulator of elasticity and a storage bag.

The five blades included in the pack are used to replace the classic blade. Thus, the cut will be sharper and will not damage the hairs.

The product is favored by its solidity but also by these five spare blades and by the storage bag. And that’s without counting the cleaning cloth, essential for the maintenance of your accessories. Of nickel quality, these scissors bring a precise and clear result .

Whether for professional or personal use, this Elehot kit shows great efficiency. You will not be disappointed!

6. Olivia Garden PowerCut Shear

Olivia Garden PowerCut Shear

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Meticulously designed by the small hands of artists, Olivia Garden hairdressing scissors offer the best on the market. The ergonomics are impeccable in order to avoid all chronic tension or pain. These pains are common in hairdressers, they are often due to devices that are too heavy or that require an abnormal posture.

The sharpening of the blades is provided with a sharpening angle which makes the hairdressing scissors ultra-sharp. In addition to the quality of the steel, it is also the sharpening that will make the tool extremely precise. The more precise your scissors, the less intense the effort will be for you.

7. Professional Hairdressing Scissors 4.5 inch, Black, Top Quality – by Sanguine

Professional Hairdressing Scissors 4.5 inch, Black, Top Quality - by Sanguine

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This professional hairdressing scissors is intended for cutting hair. It contains 4.5inch thinning scissors and stainless steel comb scissors. Handcrafted, these scissors have sharp blades for a clean cut. The blades are perfectly sharpened and allow a cut without erasures.

Equipped with a tension-free screw system, the scissors give perfect tuning. The finger rests and the rings are removable and allow good comfort of use.

8. Saki Makoto Student Hairdressing Shears/Scissors Set

Saki Makoto Student Hairdressing Shears/Scissors Set

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The set of scissors Mokoto is a product of Saki Hair shears has 27 teeth made by hand to offer quality work.

Here’s why we chose it from the best scissors from the land of the rising sun.

The product has an offset handle and a removable thumb rest. The design of the handle is ergonomic and provides comfort while minimizing the risk of wrist and hand fatigue.

The material for making Makoto Student hairdressing scissors is Japanese 440C stainless steel. In addition, it has a convex blade with a hardness of 60-61 HRC which is robust and durable.

It is a Made In Japan product that is suitable for removing volume, thinning, giving a perfect finish and adding texture to hair. In addition to the shears, a leather carrying case and a hair razor are included in the package.

9. Harutake Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Harutake Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

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These professional haircut scissors are a product of the Harutake Value product line. This is a handcrafted product made with high quality 440C stainless steel from Japan.

Japanese scissors have an adjustment button which is hidden to avoid getting caught in the hair. In addition, it has a new mint design with a patented button key.

The ground shear blade is made of high quality steel and has better edge retention. Its design allows the scissors to cut the hair evenly and gently without stressing the fingers.

The product comes in the form of three articles. It includes six inch scissors and thinning scissors and seven inch style scissors. In addition, a case is also provided.

10. Suvorna 5″ Men’s Beard & Mustache Scissors with Genuine Leather Pouch, Comb & Tension Adjustment key

Suvorna 5" Men's Beard & Mustache Scissors with Genuine Leather Pouch, Comb & Tension Adjustment key

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Suvorna shears are made of high quality Japanese forged 420 forged stainless steel. It has a hollow convex razor-sharp blade, also made of stainless steel.

Why is it important? The blade significantly improves edge retention during use. In addition, it has a knurled tension adjustment nut for easy handling. The haircut is smooth without damaging the hair, hands or fingers.

The design is exceptional and comfortable with a removable finger rest and a rubber insert. It is covered with multicolored rainbow titanium, which gives it a beautiful appearance.

The product comes with a high quality genuine leather case.

What is a hairdressing scissor?

The hair cutting shears dedicated to hairdressing are not the same as one would use to cut paper or cardboard. Indeed, they are sharper and confer well to the precise cutting of the hair grains. These instruments are highly prized by barbers. Indeed, their cutting edge allows them to make clean cuts whether aligned, tapered or degraded.

Typically, these tools have a finger rest at their handle. This extension allows hairdressers to better control the level of cuts. You should also know that the hairdresser’s scissors can be configured according to the user’s dexterity. Indeed, it is available in both a right-handed and left-handed configuration.

The different types of hairdressing shears

The hairdresser will not use the same type of tool to make two different cuts. You should know that the latter will choose his instrument according to the nature of the client’s mane. He will also have to select the right tool according to the cut to be made.

So, you will find different types of styling shears on the market. Here are the three main types to know:

Thinning scissors

The tapered texture can only be obtained correctly with a pair of tapers. The tapers, like the classic shears, have looped sleeves for the index and thumb. They are intended to make a wick cut by wick faster and easier.

These instruments have toothed blades. Their cutting system is therefore done in a way to alternate the wicks. Generally, they are used for the purpose of thinning the sides or the length of the hair. In short, hairdressers take them out in particular to restructure thick, voluminous hair.


Hairdressing razors are similar to those used by barbers to shave their client’s chin. They have a unique insert for the thumb and a fingerprint for the index finger. These instruments consist of only one blade. To use the styling razors, the hairdresser will hold the instrument with one hand and hold the strand to be structured with another.

A barber’s razor is used in particular to give a natural, quick and simple cut. Generally, it is used in finishing gestures. The advantage of these types of hair cutting tools lies in their ability to reproduce a natural momentum in the mane.

Regular shears

Regular shears are the ones we usually find on the market. They have two blades and a handle with two inserts. These instruments are available in different sizes. You can therefore find them in models ranging from 4.5” to 6.5”. However, it is quite possible to find a 7” pair.

These regular shears can have a round , or pointed tip . In addition, they can be made with a slightly curved handle that allows hairdressers to enjoy a good grip.

Why should you choose only the high-quality shears?

Any cutting error can be fatal when talking about hairstyle. However, it is enough to make an inappropriate choice to see an unfortunate incident occur. It is therefore more than necessary to know how to differentiate between the different models of scissors offered on the market. Whether in terms of blade types, length or even handle, we will avoid getting lost.

In addition, when the choice of the right material has been made, it will be necessary to focus on its design quality. Obviously, there are pairs of scissors of different qualities on the market. Each quality is assigned a lifetime.

Also, the effectiveness of the instruments will depend on their range. The more the blades of the instrument have a good quality of design, the less quickly they will dull. Therefore, the hairdresser will always have at their disposal a sharp and precise instrument.

In a word, by choosing a high quality scissor you can be sure that you can do a quality job. In addition, you will ensure that you have made a long-term investment.

How to choose hairdressing scissors?

Before proceeding with the purchase of your hairdressing scissors, you must first of all check whether it fulfills certain basic criteria, which are also called the selection criteria.

Only in this way will you be sure that you have made the best choice.


This means the size of the handles, the length of the blades and the diameters of the inserts of the hairdressing scissors.

To be more precise, the dimensions of the scissors must be in accordance with the size of the hand of the hairdresser or the user. If you have large hands, you will obviously not be able to perform the appropriate gestures with small scissors. And vice versa, that is to say that if your hands are small, impossible to apply the right gestures with large scissors.

Therefore, before choosing your hairdressing scissors, consider the size of your hands.


On the models sold on the market, there are in particular two types of blades: convex blades and blades with bevelled edges.

Convex blades

Also known as Japanese blades, they are extremely sharp . And for good reason, their lines are as sharp as those of a razor. This type of blade can be used for all cutting techniques .

However, they are preferably intended for clean cuts because of their sharp side.

The convex blades are generally made of stainless steel. Robust and durable, we recommend them to the most experienced hairdressers.

The bevelled edge blades

The beveled blades are made from a metal alloy , which makes them much lighter. Many European brand scissors have adopted this design.

These blades are preferred for trimming dried wicks or for creating a cut requiring extraordinary precision.


Comfort when using hairdressing scissors is a matter of dexterity but also of everyone’s techniques. The length of the blades and the shape of the handle and inserts also have an impact on the convenience of the device.

To ensure that its product fully meets this criterion, we can refer to the opinions or comments of those who have already used it.

How to maintain your hairdressing scissors?

  • You must take care of your shears in order to get the maximum benefit. Here are some of the main ways to maintain your tool.
  • Remove hair and other debris from the scissors with a brush after each use. This will prevent blockage of the blades.
  • Clean and sterilize the blades to remove invisible materials.
  • Dry all sections well after cleaning with a soft towel to avoid rust and tarnishing of the blade.
  • Use oil to lubricate the blades, especially under the pivot, to prevent rust and improve their operation. A drop of oil is enough.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert stylist, there are the best hairdressing scissors available for you.

Take the time to identify the needs and the operation of the various products mentioned above. Also, take a look at the different customer reviews for more information on the user experience.

Remember to take into account some important aspects such as blade, skill level, type of handle and type of shear.

Finally, remember to handle the tool with care to minimize injury and to perform maintenance practices to ensure durability.

Buy the best hairdressing scissors today and improve your skills.

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