Best Bra for Lift and Side Support on Your Happy Pair

Finding a supportive bra that's also as comfortable and fits perfect is no easy feat and probably more challenging than finding the best pair of jeans. It could take hours of going through dozens of different styles, and you'd still come up empty-handed. Let’s face it, no matter how much of a pain this process can be; we still need the best bra for lift and side support.

At some point, all women will need the benefits that come with the best bras that offer side support and lift, so why not get at it and find the most comfortable, cute, and affordable option? Besides your budget and style preferences, choosing the right bra for you also means hunting down a well-fitting bra that makes you feel like the confident and sexy woman you are.

The perfect bra also depends on your situation. We all have those few favorite ones that you can rotate throughout the week. A push-up bra is a must-have and perfect when we need a little boost, a wire-free bra for days spent binging on Netflix, a sleep bra to nap in, and the best sports bra for times we fancy raising our heart rates.

What Causes The Breasts To Sag?

We can pin it on the loss of skin elasticity and pull of gravity, but other factors also come into play, including your genes. For example, the integrity and strength of your breast tissue are primarily coded in your DNA, which you get from your parents. So one look at your mom could give you a clue of what to expect.

Your breast perkiness could also be affected by things such as significant changes in weight, smoking, breastfeeding, or other lifestyle habits that could lead to the loss of skin elasticity, including sun damage. There’s no permanent way to hoist them up to other than through surgery, so all the more reason to perk them up in that sexy bra that’s comfortable and that offers you the ultimate lift.

Which is the best bra for lift and Support?

1. Playtex Women's 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire-Free Bra (US4745)

Playtex 18-Hour Ultimate Lift Wireless Bra, Wirefree Bra with Support,...
  • Make the most of your curves! Lift panels in cups five beautiful natural-looking shaping
  • TruSUPPORT bra design delivers comfortable 4-way support-in a gorgeous floral jacquard fabric
  • Cushioned straps papmer your shoulders and stay put

Among all the great reasons why you'd love the Playtex 18-hour Ultimate lift and support wire-free bra, one that ranks high for most ladies is just how comfortable this wire-free bra is. It has a construction to ensure that it doesn't rub against your delicate skin or dig into it, making you uncomfortable the whole time wearing it.

Playtex 18-hour Ultimate lift bra works especially great for plus-size ladies or ladies with large breasts. It's a full coverage bra with a natural form that gives you that minimizing effect and adds shape and roundness to your beautiful bust. It's also one of the best full coverage bra underwire-free bras that come in so many beautiful different pastel colors.

And the best part yet, they come in a pack of 2 bras that are so affordable. The adjustable cushion straps guarantee you comfort through the day, so no shoulder pain. Lastly, the cup sizes range from B to G.


  • Comes in a pack of 2Comes in different great colors
  • Has hook and eye closures
  • Adjustable cushioned straps
  • Doesn't have a back that rides up
  • Offers full coverage
  • Available in B to G cups


  • Doesn't work well with low cut tops or t-shirts

2. Maidenform Women's Love Lift Push Up and In Demi Bra (DM9900)

Maidenform Underwire Demi Bra, Best Push-Up Bra with Wonderbra...
  • MAXIMUM LIFT - Our most uplifting style that pushes both up and in for head-turning cleavage.
  • UNDERWIRE SUPPORT - Wonderbra technology is engineered to make the most of every curve.
  • PLUNGING NECKLINE - Wear with your most revealing fashions.
  • SMOOTHING SIDE WINGS - Extra smoothing support at the sides for a no-bulge look.
  • WEAR 2 WAYS – Convertible, adjustable straps let you adjust your push-up bra from a traditional straight silhouette to a crisscross back.

We've all experienced those underwire bras that irritate skin and cause so much discomfort, but unlike those bras, this sleek Maidenform bra comes with a soft cloud foam underwire that feels so heavenly. It's also a full-coverage bra with seamless cups that don't show under your clothes while giving you that much-needed extra coverage for that sleek look you want to pull.

Additionally, its smoothing back and side create the perfect zero-bulge look under your clothes. It also comes with thin adjustable straps that comfortably sit on your shoulders without digging into the skin.


  • An underwire bra designed with Wonderbra® that gives that natural cleavage
  • Sultry plunge shape neckline
  • Side support and push-in design that enhances your bust shape to create a perfect profile
  • Smoothing back and side for a zero-bulge look and comfortable support
  • Convertible fully adjustable thin straps
  • Details that vary by color; some have lace, some mesh
  • J-hooks at the back to criss-cross and convert
  • Cleaned using machine wash
  • Push-up bra with crisscross straps at center bust featuring lace panels at sides and back
  • Hook and eye back closures


  • Push-up bra that's not most ideal for an official work environment

3. Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra

Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra
  • Unlined underwire cups
  • Full coverage cups and hand wash your bra in a delicate detergentand Fully adjustable straps
  • Side support panels help center the breast tissue providing a slimming effect
  • U-shaped power mesh back helps to take weight off your shoulders for the ultimate comfort-fit
  • Avoid wearing your bra more than twice between washings. Don't wear your bra two consecutive days. Elastic needs to recover after a day of...

The Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche unlined bra might actually make it to the cutest and most feminine bras you'll have in your closet. The only reason it doesn’t ride high on the full coverage lift and support bra list is that its cup sizes start from C-I. So tough luck snatching it up for your personal lingerie collection if your little ones are on the smaller side of the spectrum. 

Nonetheless, it's an absolute beauty with all the bra features you'd need for the best side support and lift. Its adjustable straps come with a stitch detail that looks great, even with clothes that don’t go up to your arms. The rich vintage lace design cups perfectly adapt to your body shape and slimming your waistline. You also don’t need to worry about it staying in place while staying really 'invisible.'


  • Adjustable straps with a stitch detail
  • Beautiful rich vintage lace design
  • Stretch fabric
  • Slimming effect on the waistline
  • Offers full coverage and excellent side support


  • Available only in large sizes C-I cup size
  • Relatively pricey

4. Wacoal Women's Intuition Push Up Bra

Wacoal Women's Intuition Push Up Bra
  • Deep center plunge
  • Seam free cups with soft foam push and brushed lining give push forward creating cleavage and adds dimension
  • Integrated wire has cushioned foam cover, soft against the body
  • Convertible back strap

Another incredible and elegant lift-up bra that's seamless in design and that gets the job done. Its deep plunge neck makes your breasts look perky and robust, while the adjustable straps give you an even more impeccable experience walking around in this lift bra. In addition, the detachable straps at the back give you room to experiment with different looks for different outfits. 

It comes in 3 different colors: Black, Toasted beige, and Denim blue. This underwire bra has a cushioned foam cover that feels so soft for maximum comfort. In addition, it has a smooth and flat neckline and underarm area that also feel great on your skin.


  • Convertible and detachable back straps
  • Made of smooth, soft fabrics
  • Comes in 3 color options
  • Beautiful deep plunge shape


  • Size only available up to 38D

5. Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Smoothing Strapless Bra

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Smoothing Strapless Bra
  • Vanity Fair style number 74345
  • Double knit fabric smooths back and sides
  • Converts 4 ways
  • Silicone application to wings to keep strapless in place all day

Here's a clear winner on the best strapless bras that still provide lift and side support. The Vanity Fair strapless full-figure underwire bra is simple, functional, yet elegant. It has lightly lined cups that provide comfort and gently push your breasts up and to the center for a great shape. Moreover, its seamless design doesn't leave lines under your clothes.

This is not your regular strapless bra, but a convertible design that you can try different designs since it comes with straps. The Vanity Fair full-figure underwire bra not only comes in a convertible design but also has a no-slip silicone line that's placed beneath the underwire section to provide the ultimate support for your perked-up pair. Unfortunately, it can only be cleaned in a hand wash.


  • 4-way convertible bra design
  • Strapless no-slip silicone security to keep it in place all-day
  • Minimalistic design that's available in 3 colors
  • Lightly lined soft cups
  • Hook and eye closure
  • Simple hand wash only to clean
  • Double-knit fabric that smooths the back and sides


  • It can only be cleaned using a hand wash
  • Only C to DD cup sizes are available

What Factors to Consider for The Best Bra for Lift and Side Support?

A) Fitted By A Pro?

To find a comfortable bra, you must get professionally fitted by a bra expert who's familiar with all the best bras, best brands, bra features, and how each would fit. If you can’t do the in-person fitting as you buy your bra online, carefully check through the measuring guidelines that the specific brand gives to help you find the best fit.

B) Stuck on Size?

All the best bras come in different styles and brands that use different fitting standards. This means that you can comfortably wear 2 or 3 different cup sizes, depending on the materials and manufacturing processes used. So don’t get stuck on one size.

C) Try A Sister Size?

 If that bra fits just right in one area, the band, maybe, but it's a little too small or too big with gaping cups, you can give your preferred bra 'sister sizes' a try. Here sister sizes would basically mean one size up or down from the actual size you wear.

D) Splurge A Little?

Supportive bras come in tons to fit any budget; the natural female instinct will have you go for that cheap bra for an everyday slip but try to fight it a little, don't bypass a bra immediately based on its scary price tag.

E) Right Shoulder Straps?

Unless you're going for a strapless bra, the shoulder straps are another essential feature that determines whether a supportive bra works for you or not. The best bra that provides the most support needs straps that are adjustable, and that ensure that your bra fits perfectly. This is important, especially if you own a large set and prefer stretchable cups.

Thick straps help ensure that your bra never digs into your skin as they try to pull the weight of your boobs. Consider the best bras with padded or cushioned straps. Maintaining your bra designs and colors will require a simple hand wash.

Frequently Asked Questions The Best Bra for Lift and Side Support

1. Which type of bra gives a light lift and is best for everyday wear?

A t-shirt bra with super-soft light padding would be popularly regarded as the best-underwired bra for a natural lift and daily use. However, if you favor comfort a lot more, a wireless bra with extra support is also a great go-to bra.

Whatever cup sizes, the best wireless bra is the perfect middle ground between an underwired bra and no bra at all. It offers the extra boost and support where needed but still remains so lightweight that you'd forget you're wearing one.

2. How many bras should one own?

We all have that one favorite bra that we rotate on. While on bra shopping, carefully consider your perfect bra size, the bra features that work best for your body type, and the best bras for lift that give you that extra support. With no specific number of best bras you should own, these considerations in mind help you get a good number of everyday comfortable bras that make it to your list of favorite bras.

A list of your favorite comfortable bras that you can safely wear on rotation. In addition, you'll need a few 'special' ones, like a stick-on bra for those tricky outfits, or sexy lingerie for date nights, or a nursing bra if you're expecting.

3. Can sagging breasts be made firm again?

Unfortunately, only surgery can return breast tissues to their previous firmness. However, some exercises such as push-ups, swimming, and bench presses, can help tone up the muscle behind the breasts and improve their overall appearance.

4. Which bra gives the best shape?

A great place to start would be a balconette bra, a bra with molded cups, or a full coverage underwire bra. Your good old underwire bra is definitely an all-rounder, which not only gives enough support as a supportive bra but one that offers a comfortable bra for a beautifully rounded shape.

5. What types of bras give great cleavage?

Wider or fuller breasts greatly benefit from some styles, like the plunge style or triangle-shaped bra, which pushes up breasts together. A t-shirt bra is a comfortable bra that does this for women with a wider set because they create a great cleavage and are made for every day.

6. How do side support bras work?

A side support bra has the outer edges of the cups strengthened so that the cup bra can better push the breast tissues more towards the front and center. As an added advantage, wearing bras with side supports also helps stop your boobs from spilling out on the sides of your bra cups at the underarm.

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