Best Overall Exercise Equipment for Home Fitness

The personal fitness landscape is constantly shifting towards convenience, with a greater emphasis on regular physical activity. Accordingly, fitness activities are steadily shifting to the home space for more effective outcomes. Thus, owning the best overall exercise equipment for home would be an excellent investment towards healthy living.

We have put together home gym equipment reviews as part of our informative buying guide. In addition, this article will also underscore the benefits of Home Gym Equipment. However, before getting to the core of our subject, allow us to remind you of the benefits of physical activity.

Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Physical activity, whether for strength training or weight loss, is essential for keeping your body healthy. Below is a list of physical activity benefits:

1. Weight control

2. Prevention of diseases like:

  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Type 2 diabetes

3. Energy boosting

4. Promotion of better sleep

5. Exercise improves moods

In light of these benefits of exercising, read on for the best five products in the category of home fitness.

Which is the best exercise equipment for home fitness?

1. Whatafit Resistance Bands Set 

Whatafit Resistance Bands Set (11pcs), Exercise Bands with Door...
  • Different color adjustable resistance bands: Yellow (10 lbs), Blue (20 lbs), Green (30 lbs), Black (40 lbs), Red(50 lbs). All Whatafit...
  • Multifunction and portable: Our resistance bands can apply to different types exercise. Good for toning your arms, shoulders, chest, glutes,...
  • Good quality materials: Resistance band is made of natural latex is kind to the environment. Strong wear resistance and great elasticity,...
  • Personal home gym: WHATAFIT resistance band set includes five exercise bands, one door anchor, two cushioned handles, carrying case and user...
  • Suitable for daily use: Each exercise bands is carefully constructed to resist snapping and breaking, which are able to withstand intense...

Our top pick for the best overall exercise equipment for home is the Whatafit Resistance Bands set. This set of strength training of bands is a budget-friendly way of working out within a tight space. In addition, these multifunctional equipment rank as the best resistance bands that add intensity to your home workouts. Comfortably, you can apply different exercise regimes such as muscle toning and full-body workouts, including your chest, shoulders, legs, and glutes, among other body parts.

We also love this home gym equipment for its portability, making exercising convenient wherever you are located. Accordingly, this set comes with a door anchor, carrying case, two cushioned handles, ankle straps, and a user manual for the various resistance exercises you can effectively do with this set. Another unique feature about this home fitness set is its five adjustable resistance bands ranging from 10 pounds to 50 pounds. Subsequently, the different tension levels are coded in terms of the band colors for optimal versatility.

Considering that these items are built for daily use, they are built with natural latex that is strong and highly elastic for increased durability and consistent workout outcomes. Furthermore, this set also comes with an absorbent and comfortable non-slip handle for safe and comfortable exercises. Eventually, despite the intense resistance exercises offered by this set, the bands are built with a snap-resistant design for protecting the entire body during exercise.


  • Versatile exercise regimes
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Durable and consistent elasticity
  • Color-coding for easy tension distinction
  • Adequate strength training for full-body
  • Manual for fitness guidance


  • Doesn't cover cardio fitness

2. Gaiam Premium Extra-Thick Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat - Premium 6mm Print Extra Thick Non Slip Exercise &...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & THICK YOGA MAT: These durable, yet lightweight exercise yoga mats are extra-thick for the additional cushioning your joints...
  • STICKY NON-SLIP TEXTURE: Yoga mat features a textured sticky non-slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip and a stylish design...
  • NON-TOXIC & 6P FREE - PVC yoga mat is a healthier choice for you and the planet and free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP (Note: For...
  • FREE YOGA CLASS: Yoga mat purchase includes a free bonus downloadable yoga workout to help get you started
  • DIMENSIONS: 68-Inch x 24-Inch x 5/6mm (Same size mat, but packaging may vary to list 5mm or 6mm)

The Gaiam premium extra-thick Yoga mat is another great home gym equipment available at an affordable price. This critical yet straightforward fitness gear facilitates diverse types of exercise ranging from stretching, Yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, and weightlifting. With the help of this comfortable mat, you can loosen tight muscles and have a hot Yoga session without slipping. Besides being a piece of handy fitness equipment, the Gaiam mat is easy to clean and comes in various styles and colors.

When referring to the thickness of this Yoga mat, it has a 6 mm padding for extra-thickness at only 1.4 kg (3 lbs). What's more, this mat is has a printed alignment system for helping you maintain positions for different poses. Also, its non-toxic PVC material is safe for humans and the environment, which should be unrolled and aired out for 2-3 days before use. All said and done; you get a free downloadable yoga class to help you get started.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent traction for a superior grip
  • Comfortable texture
  • Printed alignment system
  • Wide range of application
  • Easy to clean
  • Free yoga guide


  • It might give off an unpleasant smell after unrolling.

3. BodyBoss 2.0 - Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package

Still, in the context of home gym equipment, we have also reviewed the BodyBoss 2.0 portable full gym package. Notably, this workout package is a piece of crafty on-the-go equipment compact in packaging and lightweight for transportation. Nonetheless, despite its small outlook, when unpacked, it offers an impressive versatility of upper and lower body as well as cardio resistance exercise. Simply put, this workout package is ideal for full-body fitness with the capacity of over 300 home gym exercises.

Understandably, you can adjust between easy and difficult moves by shortening or lengthening the resistance bands. As earlier highlighted, it is a crafty option that might interest DIY fitness enthusiasts. Despite having a simple design, the BodyBoss 2.0 simulates all bulky machines and equipment you can find in a typical gym, using a revolutionary workout concept. With the help of its fitness guide, you can quickly go over the different lower and upper body routines within a week while still upholding cardio fitness.

Furthermore, this workout package is covered with cloth for optimal comfort as your work out. As you move around with this on-the-go package, you can be sure it is lightweight, making it a worthy gym companion despite your location while saving you the hassle of going to a public gym. Eventually, this BodyBoss 2.0 guarantees effective fitness outcomes with the help of a free start-up workout schedule that is accessible after buying this package.


  • Easy setup
  • Compact and highly portable
  • Easy full-body fitness routine
  • Versatile workout regime of over 300 exercises
  • Free start-up workout schedule
  • Full-body and cardio fitness


  • A bit pricey

4. Crossrope Get Lean - Weighted Jump Rope Set

Crossrope Get Lean - Weighted Jump Rope Set
  • First weighted jump rope system built to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals
  • Highly-rated workout app gives you access to hundreds of fast and effective workouts wherever you go (iOS + Android)
  • Fast-clip connection system lets you switch between light and heavy ropes for a more fun and versatile workout experience
  • Durable weighted ropes make it easier for beginners to learn. No coiling or tangling
  • Online community of over 80,000 jumpers will keep you motivated and inspired

Another incredible home workout equipment on our list is this innovative Crossrope get lean Jump Rope set. This skipping rope is exceptionally made with an integrated app that is available for Android and iOS. Additionally, this Get Lean home gym item comes with dual interchangeable ropes, weighing 8 and 4 ounces, both of which click firmly on the accompanying handles for diversified fitness. The handles also have the unique highlight of a small fit in small hands but adequate space for a firm grip.

In light of the integrated app, this home gym equipment virtually connects you to a community of other fitness enthusiasts who add zeal to the exercises you do with this jump rope. However, you might have to spend more for premium membership, but you can still find good content on the free version, including tutorials, challenges, and diverse workout programs. Most appropriately, this jump rope is ideal for weight loss, and its integrated app provides effective and fast workouts.

We love this jump rope for its durable build that cannot tangle or coil. As you switch between the ropes, the connection system is fast-clip for making your fitness exercises a breeze.


  • Interchangeable light and heavy ropes
  • Comes with a travel bag for easy carriage
  • Smartphone app for enhancing fitness schedules
  • Slim fit for small hands
  • Handle surfaces with a firm grip
  • Fast-clipping handles
  • Ropes don't tangle or coil


  • Expensive
  • Expensive membership fee

5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Full Motion Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Full Motion Rowing Machine Rower w/...
  • Extended weight capacity of 350 lb.
  • 12 Levels of adjustable resistance
  • Full motion arms allows for larger range of motions for the shoulders
  • Fully padded seat and non-slip grip handlebars provide optimal comfort and support
  • Large anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable foot straps for secure footing

Lastly, we have picked a piece of health fitness equipment among cardio machines. The Sunny Health full-motion rowing machine is an easy-to-assemble and versatile rowing machine that primarily is for cardio fitness and muscle-toning. You also get to full-body workout on your legs, back, core and arms on this machine, but with lower impact on ankles and knees. Among the rowing machines, the Sunny health SF-RW5639 has an adequate weight capacity of 350lbs.

Beyond how much weight it can carry, this machine has 12 resistance levels, plus an LCD screen for displaying calories burned, row count, and time. As you complete your row exercises, you will be comfortable on the fully padded seat of this machine and enjoy the maximum comfort of the padded non-slip handles. You can also adjust the foot straps that come with large anti-slip foot pedals for resting your feet. Finally, this machine is ideal for family use with an ample weight capacity for both children and adults.


  • Inexpensive
  • Adequate body-weight capacity up to 350 pounds
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adequate room for full arm motions
  • Adjustable and wide range of resistance levels
  • Comfortable seat and handles
  • Safe non-slip handles


  • Lacks in resistance

Benefits of Home Gym Equipment

1. It is Convenient

Working out at home comes with the convenience of a relaxed environment for exercising. In light of the hectic contemporary urban life, you don't have to pack a gym bag, drive in traffic jams and fight for parking space. Therefore, you can attend live classes and benefit from the guidance of a certified personal trainer virtually. In fact, digitally-enabled home fitness items connect you to virtual communities within on-demand classes.

In place of a virtual personal trainer, you can stream existing workout videos and ultimately achieve your fitness targets. Then, all you need is to change into suitable clothes and get going.

2. It is Flexible and Versatile

Working out from home also provides you with the flexibility of time. Ideally, exercising won't be limited by the school or work schedules, and you can flexibly work out whenever you desire. With the advantage of flexibility, you are at liberty to do circuit training by switching across different exercises depending on the available gym time. Therefore, you can flexibly attend on-demand classes at your own convenient time.

3. Germs Aren't a Concern

Owning the best home gym equipment will also save you the concern of germs on surfaces. Subsequently, working out from home will save you the hassle of catching the flu because you will maintain and uphold your hygiene. Also, you are less likely to gross out with the sanitary conditions of a home gym than a public gym. By and by, you will be safe from other contaminations and infections that might be collected from a public gym.

4. Availability is Never an Issue

If you have been to a public gym, you can attest that you'll probably wait in line for equipment or choose an alternative activity if your desired class is full. Conversely, having the best overall exercise equipment for home ensures that you have the maximum concentration of your desired regime without losing momentum.

5. Privacy

Exercising from home saves you the hassles of distractions and annoyance from different kinds of individuals found in a public gym. Intrusion is a common occurrence in public gyms. As a solution to this, home exercising helps you get into the fitness zone to complete training schedules.

Additionally, the privacy of a home gym eliminates the fear of judgment from fellow exercisers. Consequently, you will wear the outfit you feel most comfortable wearing and look silly as you train. Finally, eliminating distractions will enable you to focus on your exercises without the embarrassment of sounds and faces you make in the process.

6. Cost Saving

Working out from home is also cheap considering you don't need to pay for parking, membership fees, and buy car fuel. Eventually, you will be able to save money for other needs, such as furnishing your living and gym space.

7. Comfortable Environment

Owning the best home gym equipment also provides you with a comfortable environment for doing things your way. Mainly, you will have the liberty of choosing your music and temperature. Furthermore, the ambiance of your own space also creates a sense of calmness in your space.

8. Exercises your Brain

Homes workouts are also more holistic with the exploration of exercises that you prefer. Consequently, you will benefit from more exercise while keeping your mind fit due to maximum concentration.

9. Reduced Excuses

Lastly, having all the equipment necessary for a workout in your home gym also eliminates the possibility of excuses. At times, exercise isn't pleasurable, and you might easily miss out on a class at the occurrence of any excuse. For instance, you can easily miss a gym session due to the weather, a full class, or your old gym outfit. Fortunately, working out from home ensures you are in control and less likely to make excuses for missing a training session.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Overall Exercise Equipment for Home

1. Versatility

Home gym equipment items vary from simple single-purpose gym equipment to complex multipurpose home gym equipment. So, the more exercises your home gym items perform, the more expensive they become. Additionally, having exercising items at home is different from the commercial gym, where many exercise items are bought for profit-making. Therefore, having one gym item with multiple functionalities for different exercises can be helpful for maximum personal benefits.

Even so, the best home gym equipment for a beginner shouldn't be too complicated. Generally, the best overall exercise equipment for home fitness should have adequate versatility, depending on the experience level. Also, under versatility, we would think about the versatile application of exercise items. For instance, it is possible to skip a rope anywhere with enough turning space and still achieve certain fitness levels.

2. Size and Home Space

Another important consideration for home gym equipment is the size of the items you buy. Correspondingly, the size of your equipment goes hand in hand with available floor space at home. Most importantly, it is the desire of any homeowner to maximize the limited yet valuable floor space with necessary home items. Therefore, under the consideration of size, we seek to help you avoid buying equipment that won't fit the available space at home.

Of course, identifying one's fitness goals guides the piece of equipment to buy for a home gym. In addition, you should designate an area for the gym equipment at your own home and ensure you measure its size before choosing the type of fitness equipment to buy. Moreover, you should be conscious of the appropriateness of the selected gym space to avoid ruining the ambiance of a home or causing too much congestion in your living space. Accordingly, we recommend reserving an exercising spot with the least disruptions and hindrances.

We suggest that you can turn a section of your garage into a gym spot or find an entire room or maximize a minimal space like a corner of your apartment. With this in mind, you can find different exercise accessories in stores that serve the same purposes depending on fitness needs. Eventually, space in your own home determines the size of the gym machines and equipment you buy for home fitness.

3. Maximum Weight Resistance

This third consideration particularly matters for weight lifting. Especially if you are an enthusiast of lifting weights, it is critical to pay attention to maximum weight plates and cable resistance qualities for a satisfactory gym item. In most cases, home gym equipment enables heavy lifting without free weights and weight plates, bench, and rack. Ideally, the strength training equipment is built with optimal resistance to challenge a wide range of exercises for most home exercisers.

4. Style

Typically, there are four styles of exercise which are endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Among the four, strength exercises are the most common with the popularity of building muscles. There is the endurance style of exercising, which involves activities such as aerobics for improving the health of the heart, circulatory system, and lungs. You can also engage in balance exercises that aim to provide the lower body with an adequate balance to carry the upper body and flexibility exercise to make your body more limber.

For example, if you intend to build multiple muscle groups, we recommend acquiring a multi-exercise item with an adjustable resistance level. Subsequently, the best overall exercise equipment for a home gym should be versatile enough to optimize your preferred style or style of exercise. If you desire a mixed-style approach for your home gym, you can still find a piece of suitable equipment to help you reach specific fitness goals. In the end, matching your fitness style with the fitness equipment you buy eliminates the hefty cost of a gym membership.

5. Types of Equipment

In line with the consideration of style, you should also consider the type of equipment you buy depending on your fitness expectations. At the basic level, there is mechanical equipment such as a treadmill and manual equipment such as the skipping rope. Additionally, facilitating equipment such as yoga mats or a workout mat provides a conducive platform for exercising your body.

As is common among most home gyms, they are mostly equipped with two main equipment types: strength and cardio fitness. A strength home gym machine can mainly be composed of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and a pull-up bar. On the other hand, cardio workout equipment includes a treadmill, an elliptical machine, a spin bike, or a rowing machine. Overall, these primary two equipment categories involve weight loss for cardio and weight gaining/muscle building for strength fitness.

6. Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Beyond investing in the best home gym equipment, you also need to consider your select items' maintenance and repair requirements. Mainly, if you are to handle the repair and maintenance of your home gym equipment, it might be very hectic, making the whole idea cumbersome. Alternatively, you can seek items that come with warranty programs to reduce repair and maintenance costs. In addition, it would help to choose items that require minimal maintenance and repair but still perform optimally and consistently for a long time.

Moreover, maintaining the best home gym equipment also involves keeping them clean for safe, regular applications. Considering you will sweat after any exercise, it is vital to ensure your exercise tools are cleaned to avoid an accumulation of harmful materials.

7. Technology

You can also spice up your home gym sessions with technology such as music or attendance of live classes to avoid engaging in rogue fitness. Despite the idea of a home gym being private, technology can go a long way in enabling quality workout schedules through virtual connections with experts from your own living room. In some cases, you can simply stream exercise routines for achieving the intended fitness levels.

Consequently, technology makes home gym routines more helpful because they fill the gap between trainers and teachers. For example, your yoga teacher can virtually take you through a session. Specifically, technology has been more resourceful during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in enabling the workability of home gyms.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Overall Exercise Equipment for Home

1. Can you do a cardio workout at home without equipment?

Yes, you can do cardio fitness without gym equipment while at home. Instead, you can simply engage your body weight to achieve cardio fitness through physical activities like butt kickers, punches, jumping, and running.

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