Best Bamboo Rolling Pin For Healthy Cooking and Baking

A rolling pin is a must-have tool if you love cooking or baking. A sturdy, well-designed bamboo rolling pin is incredibly versatile and will last you a long while. In addition, the bamboo rolling pins will make baking much easier and allow you to roll out or evenly flatten pastry, cookie dough scones, or even bread dough.

Why Use Bamboo Rolling Pin?

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that is affordable stain, heat, and water-resistant making it a good material for kitchen utensils. Therefore bamboo rolling pins will have the same qualities. In addition, the bamboo rolling pins also have antibacterial properties that will protect the rolling pin from bacterial attacks.

Additionally, the bamboo build rolling pins have an incredibly lightweight yet durable construction and are renewable resources. They also provide good value and are easy to clean, and will improve with age. If you are looking for the best rolling pin, we have discussed the most highly rated options in the market to make your shopping much easier.

How to Clean a Bamboo Rolling Pin?

1. HONGLIDA Classic French Rolling Pin

HONGLIDA Classic French Rolling Pins Bamboo Wooden Rolling Pin for...
  • 13 inch Rolling Pin is perfect size and length for rolling your dough and storing away. You can use a rolling pin to make some delicious...
  • Featuring remarkable burnishing, comfortable to hold for smooth rollout.
  • The surface is very smooth with no dents and small gaps!
  • Made by selected premium bamboo wood. Safe, healthy and durable.
  • If you have any questions before or after purchasing, contacting us in time please and we will give you a satisfactory solution in one day....

HONGLIDA Classic French Pin is one of the best rolling pins in the market that will spread out delicious flavor while baking and making pasta doughs. This HONGLIDA Classic French style rolling pin is large enough to cater to all your baking dough needs, including bread, pastries, and even pizzas.

The HONGLIDA Classic style bamboo tapered rolling pin is easy to use and hold. This roller is made from 100% high-quality bamboo that is eco-friendly, making it super long-lasting, and it can last for years. The roller is also immensely lightweight but will still deliver a great job.

Additionally, the bamboo tapered rolling pin is ideal for all purposes, and it is easy to flatten any dough. It has a smooth surface that does not have pores or dents. The average size of this roller is 13 inches long and weighs approximately 6.4 ounces.


  • Environment friendly
  • Designed from organically grown bamboo that is super long-lasting
  • Great customer reviews
  • Has a wonderful color and grain
  • Allow you to roll in any direction
  • Lighter in weight, making it easy to use
  • Smooth surface


  • Difficult to wash

2. Totally Bamboo Tapered Rolling Pin

Totally Bamboo Rolling Pin, 20.5-Inch, Large-20 1/2",Large - 20 1/2"
  • Tapered design is perfectly balanced for professional quality rolling of bread, pizza and pastry dough.
  • Beautifully crafted from organically-grown Moso bamboo featuring an artistic inlay of end-grain bamboo.
  • Large enough for any kitchen: at over 20 inches long, this rolling pin can flatten a lot of dough!
  • Easy care: simply hand wash with Warm water and soap. Boards wipe clean quickly. Do not wash in dishwasher or allow to soak.
  • Bamboo is better for the environment; Moso bamboo is an incredibly durable material and it is a renewable resource which grows quickly and...

Totally Bamboo Tapered Rolling Pin is an excellently and beautifully crafted roller from Bamboo, focusing on the strikingly artistic design from the intricate inlay of end-grain bamboo. The bamboo tapered rolling pin is an excellent choice for home and professionals making pizza, bread, and pastry dough.

The Totally bamboo large roller has a bamboo build that provides the large rolling pin with amazing features. This extra-large rolling pin is approximately 2o inches long and is still lightweight but with durable construction.

The Totally Bamboo Tapered Rolling Pin is easy to clean and will only require you to hand wash the totally bamboo roller using warm water and dish soap. However, the important point is that you should not soak or dishwasher the Totally Bamboo Tapered Rolling Pin.


  • Designed from organically grown Moso bamboo that is super long-lasting
  • Great customer reviews
  • Affordable price
  • Lighter in weight, making it easy to use
  • Has a wonderful color and grain
  • Large enough for the professional and daily kitchen use
  • The Totally bamboo roller cleans easily


  •  Has a rather slippery surface

3. Helen's Asian Kitchen Dumpling Pin

Helen's Asian Kitchen Dumpling Rolling Pin 10-Inches Natural Bamboo
  • Helen’s Asian Kitchen Asian-Style Dumpling Rolling Pin for rolling out dough perfectly
  • Made from 100-percent natural bamboo, a fast-growing alternative to traditional materials for a more sustainable living; lightweight and...
  • Perfectly sized to roll dough easily when making dumpling wrappers, steamed bao, and other small pastries
  • Great for making Japanese gyoza, Chinese potstickers, Shanghai Soup Dumplings, Tibetan momos, Indian samosas, chapattis, thin breads, and...
  • Hand wash in warm, soapy water

Helen’s Asian Kitchen Asian-style Rolling Pin is an excellent option if you use it to roll out small amounts of pastries. This roller has a shape and size that will allow you to have full control and pressure while rolling out the batter.

The Helen’s Asian Kitchen Asian-style roller is made from all-natural bamboo material that makes it super long-lasting. When the cooking is complete, the roller is easy to clean, easy to use, and super long-lasting as strong as steel. To clean this roller, you will need to wipe with a dry cloth or use warm water and dish soap to clean it thoroughly if need be.

Helen’s Asian Kitchen Asian-Style Dumpling Roller will not only help you spread out perfect dough since it is perfectly sized. So if you want to make Chinese potstickers, Japanese gyoza, Tibetan momos, chapattis, or bread, this is the best roller that you can purchase.


  • The rolling pin cleans easily
  • Great customer reviews
  • Affordable price
  • Has a wonderful color and grain
  • Perfect size and length to spread out the small batter
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Lighter in weight, making it easy to use


  • Not dishwasher safe

4. Home Basics Rolling Pin, Bamboo

Home Basics Rolling Pin, Bamboo
  • Rolling pin makes baking easier by aiding dough flattening
  • Bamboo construction is simplistic and natural
  • Sturdy 17.5-Inch by 2-inch; Thick smooth bamboo

Home Basics Bamboo Tapered Rolling Pin has a long-lasting and incredible design. It has tapered ends that make it incredibly easy to roll out magnificently flat and round pie crusts. In addition, the handles will provide a solid grip that will allow you to spread out uniform and smooth batter.

The roller has a bamboo and honey hue construction that makes it long-lasting as steel and can last for a couple of years. This roller is 9.5 inches in length which is a great size to make tortillas, cookies, and pieces of bread. To clean the Home Basics Bamboo Tapered Rolling Pin, you can use warm water and dish soap to clean it thoroughly if need be or wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

The Home Basics Bamboo Tapered Rolling Pin is lengthy, and it is smooth yet thick bamboo. Additionally, this roller can not expose you to Wood Dust which is likely to cause cancer.,


  • Cleans easily with quick hand washing
  • Small and takes little space n the storage area
  • Has a simplistic and natural design
  • Has a wonderful color and grain
  • Holds the promise of a sustainable
  • Lighter in weight, making it easy to use


  • Does not spin like the traditional rollers

5. Emporoi French Rolling Pin Tapered Bamboo

Emporoi French Rolling Pin Tapered Bamboo Wood Rolling pin Wooden...
  • 🏄 TRENDING DESIGN: This wood rolling pin has a classic, timeless and original trending design. It looks so elegant that you will love...
  • 👩‍🏭 EASY TO WASH: This tapered rolling pin cleans like a dream. Because of its non-stick surface, the dough does not stick to the...
  • 🗞️ HEAVY DUTY: This rolling pin is made from pure wood for required durability and long-lasting use. This rolling pin is suitable to...
  • 🏄 UNIQUE AND ACCEPTABLE SIZE: This heavy-duty rolling pin measures 15 inches in length, making it easy to store in kitchen drawers and...
  • 👩‍🏭 Workable shape: The tapered design enables better control as you roll the dough. You will be able to roll more easily and with...

Emporoi French Tapered Bamboo Wood Rolling pin has a Rending design and is as strong as steel. It looks very stylish and will look good while displaying in your kitchen. This roller will work excellently with nonstick silicone granite and a cooking mat.

Emporoi FrenchTapered Bamboo is easy to use since it is a nonstick surface that does not stick to the dollar. Therefore, you will only need to wipe the dollar with a damp or dry cloth, and you could also wipe it with mineral oil to enhance the look, maybe once in a while.

The features a sturdy design that is made with pure bamboo that makes it suitable to use daily. The amazing thing is that you can use the roller at home or in restaurants. Additionally, it measures 15 inches in length, which makes it easy to store in cabinets.


  • Holds the promise of a sustainable
  • Lighter in weight, making it easy to use
  • Cleans easily with a quick hand washing
  • Has a wonderful color and grain
  • Affordable price
  • Has a unique size and shape
  • Great customer reviews


  • Does not have handles

Other Ways to Use a Rolling Pin

Now that you have an idea of which bamboo rolling pin you will purchase, we will look at how you could use the rollers.

1. Grind spices

You could use the roller to grind spices if you don't prefer to use the spices whole. You only need to assemble your spices in a ziplock bag or plastic wrap and crush the spices using the roller.

2. Tenderize meat

The rolling pin is great since you could also use it as a wooden tenderizer and replace it with a meat mallet.

3. Crumb chips

You could also use the dollar to crumb chips or corn. You will only need to crush baked potato chips using the rolling pin until you achieve or get the desired size and texture.

4. Smash herbs

You could also use the roller to smash herbs. If you don't have a mortar and pestle or a food processer, you could crush or smash the leaves with the roller.

What Should You Consider When Buying Rolling Pin?

1. Straight or tapered

While you purchase a bamboo rolling pin, you will need to choose whether to take the tapered and straight. The tapered rolling pin is the best to roll out dough for making cookies and pastries. Most of these rollers have tapered ends that make them easy to grip while baking or cooking. On the other hand, the straight ones are the best if you want to make dough of equal thickness and shape.

 2. Easy to Clean

While you purchase a roller, you will have to ensure that you get easy-to-clean features. For example, some of the rollers have non-stick surfaces, and others don't. You could purchase the nonstick ones that will require you to wipe them with either a dry or damp cloth. If you already have the now that is not non-stick, you could clean it using warm water and soap.

3. Durable Construction

While shopping for the best rolling pin, you must get one durable construction that will serve you for a while. Most bamboo rollers usually have a sturdy design. However, it doesn't mean that you will not get some that are not faulty, so you must get the strongest.

4. Product Warranty

Another factor that you should not forget to look at is the warranty policy. In most cases, especially if you get the wooden rollers and not the steel ones, you will find that the rollers will break easily. This means that you have to purchase a new pin each time it breaks.

If you get a roller that a warranty you are guaranteed, promised, or assures that the seller or the manufacturer will replace the product in case there is an issue with the product during a specific period. Additionally, you are assured that the product will work as described to meet the quality standards.

5. Brand

Purchasing a rolling pin can be extremely hard, and you will require to know the best brand to settle for the best. It will get great if you also considered the brand if you are interested in buying a high-quality roller. For example, you could tool for a brand that most customers have written positive views about. On most websites, you will find that they will provide you with customer reviews that will allow you to look at the reviews of the customer, this way, you can get the best brand.

You could opt for a rolling pin like totally bamboo or HONGLIDA Classic one from great brands. In addition, they have a reasonable length and provide you with a comfortable grip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bamboo Rolling Pin

1. Are wooden rolling pins better?

Rolling pins are available in different materials, including glass, ceramic, aluminum, brass, silicon, copper, bakelite, acrylic, and even wood. All these materials have varying benefits and will mostly depend on your preference. The wooden pins are considered better since they are easy to use and take care of. Moreover, the wood pins are moisture-resistant and super long-lasting.

2. How do you clean a bamboo wood rolling pin?

Most pins will require you to wipe with a dry or damp cloth or towel to clean. If need be, you can wash the pin with water and soap. If you use water, you will have to make sure that you thoroughly dry it immediately. If you want to treat the pin, you will require applying the vegetable and olive oil to rub it on the pin to make it more durable and prevent it from cracking.

3. Is the Totally Bamboo Rolling Pin Good?

The totally bamboo pin is one of the best pins in the market today. The totally bamboo pin has a sturdy design and is an extra long pin that allows you to make or bake all your needs. In addition, it has a long-lasting construction that will allow you to make delicious recipes and serve you for a long while.

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